Jacqui and Heidi (aka Jekyll and Hyde) – Chapter 7


Jacqui and Heidi (aka Jekyll and Hyde) – Chapter 7Jacqui and Heidi (aka Jekyll and Hyde)a tale of two females as told to Curt Bruch and Julie Van*******Chapter Seven – A Slave to Passion*******?Following Martin’s party when Jacqui had been formally ‘presented’ by him to his exclusive group (the so-called ‘Erotic Society of America’) she began a project of her own in researching the topic of sex slaves and submissive women. It had been an off-hand remark passed at the party about being a slave that had fired her imagination and whilst she held no sympathies for the slave trade the idea of being held at the whim of some dominant master to be used in whatever way he chose had a certain appeal to her. So it was that her night-time reading was spent trawling for information related to the subject which in turn fired her imagination even more.Martin together with his girlfriend Elizabeth learned of her interest when at another of his parties the subject was mentioned in conversation. It was whilst they were in earnest discussion another of the guests, a lady known as MG, was invited over to join them under the guise of her knowing something about the subject. (There was a clue in the name for we later learned that MG was a shortened version of her title of ‘Mistress Germania’)To this day I don’t know if the three of them were actually grooming her but MG mentioned that she knew of such a ‘master’ who had a very good reputation for taking normal women and developing them into being ‘slaves to sex’. That description really piqued Jacqui’s interest for whilst the idea of actually being a slave was somewhat abhorrent, the concept of being a ‘slave to sex’ in her mind made the situation seem quite acceptable.The conversation ended when Jacqui asked Elizabeth if she could arrange an introduction to this fellow as she really wanted to find out more about the whole subject. Elizabeth wasn’t fooled, she knew that Jacqui’s interest was more than just academic and a couple of day later she sent a contact number. Jacqui made the call and introduced herself to another of Martin’s friends, ‘Master Robert’.I think Robert had been expecting her call given he recognised her name and said that both Elizabeth and Martin had made a mention of her and of her interest in becoming one of his ‘subjects’. He then dashed her hopes when he said that he usually dealt with women who were far younger than she was given that they were easier to ‘train’ but then her expectations were raised when he added that Martin had advised him that she was ‘very good’ and had displayed very definite submissive tendencies when he had been working with her. He said in an off-hand fashion that given that recommendation he might ‘find time’ to see if Martin’s description was worthwhile pursuing. Already he was messing with her mind.We wasn’t to know it but already the first step had been taken for Jacqui to become, ‘Heidi, the slave’ and although ultimately she would become involved with Robert what happened next was not the time for her to meet with him. That would come later.The first move to Heidi becoming a ‘slave’ was a subtle one and neither of us saw it for what it was when we received an invitation to attend a ‘Charity Auction’ which MG and her husband Deke had organised to support their cause. The charity was vaguely referred to as being something to do with improving race relations.The invite came with a few instructions the first of which was that Heidi had to be available for at least a couple of days after the actual auction, that is, have no other commitments; second, although I was included on the invite I was not to admit to being her husband; third, it was not necessary to be dressed up too much. All intriguing stuff and we wondered just exactly what we would be letting ourselves in for.Jacqui (in Heidi-mode) of course said she would be delighted to do so and I was similarly curious given if I wasn’t to admit to being her partner then just what was it that might be in store for us. We returned our acceptance to attend.We arrived at their house and before we got very far into the lobby an immaculately dressed MG explained the format for the event by introducing herself as being the ‘auctioneer’ for the night and that Deke would be playing the part of ‘slavemaster’. She said that there would be teams of bidders and that although no money would be changing hands the winning team would be making a donation to the charity. It all sounded straightforward and we asked the questions, what was being auctioned and why was Deke introduced as ‘slavemaster’.