Jades Fantasy


Jades FantasyThe day had finally come. All the planning, and dreaming, playing and practice had led to today. The day had d**g by slowly, only amplified by the growing sense of nervous excitement inside him. He knew something was going to happen tonight, and the suspense was driving him crazy. Almost 4 o’clock now, so close.His mind wandered back to years ago, back to him telling her that he’d love to watch her with another woman. She had countered with “Well, I think it’d be hot to watch you with another guy”. He had never thought about it, and just kind of let it drop…for awhile. Years went by and occasionally the conversation would enter his mind and it grew a little every time. Until he agreed with it in his mind and he confessed his interest to her. With enthusiasm she had agreed that he should “make a friend” and allow himself to be used by another man. Over the years it had happened a few times. Sometimes with pictures or short videos brought back to her, sometimes stories, but never first hand.Another confession made was that he had once seen a cover of “forced womanhood” magazine, and found it very erotic and interesting. This later grew into the purchase of a pink chastity device for him, and soon after that the lingerie and clothing. Once she had even made him up with her makeup,wig and his sexy lingerie before they had sex. It was an amazing experience for him and he longed for more. He’d always had a very deep submissive side, and it was screaming to be let out. He wanted to feel used and dominated. He craved it.In one or two of those fleeting encounters with men he had worn some of the lingerie to try and feed his desire to feel submissive. But he found that it was nearly impossible to truly give yourself up completely within the constraints of the times that he had found to play, and he still felt unfulfilled afterwards feeling he hadn’t been used as he’d hoped. He tried to confess these feelings to her, but the words always came out wrong, and the meanings were lost in translation. Or so he thought..The day had begun much like any other with him waking up around 5 am, then coffee and shortly after reading the news online, and checking his emails. The mornings were pretty repetitive, occasionally, if he woke up really aroused, he’d watch some sissy porn. But today brought changes in the form of an email from his wife. It was unusual because since they lived together the normal means of communication was to just talk. He wondered what he’d find inside as he clicked on the link.“Today you are to fill out a vacation day request for tomorrow and turn it in to your boss. I’ve already spoke with her and told her you really wanted to go out of town with your friends on a short getaway, but didn’t want to ask for the day off. She was very adamant about you having the day off since you never take off, and told me to have you fill out the papers to give to her. Do it, and ask no questions. I have told your family that you have to travel to another work site to help with some critical repairs, so these are to be your stories if you are asked where you are going. Ill give you more details when the time is right, so don’t ask me slut!” The email read. “What the hell is she talking about” he wondered. He read the email again, and this time he hung on the last word. She only called him slut when they were playing kinky games, and he loved kinky games! The rest of the morning was uneventful aside of her occasional sly smiles, and the fact that she was spending more time typing on her phone between those smiles. He was liking this, whatever it was.Later, at work he submitted the needed paperwork, and told his boss that he was going to the lake with his friends and they talked about how much fun it would be, but in his mind he was a whirl wondering what was really going on. He sent his wife a text mwssage afterwards “Vacation day approved” was all it said. “good girl!” she replied. His mind nearly melted, and his cock instantly sprang to full erection. “Now what” he sent. A few minutes ticked by when the reply came, “you wait” is all it said. He knew he would have to play along, so wait he did. The wait was excruciating, all day his mind blurred wondering what she had in mind, until 2:00 when the next message came. But the message only contained a weblink, no text. He clicked the link on his phone and it instantly redirected to a webpage. It was a conversation tab from the gay dating site where he had met the guys he had played with. He read over the breif conversation. Then he noticed that it was a conversation between his username and another user called “sirs4sluts”. He continued reading “got any pics?”His username asked. Then the reply “yes, got an email address?”