It Happened in the Car Too


Still stuck in traffic on the expressway. Upside? I just came like a sonofabitch! Downside? …I feel really guilty about it. Or angry? Confused, I guess?

“You OK?” Carl asked.

I shook my head slightly before looking at him. “There has to be some water or something in this car so I can wash your fucking cum off my face!” He started rummaging through his bags in the back seat. “I cannot show up to Mom and Dad’s looking like…” He handed me a bottle of water and a t-shirt from his bag, “Thank you.” I said as I began wetting the shirt to use as a wipe.

He watched me without speaking until I was almost finished cleaning myself up. “Are you OK?’

I sighed and thought a moment. “…I have no fucking idea, Carl.”

“Anything I can do to help?”

“Just sit there. Face forward…” I raised my right palm towards him for emphasis, “and – shut – up.”

He raised his hands quickly in supplication before saying. “Alright. Alright.”

After a few moments I could see he was beginning to smile. “Carl. Whatever it is, I can assure you, I will NOT find it funny.”

He seemed to be fighting to keep his mouth shut as he gave several quick nods. “Mm hm. Mm hm.”

After several minutes of his stupid grinning, “Fine! What is it?!”

“So cumming on your face was a bit much?” he blurted out.

I hit him. “I said, I wouldn’t think it was funny.”

“I know.” He smiled as he rubbed his arm. “I couldn’t stop thinking about how pissed off you’d be if I asked that.” It was a long time before we spoke again. He had been watching me, probably to gage how pissed I really was. “…You know it’ll be better if we just talk about it.”

“I… I’m not sure I can.” I said flatly as I looked at him.

He nodded before undoing his seat belt. When he reached across to release mine I grabbed his arm.

“What do you think you’re doing!?… Blowing you, has me all fucked up and you think -more- will fix things!?”

He unbuckled my seat belt and sat back in his chair. “…Yeah. I think it will.”

“Fuck you!”


“No! No. I said I’d give you 20 minutes and that’s it.”

He began to rub my arm in a comforting manner. “…Then why didn’t you put your seat belt back on?” He asked gently. When I didn’t answer he raised his hand to cup the back of my neck and stroked my cheek with his thumb again. “Take my cock out.” His tone was commanding but… gentle.

I replied with a derisive laugh. He didn’t stop rubbing my cheek and his expression never changed form one of firmness but concern. After several moments of debating with myself over what I should do I realized I had been staring at his groin and licking my lips. I glanced up quickly to see if I could catch the little fucker with a smug expression on his face but he was steady. Suck his dick? I – JUST – did this. I shook my head again. My jaw kinda hurts. I sighed. Again. And then I leaned over and unbuttoned his jeans. When I unzipped them and pulled out his dick. I could see that it was still fat but nowhere near as hard as it could get.

“Suck it.”

I gave a another quick derisive laugh.

Just before I put it in my mouth.

He leaned his chair back a little before moving my hair out of the way. “Do you like the way it tastes?” I replied with one more derisive laugh. “Heidi…” he said disapprovingly. “Do you like the way my cock tastes?”

I sighed exasperated before answering, “Yeth.”

“Do you like the way it feels in your mouth?”

I paused a long time before nodding.

“So you like having your brother’s cock in your mouth?”

“,,,Mm hm.” I could feel him getting harder and I instinctively started to bob up and down on his shaft. He said some other things but I couldn’t hear him. His dick had become rock solid after I admitted that I liked it. As a result of that I began to push myself past the gagging point again. I was almost to his sixth inch when he broke through my haze of lust.

“Hey! Easy! Easy. I just want you to relax. Don’t push yourself right now.” I looked up at him and growled as I continued. “Stop!” He commanded. I obeyed.

He pulled me off of him by my hair. “You are going from one extreme to the other. From full submissive to aggressive hose beast.” I couldn’t help but laugh a little. “You will relax. You will enjoy yourself.” I nodded my understanding. “Now. Suck my dick.” With that said, he released my hair. I took a breath and let it out as I descended back down onto his shaft. I bobbed up and down on the first few inches. I could feel his left hand rubbing my back through my sundress. I loved the feel of his hand on me. It made me moan.

