Japanese wife – real stories before marriage 1


Japanese wife – real stories before marriage 1This story is actually something that happened recently and is the reason to start these posts. I’m white and English. My now wife is japanese but raised in london. We met in school at 14 and lost virginity together at 14 then broke up off and on between 16 and 19 when we settled down and married at 20. Now both 30.At 16 she went to college and started hanging around with a group of black and mixed race guys. I always accused her of cheating with them and I was very paranoid back then. My now close friend who’s Indian also went college with those guys and knows them well. Cut to now.I wanted a break in my marriage due to personal things and during that time my wife wanted me back. After a few weeks she said what if I don’t come home soon and she’s already got with another guyI said then it’s my fault and i wouldn’t blame her. A day or so later. My friend Ali asked me at the pub “is it bahis firmaları true akiko is single and you moved out”. I explained everything and he told me that his friend Daniel (mixed race guy from college) has been messaging her and told Ali that she invited him round for drinks. I told ali that he should tell his friend to arrange it with Ali going there well. She said it’s fine. Then we planned that he would keep me updated all night and when it got late or if she started giving his friend any real signs, I’d turn up and embarrass her. The night started and I was waiting at the pub close to my flat while he was texting me. He said that she was really drunk and that they were playing truth or dare. As He had been dared to touch Daniels dick and did but very quickly. I said to him message if it gets worsted I’ll be there soon. He messaged me saying come now which I missed for 20 minutes. When I saw I made my way. I snuck in kaçak iddaa and could hear her making some noises like she was speaking with her mouth covered. I looked in through the door and could see her with her on all fours with the tall guy Daniel fucking her from behind and my friend Ali was forcing her back and fourth with his small dick in her mouth face fucking her. She has tiny tits and has always tried to cover them so it was a shock to see her tiny nipples out while Daniel was grabbing them. I walked straightt in and she pulled away from my friends dick in her mouth saying “No no oh my god” I said no don’t stop because of me. I went straight over and the guys moved back in sure of what to do. I then pulled my dick out and pushed her round to show her naked to them as she stood. Pushed her on her knees and started fucking her face hard. I said ” You like this yeah being used and embarrassing me” she couldn’t speak coz kaçak bahis I had my dick going back and fourth fast in her mouth. I said come on Ali, you have seen her already put your dick in her pussy. He started fucking her from doggy. The other guy came over to me and I pulled my dick out of her mouth and pushed it on his (Which was much bigger then mine and circumcised. She carried on sucking him and then the two swapped. I then pulled her round while Ali was getting sucked off (her doing everything at this point) and started to cum all over her face. Ali then said “I’m gunna cum” pushed it back in her mouth held her head and he seized up saying I’m coming, oh my god I’m cuming in akikos mouth. She spat his fun out humiliated saying “oh my god” and then in seconds Daniel pulled out and pulled her round while he shot a massive load on her face and tits. After they left and she showered. I fucked her again and then talked about what happens. She said she didn’t know it was going to happen that she was to drunk to stop them but when I came and got involved she just went with it coz she knew I was there and wanted it. More to come about what happens now.

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