It’s my birthday


It’s my birthdayEvery summer my wife (now ex-wife) would go to her mothers house that was about 5 hours away. She would be gone for a month or longer. I had to work so I stayed home and took care of that honey-do list.On a Friday, her gf called and I told her about the wife not being home and such. She called back a little while later and told me that she talked to the wife and found out that my birthday was that day. I told her it was so she did a 3-way call to my wife and asked if she could get a small tempobet giriş birthday cake and take it to me. My wife agreed. About an hour later she came to the door with the cake and a small bag. We went into the kitchen and she put a candle on the cake and lit it and i blew it out. She asked me what I wished for and I told her that it would not come true if I told her. She opened the bag and pulled out a bow and put it on her head and said “Happy Birthday, I’m your present.” I just stood tempobet yeni giriş there looking at her. She told me to unwrap her. I was stunned. She finally told me to hurry because she had to get back home before her husband wondered where she was. So I unwrapped her and she dropped to her knees and gave me the blow-job of my life. We fucked in every room of the house and i think it gave her a feeling of power over my wife…hell, I know it did.The next day I got a call around 11AM tempobet güvenilirmi and it was her. She wanted to come over again. I agreed and when she arrived she told me that she told her husband that she was going to the mall so we had 2 or 3 hours. We fucked on every piece of furniture. We went to my bed and she lay on my wifes side and I pounded her as hard as possible. At one point I could feel something tingle on the head of my dick. As I moved around I asked “what is making my head tingle” and she said “that is the bottom of my pussy, keep hitting it”. And I did.We saw one another many times more, sometimes we’d meet at a hotel when I could leave work early. She can fuck good and I’d love to be able to do that again…however, she lives in another state. Good SEX.

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