Japanese Fuck Meat


Japanese Fuck MeatMe and my friend Kaho have been friends since high-school. While we both studied English I went out and got a job in Hong Kong while she remained in Japan and started working at a bar. We would always talk about life and how our sex lives were doing. She’d tell me stories about how she would sleep with some of her customers and how she would have to have sex with older paying men sometimes to get her fill. She has a boyfriend but he never wants to have sex… Just video games and video games… Recently since I moved back to Japan I decided to contact her.I asked Kaho if she has ever had sex with foreigners? She replies no and says she’s too shy… So I make a deal with her since I work with Americans and other people from all over the world in the office. So as the days go by in the week I take a few boys from the office and introduce Kaho to them at her bar. They couldn’t believe how sexy she looked in her low cut dress with her breast showing. I could see they were ready to fuck Kaho! As the night goes on I see one filming Kaho’s cleavage as she leans over to request a song in karaoke. She messages me and says this one.. I want him to fuck me… An hour later I convinced the one güvenilir bahis Kaho wants to get a hotel together. My coworker surprised thought we were going to have sex and then I point to a drunk and horney Kaho in the elevator.We quickly check in and as we make our way towards the bed I sit down. This is Kaho’s night. Her first American cock and I want to show her why I always have foreign sex friends. My coworker grabs Kaho and forces his tongue down her throat while grabbing her nice boobs. He wastes no time stripping her off and removing her bra and panties. Kaho gets on her knees and unzips his pants. She is in awe by how hard and big this guy was. She is amazed she sobbers up a minute. My coworker wanting to fuck Kaho so bad he grabs her and slams his cock down her throat. I could see Kaho was loving it. Japanese men don’t fuck us like this… After 5 minutes of her coughing and gagging she is thrown on the bed as my coworker enters her wet juicy pussy. I am getting so turned on I didn’t realize I was rubbing my pussy while recording her. The room is filled with Kaho saying in Japanese Kimochii! Motto! Motto! Iku iku! Kaho screaming how good it feels, more, more, I’m cumming! After 15 minutes türkçe bahis my coworker blows his cum all over Kaho’s sexy body… Looking at Kaho’s facial expressions I could tell she loved getting fucked by this big white cock. I am getting a text by our other coworker asking where we were at. I decided for Kaho she wasn’t done yet…The two end up showering and they hear the door ring. I answer and bring in our coworker we had left behind earlier. He was a bit upset that the other coworker fucked Kaho first. Kaho a little confused looks at me and I simply wink. The other coworker who was left behind drops his pants and Kaho again is amazed by how big American men are. Like the true slut I’ve known her for she gets on her knees again and sucks this man as well. My drunk coworker really enjoying Kaho’s sloppy blow job signals the other coworker to join in. They throw Kaho on the bed and just take control of her body. Her tits getting sucked and pussy played with while she has her face balls deep. They take turns using her already wet and juicy pussy while stuffing her throat in. The previous guy who fucked Kaho already blew his load inside her mouth this time while the other continues to hammer away güvenilir bahis siteleri at her pussy. All I hear is sugoi! Kaho saying how awesome it feels to be gangbanged by two big white cocks. Kaho is dick drunk and on the verge of passing out. Finally the last guy cums inside her waking her up from the feel of her pussy being creamed… I end up leaving while the two could have fun with Kaho.The next day Kaho thanked me. She couldn’t believe how fulfilling it was last night to be fucked so good. I told her my time away from Japan has made me smarter… And slutty of course haha. Ever since Kaho keeps messaging me to send more guys down her way. I would get videos or pictures of her and some of my coworkers enjoying Kaho’s amazing body. She told me she got gangbanged again the next week. I was happy to see my friend enjoying her renewed sex life. I didn’t realize she was so hungry for cock as I see her licking my coworkers balls and sucking dick like no tomorrow. One of my coworkers showed me a video of him throating fucking her for 10 minutes and cumming all over her. I never seen my friend so dirty covered in spit and cum… I loved it as much as she did! I’m sure by now her body has DNA samples of my whole company haha… I am happy to see my friend fucking and being used like Japanese women should be. I look forward to my coworkers telling me about the new and sluttier things they got her doing… I’m a little jealous!

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