It had been a very long time.


It had been a very long time.First about me. I am bi. With men I like to mainly top but have and will bottom for the right guy. Who is the right guy? Well he has to fit certain criteria. He either has to be someone I have been having sex with for along time and has become my lover or he has to be uncut and older. I only suck uncut men, regardless of age.I love the feeling of an uncut cock in my mouth and in my ass and love the feeling of a lovers cock in my ass even if he is cut. I feel that a lovers cock in my ass helps strengthen the bond between us.I have had a relationship with my gay lover for a very long time. His name is Tom. He is in his 50’s, is strictly gay and is mainly a bottom. He gives the most amazing blow jobs and has an incredible ass that I have pumped a lot of cum into. We don’t fuck, we make love. For the longest time tom will suck me, and I penetrate his hot ass and make love to him until I cum deep in him bareback. He knows in the past I have liked to get fuck by older uncut men and will only suck uncut men, he is OK with this. We have never had a problem with this type of relationship. But for the longest time I have been trying to get him to penetrate my ass bareback and cum in me.This has not happened because Tom is a diabetic and sometimes has a hard time getting an erection. He has to be able to and can only istanbul escort do so during the early part of the day, when I am unable to go to his house for sex. He is OK with this but knows how much I have wanted him to make love to my ass with his cock as we have become lovers. I have seen him fuck other guys in the ass and cum in them and have always been jealous it was not me.Well just a few minutes ago, from typing this story, I arrived home from a hot love making session with Tom. I can still feel his cum in my ass. He finally fucked me. My underwear is wet and sticky from it oozing out and it feels great to sit in it.Here is what happened today. I work on Sunday’s and usually about halfway through the day I give Tom a call and ask if I can come over. I never have to say what for as he always knows it is so we can make love. I called him, left a message and he called back. Prior to today it had been weeks since we last made love. So I was hot and ready for him and I knew he would be hot and ready for me.Usually when we have gone this long the sex is extra special. He will ride me both front and back, I will spoon him before the position we use that makes me cum in him. That position is he lays flat on his stomach, I straddle his ass, penetrate him with avcılar escort my cock, support myself with my arms and hands and pump in and out of him hard until I ram it all the way in and blast a huge load deep in him. Because of the angle of this position it does not take me long to cum once we start. It is also the only position where my cock hits his “G” spot.Today it was a bit different. I walked into his apt. He had sexy, mens, black, thong underwear on and was wrapped in a blanket waiting for me. As i was undressing he comes over behind me and starts rubbing his underwear clad cock against my ass, I still had my jeans on but had taken off my shirt. He was rubbing my chest and nipples, which he knows turns me on big time. I take my shoes off and manage to get my jeans and underwear off all at once. To do this I had to bend forward. Tom is still behind me rubbing against my ass. I felt his big bulge against my bare crack and backed up to him. He took my hips, held on and rubbed even more. I then reach back and pulled his underwear aside so I could feel his bare cock against my crack and hole. He rubbed even more and was getting harder. I put my hands on the couch and pushed back against his cock head wanting him to penetrate me, but he didn’t, yet.He stood me up and we went into the bedroom. şirinevler escort He had me kneel on the edge of the bed on my hands and knees. He was rubbing his cock head against me but i could tell it was too dry. I told him to get the lube and use plenty on me as it had been a very long time since I had taken a man in my ass. He did, including sticking his finger deep in me. This felt incredible. I told him to be real gentle. He was. First the tip of his penetrated and opened me ever so gently, then I could feel the ridge of his head as it opened my sphincter. I had him hold it there for a while and just pump very gently. As he did I pushed back against him taking more and more of his cock until he was all they way in me.I asked if he wanted to cum in me, I knew I wanted it but left it up to him. He stated if he does he may not be turned on enough to let me fuck him.He had me lay on my side with one leg bent up so he could kneel on the bed as he penetrated me even more deeply. As he did I knew he wanted to cum in me. At this point I didn’t care if he would not want me to cum in him. I told him to fuck until he came and I squeezed my ass together to help him along. Very soon he thrust even harder and exploded in me. As he did I moaned in a high pitch voice because it felt so damn good.Right away after he was done emptying his balls deep in me I he had me lay on my back, he gave a great blowjob, then laid on his stomach, I mounted him and penetrated him and emptied by balls in him within about 2 minutes. It didn’t take much because I was sot turned on.We laid there for a bit enjoying the after glow. Then I had to get dressed and come home. I hope he fucks me again real soon.

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