Jane from Cardiff – The affair


Jane from Cardiff – The affairIt had been a couple of weeks since Jane had heard from him and she was beginning to believe he wasn’t coming back. She craved his touch and his youthful body; it made her feel special. The phone rang……….Bill had paid her a visit two nights ago to ‘collect the rent’ as he euphemistically put it. She happened to be wearing some new lacey underwear when Bill showed-up and she most definitely hadn’t intended it for him; it was for who she was waiting for and she had donned it to check herself out in the bathroom mirror so she could be sure it would be to his liking. She had a distinct feeling that he had a bit of a ‘thing’ about women’s undergarments and was content to fuel his lust if it meant more ‘cock time’ for her; symbiotic but necessary! Bill called her and asked her to come into the bedroom. Trapped in her best lingerie and with no avenue of escape she chewed at her bottom lip as she thought-up excuses to delay the inevitable but deciding there was nothing she could do she quickly wrapped a towel around her, walked slowly to the waiting Bill and decided to bluff him and tell him it was for him. Bill was naked and stood with his back to her and was reaching into his drawer for a condom when she ‘Ahemed’ and, as he turned around she smiled a fake smile and pulled the towel open to reveal herself to him. ‘Tarah’ she intoned and almost laughed as she saw his jaw drop and his hard-on intensify. If this was the reaction from him she could only hope that the effect would be the same and much stronger at the right time.’Hello?’ It was Him! Jane almost dropped the receiver at the sound of his voice. Blushing deeply at her silliness she relaxed and listened as he told her he had been away in Scotland on several corporate jobs lately but, if she was free, he could come over on Saturday. Bill was going to be at the Match, an away game in Liverpool so they could share the day comfortably without disturbance. Hanging-up she noticed her nipples were erect – she was already bahis şirketleri looking forward to his embrace, no, not embrace; his cock!Saturday morning Bill left the house with his two friends to catch the train. Hurriedly she went upstairs to make ready for ‘him’. Drawers and cabinets were flung open, choices made and laid out ready to wear. Before she showered she trimmed her bikini line carefully and removed unnecessary pubic hair – wouldn’t do to interfere with what she hoped he’d do down there! Soaping her body in the shower she ran her hands around her most intimate areas anticipating the thrill and excitement of his touch – Phew! This just wont do she thought, she’d better get a grip and ready herself or she’d be exhausted before he even got there.The door bell chimed. Inviting him in she allowed herself to be pulled into a tight embrace. They kissed passionately and Jane couldn’t wait to get him where she had been dreaming of all these weeks. Holding hands like a couple of teenagers they hurried upstairs and she felt his hand caressing her buttocks as they ascended. Jane had opted for a pair of black skin tight ski pants and a thin feminine yellow top. She had checked herself in the hall mirror and wondered if the small camel toe she could see was going to be too much – nah she decided, ‘if you’ve got it, flaunt it!’Turning her around at the foot of the bed to face him he took a pace back to admire her. Blushing, Jane twirled around and gave him a full 360 look of her figure. Kicking off his shoes he pulled her onto the bed and, while they kissed, ran his hand over her; feeling the hardness of her nipples, the smooth shape of her bum and the contours of the front Vee between her thighs – he needed her! Jane ran her hands over his firm body; luxuriating in the feel of his hands roaming over her and the hardness she could feel between his legs. Kneeling-up and kissing they quickly undressed each other; him to total nakedness and her down to her expensive lacey bra and knickers where bahis firmaları she again noticed how he paid particular attention to her lingerie – yes she thought, she really must exploit that! Cupping his large balls in the palm of her hand she gently swirled them around while she softly moved his foreskin up and down over his large bell-end with its blood engorged tip. Too soon she could feel him building-up and about to ejaculate then, with a sudden series of jerks she helped him release his built-up ardour in long strings that shot up between her breasts before sliding back down covering her belly wetly and finally soaking the front panel of her panties before dripping onto the bed sheet. Spent, he flopped down to the bed pulling her close. His hand and exploring fingers delved into her cum soaked panties and found her engorged clitoris and ultra-wet pussy opening and he could feel her wetness as her love juice seeped between her labia. Urgently Jane whispered to him asking him to go ‘down there’ and give her pussy what she desired so badly. In her sexually charged pent-up mood it didn’t take him long before she let-out a long drawn out groan and, with shaking legs and wobbling belly, came to orgasm with a broad smile that told it all! They then made love.——————————————————————————————————————————————————Time passed. Whenever there was an opportunity they met and rutted. His ardour, she noticed had waned somewhat and, although that was expected as they became totally familiar with each other over the months she began to hatch a plan to keep him interested. As usual, the phone call, the all clear given, the chat and wet kisses but this time Jane was dressed in her dressing gown as if, he thought, she had just gotten out of the shower. No, Jane had a plan!Upstairs, he lay naked on the bed while she, stood in front of the TV stretched and contorted to a Yoga exercise video wearing only a kaçak bahis siteleri soft comfortable red coloured bra and matching brief set. The briefs were big, high waisted and were pulled-up tight over her hips and lower belly. She had deliberately left a pair of her used panties on the edge of the bed and, as she exercised and sweated, glanced at their reflections in the mirror. Sure enough, he had reached over and picked-up her panties, sniffed them and moved them with their pussy stained gusset next to his rapidly stiffening cock. As he hardened he began to masturbate gently with the materiel wrapped around his shaft. She was right! Without turning around she asked him, as he seemed to like her underwear so much, why didn’t he just stand up and rub his cock between her legs and panties now? Embarrassed at being caught out acting out his typical male fetish he cast her panties aside and, standing behind her, slid his erection in the gap between her thighs and knickers feeling the warmth, sweat and softness of her underwear touching his penis. His eager hands cupped her materiel clad breasts and he could clearly tell she was fully aroused too. Jane pulled her knicker leg to one side and gently guided his manliness inside. She felt the hairs on the back of her neck move as the head of his fat cock, with a blob of his juices brushed her anal orifice and slid forward in-between her pussy lips; each thrust culminating at the tightness of the front of her panties before sliding deliciously back and forward never penetrating. The powerful splash of his sperm coating her knicker gusset brought a pulsating orgasm to her and together they sagged back towards the bed while Jane quickly removed her knickers to wipe the sperm from her vagina lest his little swimmers start going where they shouldn’t!She now knew his weakness and for the next few weeks exploited him and he in turn gave her everything she craved. But, being a typical man and knowing he shouldn’t dwell too long lest she get designs on him in a permanent relationship decided to find ‘pastures new’ and so concocted a story about a job offer in Scotland. Promising faithfully to keep in touch and be back to cater for her needs he slipped out of her life – until the wedding!

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