I kept sliding him in and out of my mouth but I continued to take more of him in. I just made sure to take it slow. I didn’t want to upset him again. I could see the sixth inch of his cock slide into my mouth as I began to gag. “Don’t think about how you’re going to gag. Just let it slide in.” He pulled me up to bob on the end of his cock before slowly pushing me back down. “Very good. You’re doing ağrı escort very well. Just let it slide on in.” I gave a slight gag when he pushed me past six inches to seven and I thought he would stop but he kept sliding it slow and sure down my throat. I was only a few inches from having all ten of him in my mouth when I gagged a few more times. “Almost there. So back off a little and just slide it back and forth where you are.” I did as he said bobbing back and forth with about seven inches of his cock in my mouth. Once I had relaxed again I pushed on but hesitated with just an inch left.

“Relax. It’s not a race.”

I paused to suck on him a little before pressing on. I closed my eyes and reveled in the feel of his massive cock sliding back and forth in my mouth. I could feel his pubic hair tickling my face. I hadn’t noticed that when I had my eyes open. I wondered what else I had missed so I kept my eyes closed as I slid him further into my mouth. The smell of him. He was musky. Masculine. He smelled so damned good.

I thought I’d hit bottom but forced myself gently in to his base as another inch of him crept in. I gagged several times but he gently held me in place. I finally got control of my gagging but he continued to hold me there. He let me up to catch my breath. I watched him while I recovered. “No woman has ever had all of my cock in her mouth before. You’re amazing, Heidi.” He smiled.

I couldn’t help but smile back. He gave me a gentle few kisses then slid me all the way back down to the base of his cock again. I gagged a couple of times but he brought me back to the tip and back down and up and down and so on. “You really are a good little slut.” I glared at him. I didn’t stop sucking him off but I definitely glared. “Its true. As long as you obey, you’re fine. No guilt. No confusion. Just a good little slut doing what she was meant to do.” I growled at him. He smiled at me. “Alright. Be difficult if it helps, but you keep sucking my dick while we wait for this traffic to let up.” I felt him remove his hands as I kept forcing his cock in and out of my throat.

Thirty minutes later the traffic started moving again. I gave a whimper of disappointment when he made me get off of him and start the car. Another thirty minutes and we were pulling into the drive of our parent’s house. Carl got his bags and we headed inside.

He grabbed my arm just before I opened the door. “As I asked before, are you alright?”

I nodded and smiled. “Yeah. I think so.”

He returned my smile with a nod. “Good. Now, give me your panties.”

What!? “What!?”

He set his bags down and was standing there with his hand out. No smile on his face. Just waiting for me to do it.

I looked around. “Carl? Someone could see me.” I pleaded in a whisper.

I chewed my lip and looked around some more but he didn’t move. It was obvious we couldn’t go inside until I obeyed… Of course I could kick him in the nuts and just go inside without the commanding little prick! Yeah!

I gave a nervous sigh as I quickly pulled off my panties and put them in his hand.

“Good. Now turn around.” I faced the wall behind me as I whimpered. When did I become a whimperer?! I don’t whimper! I don’t whine! I’ve never whined! What I… “Bend forward until your shoulders rest against the wall.”

I turned my head to the side so my shoulders touched the wall in the entranceway to my parents house. “Carl?”

“Dress up.” I reached back and pulled the hem of my sundress up over my ass. He slapped my rear end. “Ass out.” I arched my back and stuck my butt out as far as I could, praying no one walked passed the house. “Spread your cheeks.”

“We can’t fuck here.” I whined as I pulled my cheeks apart for him.


I bit my lip to be silent but then he licked my ass and I gasped. It was the nastiest thing any man had ever done to me. Then he started sucking and driving his tongue at my sphincter like he wanted to get it in there. Soon I felt two of his fingers enter my pussy and begin to massage me there while he tongued my rear. Once his fingers were good and coated he removed them and slid them into my ass. First one finger and then a few minutes later the second one. Carl pivoted to the side a little so his left hand could come around and rub my clitorus. I opened my eyes enough to see Mrs. Baines drive by.

Thankfully she was paying attention to where she was driving and didn’t see us. I bit my lip again. I could feel my climax building.

And then the fucker pulled his fingers out of me and stood up!

I was pissed! I wanted to chew the bastard out!

But I couldn’t because he didn’t tell me I could move yet. But I could stare him down.

Over my shoulder.

Leaning against the wall.

Spreading my ass cheeks like a wanton whore.

“What have you learned?”

“That I want you to fuck me against this wall.” I growled.

His left eyebrow went up. “Aside from that.”

I shook my head as much as I could. “Do aksaray escort what you say. When you say it, sir.”

“Good girl. You can stand up now.”


His head leaned to the side. “Excuse me?”

“Carl, please. I’ve been good.”

“Have you now?” He said in a mirthful tone.

