Jack’s First Job Ch. 05


Jack woke first on Saturday morning; mum was still asleep, she had a beautiful, satisfied look on her face. It was no wonder; they had made love again last night, mum had gone on top in the cowgirl position, Jack had stroked her clit the whole time, her massive tits bouncing everywhere as she rode him.

Jack wondered what they would do today; he would be happy just to stay in bed with mum. Jack quietly went to the bathroom; when he came back to bed, mum had turned around, she was now facing away from him. He snuggled in behind her, he moved the hair from her neck then started to kiss her neck and ears, mum said, “That feels so good, what a lovely way to wake up.”

Jack continued to kiss her neck and ears; his hand moved down to the warmth of her pussy, mum was lying on her side, she then raised her right leg, placing her right foot on the bed giving Jack access to her hot pussy. Jack then put his erect cock against mum’s buttocks, mum pushed against it then said, “Jack, I need that inside me.”

Mum was wet, Jack then slid his cock inside her pussy doggy style, they were both on their sides, they had been spooning now Jack was riding his mum doggy style, it felt so good. He soon had a satisfying rhythm going; it was cosy and snug, Jack was still going deep, mum loved that. Mum was pushing against and gripping Jack’s cock; she was moaning with pleasure as Jack stroked her hard clit, mum said, “I’m going to cum.”

Jack was also close, he went deeper and a little faster then they both climaxed within seconds of each other. They showered together then mum said, “I need to do some shopping, I was thinking of getting some steaks for tonight and tomorrow night. Why don’t we go into the city for lunch and tomorrow we could go to the Hotel for Sunday lunch. That way it gets us out, we can go unnoticed having lunch together but when we have dinner people could start gossiping.”

Jack drove his mum to the butcher then drove her home to put the steaks in the fridge. They went to the supermarket; they were now stocked up for the weekend. Lunch was excellent in the city; they were just another couple having lunch together. They played footsie under the table; they were both so relaxed. They went to a lingerie shop; mum bought several crotchless bodysuits and panties. Neither mum or Jack felt embarrassed about buying the lingerie together.

They went home and made love again. Mum cooked the steaks for dinner, she was naked apart from an apron she was wearing, this aroused Jack. That night in bed when Jack went down on mum, he used some of mum’s cunt juice as lube and slid a finger up mum’s ass, mum loved it then said, “Jack, I enjoy that, sometimes I put a butt plug up my ass, it helps me orgasm, I’ve never been ass fucked with a cock, but I have been with sex toys. I use a water-based lube for checking prostates, would you like me to leave some beside our bed? I have some downstairs.”

“Mum, whatever you want, I will do for you. kastamonu escort Maybe tomorrow night we could try it.”

They made love again then the following morning. It just happened; it was so natural. Jack was always hard; mum loved this. They went to the Hotel for lunch; it was so different from yesterday, it was a mum and son out for lunch today. There were so many of mum’s patients there; they were both known by so many people. Then an elderly gentleman arrived in a wheelchair being pushed by a younger dainty woman; she was struggling a little, there was no staff around, mum said, “Jack, help Liz with her husband.”

Jack got up and helped the lady; mum got up too, there was a table for two with only one seat, this was their table. The woman said, “Thanks May, we’re a little late today, is this your son?”

Mum replied, “Yes, it is, Jack, this is Mr and Mrs Reid, this is my son Jack.”

Jack shook both of their hands; he also parked Mr Reid at his table, Mrs Reid said, “Please call me Liz, May, you have a handsome son.”

Jack looked at Mr Reid; he was a dreadful colour; he was not well. Jack knew that he had not long to go. Liz was roughly the same age as mum; she could even be fifteen years younger than her husband. Liz was several inches shorter than mum, she was slimly built, but she had huge tits for her size. Liz said, “When will Jack join you in the practice?”

Mum replied, “He will graduate next summer, then he will come into the practice.”

Liz replied, “May, I’m sure that you’re looking forward to that, then you’ll have a little more time off. May, please pop in for a coffee anytime that you are passing.”

Jack and mum went back to their table. Mum said, “He has inoperable cancer. I’m surprised that he’s lasted so long, he has no quality of life. He’s on morphine, but Liz does her best for him, it’s such an effort to get him dressed and getting him out, I don’t think that he realises what’s happening as he also has dementia.”

Jack replied, “He doesn’t look well; she’s an attractive woman; it can’t be easy for her.”

Mum smiled then said, “Jack, I want to be honest with you, I have a few girlfriends, Liz is one of them, she and her husband haven’t had sex for years, pop in for a coffee is code for I need sex. I’m bisexual; I enjoy having sex with women. I love making love with you. Have I shocked you?”

Jack was surprised, he thought for a moment then said, “Mum, I don’t have a problem with that, I love making love with you, we are very compatible sexually, mum, if it gives you pleasure and you enjoy it then do it, I’ll always be there for you when you come home.”

Mum squeezed Jack’s hand then whispered, “It could be good for you too Jack, Liz would love your magnificent cock, Jack, I wouldn’t have a problem sharing you with some of my friends, that’s why I was cool if you were having sex with some of the older women at the home. kayseri escort I know all the women there are clean, we must be careful as we wouldn’t like to bring something nasty into our little group.”

