Jan Fought the Lust and the Lust Won Ch. 02



“What’s the point of fucking if you can’t bust a nut?”

For six days after her encounter with Blue, Jannie’s sexual burn receded into irrelevance. She cheerfully went about her daily chores. She contributed to dinnertime conversations without any undue tight-lipped strain. She fucked her brother occasionally but with none of her earlier vehemence. She didn’t have to hunt him down for dick. Her smooth wooden masturbation ball was a distant memory.

In short, she became Jannie again.

On the seventh day after the Blue tryst, Jannie began to wonder after her hibernating libido. Where was it? She’d fucked her brother Jake several times in the interim, true, but she hadn’t cum during any single encounter. She enjoyed the feel of her brother’s dick riding in and out of her pussy much as a child enjoys playing on a swing set. It was exhilarating. When he came and his hot jism bubbled up and oozed out of her pussy, there was no reciprocal explosion on her part. She only got a sloppy, sticky ass from the experience and a cold wet spot to sleep in. Jake got all the joy.

“What happened to my nigger taint?” she wondered.

Immediately thereafter she chastened herself.

“Good riddance!!” she chortled.

Before her encounter with Isaac at Uncle Nathan’s farm she’d had a normal sex drive. She fucked a lot. Sometimes she came. Sometimes she didn’t.

After that encounter (and until her rendezvous with Blue) she came repeatedly, so often that it became a painful annoyance. The ‘nigger taint’ left her tangerine pussy in a constant state of arousal.

The tryst with Blue had been amazing. He was a bit older than she, handsome, well hung and discreet. He’d cooled the insatiable ardor that had plagued her for weeks.

Trouble was, he seemed to have put it out entirely. The Burn was gone. She hadn’t had an explosive orgasm in a week. Was this the anti-nigger taint? She didn’t want to cum all the time, but she DID want to cum sometimes.

What’s the point of fucking if you can’t bust a nut?

She’d seen Blue a time or two since then, too. He’d been affable without being familiar. He acted as if nothing had occurred between them. He’d even fielded flirtatious solicitations from passing black women while Jannie was present, which caused Jannie to pink up in jealousy. How did these sassy black bitches know that Blue wasn’t HER kept nigger?

Of course, they couldn’t know, and could never know. Jannie didn’t then realize that a sense of possession—entitlement—is always one of the first consequences of engaging in sexual intercourse. That realization only comes with age and experience. She just knew that she felt disrespected by the incessant flirtations that were part and parcel of Blue’s daily routine. His legendary cocksmanship drew the fillies like flies.

Janice approached Blue one afternoon and asked him to bring some ice potatoes up to the big house—and to take his time doing it. Janice knew he would catch her meaning.

When she stepped into the root cellar twenty minutes later, Blue was already naked. His penis was splendidly erect.

Jannie smiled.

“No, Blue. This ain’t what I meant. Well, it ain’t what I meant for right now. There’s too many people around. They might hear us. Put your clothes back on.”

Reluctantly Blue reached for his trousers.

“Wait a minute!” she said.

She skipped over to him and took his penis into her mouth. She hadn’t blown him in their earlier encounter. She wanted to hold the taste of that special bond in her remembrance.

She wettened his dick with some difficulty. Jannie couldn’t get much more than his pud into her mouth. It was as thick as her fist. She gaped wide to accommodate him, flickering her tongue out to tickle his urethral valley and the shroud of his foreskin. She tried to slip her tongue into his peehole.

Blue moved to grip her head with both hands. She stopped him.

“Not right now, Blue,” she said. “I want you to come up to my room, in the big house, later tonight. Real late. OK? I’ll leave the door open.”

Blue was confused.

“In de big house?”


In that instant Jannie remembered something. Her brother Jake might have designs on her pussy tonight, too. Unlike their cousins Annie and Ben, Jake and Janice slept in separate rooms. Jake slept in the loft alone. He had to sneak downstairs to claim his nightly due, then sneak back upstairs before dawn. It wouldn’t do for Blue to show up while Jake was being stupefied by Jannie’s sexual siren.

“Wait,” she said. “I’ll put a rag on my doorknob. If you see the rag, it’s OK to come in. If not, you need to hide in the front room closet until I come for you. OK? And don’t make no noise.”

She slobbed his dick again for good measure, then stood and scurried out.

Janice’s earlier trepidations proved prescient. Jake did, in fact, sneak downstairs for his nightly due. As with their cousins, there was little planning or preamble to istanbul escort their sex, certainly no kissing or conversation. Jake simply crept into Jannie’s room with a big boner. If she was already asleep, he tapped her cheek with his cock to awaken her. Jannie then either sucked him off or fucked him off. Or both.