“It’s my first day! Please, Carl.” I whined. “Please?” I thrusted my ass towards him a few times.

He looked around as if he was weighing my request. I watched as he started undoing his pants. “Put your hands on the wall.”

I released my ass cheeks and used my hands to push me off the wall a little. When I felt him rub his cockhead against my slit I looked back over my shoulder to watch him. He gripped my hip with his left hand while he guided himself all the way into me with his right.

“Ohhhh baby brother has such a nice cock.”

It took me a moment to realize I had said that. I felt his right hand grip my right hip and he quickly took us into a hard ass slapping fuck on my parent’s doorstep. Between his getting me primed and the thrill of screwing in the open I quickly felt my climax returning. I moaned. I felt Carl’s cock get even bigger. I smiled.

I didn’t have to fake the moans. He has such a lovely large head on the end of that sisterfucking cock of his. I just had to ‘not’ fight the moans as he pulled them out of me.

I did have to fight the scream as my climax shook my body and twisted my insides to the point that Carl blew right after me as my pussy squeezed him tight.

It took a few minutes for us to get ourselves together but once we were looking fairly presentable Carl looked at me and asked, “How’re you going to explain the cum running down your leg to Mom?”

And then he opened the door. “Mom! Dad! We’re home!” He yelled out as he stepped inside.

“In the kitchen, baby!” I heard Mom yell back.

I was still at the doorstep. Stunned. I hate this prick.

I caught up to him as we headed to the kitchen where Carl dropped his bags. Mom was chopping vegetables on the kitchen island.

“Please tell me you’re not preparing your own birthday dinner?” Carl whined.

“My birthday is the day after tomorrow, jackass.” She replied as she put down the knife and came to hug us hello. “This is for tonight’s dinner.” she said as she went back to chopping.

“Where’s Dad?’ I asked.

“He had to go to the store to get a few things. He should be back soon.”

I excused myself and went to the bathroom. I cleaned myself up with a wet washcloth and made sure Carl hadn’t spunked my dress. Which is when I saw the big stain in the back of my dress? When the hell did that… The -fucking- car! He made me practically piss myself. The little bastard. Carl! Grrrrr…

I slipped across the hall to the guest room where Mom kept spare clothes for me and Carl. I started going through the dresser. Ha ha! Spare panties. Fuck you, Carl! Wonderbra which clasps in back? Perfect. Carl’s old “sonotsexy” denim shorts? Hella yup. And a red plaid button down shirt for the win. I looked at myself in the mirror and gave a satisfied sigh.

“Suck it, Carl.” I smiled.

I threw my sundress in the dirty bin of the bathroom and rejoined Carl and Mom in the kitchen. They looked up when I re-entered but he just went back to helping Mom with dinner.

“What happened to your dress, honey?” Mom asked.

“I must have sat in something. I threw it in the dirties.”

She nodded and I joined in helping with dinner. Dad came home and Carl went to help him with the groceries while Mom and I finished up. We sat around the island while dinner cooked and talked for a bit.

“Are we going to see Janet for the party?” Mom asked.

“No.” He shook his head looking a little sad. “We won’t see Nancy ever again.”

“Jesus.” Dad commented. “He finally did it. He finally murdered the overbearing bitch.”

Mom and I slapped Dad’s arms as we chewed him out.

Carl was laughing. “No. I had to break up with her.” We looked at him, waiting for him to explain. He shrugged. “There’s an opening at work for a Director of Marketing and she said if I didn’t go for it then we were through.”

“And you don’t do ultimatums,” Dad stated.

“No, I do! ‘Clean the toilet or I’ll never do that thing with my finger again’ sure.”

“Wait! Which thing? The fingernail under the head or the prostate thing?” Dad asked.

“Honey!?” Mom blurted.

Carl and I laughed.

“Anyway, it showed me that what she wanted wasn’t me. She wants a ‘go getter’ and I’m more of a ‘team player’. The ‘shoe-in’ for the position is a crusty old bastard named Myers. He’s forgotten more about Advertising and Marketing than I know. He’s what’s best for the company and she doesn’t like that answer… And I realized, she probably never will. So…” He shrugged.

“…Are you OK, honey?” Mom asked.

“Yeah I think so. At the end of the day I’m not the guy who thinks the company is an account in the Cayman islands. I’m the guy who reminds you amasya escort the company is the people who draw their pay from that account.”

We talked a while more and then had dinner. That led to the cleanup and then the discussion about what movie to watch. Carl commented. “I should probably put my stuff away.” He grabbed his big duffle and handed the small one out to me. “Heidi, come give me a hand.” He commanded.