(Even though I had a pretty good idea of what to expect of an ESOA-related event, the thrill of seeing it all unfold was mind blowing.)MG smiled and said that Heidi was the item, the only item, being sold and that Deke as her ‘owner’ was the ‘seller’. She then took Heidi by the hand and led her upstairs leaving Deke to guide me to the lounge where there were about a dozen guys sitting around, all of them black. I recognised a few of them from other parties we had attended but not all. Deke made the introductions and I sensed a few of them showing their surprise that a white guy was in their midst but Deke assured them I was a ‘good whitey’ and, “hey, wasn’t the evening all about improving racial relations?”We soon settled down into a relaxed bonhomie and another parallel auction was almost started when the ‘teams’ vied to have me, the token white guy, as one of their number. It was clear that most of them didn’t know I was Jacqui’s husband.In the middle of the room was a raised platform with a stool and a low bed on it. As he poured me a drink Deke told me that it was the ‘auction block’. He also said enigmatically that I wasn’t to have any worries about the ‘health’ of the company, one of their number was a doctor and had screened everyone who was present to confirm they were STD-free, and then added with a laugh that to his knowledge none were psychopaths either!Then the tone of the evening changed. Deke went to the doorway and called up the stairs and summonsed MG to bring down ‘the slave’.A few moments passed and MG appeared at the doorway immaculately dressed as ever and behind her was my nervous-looking wife completely naked except for heels on her feet and jewellery, lots of jewellery, hanging around her neck, wrists and ankles complemented by a thin gold chain around her waist and long ruby red fake fingernails. She looked absolutely stunning and I was transfixed.Then as my gaze went up and down her body I noticed the other adornment, there was a silver ring clipped with a little thumb-clamp to her clitoris.MG allowed us all a few moments to take in the sight before she took what appeared to be a leash which she attached one end to the clit-ring. To the sound of a big cheer from the blacks and an instant hard on for me she was pulled over to the auction block.MG thanked everyone for coming and then she got into her ‘auctioneer’s persona’ and introduced the business for the evening, “a cute little white slut, Heidi, who is hot to be seeded by a black bull”.More cheers from the blacks who made it clear they would be volunteering and a throb from sarıyer escort my cock tenting the front of my pants as it dawned on me what was about occur. I sat back and listened to the sales pitch.”Let me show you this fine piece of white ass just dying to be used by you bulls.”MG then pushed Jacqui more to the front of the stage and standing behind her reached around and held up Jacqui’s tits to show them off. She then had her turn around while she gave her ass a few playful swats before telling her to bend over, spread her legs to show off, “… your ready and willing cunt”.MG stood to one side and Deke then climbed onto the stage and began his act as ‘slavemaster’ and ‘owner of this fine-piece of ass’. He told her to get on the bed on all fours with her ass facing the bidders. He then proceeded to play with her cunt and ass and to spread her cunt lips to give a better view of what we were ‘bidding’ on.The bidding started and every time Jacqui was more openly displayed by Deke the bidding got more intense. He invited and encouraged the guys to come up on the stage to handle the merchandise as he called it and as she lay there with a black hand or two pawing at her pussy and squeezing her tits I caught her eye and gave her a sly ‘thumbs up’; she was clearly loving the attention.Unfortunately, for our first slave auction bidding event, I was not with the winning team. Pity, for the arrangement was that the winning team could have her to be used as they wished for the next two days. Although Deke had reminded me that I was not to give any sign that she was my wife the guys quickly figured out that I was her husband. They showed their respect by allowing me on this, our first auction, to give her a quick kiss and pat on her ass before she was lead away with her new ‘owners’.All I could say was, “.. have a good time”.The guy leading her out said as he pulled on her pussy leash, ” she will … and we sure will!”I went home and as the next 2 days wore on I was assured she was being well looked after for another ‘rule’ was that the winning team were always required to check in by cell phone to give assurances to the owner that ‘the slave’ was OK. So it was that one or other of the brothers called to tell me she was being well fucked, giving great blow jobs and being an all around tasty white treat. One time one of the black brothers came on the line and confirmed that Heidi was performing quite well and in many cases