Jamie’s Descent Part 6


Jamie’s Descent Part 6Chapter 6Fiona leaned forwards, wrapped her arms around me and drew me into apassionate kiss. My eyes closed instinctively and I swear I could myheart pounding as her tongue snaked into my mouth. My knees almostbuckled, and I felt myself surrender to her lock, stock and barrel. I hadnever felt this way before; my emotions had gone into freefall as myhead began to spin, and I almost fainted.Fiona sensed this and caught me as I began to drop. ‘Come on baby, let’s get you to bed. I think you’ve had enoughexcitement for one day.’ She whispered tenderly in my ear as she pickedme up, my arms locked around her neck and carried me through to theother room where there was a large double bed. I felt so safe andsecure in those arms of hers as she lifted me as if I was a c***d. She laid me gently on the bed, removed my robe and slipped out of herown. Her body looked to me like that of a goddess in the soft light fromthe lamps in the room. She lay down beside me on the bed and pulled thecovers up over us. I began to shiver a little and Fiona snuggled up tomy back and wrapped her arms around me. She held me tight and myshivering gradually eased. I could feel her breasts pushing into my backand she slid her leg in between mine and locked together like this, wefell asleep.I woke sometime later, and I turned gently in the bed to face her. Shewas still sleeping, her breasts rising and falling gently with herbreathing. I watched her for a while as she slept on, her face soft withsleep and yet still strong and powerful. I gently moved back the coversand looked at her breasts and the curve of her stomach as it descendedinto the darkness of her groin. I leaned forward and took her leftnipple into my mouth and began to suck gently. She stirred in her sleepbut didn’t wake as I continued to lick and suck her nipple with my lipsand tongue. I could feel her nipple begin to stiffen and I sensed herbegin to wake. I slipped my hand down between her legs and began tolightly touch my fingers on her pussy. Her nipple was now hard and shelet out a small moan as my fingers danced around her pussy lips. I withdrew my hand and she immediately grabbed my arm and moved it backto where it had just been.’Don’t you fucking dare stop,’ she growled, ‘or I promise I will cut offyour cock.’I giggled and allowed my fingers to probe deeper into her now moisteningpussy. She began to move her hips against my hand and I slipped twofingers right into her. I moved across to her other nipple and nibbledit with my teeth.’OOOHHH,’ she sighed as my teeth bit down onto the nipple. She was nowpushing hard against my hand and then she wrapped her hand around mycock which was now fully erect, and I began to push into her hand. Wemoved together like this for a while, our movements becoming more andmore frantic. Suddenly she pushed my hand away, raised herself up fromthe bed and pushed me down onto my back. She immediately straddled meand drove herself onto my cock. ‘Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me,’ she almost screamed and began to ride mehard and fast. I reached up and cupped her breasts in my hands andbegan to tweak those rack hard nipples. She was now bucking and rearingas she rode my cock. Her head was back and her mouth open as she droveherself and me on. I felt myself approaching my climax, but I managed tohold back until I felt her stiffen and with a roar she fell forwardsonto my chest. I came at that moment driving myself deep into her pussy.She rolled off me and lay next to me; our bodies now covered in sweat.She leaned over and kissed me, mashing her lips against mine as shetwisted my nipple hard between her fingers.’OOOwww,’ I said, ‘That was mean, what was that for?’She smiled wickedly, ‘Just to remind you I’m the boss.”Miss Fiona,’ I whispered, ‘What happens to me next?’She turned on her side and looked straight into my eyes. She paused fora moment, weighing up how to respond.’Baby, you are sure you want to do this, aren’t you?’ Her voice wasserious and she looked concerned.’Yes,’ I said softly, ‘Yes, I want to, but I’m a bit scared.’She looked at me for a long while.’I guess I would be scared too, but I am going to be here and Vanessaruns a very good operation. She takes care of all of her people and ifit’s what you want to do then this is the best place I know of.”How does it work?’ I asked.’It?’ She looked puzzled.’What happens here? What I will be doing.”Well, Vanessa told you that she offers wealthy people, men and women,discreet and customised personal services that they can trust. These arepeople who will pay a lot of money for what they are looking for.Vanessa arranges this and recruits people to provide these services. Shemakes sure that she only uses the very best to provide these servicesand in turn they are well paid and looked after in every sense of theword. The health and safety of her employees is a priority for her. Allshe asks is that whoever she uses is trustworthy, discreet and never,ever rips either her or a client off.”Is that what you do?’ I asked.She lay back and looked at the ceiling as she spoke, ‘Used to, babygirl. Did it for a few years. You’d be surprised to learn how much richwhite boys would pay for a bit of this old black ass. As for you, mylittle sissy, you will be the latest filly for Vanessa’s old schoolriding academy. Vanessa has been looking for a little while for theright person to take on some of the clients, men and women, who havebeen asking for the particular qualities you have, baby.”What do you mean, qualities?’She turned to look at me again, ‘Well there are plenty of trannies andfemboys and sissies out there but Vanessa always looks for somethingfresh and she saw in you just the right pendik escort combination of androgynous looksand innocence that clients will pay a lot for. We had to break you in,of course, but Vanessa has an eye for talent and she had you sussed outas soon as she saw you at the bank. She wasn’t wrong either, was she?’ ‘Nooo, I guess not,’ I whispered.’Look, Vanessa will look after you and if you play your cards right youcan earn a lot of money from this. Not to mention the fringe benefits.”Fringe benefits?’ I was puzzled, ‘What fringe benefits?’In answer she moved down the bed and took my cock into her mouth andbegan to suck energetically, her hand getting me erect again in seconds.’Thhessh benefisssh,’ is what I think she said. I giggled and laid back to enjoy my fringe benefits.I tried to work out what I felt for Fiona. It wasn’t love in theconventional sense of the word. Devotion, perhaps, but even that didn’tconvey the depth and complexity of my feelings for this woman who had****d me and then cared tenderly for me afterwards. I was scared of her,for sure, but deep down I felt she cared for me as well. She was thecentre of my life and I had given myself to her totally and would doanything for her.The next couple of days were pretty busy. Vanessa had come by and wantedconfirmation of what Fiona had told her. I said that, yes, I wanted tostay. She asked me if I knew what was involved and what I would need todo. I said that I knew only what Fiona had told me and if that was true,then I wanted to do it.Vanessa confirmed that was the case and ran through what was expected ofme. I would go through a period of training, developing my skills andperfecting the look that she wanted from me. Vanessa stressed that theclients she wanted me to serve demanded high standards in looks andperformance. I would need to practice and perfect the skills andtechniques that I would need for those clients.She wanted me to be what she called a Trap. A boy who dressed, actedand looked like a pretty girl, but who could still perform as a boy ifrequired. I would be paid a basic salary with all accommodation andliving expenses covered, but my real earnings would be a slice of theearnings for my services. Performance related pay, she called it. Itwouldn’t be that high at first but she really believed that someone likeme could earn some serious money if I did well.I asked if Fiona would be with me and Vanessa confirmed that Fiona wouldbe responsible for my ‘training and development plan’ as she put it. Itwas obvious that her training as a businesswoman was being put to a gooduse here.The next few days were intense. Fiona and Lisa drilled me endlessly inhow to walk and speak and behave as a girl. They showed me how to do mymakeup and hair and made me do it time and again until I got it right.It was fun. I guess, for the most, but one time I got shirty with Lisawhen she criticised me for the mess I made of my makeup. Fiona overheardme shout at Lisa and she came in, grabbed me over to a chair, threw medown on her lap, pulled up my skirt and spanked me until my bum was redand sore. Never, ever do that again, she hissed or you will reallyregret it. Oh, yes, I was wearing girls’ clothes full time now. I hadbeen measured and either Fiona or Lisa had gone out to buy a wardrobefor me, or rather, several wardrobes to allow for the different tastesthe clients might have. Most of the clothes were high end fashions but there was a mixture ofrough trade stuff as well