Jane Discovers Her Sister


I found out my sister in law, Jane, is not the boyish, unattractive female I once thought. After our recent encounter, it’s obvious Jane is a very hot woman who yearns for more sex and passion in her life. Her younger husband, although a good provider and very likable, does not fulfill her sexual desires being one of those work first individuals.

We recently “discovered” each other while Jane was visiting my wife (her sister) and me. Of course we vowed to keep our intimate relationship a secret however my wife, Jan, knew something was going on and later confronted me.

I was totally embarrassed but soon realized my open-minded wife understood, especially considering Jane’s lackluster life style and knowing how strong our marital relationship was.

Six months have past. Jane and Jan talk often over the phone about their mother’s health situation and probably some personal dumping. Recently, Jan announced Jane was going to visit Texas again and would be spending a couple of nights with us.

I tried to not act excited but Jan knew different.

“My dear husband. You must be thrilled Jane will soon be here. I know you two are great ‘friends’ and I want both of you to enjoy.”

What could I say???

Upon Jane’s arrival we were all excited. The sisters exchanged one of those family kisses. Jane followed by taking my hands and looking directly into my eyes. All pretenses dissolved. Despite my wife’s presence, I took Jane into my arms and kissed her not so family like.

‘What a kisser,” Jane remarked.

Jan knew what was happening between Jane and I but did not confront us.

Later the sister’s were busy “catching up” in the living room. My curiosity got the best of me.

I quietly listened to their never-ending conversation. Jane was telling Jan how unfulfilled she was and how lucky Jan was to have me.

Soon they stood up and appeared ready to retire.

“Sis, you know I love you and want you to experience life in the fullest. Dennis and I now have had a great open relationship after the kids left. I’m all right with him occasionally and openly seeing other woman and he is turned on when urfa escort I do it with other men. After each encounter, we make love like never before. It’s sooo good for an often routine sex life.”

“Oh, Jan, I can’t believe you shared that with me. I never thought…”

With that they were now in each other’s arms. They kissed tentatively at first, but didn’t break it off. This was no family kiss. These sisters were enjoying each other sexually for the first time.

“Who needs a man,” Jane muttered.

“I do, and you do too,” Jan replied.

“Jane, I have actually also had sex with another woman before but still love a man and a good hard penis. Would you like to explore another female? I guess I am saying, I may be a little bi and maybe it would open up some possibilities for you.”

“You mean the two of us? Oh Jan, I really don’t think so. That is forbidden although I must admit, our last kiss was wonderful and you are very attractive.”

“Sis, doesn’t hurt to try. I promise to go slow and of course this would be just between you and I.. Think of just enjoying the sensations and knowing that we can stop any time. It’s a big step. Lets talk more this evening.”

Later that evening I wanted to give these sisters the opportunity to ‘enjoy ‘ each other so off to bed I went.

After waiting a few minutes I sneaked down the hallway and sure enough they were talking softly with a few tentative kisses thrown in at first. Now sitting on the couch facing each other, Jan held her sister’s head and slowly but deliberately enjoyed Jane’s soft full lips. Jane was a little tightz but was not resisting. I was getting really hard just watching this taboo act.

Now Jan’s hand softly cupped her sister’s breast.

“Is this okay,” she asked.

Jane looked down, and then her hand encouraged Jan’s to continue on.

‘Would you like to go a step further?”

Jane did not answer but her smile and nod gave Jan her answer.

They walked hand in hand up the stairs to our guest bedroom.

“How about Dennis, ” Jane asked.

“He had a long day long day and I’m sure is uşak escort sound asleep.”

Wrong, I followed them up stairs and was quietly standing outside the bedroom in a state of total excitement and fondling my growing manhood!

They now were holding hands and just staring at each other. Jan then began to unbutton Jane’s blouse exposing those small but firm bra covered breasts.

Jane removed her own blouse and looking directly at her sister, unhooked the bra. Jan removed it, then began cupping and fondling her sisters succulent tits with their unusually large nipples. This captivated both women especially Jane who began moaning. Jan slowly unbuttoned her blouse exposing her braless, large, slightly sagging melons. Taking Jane’s hands, she placed them on her twin treasures.

At first Jane resisted but then began squeezing them softly and tweaking Jan’s small but hard nipples.

Now they were in each other’s arms, breasts flattened against each other and lips clamped together as one.

“Oh Janice, this feels so naughty but sooo good. I really think this is wrong but it is very, very stimulating.

My wife stepped back and began removing her jeans exposing that panty clad beautiful part of her body I have enjoyed so much. Jane followed. With her jeans on the floor, I could detect some moisture forming on her panties.

Now both women looked again at each other. Two pair of fingers hooked on two pair of panties and slowly they dropped to the floor.

By now my cock was rock hard with pre cum everywhere. The vision of these sisters standing naked before each other was almost too much.

Now Jan took her sister in her arms. There was some groaning, sighing, and heavy breathing.

“Are you ready,” Jan asked.

“Oh yes sis. It may be wrong but please make love to me.”

Their naked bodies intertwined as one. Legs wrapped around each other, tits meshed together, and tongues explored.

They finally collapsed on the bed. Jan’s knee was pressing into Jane’s pussy. Jane screamed in ecstasy as she rode her sisters knee to a shattering orgasm. Jan’s fingers now van escort found her sister’s hot pussy and soon another climax followed.

Jan wantonly moved her wet fingers in Jane’s mouth. Jane sucked each like a lolly pop savoring the taste of their sex.

Now Jan slowly slid down between Jane’s legs, stared intently at her sisters swollen inviting cunt, inhaled the aroma, and tasted her sister’s essence.

“Oh Jan, oh my god, oh don’t stop, yes, yes, this feels soo GOOD!”

Jan was to busy dining on her sister’s pussy to say much but soon she raised up, found Jane’s lips, and planted a passionate gooey kiss on her sisters lips.

It was too much. I erupted in my own huge climax fortunately catching most of it in my hand.

Later as Jan entered our bedroom, I snickered, “sounds like you had a lot of fun, my wanton sex crazy wife.”

“You overheard? I am so embarrassed.”

“Fear not, it’s all in the family but I feel left out. Think I’ll give your sister my own personal greeting right now.”

In seconds I was up the stairs and standing in her doorway. Jane looked asleep, was laying on her side, back to me and with no cover. Her shorty nighty was riding high but poor lighting resulted in a very tantalizing and suggestive view.

I quietly dropped my shorts and carefully slide into bed facing her backside. I breathed softly on her neck, caressed her hair, and then guided my very hard cock between her ass cleavage.

Jane, who was almost asleep, thought she was dreaming until my penis pushed against her ass and pussy.

“WHAT’S GOING ON ” she cried out.

“It’s only me,” I replied. “I have missed you so much and just wanted to give my sexy sister in law a quicky greeting.”

With that I scooted down, rolled her over, arched her up with my hands supporting her ass, and began eating my forbidden lover’s hot moist cunt.

As my tongue and lips probed and savored all they could, my finger found her clit.

Very soon Jane tensed up, jerked, and shrieked “YES, YES, DENNIS, right there, perfect, I am cumming, oh god this is to much. I love for you to do that.”

Soon my greeting was completed. “Good night my naughty lover. We will see what tomorrow brings.”

Back down stairs Jan and I had one of our wild, no holds barred fuck fest, as I knew we would after that forbidden love making up stairs.

Can’t wait for tomorrow.

To Be Continued.

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