beyond their expectations! Wasn’t quite sure what that meant but had many scenarios running through my mind as I stroked off in my lonely bed.I had been left in the dark as to when Jacqui would be released from her ‘servitude’ and I just had to assume that it would be when her new masters had tired of her or, more probably, when they all had to return to whatever it was they did for a living. All I knew was that the original condition for participating in the auction stated that she had to be completely available for ‘at least a couple of days’.It was a couple of days later that Jacqui came home with a smile on her face and the confession that she had had a great time and enjoyed great sex with this bunch of black guys who had treated her in just the way she had hoped, as a sex-slave. She said that she had done everything that they had demanded of her and that she just loved playing the part of being a submissive plaything. She said that she hadn’t been treated unkindly and the whole experience had been one of pleasure and that she hadn’t felt so completely satisfied in a long time.I don’t know what look I had on my face as she told me this but she paused and asked if I was alright, ‘was I OK with what we had done?’I answered in the only way I knew how by taking her in my arms, giving her a hug and in so many words told her that I felt great and was so excited at the idea of giving her up to be used in this way knowing that she would eventually be coming back to me. I asked her for more details.She didn’t say too much, I think she was feeling quite tired and looking to go off to bed to sleep but before she went she did mention how when MG first told about having to wear a clit ring and then later the pussy leash, her reaction was, “… this is the most erotic thing I have ever heard of” and that once a woman is wearing this little ensemble she will likely respond faster than immediately to any commands from whoever holds that leash. She said, ” I know I did. One little tug on the leash and I obeyed as fast as I possibly could! “As she headed off to bed she yawned and said, “I loved being on a pussy leash and being lead around to be shown off.” She paused at the door and added, “MG says she has got some other ideas that involve using me. Are you going to be OK with that?”I just dumbly nodded.*******?My work, my job as an environmental engineer, often required that I went away for days at a time to be on-site at the various projects with which I was involved. Jacqui meantime had switched from her teaching job to become a business consultant and worked mainly from home maintaining contact with her customers through phone and the internet, so her time was her own to manage. She managed it very efficiently and in my absence was able to spend plenty of time with her new ‘best friends’ MG and Deke.Her relationship with MG soon turned into one of ‘Sub and Dom’. Indeed, it was Jacqui’s perceived submissiveness that was the great attraction as far as the black woman was concerned who possessed a great imagination with regard to finding ways of dominating her and it was a relationship that blossomed as MG exerted more control over my wife who was compliant to every suggestion that was made.Both Deke and I became virtual bystanders and I suspect he got as much of a kick as myself as we witnessed or heard about MG’s treatment of her albeit that often he was involved in whatever games they played whilst I would only be hearing about what went on second-hand after the event. It was exciting stuff.Jacqui told me how one time that MG had her spread eagled and tied to a bed with a pillow under her ass so that her cunt was well presented. Next thing she knew MG had an iced-popsicle in hand, showed it to her and asked Jacqui if she knew what she was going to do with the popsicle.Jacqui said, “Eat it?”MG said, “No” and the light dawned on Jacqui as she realised what was about to happen. (Deke took a picture and the look on her face was priceless.)Jacqui pleaded, “Please, no…”, but MG said, “oh, yes, dear” and proceeded to stick the popsicle in her cunt and then use it, as she referred to it, as a frosty dildo.Jacqui let out a heck of a howl but then started to move her hips in rhythm to MG’s stroking before having, as she called it, a very satisfying and sloppy wet orgasm.