as some little girl dresses which scared me alittle. I was made to try all of them so I could get used to wearing anyof them I was asked.I slept with Fiona every night and we had sex of some kind every night.She let me fuck her couple of times and then she fucked me with thestrap on. She was an energetic teacher and none of the things we didcould remotely be described as vanilla sex. She made me play the role ofa girl and that of a boy. She taught me how to respond in bed as a womanwhen she took the male role and how to understand when to call a halt ifthings began to get too scary.Several nights Fiona, Lisa and I went out together with me dressed enfemme. I was terrified the first time but as it became obvious that Iwas capable of not being ‘made’ as a boy dressed as a girl and insteadof passing as a girl, I became more and more confident in my newpersona.It became easier and easier for me to think of myself as a girl than asa boy. I was taking a selection of vitamins and pills prescribed by thedoctor, who I saw several times. Health care was, indeed, a fringebenefit and Vanessa insisted on everyone being clean of d**gs. Beingfound with d**gs in your system would result in immediate dismissal.Fiona announced one afternoon that my training would be taken to a newlevel and that meant that I would need to experience what it would belike to be with a real cock, not a rubber one. She told me we would behaving an extra special session tonight. I would find my outfit laid outfor me on the bed and that I was to put it on and wait for her. I wasvery nervous about what was to happen next, but knew that this was anecessary step. I hurried to the bedroom and laid out on the bed was abeautiful Victoria’s Secret coral pink babydoll night dress set. That’snot too bad I thought and picked up the panties.I slid the pink panties up my legs and felt them cradle my cock andballs and I wondered if I would ever get tired of that sensual feeling.I picked up the nightdress and slid it over my head, it settled aroundmy hips and the touch of the filmy material on my skin was so arousing.The pretty embroidered cups had small cut-out for my nipples and as Iran my hands over them I could feel them hardening. escort pendik I closed my eyes andtweaked the nipples, an involuntary moan escaped my lips, and I licked mylips feeling the lipstick covering them. ‘Don’t start without me,’ Fiona’s dark voice jerked me awake and Iopened my eyes to see her in front of me. I wondered how she managed tomove so quietly; she hardly seemed to disturb the air as she walked. Iswear she wouldn’t leave footprints in the snow she moved so gently.’Oh no. Fiona, I mean Miss Fiona, I wouldn’t dare.’She was wearing a white lace teddy with white stockings attached withgarters. Her breasts were barely contained by the flimsy garment and herskin shone in contrast to the white of the teddy.I stood stock still as she walked around me, her fingers sliding over myskin so gently. She stopped behind me and cupped my chest with herhands.’Mmm, we’ll have to something with these in the future, won’t we?’ Shepulled me back into her and I squirmed as she began to tease my nipples.’Well, our little femboy likes this, doesn’t she?’She nuzzled my neck with her lips and she suddenly bit my earlobe.’Oww,’ I squealed.’Be quiet, you little pussy, or I will hurt you,’ she growled.’Yes, Miss Fiona”Or maybe she wants me to hurt her just a little bit?’ Her voice wasteasing but I had a moment when I remembered the time she first took mewith her strap on.’Whatever you want Miss Fiona,’ I said obediently.’Mmm, not yet, we have other things to learn tonight.’She brought her hands up and covered my eyes with something soft, tyingit behind my head. I could now see nothing. ‘Don’t touch that or try to remove it, or I will punish you.”No, Miss Fiona.”We will be preparing you tonight for your future work. Clients willwant to use you for their pleasure and they will be paying handsomelyfor your service. They do not want just a quick fuck or suck and youwill need to learn how to give them pleasure at every moment. You mustlearn to give pleasure as well as take it.’As she spoke she slowly circled me, her fingers touching and stroking meeverywhere. I could feel her running her long nails across my arms andback. She squeezed my bum and slid her hands into my panties. Her touchwas driving me crazy and all I could do was stand there.’To help you learn how to give this pleasure I have brought a friendwith me tonight. He will help me to teach you the skills you will needto please the men and women you will be serving in the future.”He, Miss Fiona?”Yes, he, sissy. A lot of your clients will be men and you need tounderstand how to satisfy a man. How to give and take with a man.”Yes, Miss Fiona.’ I shivered with a mixture of fear and anticipation. Iknew this would happen, but I was stricken with fright mixed with adesire to explore my desires even further.As she stopped speaking I sensed someone else was with us. I felt handsgrab the sides of my head and then I was being kissed with a tonguebeing forced into my mouth. I was shocked at the suddenness of the movebut quickly recovered and started to kiss back. It was obviously a manas I could feel stubble on his face and the kiss was hard and aggressiveand completely different from a girl kissing. This mystery man wrappedhis arms around me and pulled me strongly into his chest. I almostmelted into him and my arms went up and around his neck as he continuedhis assault on my lips and mouth. His hands moved down to my bum and helifted me almost effortlessly up and instinctively I wrapped my legsaround his hips locking me into his arms. I could feel his rigid cockbumping up into my bum crack and I thought he was going to have me thenand there. Instead he walked with me still wrapped around his body over to the bedand breaking the kiss he laid me down on the bed. I could see nothingbecause of the blindfold and my hands moved up to it before I realisedwhat I was doing. ‘Stop that, you little bitch,’ Fiona’s voice rapped out. I froze and felt my wrists grabbed and twisted behind my back.’I told you not to touch that or I would punish you.’ She hissed.I felt my wrists being bound together and I wriggled to resist. ‘OOOWWW’ Fiona must have slapped my bum hard as it stung like crazy.’Don’t resist or I will do it harder.’ She said ‘Now you will stay likethat. Might do you some good’I felt the bed move as the man lay down beside me and resumed kissingme. His tongue was deep into my mouth and I began to push back with myown tongue. He broke the kiss and pushed my head down until my lips felthis nipple. I got the message and started to work on his nipple. Icouldn’t really move myself as my hands were bound and the lack ofcontrol seemed to heighten the sensations that I was feeling. I felt hewas in total control and that seemed to excite me rather than scaringme. I really went to town on his nipple with my lips and teeth. Thenipple grew hard in my mouth and he moved and sighed in response. I gaveall my attention to giving this unknown man as much pleasure as I couldmanage. The hands again began to ease my head down, and I knew what wasabout to happen. I kissed him on his chest and stomach as my head wasmoved downwards. All the time I had been able to feel his rigid cockpressing against me and it felt really big. ‘Open your mouth, you sissy.’ I had almost forgotten that Fiona wasthere.I obeyed and immediately I felt his cock was pushed deep into my mouth.I panicked and choked but the hands tightened around my head and heldthe cock in place.Fiona’s voice came from the side, ‘Baby girl, don’t worry, rememberyou’re a cock sucker and you like nothing more than the taste of a man’shard cock between those lovely lips of yours.’Her voice calmed me and I began to use my tongue on pendik escort bayan the cock as the manmoved it in and out of my mouth. I could hear a slurping noise as hecontinued to fuck my mouth. My lips were tight around the cock and Istruggled to breathe through my mouth. He sensed I was struggling tobreathe and he released my head, removing his cock and allowing me togasp some air into my lungs.’Now kiss the tip,’ Fiona’s voice was low and soothing.I did as instructed and pushed my tongue out between my lips and kissedthe tip and took the head into my mouth.’That’s good, sissy. Now, slide your tongue along the bottom until youget to his balls’Not being able to use my hands made it difficult but with a bit ofwriggling I made it. I licked my way up and down the shaft, feeling himreact to the sensation as I got closer to his balls. I knew what Ishould do next and took one of his balls into my mouth. I rolled itaround and again I felt him react to this as his cock twitched and Iswear seemed to get even harder. I did the same for the other ball and then moved back up and down theshaft, this time licking and sucking as I went. I seemed to be doingalright and I began to relax a little and realised that I was enjoyingthis. Whether it was the lack of control by being bound and blindfold orby being at the whim of the man and Fiona, I don’t know, I began to feelmy excitement