It Started Online


My name is Robert Thorn. I am nearly fifty years old and I live in a quiet town in the mid west. I am almost six feet tall and have tried to stay in shape. I still have all my hair, though a bit of it is gray, and all of my teeth. Most women would say I am handsome and I think they are not just trying to be nice. Some people used to mistake me for a young Jimmy Steward, when there were still people who remembered who that was.

I was married to my high school sweet heart when I was twenty and we shared twenty-five of the greatest years of my life. Her name was Virginia. We didn’t have any kids because I was unable to father any and Virginia felt that even artificial fertilization was being with another man. Her way of telling me it was OK that I couldn’t get her pregnant and that she understood we didn’t have the money to pay for her to be artificially inseminated. We fostered nearly a dozen kids in our time together before she got sick. She fought off the big “C” twice before it won and I lost.

Four years went by before Virginia’s best friend Margret said it was time. Not to get over Virginia but at least get out of the house. I work for a small web design company that I helped build, no pun intended, from the ground up. I used to only work from home when I didn’t feel good or some other family event or emergency required. She pointed out that lately, I had only been working from home and that my social skills were deteriorating. A fact that was hard to dispute considering I stood there, in my bath robe, with three days hair growth on my face, two weeks’ worth of take out containers in the trash and I hadn’t even offered her a chair or a lousy cup of coffee.

The process was slow at first but once I adjusted to the sun things got easier. My friends were all happy to see me out and about again. My partners at the company were very glad to see that I had come out of my funk. They said my designs were not selling nearly as well as they had been. People thought my stuff was too plain. Margret got me cleaned up and with a little help from her girl friends got me to do something I swore I would never do, date on-line.

I tried personal aids for a couple of months. Most of the ladies were widowers like me or divorcées. Many of them were very nice and I enjoyed being with them but it soon became apparent to both of us that what we were forming were friendships and not relationships. I loved my wife very much and no matter how great a lady was, she wasn’t Virginia. I thought I had no room in my heart for another woman. That was until I met Grace Kelly.

I didn’t actually meet her through a dating site. I was on a rant about the fact that modern movies had way too much swearing in them and that the movies would be so much better if they talked without swearing every other word. This guy was calling me old, which I am, and stupid, which I’m not, when she came to my rescue. Grace had this nearly photographic memory and she blasted him with example after example of when swear was over used in modern cinema. She was my knight in shining armor and from then on I messaged with her almost every time I saw her on line.

We started talking every chance we got and before long it seemed like we knew everything about each other. Grace lived in Ohio. She had been married to a man named Dale but like me had no children. She had lost her husband in a car accident a year ago and so she understood what I had gone through. We discovered that we had numerous things in common and we slowly began to grow together. After six months I was convinced and disheartened by the fact that only distance separated us. For the first time since I lost Virginia, I yearned to see another woman. It’s weird that after spending so much time trying to find someone else to love I found her only after I had stopped looking.

Grace was telling me how she was just about to sign a new lease with her land lord, and how she hated the idea. He never fixed anything in her building and raised the rent every so often even though technically he wasn’t allowed too. She said the guy had a crush on her and that he had told her she could live rent free if she stopped by his apartment and spent the night from time to time. The statement made me so angry I almost broke the table I hit it so hard. The strange thing is, it gave me an idea. Finally, I did something I don’t usually do. I took a chance.

Two weeks later there was a knock at my front door and I knew exactly who it was, Grace Kelly. I had invited her to come and stay with me. I could not believe I had been so impulsive. For hours after I sent the message I just sat and stared at the computer screen. “Come live with me Grace. I’ll take care of you.” Grace had replied with the two greatest letters in the English alphabet, “OK.” I had no idea what I was getting into.

I opened the front door to find a little girl stand at my front door. Well not literally a little girl, she had to be 20 something. She looked like a traveling salesmen. She was dressed in a black antep escort bayan skirt, white button up shirt and a gray flannel suit coat. She had light brown hair, with eyes to match. She wore no makeup to speak of and if she was were perfume it had to be called urban and earthy.