*******?A lot of what they did together involved ‘toys’ in one way or another and one of the neatest things I witnessed being used was when under a curious set of circumstances we were all together at a formal event related to my work.Richard, a co-worker at another site out of town, and me were invited to attend as delegates esenyurt escort an environmental conference that was being held at a 5-star hotel in our city with the conference to be concluded with a dinner hosted in the restaurant when industry awards would be presented. Partners of the delegates were included in the invitation and I obviously planned to take Jacqui but Richard as an out-of-towner knew nobody. Jacqui suggested to invited MG to make up the numbers and so it was that the four of us settled down at a table with four other folk, who we didn’t know, to enjoy an evening of fun at someone else’s expense.It didn’t take long for a few glasses of wine to make the atmosphere very convivial between us and for the banter between MG, Richard and Jacqui become full of sexual innuendo once Richard had twigged as to what was going on in our lives away from work. There seemed to be much conspirital whispering going on between MG and Richard which, at the time, I gave little attention.During a lull in the after-dinner speeches MG took Jacqui away to the ladies restroom for them to return a short while after with them both wearing smiles. I stood, gentleman that I was, to allow them space to get back to their seats and glimpsed MG pass something to Richard as she once again whispered something in his ear. We hadn’t been seated for too long when Jacqui (or should I say ‘Heidi’) began to give a low moan the like of which could only be associated with sexual pleasure. The others seated at our table noticed it too but she ceased making the noise just as quickly as it had began and everyone turned their attention back to the boring speeches. A few minutes later it happened again and I looked toward Heidi biting her lip and squeezing her eyes shut trying to suppress yet another moan. I held her trembling hand and asked if she was OK.The trembling stopped and she said, “Yeah, I’m fine. Don’t worry about it”, and gave a smirk in the direction of MG who was sitting opposite. MG lifted her hands above the table in a gesture of ‘I’m innocent; it’s nothing to do with me’ and suddenly, as if confirming MG’s innocence, Heidi began giving out another suppressed moan of passion and I felt her hand tremble once more.And so it went on throughout the rest of the speeches with Heidi having what she confessed later to be multiple mini-orgasms. The speeches and the awards and the applause ended and when our companions at the table temporarily left us to finish the wine I was then let into the secret of Heidi’s behaviour.It turned out that when they had left to go to the ladies room MG had produced from her purse a tiny vibrator which she told Heidi to clip to her clitoris. The vibrator was remotely controlled and what I had witnessed MG passing to Richard was one of two controllers. He was well aware of what was going to happen and took great delight in taking turns with MG of activating the remote and setting off the vibrations of the device nestled in Heidi’s cunt.The controllers included a rheostat so the intensity of the vibration could be increased or decreased as MG or Richard desired. The area of the restaurant we were at was in the middle and rather open on the sides so MG and our ‘new friends’ who had returned after their ‘comfort break’ had a pretty good view of us. The table was set up as a hollow square with Richard sitting next to my wife with MG alongside him so when we were sitting down or Jacqui was talking to someone and either one of them could turn on the juice to the device whenever Jacqui would least expect it.It was a lot of fun, watching how Jacqui would react as she got the ‘tingle in her twat’ as MG likes to say. For example, Jacqui might be talking to someone when MG or Richard would turn on the juice and Jacqui would kind of moan as the device would start massaging her clit. Whoever she was with would invariably ask her if she was OK at which point MG or Richard would turned down the rheostat.What a great toy and what a great night.*******?MG’s control over Jacqui was total and we got to the stage where any suggestion or demand from MG was followed without question. What MG wanted, Heidi provided and I looked upon with delight to see my wife being the complete submissive to her Domme’s demands. Indeed, it all happened in plain sight and I was often invited along to their meetings so that I could observe (and sometime’s participate) in their little games. What they got up to in my frequent absences when I was away on business I just had to rely on Jacqui’s descriptions to me when I returned home.One of MG’s favourite activities with my wife is to show her off naked, she also loves to create situations in which there is a potential for Jacqui to be exposed. Generally, such situations involved taking Jacqui out in public wearing only a short dress where there is an opportunity for some sort of ‘accidental’ exposure. MG would choose locations and situations where there would be a favourable reaction to Jacqui’s exposure. For example, adult book