This night she chose the former.

“Blue’s dick is three times as thick as this,” she speculated as Jake roiled his penis in her throat.

Jake came in her mouth, then melted into her bed, as per his habit. She lay quietly next to him awaiting his recovery. In twenty minutes he would awaken and have a go at her pussy, she knew. She had a cure for that. Jan needed to have a fresh puss for Blue to soil.

Twenty minutes later, Jake awakened abruptly to every young man’s dream. His re-hardened cock was deep in his sister’s throat. Her freckled face bobbed up and down on it luxuriantly. Evidently, she’d been blowing him for some time. Her saliva bubbled up frothily around his base. It dripped from her lips. Jake was well past plateau. Just as the cognition of time and space returned to the lad, a second orgasmic eruption wracked his body, this one decisive. Jake held the back of Jan’s head tightly as he pumped blob after blob of semen into her throat. His hips churned spasmodically. His mouth opened wide in a silent scream of agony. He threw his head back into the cock-induced blindness afforded by a premium knobjob.

Before Jake could pass out, Jannie scooped him aloft and walked him out her door and over to the loft ladder. His penis still waggled and spurted. She couldn’t carry him up, but she pushed him to climb with a series of strident whispers about the dangers of being caught asleep in her room on the morrow. They’d been down this path before. Jake climbed up mechanically without questioning her motives. Long, wispy contrails of semen drifted down the ladder in his wake.

When the trap door closed behind him, Jannie whisked over to the closet and found Blue, as she’d expected.

“Hurry!” she whispered.

Half dragged, Blue stumbled into her room.

“Did you…did you just do de nasty wit’ yo’ brother?” he asked incredulously.

“Don’t be silly,” she replied. “We were talking about something and he fell asleep. I knew you were coming so I woke him up and sent him off to bed.”

Blue was not fooled so easily. The scent of semen wafted in the air. A man knows the scent of jism when he smells it, and especially knows when the scent is mixed with spittle and/or pussy froth.

Blue began removing his clothing.

“Wait, Blue. I asked you here because…because…well, I want to talk to you about something.”

Blue ignored her. They were going to fuck. He wanted to be sufficiently naked when they did. Besides, they’d never talked before. Why talk now? He didn’t even know this cracker bitch.

“Blue, last week when we done it, I…I wanted you to know. I…I don’t usually do that,” Janice opened.

Blue thought to himself: “Sho’ you don’t.”

What came out of his mouth was: “Yes’m.”

Jannie continued: “I…I was having some troubles. An’…an’ I took advantage of you. You ain’t did nothin’ wrong.”

Blue thought to himself: “Righttttt.”

What came out of his mouth was: “Yes’m.”

“I…I wanted to ask you something, OK?”

Blue thought to himself: “Bitch, git to de point.”

What came out of his mouth was: “Yes’m?”

“Blue, is you never heard of ‘the nigger taint’?”

Blue was genuinely surprised. This opening gambit was certainly unexpected.

“De nigger taint?” he asked.

“Yes. The nigger taint,” she said.

“Ain’t dat what happens to white womens when dey does de nasty wit’ niggers?”

“Yes,” she affirmed.

“Is d’ass what you gots, Miss Janice?”

“I…I don’t rightly know. I…I think I had it. And then I done it wit’ you. An’ it went away. So I ain’t sure what it is.”

“It went away? But you want to do de nasty again? ‘N git it back?”

“I…I…want to do ‘de nasty’. With you. Tonight. Because…well, I…I…when I had the nigger taint I could, you know, ummm….cum. An’ I ain’t been able to….cum….since you an’ me did it.”

“Why, Miss Jannie, dat ain’t de nigger taint. De nigger taint is when you cain’t do but have a nigger’s dick up in you. Black girls git de nigger taint, too, sometimes, ‘n it most drives ’em crazy. You just did it wit’ Massuh Jake, so….”

“I TOLD you I ain’t did it with Jakie. Don’t you dare think I did. I didn’t.”


He was properly chastened. Jannie began to remove her nightclothes. She softened her tone.

“I…I…want you to make me cum, Blue. Like you done the other day.”


Jannie lounged back on her bed and opened her lucious crimson bush to him. Blue noted that her pussy didn’t look smashed. It looked pristine. Crisp. Inviting. Maybe she hadn’t fucked her brother after all.

“Miss Janice, if’n you don’t mind, I…I escort bayan ‘uz hopin’ you would…suck…my dick fuh me. First. Like you stotted to do in de cellar. I likes dat.”