She smiled at me. I stood there like a tree, my brain unable to take in the young women standing on my door step. “Robert?” The girls spoke in a cheery voice that carried only a slight hint of apprehension.

“Yes,” I answered.

“Grace Kelly,” She said extending her hand to me. I took her hand and shook it dazedly. Grace smiled “I’m going to need that hand back.”

I was still puzzled but let go of her hand. She looked into the kitchen over my shoulder. “Is lunch ready?”

Finally, I came to my senses, the gentlemen in me overriding my surprise. I ushered Grace into the kitchen. She had told me how much she enjoyed pork chops and I had prepared them for her as a welcome lunch. I escorted her to my off-the-kitchen breakfast bar where there were two stools. She sat her case by her side. I set a wine glass in front of her. I brought out a chilled bottle of sparkling apple cider. I handed her a napkin which she folded and placed in her lap daintily. For Lunch I had prepared boneless chop, marinated in herbs and garlic mashed potatoes and fresh green beans. I sat a small cup of apple sauce by her side and fixed myself a similar plate.

As we ate, Grace filled me in on her trip and what had happen to her in the last two weeks. The apartment landlord had not been happy to see her go and so he had not been willing to give her the deposit back on her apartment. She had hoped to use the deposit to buy a plane ticket but without it was forced to sell all her stuff.

I inquired as to what she had left and whether or not we would need to go and retrieve it. She answered me by kicking the suit case at her feet. She finished her lunch without further comment. She ate slow, but with relish. I on the other hand, barely touched my food. I noticed she ate with near perfect table manners, no easy task by the hungry look in her face.

When she rose so did I. She smiled and impulsively hugged me. Hesitantly, I wrapped my arms around her. She rested her head on my shoulder. Being so close to her for the first time I noticed several things at once. I had not held a woman for quite some time and I had nearly forgotten how good it felt.

We stood there in a warm embrace for quite some time. I was surprised by the fact she didn’t want to let go anymore than I did. Unfortunately, the other things I noticed as we remained intertwined kept nagging at me and eventually forced me to breakaway. Grace was so thin I could feel her bones through her clothes. One of the children Virginia and I had fostered, a girl named Katie, had had an eating disorder and we had almost lost her before we figured it out. The other thing I noticed was that her hair was dirty, greasy and unkempt. Her clothes where not solid but they were well worn repaired in a number of places and had not been washed in some time.

“I imagine you will want to clean up.” I asked.

She smiled, “you know me so well.”

I took her bag and lead her up stairs. I showed Grace to the guestroom, which had an attached bath. I had cleaned the entire room that morning in anticipation of Grace’s arrival. She put her case down on the neatly made bed. Grace wounded into the bathroom and nearly squealed with delight. I had gone out and stocked the bathroom with all of her favorite bath products and toiletries. “There are fresh towels in the cabinet over the commode,” I said like a bellhop showing someone their hotel room, “I’ll be in my room, It the door down the hall directly opposite this one.

“I might be in there for a minute or two,” Grace said looked at all the bubble baths again “or an hour.”

“I know Grace.”

She looked at me puzzled. “I was married for 20 years.” I explained.

It was the first time I had been truly myself with her. Despite our age difference I found myself hoping I could be with Grace.

At the sound of the water running I opened Grace’s case. The few belongings she had brought were mostly keep sakes. All the clothes were in the same state as the ones she had on. As I start to look through the case I stopped suddenly. I stepped away as though the case contained snakes. Grace was my guest and I had no right to snoop.

I went out to the garage and found a few boxes of clothes I had not yet given to goodwill. When Virginia and I had been foster parents, children sometime arrived in the middle of the night with little to nothing to wear. To prepare for this event we kept lightly used cloths on hand. I went through the boxes, found a clean pair of jeans with a slight tear in one leg, a pink undershirt size small and a purple corduroy jacket with large lapels and little pockets in front. The clothes were old but I kept remembering what the girls at the araban escort bayan supermarket were always saying retro was in.

The clothes did smell a little, due to being in storage. So I ran them in the drier a couple of times with 5 or 6 drier sheets. I ventured up stairs. The water had stopped running and I could hear her singing to herself. I knocked on the door and then cracked it slightly. “I need to run out quick” I began, “But you’re more than welcome to soak as long as you’d like.”