. The next addition to the conversation was his wifes email address. His eyes were wide, his mouth hung open, and he broke out in a nervous sweat. This had to be what she had been hinting about. Then another text message from her “close the internet browser, turn off your wireless network and put your phone away”.He sat there in his office trying to make sense of it all. Trying to put together the pieces in a way that made sense. He finally came to rest with the thought that this was just a little extension of the games they played sometimes, and she was just playing with him. Or was it? Then another message “go straight home after work and take a shower…no internet” she said. It was nearly time to leave now, so he made his way to the timeclock, entered his credentials, and clocked out to go home.The drive home was quick, his mind racing trying to complete the puzzle she had placed him in.He arived home soon after, and did as instructed. Bathing himself well being particular about himself to ensure he was spotlessly clean for her. Shaving his face clean as he loved the feel of her thighs against his smooth face, and he was sure that the days events were meant to culminate into an amazing sex romp with her, and that all the teasing of the day was just to wind him up. Then he heard her car pull into the drive. He was just drying off as she entered the bathroom where he was. She removed her clothing, instructing him to wait on the bed, and not to touch himself while she showered. Again he did as instructed.She entered the bedroom and immediately lay down, pulling his face to meet hers in a deep wet passionate bahis siteleri kiss. “I so fucking hot baby!” she whispered breathily in his ear as she continued to nibble and kiss his neck. “lick me right now!”. Again he complied, and sank down her body to her awaiting wetness. He began by kissing her thighs, moving ever closer to her pussy until he was directly over this treasure. She could feel his hot breath on her clit as he began to lap at her with his tongue. Slowly he entered her with first one finger, then two as she began to find rhythm in his licking and sucking her clitoris. Soon his fingers had hound the same rhythm, and began to massage her g spot in unison with his tongue. She could feel the fire building inside her as if it would consume her entirely, and soon enough it did exactly that. She moaned louder and louder, as she pulled him into her by his hair. Wrapping her legs around his head entrapping him with her impending orgasm as she began to cum. This repeated several more times before she was spent saying “I need a cigarette now”. She released him, and rolled onto her side to get them a smoke.They lay and talked about their day. “How was your day” he asked. “Good “ she replied. The drum of normal conversation over the next 15 minutes caused his to go completely soft when she reached under her pillow and lowered herself to his waist. He couldn’t see what she was doing, but could feel her hands on his member squeezing him, and pulling his balls making him moan in discomfort. Then a strange sensation, the feel of something sliding into the opening of his penis, then CLICK…”What the hell was that” he asked. Then as she removed herself from his view he could see what it was. There encircling his scrotum was a steel ring, and on the top was a small steel dome that covered the tip of his penis with a small steel tube that went into the urethra removing any possibility of him becoming erect.They had played with chastity before, but the devices they had used a small padlock, and were made of plastic so that if he really wanted to he could easily enough remove the device and be free. This one turned out to be stainless steel, and used an integral lock cylinder which meant he was locked until he had the key. “Wow!” he said “that’s neat, but I don’t know if I’ll be able to wear it, im starting to get hard and its kinda uncomfortable.” “You’ll be OK until you get there.” She said. “What”..get where?” “Did you forget already? You’ve got a little trip to make silly!”She jokingly replied. “I thought you were just messing with me and it was a big tease session.”he said. “Oh no, that was no tease session, I’ve made arrangements for you sweetie! And you had better get going!” “Wait, going where?” he queried. “Dont you worry, I’ve put the address I your phone, and like I said I made arrangements for you, so they’ll be waiting for you. You should be able to make it in a couple of hours anyway.” she stated matter of factly. “And what if I dont want to go?” he asked. “Well, it’s your call. I had a feeling you’d chicken out on me. But you should know that the keys to that device were mailed to where your going tonight.” she said as a smile began to grow across her face “so you’d better get going!” She handed him a pair of panties, a pair of shorts, and a t-shirt “These should be comfortable enough till you get there” as she swatted his ass. He was lost again, his mind whirring around him as he stepped into the clothing she provided him. The stretchy lace panties felt cool against his now captive testicles and chastised penis. “That feel good against my little clitty?” she asked as he felt his face flush with excited humiliation while pulling up the shorts to hide his feminine underwear. She handed him ankle socks, and his running shoes. He finished dressing as she ushered him toward the door, placing the car keys in his hand. “You just remember, that’s