Jannie sat up expectantly.

“Bring it here,” she said.

Blue stepped to her and offered his dick up to her face. It was only partially erect. It flopped about in his fist. He had to squeeze its base to force blood into it.

Jannie examined his cock up close. She was continually amazed at his length and girth.

“You like gittin’ your…dick…sucked?” she asked.

“Yes’m. I likes it. A lot.”

Jannie caressed his cockhead in both hands.

“Who else around here has sucked your dick, Blue?”

“Oh, a few. A few. Some ‘um won’t do it cause dey say dey cain’t get it in dey mouvs.”

“I had trouble gittin’ it in my mouf, too, Blue.”

“But you done good to git it as far as you done. Some ‘um won’t e’em git dat fuh.”

“It ain’t hard as you had it earlier today, Blue. It ain’t as big.”

She took it into her mouth. His sexual musk burned a memory into her olfactory nerves.

“Do dat,” he said. “‘N Keep doin’ dat. It’ll git dere.”

Jannie brushed Blue’s hands away from the base of his dick. She replaced his hands with her own and squeezed so that his cock ballooned into her face. His pudenda burgeoned forth from it enshrouding foreskin. She could see his urethra quivering like a panting puppy. She offered her tongue to it and, in doing so, tasted a whiff of the semen huff buried deep in his testes, priming for launch.

She drew a deeper breath. The aroma of his sex, so close to her nostrils, lit a small, almost imperceptible flame in her genitals.

“There it is,” she sighed. “Finally! Where’ve you been?”

She began licking his cockhead with feathery flicks and long, lavish laps designed to elicit a hands-free erection. A torrent of blood rushed into his tissues. She could feel it, could actually hear it filling out his erectile cavities. She watched his cock expand and lengthen into the golden beast whose legend had fostered this late night booty call.

She released his base. His penis sprang outward magnificently, eschewing all artificial support. Jannie took his cockhead between her lips and French kissed it tenderly, as she might kiss a boyfriend, using her tongue to probe its smooth surfaces, helmet and valleys. Blue roiled his buttocks in small swirlets, returning her French kiss as best he could using his dick, praying that she’d open wider and go just a wee bit further down his shaft. He wanted to feel the heat of her tongue gracing his hypersensitive underpud.

Soon enough, Jannie accommodated his wish. Too, she added a twist she’d learned from her cousin Annie. Using her soft lips, she gripped his shaggy foreskin and drew it up over his pud until the excess skin closed almost completely about it. Then, without releasing his shagginess, she pushed his foreskin back again with her lips. This simultaneously drew his cockhead deeper into her mouth. It also provided the desired softly heated friction to his underpud with her tongue. Jannie found that this method of fellatio received the best responses from the men she’d blown.

Blue was no exception. His legs began to tremble excitedly. He preened up on his tiptoes to gain further purchase in her mouth. He buried both hands into her crimson tresses and pressed forward, striving to relieve himself in her esophagus. He hadn’t been this close to a pre-mature ejaculation in years. Maybe there was something to this white girl after all.

Jannie withdrew.

“I thought you was goin’ to make ME cum,” she chided him. “I cain’t cum if you waste all your juice in my mouf on the first go, Blue.”

“Don’t…stop,” he whispered harshly. “Keep…going!”

“No, Blue. You’re gittin’ ready to cum, ain’t you? An’ then you’ll disappear like you done the last time. I looked up an’ you was gone. Here, lick my pussy for a bit, an’ calm down. Don’t worry, I’ll suck Mr. Elephant again before it’s all over, an’ you can shoot it in my mouf, if’n you want. Jist don’t cum before I gits mine. OK?”

Blue stepped back from her. His dick lunged upward, ready to spout jism into the first warm, wet edifice it encountered. Blue strained to regain his composure. This little ginger girl knew a thing or two about dick sucking, that much was obvious.

She lay back on her bed and opened her legs to him. Reluctantly, he leaned forward to examine her puss. He fully expected the scent of another man’s dick to greet him, despite the unruffled nature of her pubic mound. He leaned closer and closer. Only the feminine scent of cunt, laced with the faintly acrid odor of urine, rose to his nostrils. This was not a bath day.

Blue marveled at the beauty of Jannie’s cunt. Her full tuft of tangerine/crimson pubic hair formed a perfect triangle at the juncture of her thighs without sprawling past its angular boundaries. Yet he could see thick curls of pubic hair drifting into Maltepe escort her ass, encircling her sphincter and northward, finally disappearing high up in her ass crack.