“Ok” Grace replied, “I’ll be here, the water feels great.”

“Do you need anything else; magazines, chocolates, perhaps a soda.”

“No Robert, Thank you. You have been so good already.”

I closed the door only to open it again quickly when I thought of something else, “What’s your favorite color?”


“No reason.”

“Purple,” she answered as I closed the door.

I ran to the local everything store and picked up a couple of T shirts, socks and undergarments for Grace. I remembered Katie’s sizes and figured Grace’s couldn’t be that far off.

When I returned from my shopping trip I heard a blow dryer and figured Grace must be almost done.I grabbed the clothes from the dryer, folded them neatly and left them for Grace in a pile on the guest bed.

I went to my room and sat down on the bed, propped myself up with pillows. I had bought a plasma screen TV a few months back and had it mounted above my dresser so I could watch TV in bed. I turned the TV on and switched it to the History Channel.

Grace knocked on the door jam. “Come in.” I said by way of response. She was wearing one towel like a turban and another like a dress. She had obviously found the clothes I’d laid out for her. The straps to the new purple bra stuck out above her towel.

“Sorry I was in the bath for so long.” Grace walked over to his side, as she talked.

“No problem. Did they fit?”

“You tell me…” Grace said as she dropped the towel.

I turned my head quickly to face away from her. I was not sure I dared to look at her. She was young, she was attractive and she was so close I could reach out and grab her. As it turned out she came to me. “Is there something wrong Robert?”

“No.” I responded as nonchalantly as I could manage.

“Then why won’t you look at me?”

“Because Grace, you’re naked.”

“No I’m not.”

I looked over she was sitting on the bed wear the purple bra and panty set I had bought her. I forgot completely what we had been talking about. I mean it was as if I had suddenly taken a major blow to the head. My little brain, the one in my pants, recovered far faster than my big brain. Grace noticed the bulge in my pants also. She smiled at me impishly, “I guess you think they fit pretty well.”

“Grace I’m sorry,” I said. I could feel my face turning red.

“Sorry for what? You’re sorry that you find me attractive? Because I can tell you, even though most girls would never admit it, having a man get hard at the sight of us is the best compliment.”

I don’t know how it happened but the next thing I knew Grace leaned in and kissed me on the lips. It felt so good and once again my mind went blank again. Her lips were smooth and delicious, both figuratively and literally. She had obviously applied Chap Stick. She framed my face with her hands and began to rub the back of my neck as we kissed. I felt like a teenager again. I broke our kiss for only a second so I could prop myself up more. I put his arms around grace and a warm feeling that had been missing for years began to grow in my chest. For a moment I was afraid I was having a heart attack.

Finally, I found the will power to push grace back breaking the kiss. We both took a minute breathing hard to collect our thoughts. “What’s wrong Robert?”

“What’s wrong?” I asked getting to my feet and then using them to put some distance between myself and this young siren. “What’s wrong is I’m being a cad.”

Grace grabbed the afghan and with the skill of a magician wrapped it around herself like a cape, “how so?”

“Well I’ll tell you. You have been in my house less than a day and I am already kissing you and holding you like your mine. I mean for God sakes we have barely met and I’m ready to, if you’ll pardon my French, fuck you right here and now.”

Grace stood a stern look on her face. She came around the bed. I made a move for the door but I was too slow. Grace step in front of me baring my way. Then she started moving toward me. For every step she took towards me I took one away. Finally, she literally backed me into a corner.

“Ok now, let’s just calm down,” She began in a sweet voice. “First of all, you and I have not just met, Robert. We have known each other for over a year and the way I see it, we have been dating for almost six months. You invited me into your home, which I know could not have been easy. You’re not a risk taker Robert. That is one of only a number of things gaziantep arap escort bayan I love about you.”

“What do you mean you know me? How can you know me?”

I regretted the words, the moment they left my mouth. I couldn’t have hurt her more, if I had slapped her. She walked over to the bed and sat down bowing her head. I grabbed a box of tissues from the dresser and brought them over to her. I sat down and handed her the box. I put my arm around her and whispered, “I’m sorry. I can’t believe I said that.”