my little clitty, and I make the rules about who gets to play with it!” she said with a still growing smile “Now go!”Once in the car he started the engine and remembering what she had said about his phone, opened the navigation app. The address and directions popped up onscreen. The name of the town was unfamiliar to him, but the display showed that it would take nearly two and a half hours to get there. Quite a drive for a sexually frustrated slut in chastity he thought as he pulled the car into gear and drove away his head still swimming with the thoughts of what lay before him.The miles clicked by as he drove, still wondering what his wife had laid out for him. He was over halfway to his destination when his phone indicated he’d received another message. He quickly swiped the screen and saw it was again form his wife.“I hope this lives up to your expectations as I have been planning this for some time. Message me when you get there. Love ya!” was all it said. Damn this is one amazing woman! What are the chances that they wound up together. He was happy that they had.Time and miles and thoughts passed by as he drove, the chastity device occasionally giving rise to small pains and pressure, but oddly enough he enjoyed that too, just as she knew he would until he finally arrived at his destination.The house was far removed from any towns, nestled in the kentucky hills. It almost seemed out of place, too fancy for its location and too large for a normal home. He slowly ascended the drive to the stately abode, the entrance lined by old growth trees whose branches intertwined above the pavement like a canopy. At the end was an opening which circled in front of the house with a off shoot that led to the front of a garage beside the house. He pulled the car alongside the house and came to a stop just in front of the garage. Picking up his phone from the cupholder he sent her a text letting her know he was there. Then her reply came moments later “There is a collar in the console. Put it on. Then go onto the front porch and remove everything leaving only the panties on. Kneel at the front door with your head lowered, and ring the doorbell. When the door opens hold out your phone, and do as you’re told.”I love you was his only reply as he stepped out of the car and walked to the porch. He climbed the steps leading up to the house, looking all around for anyone who might be able to see him. There was no one around. When canlı bahis siteleri he found himself at the top of the steps and standing on the large porch he checked once more, thankfully there were no homes within sight, and the road was obscured by the trees that lined the driveway. He began to undress. First the shoes and socks, then the shirt, and lastly his shorts. Leaving him exposed in the dim light provided by the hanging fixtures overhead. His phone sounded again, another message “Love u SLUT!” the simple reply. He applied the collar, clasping the pink leather around his neck, leaving the sparkling wording “slut” in the front, and just under the print a loop of metal for affixing a leash. He was shaking from nerves and almost felt drunk from the excitement of the unknown as he began to kneel on the doorstep. Then he rang the bell, lowered his head into a bow, and with two trembling hands extended his phone, his last bastion of himself out and upward as he waited.The wait felt like eternity but was in reality only a minute or less, and finally he heard the door handle turn. The door opened spilling full light onto his body. He continued to hold his position as he had been instructed as he felt the phone being taken from his hand. He could tell it was a man who had opened the door by the shoes he wore, but couldn’t see anything above the knee in his lowered state. Then he felt something being pulled over his head and all of is vision was blinded. “A hood, or blindfold” he thought. Then hands pulled him to his feet and he was led inside hearing the door shut and lock behind him.Then there was silence. He stood there trying to steady himself without the aid of his vision. He could hear footsteps circling him slowly, as if he was being examined. After several minutes a voice broke the silence startling him. “The pictures don’t do you justice.” the voice said, followed by “You know at first I thought this couldn’t be real. A wife sending her husband to be used as a sissy boy. Even when she asked me to call her to talk in detail I still had my reservations, but went along on a hope that this would be real. And now here you are!” He began to reply but was cut short. “You are not to speak unless given permission.” He nodded his head to show that he understood. “We’ve spoke with your wife several times over the last few weeks, she’s a nice lady.” The last statement grabbed his attention. “We’ve? There’s more than one?” he thought. “You know you’re lucky to have her.” a second voice came. Then the first voice again, “You do look good, but I think we can make you look better. Take her to the master bathroom and help her to get ready.”