stores, bars, pool halls and the like. Not the sort of places that Jacqui would usually frequent but, on the other side of the coin, it’s only fair to note that Jacqui got very excited from these exposure opportunities and cooperated fully with MG.This particular experience arose when MG mentioned she had seen an adult book store in a location ideally suited to such an exposure opportunity. She immediately grasped the possibilities this presented and she proceeded to put a plan together.Part of the excitement and pleasure for both Jacqui and me is that MG doesn’t inform anyone ahead of time of what she has planned. It’s quite literally only a matter of moments from the time MG tells Jacqui what is expected of her that Jacqui is carrying out her assignment as ordered by MG.So it was that MG told us she was considering going for a drive in the country, ‘would we like to accompany her?’ We both had our suspicions that a ‘ride in the country’ wasn’t the reason for the invite as by this time we had learned that MG never does anything without a mission in mind for Jacqui. Her one exception to her normal secrecy in this case was that she told me to be sure I could make this trip as she thought I needed a break from work and that I would enjoy the trip as she intended to swing by ‘an adult bookstore’ she had seen advertised.As noted, MG never does a something like this without something interesting in mind for Jacqui so I made absolutely sure I would be able to accompany them.The appointed day was a rather pleasant spring day, sunny, and as luck would have it, with a nice breeze. We drove to the site of the store in MG’s ‘fuck truck’, as she named her van in a tribute to Jacqui. As per their standard operating procedure, Jacqui was naked all the way to the store. This adult book store is located at a little used interstate interchange, with little else to attract anyone other than customers to the store, an obviously well-known ‘cultural attraction’ with truckers.When we arrived, MG parked at the farthest corner of the parking lot, which is where the larger rigs parked and avrupa yakası escort which was about 150 feet from the store itself.Jacqui knew she would be given a dress by MG to wear to get to the store as this is the usual procedure but what surprised both Jacqui and me was the length of the ‘dress’ MG gave to her to wear for this ‘event’. Dresses that Jacqui was given to wear for previous occasions where there would be some exposure to the public at least had a modicum of modesty to them; this dress, however, was very short, think ‘Baby Doll’!Jacqui just kind of looked at it wide-eyed and exclaimed, “I’m to wear that?”MG emphatically told Jacqui, “YES”.Jacqui‘s response was, “Out there?”MG was getting a bit impatient and replied, “Your certainly are not going to wear it in here!; just where else do you suppose you might wear this?”My wife never usually questioned MG but she did comment something to the effect ‘This is awfully short’ to which MG replied, “That’s not your concern, and you do remember why we are here, don’t you?”Jacqui replied, “Yes, Ma’am” and quickly slipped on her new dress and started out across the parking lot.She started at a fairly brisk pace to get across the parking lot but it only took MG a moment to assess this was too fast and she quickly ordered Jacqui to ‘SLOW DOWN!!!’As I wandered and trailed behind them I thought she looked absolutely great in it and I remember thinking, “Boy if she has to bend over even slightly or if a breeze comes up, she’s going to offer quite a nice show for some lucky guy.”I didn’t have to wait long to be proven correct. As she had got about half way to the store a slight breeze came up and very easily lifted her dress up. She immediately grabbed the hem and pulled it down which resulted in a speedy admonition from MG to the effect of ,”Don’t you dare touch that dress again!!”She lightly slapped Jacqui’s hands and in no uncertain terms told her that no matter what happened when she was wearing that dress, she was to keep her hands by her side and under NO circumstances was she to touch the dress, even if it seemed like it was going to be blown right off of her. About halfway across she was only a few paces from a guy coming out of the store when a well-timed breeze lifted her dress and gave the lucky guy quite a frontal eyeful. He just stopped and stared. Jacqui stopped too and didn’t move until her dress settled down as she was well aware this was why she was out there. Jacqui later told me that the guy simply said,” thank you; great dress” and continued on to his truck.I followed them into the store and keeping my distance I wandered behind them as Jacqui made out as if she was browsing the racks of DVDs, Books and the other stuff that was on display. It must have been very