He couldn’t see her pussy lips. They were buried at the bottom of this furry jungle. But the rounded shape of her mound told him she was fully blooded, puffy with desire.

Too, he noticed an unnatural, furtive movement in the thick forest at the center of her cushiony triangle. Using his index fingers, he pried her fur apart to unveil Jannie’s crown jewel—a thumb-sized clitoris, complete with a hooded, bulbous clithead. Blue was taken aback. Jannie’s clit resembled a small penis. It waggled anxiously beneath its furry shroud, begging to be sucked.

Blue drifted his gaze up to meet Jannie’s eyes. By now she was used to the shocked look men get upon first glimpsing her penis-shaped clitoris. It was a look that shrieked, “This bitch is a MAN!!!”

Unperturbed, Jannie calmly queefed her vaginal scent into his nostrils. She’d learned that the fragrant scent of pussy is the best way to remind men that, while she might have a small dick at the pinnacle of her cleft, there was a vast, desirable chasm at the bottom of it.

Jannie’s sexual aroma brought Blue back into the moment. Somewhere deep in this forest there was a pussy to be reckoned with. His dick was still rock hard, throbbing for the stickiness. He needed to prime this pussy for entry. What this bitch wanted was a good ass-licking. It certainly wouldn’t be the first pissy pussy he’d licked, nosirree bob!

Blue probed forward. He flicked his tongue out tentatively. Jannie’s clit lunged for it like a stalking spider. When the two organs met Jannie groaned audibly, a deep, soul-wrenching moan redolent of the depth of her arousal. Blue popped his head up in concern. It wouldn’t do for her moans to bring a white person running. Silence was the order of the day.

Jannie gave him a shushing hand signal to express her understanding of his foreboding. She pointed to her puss and ordered him back in. Blue obeyed. Soon he had the young woman bucking and arching in her bed. She spread her arms wide to grip the edges of her mattress and humped his mouth with a savage, wanton lust that hurtled them both to a soaring plateau.

Under Blue’s lavish tonguing, Jannie’s pussy fire returned with a vengeance. It burned one hole after another into her churning, sweaty abdomen as Blue alternately sucked and licked her bobbing clit. Each time The Burn rose up to consume her, Blue scrambled up and slipped his aching penis into her heaving crimson snatch. Jannie took just a little bit more of his monster cock into her core each time he pried her open, sluicing her frothy cum into him and happily greeting the rampant lust she thought she’d lost. She whispered sibilant obscenities into his ear as his cock drove into her. She kissed him with the exuberant familiarity of a long-time lover, framing his bald head with her hands.

“Suck me again, Blue! Lick me one more time!!” she insisted breathlessly.

Her unusual genital configuration allowed Jannie to experience both masculine and feminine sensations from their sex. Sucking her clit was akin to getting a good blowjob. Jannie could almost feel the fervent rush of her semen as Blue bobbed her clit gently with his thick lips. When his tongue wickered forth and slipped southward into her dripping hole, it drove her wild with desire. If only a regular dick were at once this softly firm and pliable!! If only his tongue were as long as his dick, long enough to invade her pussy and tickle her deeper cushy pudding!! Oh, to be able to squeeze and suckle his tongue with her full pussy!! She humped Blue’s mouth in a vain effort to accomplish just this outcome.

Jannie achieved five thunderous orgasms before Blue mounted her filled her cunt with his hot, creamy cum. She managed two more before his second eruption. Her nigger taint hadn’t abandoned her. It just needed a nigger to set it off.

Jannie recalled the advice she’d received from her cousin Abby about lust for black dick:

“Your heart’s gon’ hurt you for a little bit. An’ then one mornin’ you gon’ wake up and say you druther have a stiff, fat black dick up in you than worry about what the biddies at church is sayin’ ’bout you.”

It was true. Her conscience driven doubts had been subsumed, first by the manic burn of the nigger taint, and then by the cooling balm of Blue’s lumbering nigger dick.

“OK. I see how it is now, Abby.”

Jannie finished up her session with Blue by sucking a huge burst of jism from him, just as she’d promised. She sucked him to the edge of paradise, paused briefly for theatrical effect, and then shoved him through the door to bliss with a foot up his ass. Jism rocketed from his cock in waves and slid down her throat, eventually coming to rest in her stomach, where it mixed sociably with her brother’s issue. Blue’s dick was so far down her throat when he came that Jannie almost choked from the volume of his semen.

Soon Blue’s ponderous cock waggled uselessly between his thighs, just inches above his knees. Excess semen dripped from his urethra. A cold puddle of his joy juice soaked Jannie’s mattress. Little pellets of tapioca dotted the foot-wide wet spot.

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