. He wondered if they were talking about him since they were using the term her, then all doubt was removed when he felt a hand take hold of the collar and begin to lead him forward. He heard one door shut behind them, then another, and felt the carpet replaced by the cold smooth tile. He figured he must be in a bathroom. “Im going to remove the blindfold now, you are to keep your eyes completely shut until you hear this door shut. Do you understand?”. He nodded again. Then came footsteps leading away, and finally the door closing. Upon hearing the latch close he opened his eyes. The bathroom was huge, marble flooring covered the floor, and across the big vanity was an assortment of bottles, tools, and a piece of paper which seemed to contain instructions.You will find the keys to your chastity on the vanity. Take it off.You will also find a bottle of nair. Cover your entire body in this, wait 15 mins, then get into the shower and rinse it off. If you missed any hair do it again.There is an enema bottle here. Use it as well. In 15 mins after using it you will be sparkling clean and fresh.Use the gels in the shower and finish cleaning up.When you are finished knock on the door, and close your eyes. Do not open them until you are instructed to.He sat about finishing his tasks, and soon found himself in the shower hairless and smooth. The silkiness of his smooth skin began to turn him on as he washed with the oils left there for him. He finished his shower and toweled off finally positioning himself at the door once again and knocked as he closed his eyes.Soon the sound of the door opening filled his head. He was lead out of the bathroom, and found himself being pushed down by the shoulders to be seated onto some kind of upholstered bench. Then The hands began rubbing his face, his neck. Then came the strange sensation of brushes and sponges, then pressure on his head. After awhile he was led away to a upright post of some kind, his hands placed on it at shoulder height to steady himself. Then someone began to dress him. But not like he was used to. It was all different, and much tighter. Things being pulled, and cinched tight. Something tickled his neck, and then another voice. “open your eyes.”The bedroom was dimly lit, and it took a few seconds for his eyes to adjust. He looked around the room and saw a man with a bag on his shoulder heading for the door, “where are you going?” he asked the man. “I only get you ready.” the man replied as he exited the door. He continued to survey his surroundings quickly. There were several cameras around the room, a large heavy four poster bed with a trunk at the foot end. Then he noticed the woman looking at him from across the room. He jumped, startled, and found that she mimicked his movements exactly. Then upon further inspection he found the she was…him. His gaze dropped quickly to confirm what his eyes were telling him. And there it was. He was wrapped in a purple corset, a matching skirt and stockings. Then his gaze returned back to the mirrored closed doors. He took himself in for a minute. The flawless makeup, the fake eyelashes, the blonde wig, the short ruffled skirt that barely hid his ass. “Damn, I’m hot as hell!” He thought as he began to feel and impending erection that was made more urgent when he noticed the chain leading from his collar to the large post that he was leaning against.“Now that’s better!” a voice came from the open doorway. “That looks good enough to eat!” There stood the man who had led him into the house, smiling with drink in hand. He had removed his outer clothing, and now only wore red satin boxer shorts. He was muscular, appearing to be in his late 40’s, canlı bahis and well taken care of. He moved closer still smiling as he began to rub himself through his shorts revealing a growing shaft of his own. “She said your sissy name is Jade, is that right?” “yes sir” he replied. “Now that’s not good enough” the man said, “From now on you are only to speak in your sissy voice..Understand?” He mustered his best falsetto and replied as told to “Yes sir”. “That’s better” said the man as he moved behind jade. “You’re gonna be my little girlfriend baby. Doesn’t that sound like fun?” he probed jade as he came in behind her pulling her in close to him, wrapping his arms around her shoulders. “Yes sir.” Jade replied. He raised one hand to encircle her throat, gripping lightly as the other hand lowered to her clitty, squeezing more firmly. She moaned out loud as she arched her back to retreat from his ever tightening grip on her privates, and was met with his hard cock pressed into the small of her back. “Yeahhh!!” he moaned into her ear as he began to bite and kiss her neck. He took her hand, and guided it to his manhood, placing it in her hand. It was much larger than hers, Thick and heavy, neatly trimmed, with freshly shaved balls. She began to stroke the entire length of his 8” shaft, and he began to thrust in unison, until pulling away suddenly whispering “ dont move!”