Mom and Dad didn’t seem to notice his tone. I took the bag and followed him to the guest bedroom. He locked the door. I watched him as he walked to the bed and unzipped his duffle.

He looked at me. “Help me put my things away.”

“Damn it! Don’t…” I dropped his bag and waved my hands in the air in frustration.

“What?” He shrugged and smiled.

“You know.”

He sighed. “Not everything is about sex, baby.”

“True. But when you order me around… It does things… To me.” I saw him shake his head. “Yeah! So, new rule! New Rule.” I pointed at him. “If it’s not about sex. Then no commanding tone.”

He walked to me and took both my hands in his. “Will you help me put away my things. please?”

I shrugged a nod.

“And can you tell me why you dressed in a way that would keep me from touching your body?” His hands slipped up to squeeze my breasts. I shrugged again. “You don’t want me to touch you?”

“That’s not…”


“This…” I motioned to my clothes. Exasperated. “This was supposed to be a ‘fuck you’ and instead… you’ve turned it around.”

“You wanted to frustrate me?”

“Yes!!” He smiled back at me!? Oh my God, I hated him. “You’ve practically house broken me and it’s only been a couple of hours!”

He stepped close enough that our lips almost touched. “Are you wet?” He whispered.


“Do you want me to fuck you.”

I licked my lips. Why was my mouth so dry today? “…Yes, sir.”

He licked my lips lightly just before kissing me.

“Kneel.” He commanded as he stepped away from me.

I heard a growl of frustration leave my mouth but I knelt.

“When I tell you to kneel, you will tuck your feet underneath you. Place your hands palms down on your thighs and keep your head down.” I complied. I kept my head down but I watched him as he walked to my mother’s sewing station. “Back straight.” He said as he looked through her bins. I straightened my posture. “Spread your knees apart.” He said as he selected a one inch wide length of blue silk ribbon. I spread my knees.

“Wider than that.” He said without looking at me.

“You smug motherfucker.” (I thought.)

I put about a foot of distance between my knees. “Unfasten your shorts and resume your position.” I undid the snap and zipper of my shorts and placed my palms back on my thighs.

He walked back to me with a strip of the ribbon and a loop of it with a gold costume jewelry brooch tied to the end of it. “Put your hands behind your back. Lay one wrist over the other.” When I obeyed he took the strip of silk and tied my hands behind me. He then put the loop of ribbon around my neck. NOT with my head through the loop, but instead he slipped it under my hair and slid the brooch through the loop making a cinch knot.

“Now, Heidi…” He said just before he pulled on the ribbon around my neck and restricted my breathing. “This is a collar.” He watched me, I guess to gage my reaction. I tried to keep my head down but the collar was just under my chin and the angle was making it difficult. He loosened his pull so I could breathe freely again. “What I need to know is…” He pulled tight once more. “Are you a ‘pet’ that needs to be broken?” He loosened it again and then stuck his right hand in my panties to immediately begin rubbing my clitoris. I gasped. “Or are you a ‘slut’ that needs to be fucked.” It felt so good I moaned.

“Pet?” He stopped fingering me and tightened the collar.

“Or slut?” He started fingering me and loosened the collar.

“Pet? No finger and tightened.

“Or slut?” Finger rubbing and loose.

“PET?” Fingering me fast and pulling harder on my collar.

“OR SLUT?” His finger was still racing across my sore little bean and his grip on my collar held firm.

“Fuck, Carl.” I rasped out. “I don’t know.” It felt so good I was about to cry. “I don’t…” He loosened the collar and slowed his finger down. I leaned over and kissed him desperately. “I don’t know.” I kissed him again. “You tell me.” I kept kissing him between comments. “Tell me what you want. )( I’ll be anything you want. )( I love you. )( I’ll be your pet. )( I’ll be your slut. )( Tell me what you want, baby. )(“

“I can’t tell you what you are…” He shook his head. “No one can.”

I whined and moaned as I kissed him some more. “Mmm)( Both. )( I’m your pet slut. )(Mm.”

He leaned back and unbuttoned my shirt before pulling it down ro my waist. He then unclasped the bra and pulled it down. Gripping a nipple in each hand, he squeezed and lifted me up.


I awkwardly got to my feet while he pinched, pulled and twisted my nipples. He wasn’t brutal but he was firm.

“Bend over the bed.”

I quickly walked to the bed and laid face down across it. Sticking my ass in the air. He pulled my shorts and panties down my legs and then off.

“Spread your legs.”

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