Jack couldn’t believe his ears; mum must know what was going on with Jean and Clare, though she didn’t say so exactly. Jack didn’t know what to say, then mum said, “Jack, let’s go home, we can speak about this another time.”

As they left mum went to Liz’s table; she was spoon-feeding her husband, Jack felt sorry for him, it wasn’t a nice way to exist. Mum and Liz chatted for a couple of minutes then they left. In the car, mum said, “I feel sorry for Liz, she does so much for him, he should be in a specialist home, but Liz wants to be there for him. Liz is a dainty woman, but she’s so strong.”

They arrived home then went straight to the bedroom; they were both so hot. Jack noticed that mum had left some lube on the bedside table. They were both naked, kissing and touching on top of the bed. Jack put some lube on his fingers then went down on mum, sucking her clit as he lubed her tight ass.

Mum loved it; she was sucking Jack’s cock; she was purring with pleasure as she did it. Jack then got her on all fours on top of the bed. He lubed his cock then went behind her in the doggy style position. He centred his bulbous head on the middle of mum’s tight ass, with a gentle push his full length slid up mum’s ass, he had done the lubing correctly.

He soon had a comfortable rhythm going for both of them; mum’s tits were bouncing, they looked marvellous. Mum said, “Jack, it feels so good, the head of your cock is stimulating my G-spot, I’ve never had that before, you’re going to make me cum, go harder and deeper.”

Jack did as he was told, he was stroking mum’s clit, a couple of minutes later he felt the warmth of mum’s cum on his fingers, mum said, “I’m cuming, that’s amazing, what a strong orgasm you are giving me.”

Jack kept going; mum was pushing her ass against Jack’s penetrating cock; they were both working as a team. Mum said, “Jack, I’m enjoying this, it’s better than I thought it would be, you’ve taken your mum’s ass virginity today, I’m so happy that you have done this. Baby, keep going, I’m going to cum again.”

Mum’s next orgasm was stronger than the first; she was trembling with it. Jack kept banging into her tight ass; mum’s cunt was dripping with her cunt juice. Jack was pleased that mum was enjoying this so much, for her age, she was terrific, Jack then concentrated on giving mum her third vaginal orgasm. Jack sensed that it wasn’t too far away as mum was pushing her ass hard against Jack’s cock.

It came a few seconds later, mum’s whole body was shaking with this one. Jack had his thumb and index finger around mum’s clit; it was like a small cock that Jack was giving a handjob to with his two fingers. Jack pulled out of mum’s ass. He gave her a couple of minutes kıbrıs escort to compose herself then he slid inside her dripping pussy doggy style. It felt so good, the base of Jack’s cock was hard against mum’s cunt lips, mum gripped him tightly then said, “Jack, this feels so good, you’ve made me very hot with that wonderful ass fuck, give it to me hard and deep, I’ve never felt so randy in all my life.”

Jack knew exactly how mum liked it; he would feel the warmth of her cum on his cock then dripping onto his heavy balls full of the spunk that he would shoot inside mum’s hungry cunt. He was sliding his cock from his bulbous head to the base of his cock with each plunge of his massive erect cock; mum was purring with pleasure as he rode her. Jack said, “Mum, how’s it for you? If you adjust your pussy to the angle of my cock, then I’ll be able to go deeper inside you.”

Jack knew that mum loved it hard and deep, she quickly readjusted her position, Jack was going much deeper now, mum said, “Jack, you’re getting to know me so well now, that’s so much better, you are teasing my cervix now, I love it when you do that. Is mummy giving her baby a good fuck, would you like me to grip your big cock harder? It feels so good; you’re filling mummy’s hungry cunt.”

Jack was relentlessly pounding her; he knew that mum was close to cuming and so was he, Jack said, “Mum, you always give me a great fuck, I love it when you grip me tightly after I cum grip me very tightly, hold me inside you so that you get every last drop of my spunk inside you. Do you think that Liz would like me to fuck her the way I fuck you, mum?”

As Jack had anticipated, this had aroused mum; she was now pushing hard against Jack’s penetrating cock, mum said, “Liz will love your cock, you must ass fuck her first, she must experience what your big cock can do. Liz has a very sensitive G-spot, she will cum a lot when you ass fuck her then you can take her tight cunt. Jack, fuck me harder, I’m so close.”

Two minutes later they both climaxed within seconds of each other. Mum gripped Jack’s cock so tightly after he came, she was getting every last drop of his cum out of his massive shaft. It felt so good for Jack. Then mum released her grip on Jack’s cock. He pulled out then turned mum around, they lay on the bed, kissing so tenderly but with a lot of affection. Jack said, “Mum, in a couple of weeks I go back to University, is it possible that you and I can go away for five or six days together for a holiday? It would be good for both of us to spend time together as a couple. We can book into a hotel as a couple; it’ll be our secret that we’re a mother and son, how do you feel about that?”

“Jack, I’d love that. We can find a nice hotel on the coast with a good restaurant. We can go for walks on the beach. That’s a great idea; I’ll book something tomorrow.”

The next morning after breakfast as Jack was leaving, mum said, “Jack, thank you for a wonderful weekend, I’ll find a hotel for us this morning, I will message you when I find one so you can check it out, I want us both to be happy, I’m looking forward to tonight. I don’t have a problem with Jean and Clare, after our holiday we can invite them over for supper, but I think that you’ll probably want Liz first.”

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