Jeff’s Mistress Ch. 1


Jeff trembled nervously as he awaited his mistress’s arrival home. He had done his chores for the day, cleaning the house so that it was spotless. He knew she expected nothing less than perfect. He glanced at the clock as anticipation built inside of him. 7:30 pm. She would be home any minute. He ran to the bedroom and checked one last time to make sure everything was in place. He made sure he had the right corset, thigh highs and shoes she wanted to wear for the evening. He also checked the bathroom to make sure her bath was nice and hot. He then removed his clothing and kneeled at the front door awaiting the arrival of his mistress. Taking one last precaution he adjusted the leather dog collar around his neck and applied the leash to the collar. Quietly he awaited.

Soon he heard the sound of his beloved mistress’s heals click as she walked up the brick stairs to their front door. His heart began to race as he heard the keys giggle. He watched and began to pant as the lock on the door turned and his mistress stepped in the door. Filled with excitement he began to bark and pant.

His mistress smiled lovingly down at him and bent to pick up the leash that was attached to his collar. Putting down her purse and removing her jacket she began to walk though the house as she pulled her slave along with her like a little dog. She inspected every room making sure that his work was done properly. Her final destination was the bedroom, where she was pleased to find that he had carried out her instructions perfectly. Letting go of the leash and walking to the bed she picked up the corset and threw it at her slave, hitting him in the face.

“Dress me,” was all she said, her voice dominate and commanding.

Obediently, Jeff rose to his feet and began stripping his mistress of her work clothes. His mistress sat on the bed as he removed her heels from her feet. Lovingly, he pressed them to his face sniffing them, kissing them and gently massaging them as his cock grew hard.

“I have someone coming over this evening,” His mistress informed him.

“May I ask who, Mistress?” Jeff asked kissing the soles of her stocking clad feet.

“Christopher,” she replied as she removed the hair pins from her hair. “He’s coming over at nine o’clock and I want you to help me get ready for him.”

“Yes, Mistress,” he replied. “I’ll make sure you look your best.”

Jeff continued helping his mistress with her clothing. He removed her skirt and stockings, along with her silk shirt. Soon she was standing before him naked and she strode into the bathroom with her slave crawling on her heels behind her.

He helped her into the hot water and proceeded in washing her body as she relaxed in the tub with her eyes closed. Jeff worked carefully as he washed her body and hair. He was so turned on by her perfect body. His cock was throbbing and he felt so humiliated knowing that he had to prepare his beloved mistress to be with another man.

After her bath, Jeff dried her off and carried on the process of drying and styling her hair. He then applied her make up for her, bringing out her eyes with dark mascara and applying a luscious coat of shiny red lipstick to her full and sensual lips. Once that was completed then painted her nails, which he loved so much, a beautiful coat of bright red. As her nails dried he helped her dress careful not to smudge xslot the polish on her nails. He put on her black silk corset for her and laced up the back nice and tight so that her breast stood proudly in all their glory. He carefully slid on her black silk thigh highs and attached them to the garters and next he added her lacy black thong. And finally he slipped on the black pumps with six inch heels that drove him insane onto her delicate feet.

When all was done, his mistress stood towering over him dressed in all her dominate glory. He looked up into her merciless eyes like a lost little puppy. Slowly a sadistic smile crept across her face as she walked to the full length mirror and inspected herself.

“Very nice job slave,” she said smiling to herself in the mirror. “Is the dungeon ready?”

“Yes mistress,” Jeff said swallowing the lump in his throat. He was turned on so much by watching his mistress inspecting herself in the mirror. The corset framed her body perfectly and the heels made her stand six feet four inches tall. She was a goddess and his cock was throbbing.

His mistress turned to see pain in Jeff’s eyes as he knelt humbly on the floor. Her eyes drifted down to his cock, which was now purple and dripping of precum. Slowly she shook her head and walked over to the wardrobe. Jeff watched her knowing what she was reaching for. He tried his best to direct his train of thoughts to get his cock to go down a bit but to no avail. His mistress turned around with a small harness device in her hand. He could see the spikes lining the inside as she walked towards him.

“Stand up” she ordered as she came to stand directly in front of him.

With his head down he rose to his feet, his mistress still towering over him. Slowly, she slid the harness on to his cock and with a quick and vicious force she tightened it around his hardness sending the spikes driving into the flesh of his cock. Jeff cried out in pain as tears welled up in his eyes. The spikes were tearing into his flesh mercilessly and his mistress stood before him with a sadistic grin on her beautiful face.

Suddenly the door bell rang and his mistress’ head snapped up.

“Get the door bitch,” she said tightening the harness on his cock to make sure it would hold it’s place. “Lead him down to the dungeon.”

Jeff nodded and walked to answer the door wiping the tears from his eyes. He answered the door to see tall male with hazel eyes and brown hair, clad in casual attire before him. The man looked Jeff over and chuckled to himself as he walked into the door.

“My mistress is waiting in The Dungeon,” Jeff said as the man stepped in. Chris nodded as he walked to the door that led to the basement with Jeff close behind him.

As Chris and Jeff walked down the stairs to the Dungeon they both noticed that the lights were dimmed and the room was lit by millions of candles all around. Jeff’s Mistress named the basement the Dungeon appropriately because it resembled that of a Medieval torture dungeon. There were chains with iron bands bolted to the wall, a whipping post, and whips of numerous kinds hanging from the walls. There was a bed in the far corner draped in red silk sheets. There were also numerous cock and ball torture devices hanging from the wall as well as a strap on dildo.

The two men spotted Jeff’s mistress lying in a xslot Giriş lazy seductive manner on the bed of silk. Slowly she rose from the bed and walked over to where the two men stood at the bottom of the stairs. Throwing her arms around Chris she kissed him hard and deeply, completely ignoring the slave that stood beside them.