She sniffled, and looked up at me with a half smile, “I can hardly believe you did either.”

I began to rub her back. She closed her eye and after a few minutes her shoulders relaxed and her sobs stopped. “You know for, someone who just met me your doing a great job of keeping me happy. You left me alone so I could take a bath, which I really needed. You saw my clothes…”

“Sorry, I did…” I cut her off.

She put her hand over my mouth to stop me from talking, “It’s fine. I needed clothes so you went out and got me new clothes. That was so sweet by the way. Purple is my favorite color and they do, look nice on me. She lifted the blanket and looked down at herself. Of course, they will look a lot better once I put a few more pounds back on. Which thanks to your cooking shouldn’t take too long.”

I smiled for the first time in a while. “You know me Robert, and I know you. You’re the best thing to happen to me since Dale died. By asking me to come here I thought you wanted me to be yours. By coming here I asked you to be mine.”

Grace had begun to rub his chest “I don’t want you to love me as you loved her, Robert. I only ask you to love me as much and if I know anything about you, it’s that you are more than capable of doing that.”

I grabbed Grace and kissed her again. She let the blanket fall and stood in front of me. I looked at her for the first time with clear eyes. She was so beautiful. She knelt on my lap backwards straddling my knees. She started kissing me on the lips and then moved up my cheek to my ear. In a soft seductive voice she spoke, “I noticed you looked through my things. I’m glad that you didn’t dig to the bottom or you would have found my little surprise.”

She leaned back wrapping one hand around my neck and with the other removed the towel from around her head. The hair that had been brown mere hours ago was now auburn. I looked over at the picture of Virginia I kept on the night stand the color was almost the exact same shade.

I couldn’t help it; tears began to fall from my eyes. I hugged her like I had wanted to hug her from the start. She was right we did know each other so well “Robert, I’m not your wife. I’m not Virginia and I’ll never going to be. Anymore than you could ever be my Dale. I’m not going to force you to give me your heart or push her out of it. I am only asking you to make a little room in there for me, just like I made room in my heart for you.”

I pushed her off my lap and back onto her feet she looked at me surprised. I stood and faced Grace. I walked around her and sat on the bed again shaking my head and taking my chin in my left hand. “No, no, they just won’t do.” I muttered under my breath.

“What? What won’t do Robert?” There was more than a hint of anxiety in Grace’s voice.

“Those clothes Grace, they’re just not you. Take them off.”

The relief washed over Grace like the tide coming in. She had thought I was really dissatisfied with her, nothing could have been further from the truth. She unhooked her bra and let it fall to the ground. She stripped off her panties straddled me again, kissed me again and then slapped me for the first time. I grabbed my cheek,

“What was that for?”

“That’s for playing a trick.”

“Sorry Grace, can I ever make it up to you.” I exclaimed in my best red butler impression.

“You can start by getting your clothes off,” answered Grace as she rolled off of me to sit on the side of the bed.

I stood facing away from the bed and started unbuttoning my shirt. I removed my socks and turned around to ask if Grace wanted to help. She was sitting there playing with her hairless pussy. I stopped dead in my tracks. She tapped me lightly on the thigh with her foot, “well come on, get the rest of it off. Or would you like to just lick my pussy.”

I went with option “B”. I dropped to my knees and for the first time in five years tasted a woman. She had obviously had sex on her mind because she was soaking wet. She had used the time in the bath room to shave her legs and pussy bald. The razor burn looked painful but she didn’t seem to care as I licked her pussy. It had been a while since I licked a woman but discovered it was like riding a bike you never forget how.

I started out licking the left side of the outer lip, then the other. Then I put the fore finger of my left hand on the top of her pussy and played ever so slightly with her love button. Grace began to moan. I licked the left lip then the right and then played a little more. “Come on Robert. Stop teasing me.”

She wanted it bad, so I went slower. The more she pleaded the slower I moved. “Robert you are a sadist you know that…My kitty needs attention…God Robert put your finger in there…Please Robert…Pretty please with sugar on top…Come on Robert…Just fuck me please.”

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