. Soon he returned and again place himself behind her. Taking her shoulders he turned her around to face him and released the chain to her collar. He affixed pink leather cuffs to her hands. “Lie down.” he said as he pointed behind her to the bed. She did as he instructed, and found the other man at her head attaching a chain to the cuffs at her wrists. She was bound with just enough length to allow her ass to hang off the bed, and her feet to touch the floor. The man at her feet had removed his boxers, and now stood admiring her,smiling, and stroking his still hard cock. Then he stepped to the bed forcing her to spread her stocking clad legs to either side of him. He released his cock, and slid his hands behind her knees, raising them and pressing them back onto her shoulders while the other man took a hold of her ankles to hold her there. Then came the sensation of a warm mouth on her clitty. Her eyes widened first, then closed slightly as if she were d**gged. This man was an expert, and easily enveloped her with his mouth causing a gentle moan to escape her lips as he continued to suck and lick he most sensitive parts.The other man was busy attaching more restraints, this time to her ankles, pulling her legs wide apart and even with her head. Just as she was getting used to the attention her clitty was receiving she felt the man allow it to plop out, and lowered his head to her backside. “want me to eat your pussy baby?” “Yes sir” is all she could say, and she felt his mouth fall against her tender ass while he stroked her clit.“Your wife said you’d be a good little slut for us. You ready to play?” the man at her head asked as he stroked his dick as well. She looked up at him just as he lowered himself on the bed allowing her to open her mouth before he inserted himself into her waiting mouth. She licked, and sucked away at his cock, tasting the sweet precum his tip was covered with as the other man tonged her backside. Deeper and deeper went the man until she could feel his scrotum resting on her lips as she gagged a little. “Thats a good girl” he moaned as the other shifted his attention back to her clitty. She continued to suck the cock in her mouth as she felt fingers pressed against her pussy. “Lets loosen you up baby.” Then one finger, massaging her open, then two fingers, more lube, then ultimately a third. She was cooing and moaning as he continued to suckle her clitty as he fingered her sissy pussy massaging her swollen prostate.“Im getting close!” she mumbled through the cock that had begun to rhythmically thrust into her throat. The mouth instantly left her clitty, and the fingers were replaced with the mans large penis pressing against her opening. She turned her head removing the cock from her mouth “gotta use condoms” she said. The man pressing himself against her ass smiled “we got tested just for tonight, and we’re all good. Besides your wife wants to watch as another man cums inside you.” He pointed around the room and said “ smile for the cameras!”. Shocked again Jade asked “what, shes watching right now?”. “Yeah, her and a few others. You’ll get to meet them later. Are you ready for me slut?” he replied. Before Jade could resist any farther she felt him shift his weight, increasing the pressure on her bottom. And slowly he began to enter her as her breathing quickened. He continued his thrusts by inserting his cock, then pulling out, then inserting deeper, then pulling out until she was taking the full length of his now rock hard bare cock. He moaned and leaned over her on the bed as he lowered onto her with the stroke that fully impaled his lust into her. “Untie her” he told the other man. Then once she was freed she told Jade “Now wrap your arms legs around me baby.” As she did she again felt him begin his thrusts, each one forcing out a whimper from her. Faster and faster the thrusts came, and more vocal she became with each one until she was begging him to fuck her, and rising up to meet his pounding. The action continued until she heard him moan “Yeah baby, I’m gonna cum! Tell me you want my cum in your pussy baby!” Through heavy breath she returned “Yeah baby cum inside me! Breed my sissy pussy!” as she felt his urgency change and his cock began to twitch inside her causing a chain reaction inside her. An orgasm of her own. “Im cumming too baby!” She cooed. He quickly rose and continued thrusting as he place her feet on his chest to watch her first proper sissygasm as he bred her ass. She was writhing and moaning, clentching the covers and biting her lip as he shot the last of his load into her greedy ass, and she came all over her pretty purple corset while pulling him still deeper. They both collapsed in exhaustion for a while.She stood up and began to remove the cum covered clothing she had on, when the other man stopped her. “What do you think you’re doing?” he asked. “Getting cleaned up, I’ve gotta go back home.” “nope, we agreed that you would stay here for a couple of days, and your wife agreed. Besides, you took vacation time right? Said the other man who was still stroking his cock. The look of shock swept over her face as he turned her around and leaned her over the bed.TO BE CONTINUED……..

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