Jenna, Sucker for the Team Ch. 03


Chapter 3

Jenna had two early-morning classes the next day, and then a gap until two in the afternoon. After having checked her bank account the night before and gleefully seen that it was $3,000 richer, she hopped a bus after her second class and went to the closest mall. She happily spent the next hour or so shopping in some nicer stores than she was used to, including a lingerie store that also included some very nice bathing suits. Jenna was surprised by the bathing suits; it seemed like the less material there was that went into the bathing suit, the more it cost. She made a brief stop at the drug store to pick up a few things she needed, including some new lipstick that she was sure the coach would approve of.

Loaded down with bags and ornately-wrapped boxes, and with a smile on her face, she took the bus home and sorted out her new purchases. She remembered what the coach had said when he’d talked about the items she might consider when shopping, and to take at least one change of clothes with her when she went to work. The thought of sucking off a bunch of guys being called ‘work’ still made her laugh.

With that in mind, Jenna chose what she was going to wear that day from her new purchases. Stripping down, she started with a black bra and panty set. The silky panties were cut wickedly high on her broad hips, and she liked the way they made her full thighs and shapely legs look long and sexy. The satin and lace bra was heavily structured, forcing her 34Ds up and together to create an enticing line of cleavage. Over that she put on one of the favorite items she’d picked out from the lingerie store, a sheer black bodysuit. It had long sleeves and a high neck, and fit like a second skin as it hugged her body until it hit her hips, with the front and back sections meeting between her legs where it connected with three snaps. She pulled on a pair of snug-fitting jeans over that.

Looking in the mirror, she was happy to see how wispy and transparent the sheer black material of the bodysuit was, especially with her substantial guns stretching it nice and tight. The salesgirl had suggested that she might want to try a bigger size, but Jenna had told her this one was perfect. She moved slightly from side to side, smiling as her boobs jiggled and wobbled invitingly. You could clearly see the outline of her sexy bra beneath, and the deep dark line of her cleavage. She knew that this was exactly the kind of thing the coach had in mind to help the players ‘release their tension’ quicker. Satisfied, but knowing she couldn’t go out dressed just in that, she slipped a soft pearl-gray cardigan over it, which looked good with the sheer black bodysuit beneath. She buttoned up the sweater until just a hint of her cleavage was visible, knowing she’d be on her knees and the sweater would be off in just a couple of hours.

She stuffed a couple of others tops, along with one of her older bras and a pair panties, into the gym bag the coach had given her to change into if necessary. After looking at the outfit she had on, she had the feeling it was likely going to look just as nasty as her blue turtleneck had looked at the end of the party Saturday night. A toiletry bag she’d made up also went into the gym bag, along with a couple of pairs of knee pads. She knew she’d be using them for sure come four o’clock. Armed with her regular knapsack slung over her shoulder and her new gym bag in her other hand, she left her apartment and made her way to the Geology building, ready for her Environmental Engineering lecture that was due to get underway at 2:00.

With the ninety-minute class finally in the rear-view mirror, she made a brief pit stop in the women’s washroom. She took out a few supplies from her toiletry kit. First off, she placed a ‘heavy days’ panty liner where it would be needed most, knowing that she’d be creaming herself soon enough. She then whipped her hair up into a tight ponytail, securing it tightly with a new hairband. Then she stood in front of the mirror and applied the finishing touch, a glossy layer of shiny red lipstick. Yes, her mouth looked like the perfect target for a hard needy cock to get off in. Satisfied, she gathered up her stuff and found herself knocking at the coach’s office door shortly before 4:00pm.

“Jenna, come on in,” the coach said as he opened the door. “Follow me right this way.”

He led her through the other door that had remained closed the day before. The door opened into the boys’ locker, fitness and training room, with a door on the far wall that went directly outside escort bursa to the playing field. There hadn’t been a sound coming from that room at all yesterday, and she knew it was because the whole team had been writing that English test. Today was a different story.

The coach said that most of the team was already outside warming up, but a few stragglers smiled in her direction before making their way outside.

“Look, why don’t you take your stuff and get settled into that small training room over there. We usually use it for rub-downs or treating small injuries, but we’ve moved the examination table out of the way so it should be perfect for you to do your thing.”

Jenna followed him into the room, noticing that the examination table that you’d typically see in a doctor’s office had been shoved up tight into one corner of the small room, leaving the centre of the space open. She was happy to see there was a sink set in a small vanity and cupboard area on one side.

“Uh, there’s a small closet there,” the coach said as he pointed to a door in the back wall. “You can put your gear and things in there. I made sure there were a couple of hangers and room for your stuff.”

Jenna did that after she’d taken off her sweater and hung it up. She pulled out a pair of kneepads and pulled them on over her jeans before turning to the coach. She saw his eyes open wide as he took in the display of her big soft tits beneath the sheer bodysuit, her sexy push-up bra clearly visible.

“Wow! I think that top will definitely help the boys get rid of that tension we talked about. And that lipstick looks great too. You might want to keep it handy though. I’m sure most of it will be gone by the third cock or so.”

“That’s a good idea,” Jenna said as she grabbed the tube of lipstick from her bag and stuffed it in her pocket. “So, what do I do? Just wait here until somebody comes in?”

“Yeah, basically that’s it. If you’ve got any homework or reading you need to do, go ahead and do that, but as soon as any of the boys come in, you’ll need to take care of them right away.”