apparent to the few other customers, truck drivers, in there that the relationship between these two women was very much one of MG being ‘in charge’. (I’m guessing these guys had stopped at the rest halt to take a natural break and to stock up on reading material and such.)Jacqui made her way around the couple of aisles of merchandise under the direction of MG who’s quiet commands I could hear as she told her to look at this DVD or that book or that ‘thing’. Invariably the item would be on the lower shelves which required her to bend over to view … much to the delight of the truckers who by now were taking a keen interest as they kept her in sight. I shared their delight as Jacqui’s cunt would frequently be exposed for all to see and it gave me a thrill to know that it was my wife that was being ogled by these strangers.After a few minutes MG must have decided that the ‘show’ had achieved its intended effect. She placed a hand on Jacqui’s back and guided her toward the row of booths that were at the back of the store and after whispering a few words in her ear pushed her into a vacant cubicle. MG pulled the curtain across so that Jacqui was hidden from view and then she looked around and, not surprisingly, found that she had one of the truckers behind her already looking to go into the adjacent booth. She gave him a nod, stood aside and let him enter.We must have been in the store for almost an hour and as I continued to go through the charade of browsing I witnessed at least 6 men go into the booth and for MG to look over to me and give that superior smirk that conveyed we both knew what was going on behind the curtains. I don’t know if MG had some prior arrangement with the store owner but there seemed to be no lack of customers waiting to take advantage of having a blow-job by an anonymous ‘giver’. There didn’t seem to be any financial transactions taking place so I joined the loose queue and took my turn to poke my raging erection through the strategically placed hole.The tape protecting the edges of the hole was warm and, dare I admit, a little damp but not as warm and wet as the mouth that clamped over my cock just as soon as I had pushed myself against the wall. I listened to the slurping and gagging as ‘Heidi’ met my thrusts and I knew from experience just how good she could be with her tongue that was swirling around my fat knob. It didn’t take long before I felt my orgasm beginning to rise rising and it was when her hand somehow snaked through the hole beneath my cock and I sensed her fingers tickling at my sensitive balls that I blasted off the most delightful climax adding my cum to that which she had surely coaxed from those guys who had preceded me.Weak-kneed I almost fell back against the wall behind me with my dripping cock adding to the mess that was on the floor. As I zipped myself up I heard a small voice say, “Thank you, Sir.”I exited the store and returned to the van. A few minutes later I was joined by MG who had Jacqui in tow, the front of her dress was a mess as was her lipstick but she seemed like she was glowing with pleasure and happiness. She looked at me to gauge my reaction; I gave her a tissue and a wink that I hoped conveyed that everything was good.MG returned us to town where she dropped us off at the door of our apartment. I don’t think we were inside more than a few seconds before I had ripped the stained dress off my slutty wife and we were on our bed with my stiff cock buried to the hilt inside her incredibly wet pussy. She was clearly just as much aroused as myself by what we had been engaged in for the past few hours as she squealed and moaned her way through one orgasm after another. The fact that she had already unwittingly given me a blowjob allowed me the stamina to keep going and we fucked long into the afternoon before collapsing exhausted.When we eventually awoke we agreed that it had been a most delightful way of spending an afternoon and after she had given me all the details and shared the whispered conversations that she had had with MG it was agreed that we should do something similar again … and soon.The ‘something similar’ came around quicker that we had anticipated. MG called to say that she and Deke had arranged another auction but this one was going to have a slightly different conclusion. We asked, ‘how different?’MG replied vaguely that the winning bidder would indeed be taking the ‘lot’ as a true slave and that there would be a contract involved; were we up for it? … and, “Oh yes, Robert will be there.”Jacqui and I said we would mull it over and let her know but in our hearts we knew that this scenario was the very stuff of our fantasies. We called her back the following day and said we would love to attend.********?

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