building and I realised I now had an erection of my own.I moved to the tip of his cock and took just the head into my mouthsucking and rolling my tongue around the head. I got another twitch ofthe cock in response to that and I felt ridiculously proud for havingachieved that. I began to take more of his cock into my mouth and hebegan to move it in and out as I sucked for all my life. I realised thatI had at least some control over what was happening and that gave me theenergy to keep doing the best I could. As he moved his cock in and out I felt my own cock being kissed andlicked. Fiona was mirroring what I had done to the man, and it wasawesome to understand what he must be feeling. She was so much betterthan I was,and because I was so excited anyway she had taken me to theedge in no time flat.She realised this and slowed down her pace just as he was picking uphis. He began to move in and out much more fiercely and I wondered if hewas going to come in my mouth. At this precise moment I felt Fiona’sfinger slide in and out of my ass. I was overwhelmed by what I wasfeeling; the cock in my mouth now literally fucking my mouth, my cock inFiona’s mouth and her finger in my ass. I felt ready to explode. Onefinger became two, and she was really using them hard. The man seemed to be on the point of cumming but then pulled outcompletely. Fiona also stopped, and I was dumped roughly onto my back andmy panties tugged down and off. I still couldn’t see anything but Iguessed what was coming. Something cold was applied to my ass crack andmy legs were hoisted up and over the man’s shoulders. I felt himposition his cock up against my hole and then he began to push into me.I now realised that Fiona had prepared me for this with her fingers andI also pushed down against him as I had been told to do. He moved in andout against the resistance of my ring and then suddenly he was in. Ithurt as he went in and he felt huge so I was grateful for Fiona’sfingers and the lube.He was fucking me for real now and it still hurt as he pistoned in andout. At this moment Fiona moved to the top of the bed and squatted downon my face facing away from the man fucking me. She lowered herself ontomy face and commanded’Lick me out, now you little cum princess.’I did my best even though I couldn’t see what I was doing; using mytongue to lick her pussy as much as I could. The man was now reallythrusting hard into me and I was being moved around so much as I stillhad my hands tied behind my back. I can’t remember when it stoppedhurting so much but I sort of gave up any resistance and started to feelonly an intensity of feeling that I had never experienced before. Lightsseemed to flash inside my head and I gave myself up to these two peoplecompletely and utterly. At that moment I felt myself explode as Iclimaxed and came totally spontaneously. I felt the man tense as he approached his climax and he suddenlywithdrew his cock from my ass and my legs flopped back onto the bed. Ifelt him move up the bed and at that moment Fiona stopped face fuckingme with her pussy. He must have been finishing himself off by handbecause I heard him grunt as Fiona said ‘Open up cum slut.’ I opened my mouth and felt his cum shoot over my face and some into mymouth. I gagged and swallowed what had gone into my mouth andinstinctively I licked my lips and took what was there into my mouth aswell. I have to admit it didn’t taste too bad. A bit salty and slimymaybe, but not unpleasant. A finger, I guessed Fiona’s, wiped theremaining cum from my face and fed it to me. I licked it from her fingeralmost hungrily and she kept her finger in my mouth as I suckled on it. I lay back, absolutely exhausted. Fiona untied my wrists and removed theblindfold and I had to shield my eyes as the light flooded into them. Isquinted around looking for the man, but he had evidently gone and onlyFiona and I were left. ‘Oh my God,’ I rasped, almost unable to speak.Fiona wiped the sweat from my brow and she smiled at me, ‘For a noviceyou did good, baby girl.’She leant on her arm and looked sternly at me, ‘Just one thing, don’tdisobey me again like you did with the blindfold or I will really getangry. And you don’t want to see me really angry.’I cast my eyes down, ‘No, Miss Fiona, I won’t ever do that again.’Her face softened, but I didn’t for a moment believe she wouldn’t getangry if I didn’t do what I was told, and that wasn’t something I wantedto see.’How are you feeling?’ she said, quite tenderly.’Fucked,’ I said with a grimace, ‘but I loved it.’

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