Jeff watched helplessly as his mistress broke the kiss and whispered something into Chris’s ear. Chris walked over to the bed, removing his clothes in the process leaving Jeff alone with his mistress.

“I’m going to fuck Chris,” Jeff’s Mistress said bluntly. “And you are going to watch.”

Jeff’s eyes snapped up to the eyes of his mistress in surprise. “Mistress you’re not really going to make me watch are you?” he asked his eyes filling with tears once again.

Suddenly his Mistress’ expression turned dark and evil. “Are you questioning me bitch?!” she shouted at him.

“No mistress,” Jeff quickly answered realizing his mistake.

“I believe you are,” she said grabbing him by his hair and leading him to one of the whipping posts.

She secured his arms and legs in the restraints making sure that the were nice and tight. She then turned away from him and walked over to the many whips that hung on the wall. She eyed each one closely before choosing her favorite, the bull whip. She walked back to here her slave was restrained and glanced over to Chris, who was lounging on the bed and stroking his cock as he watched the scene before him.

With a smile, she drew the whip back behind her and with a loud thunderous crack she brought it across Jeff’s back. Jeff’s screams echoed though the Dungeon as his mistress continued the vile assault leaving large whelps on his back from the contact of the whip. Soon he began to beg and plead for his mistress to have mercy as tears covered his face but his cries fell on deaf ears as his mistress continued. Soon his back was covered in blood and he was on the verge of passing out. It was then when she finally stopped.

Placing the whip in it’s original place she loosened the restraints on the whipping post and turned him so he could face the bed and reapplied the restraints. Taking his chin roughly in her hands she lifted his head and peered into his glazed and watery eyes.

“Never again will you question me, do you understand bitch? You are my slave and you do not have the right to question me. I will do what I want, when I want and there is nothing you can say or do about it,” she chided her voice dripping with acid and her teeth clinched. “Do you understand me?”

“Y-yes Mistress” he replied in a small whisper.

“Now, watch” she commanded as she licked a salty tear from his face and turned and walked over to the bed where her Chris awaited with cum all over his stomach and hand.

She stood at the edge of the bed and unsnapped the garters so she could remove the thong underwear she wore. She then climbed into bed mounting Chris as he met her in a fierce kiss. Roughly, he grasped her hips and forced her onto his hard and thickly throbbing cock. Reading his message, she began to ride him roughly, their moans sounding through the Dungeon. Her eyes caught and held the gaze of her slave as she began to fuck Christopher harder. Her ample and wet body bounced helplessly up and down on Chris’ cock and she watched as her slave whimpered xslot Güncel Giriş and tears fell from his eyes.

There was nothing he could do. Jeff watched helplessly as his mistress fucked another man and all he could do was stay restrained at the whipping post as his back still burned from the lashes he received and his cock bled from the spikes driving into it. The sound of his Mistress’s voice sounded in his hears as he longed to be the one she was fucking. He wanted her so much and she drove him so insane.

She squealed as Chris grasped her hips and flung her over onto her back. Grabbing her legs and spreading them far apart he began to savagely thrust himself inside of her sweet body. Over and over again he plunged her body holding onto his cock for dear life. Mistress turned and looked over to Jeff .

“Yes that’s it! Fuck me harder Chris!” she screamed as she looked directly at Jeff. “Jeff could never fuck me like this. His cock is worthless and useless. So fuck me hard Chris. Make me cum the way that Jeff could only dream of making me cum.”

Chris was glad to oblige her. He continued to ram himself inside of her to the point where she began to feel pain. Soon she exploded and he followed her over running her pussy with their juices. Jeff watched whimpering and crying like a sad little dog. What his mistress said was true. He was worthless man with a worthless cock. That was the reason she had Chris because Jeff knew and she knew that he could never please her the way Chris could.

Slowly Chris began to kiss her neck as she whispered orders into his ear. Chris obliged and pulled out of her and walked over to where Jeff was. He undid his restraints and Jeff fell to the ground weak from pain and blood loss.

“Crawl over here now slut!” his Mistress screamed at him.

Slowly he began to crawl to her as Chris walked over to the bed and rejoined her. When Jeff finally made it to the bed where the couple laid, his mistress ordered him to climb into bed with them. She spread her legs nice and wide once again and grabbing Jeff by his hair she forced his face to her pussy.

“Lick me clean you filthy bastard!,” she ordered rubbing her pussy all over his face smearing the juices of herself and Chris.

Jeff began to lick and lap at his mistress’s pussy like a thirst man. He loved the taste and smell of his mistress and he love pleasing her like this. She moaned as his tong lapped at her clit and then slid inside of her love channel as she guided his head with her hand. Chris captured her lips with his as she reached over to him and began to jerk his cock off.

Jeff cleaned her pussy the only way he knew how. He licked, sucked and nibbled in her pussy and reveled in the sounds of her moans and cries. Jeff looked up to see that Chris had lowered one of the straps of her corset and was gingerly sucking on her freed nipple. Abruptly, Jeff felt her walls tighten on his tongue and her hips bucked against him as she exploded all over his tongue, mouth and face

Just as Chris was about to explode, she jerked Jeff’s face away from her pussy shoving it into Chris’ cock as it exploded with orgasm shooting hot sticky cum all over Jeff’s face. The Mistress laughed as Jeff coughed and sputtered in surprise to the other man’s cum being all over his face.

“You’re such a cum slut, Jeff,” she chuckled as she shoved him off of the bed.

“Is he always this pathetic?” Chris asked as he and The Mistress watched as Jeff wiped the cum from his face and crawl over to the corner.

“It gets worse,” she whispered winking at Jeff.

To Be Continued…

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