Jenna shrugged. “Okay,”

“All right then. I’ve gotta get out on the field. I’ll check in on you later and see how your first day is going.”

Jenna nodded as the coach left, leaving her on her own in the room. Through the walls, she could hear the hooting and hollering on the field. She’d just pulled out one of her textbooks on Thermal Dynamics when she heard the door leading to the field open and the sound of two male voices talking reached her ears. “The coach said she’s in the rub-down room.”

Seconds later, two players on the team appeared at the door. She recognized one of them from the party, she’d sucked him off a couple of times during the night, but the other one was new to her.

“Oh fuck, you were right, Gabe, she’s gorgeous. Look at what she’s wearing,” the new one said as they both stared at the sheer bodysuit, their eyes zeroing in on her breasts, just as she’d hoped.

“I told you she had a great set of tits,” Gabe replied.

“Oh man, look at those kneepads. She’s definitely ready to suck some cock.”

“Go ahead, Andy, you can go first. I’ll give her a mouthful once you’re done.”

Jenna thought it was funny that they talked about her as if she wasn’t even there, but that just made it even more exciting for her. Without another word being spoken, she set her textbook on the vanity and dropped to her knees, tilting her head up as she slid her tongue out and drew it teasingly around her soft red lips.

“Oh fuck yeah, that’s what I like to see,” Andy said as he drew his stiffening prick out of his pants and stepped up in front of her. “And you’re right about her tits. Fantastic.”

The next thing Jenna knew, Andy had plugged his cock right into her mouth. She eagerly closed her lips around it and got to work doing what she loved, sucking cock. Within seconds it was brick hard, throbbing and pulsing in her mouth. Precum was oozing onto her tongue, making her taste buds tingle with excitement as she revelled in the pure masculine taste.

“Oh man, you were right, what a hot fucking mouth.”

“See, I told you we weren’t bullshitting. And she loves to swallow cum. You’ll see for yourself soon enough.”

Which was exactly what happened. Under Jenna’s ardent sucking, Andy got off in only a couple of minutes, flooding her mouth with a nice thick load of cum. He looked down at her through glassy eyes as she enthusiastically swallowed, taking every creamy morsel into her gullet.

“Oh man, that was görükle escort amazing,” he said as he pulled out, her lips still sucking at the seeping tip of his spent member.

“Move aside, buddy,” Gabe said as he pushed his friend out of the way and took his place, sliding his throbbing prick between Jenna’s open lips. She quickly clamped down, that first load a mere appetizer that hadn’t come anywhere close to satisfying her hunger. She started bobbing her head up and down on Gabe’s sturdy cock when she heard more voices behind the two boys. She flicked her eyes up to see three other team members standing at the doorway, waiting their turn.

“Holy shit, guys,” Andy said to them. “She’s incredible. I’ve never had a mouth that good or seen anybody swallow like that. She loves the shit.”

“Look at that sweater,” Jenna heard one of the new boy say. “What a great set of tits.”

“Yeah, they’re huge,” another new boy added. “But you know what the coach said, ‘No touchy, no feely’. We get to use her mouth only.”

“That’s fuckin’ fine with me,” the boy who’d originally spoken said. “Hurry up, Gabe, I haven’t had a chance to get off yet today so I feel like I’m gonna drown her with this load I’ve got stored up.”

Seconds later, Gabe went off, a mass of thick milky semen splashing across her tonsils. And then the guy who had a ‘stored-up’ load took Gabe’s place, his hips flexing back and forth as he fucked her face while Gabe and Andy returned to the field.

Jenna could tell the guy was primed and ready to fire, his cock was rock-hard from the instant her lips touched it until it went off just a minute later. And he’d been right about the load, it was massive. It quickly backed up in her overflowing mouth before she could swallow, milky rivulets of spunk leaking out of the corners of her mouth and sliding obscenely down her chin. She could feel a heavy gob drop off her chin onto her chest, the gooey wad of splooge clinging lewdly to the sheer black fabric of the bodysuit where it covered the upper swells of her breasts. As soon as she felt it, she was glad she’d heeded the coach’s advice and brought a change of clothes.

It continued like that for the next ninety minutes or so until the practice ended, and then she kept at it for close to another hour after that as the boys got showered up and left. While practice was underway, groups of boys filed in in twos or threes, each one using her mouth to get off in before returning to the field. When they’d all returned, the ones who hadn’t had a chance earlier got to go first, with one of the assistant coaches, Chad, monitoring who went in and out of the ‘Relief Room’, as the little examination room had quickly been named.

Jenna swallowed a lot of ‘tension’ that day, by her counting, 53 loads of tension to be exact. And she loved each single load.

As she watched the last couple of stragglers on the team make their way out, Jenna got up and wiped some of the cummy residue off her face, but not before pushing as many of the stray gobs into her mouth as possible.

“Well, how’s your first day been so far?” the head coach asked as he and his two assistants entered the room, the three men looking her up and down hungrily.

“It was good. All the boys seemed to be happy with my ‘treatments’, if that’s what you want to call it.”

“Did anybody get out of line? Like I said, if that happens, I want you to tell me right away.”

Jenna was quick to shake her head. “No. They all behaved themselves. Some were a little rougher than others when they…”

“When they fucked your face?” the one named Dave added.

Jenna nodded. “Yes, but it was nothing I couldn’t handle. It was fine, I kind of liked it actually.” She noticed the men shared a smile after she’d said that, just as she’d hoped.

“Well, that’s good,” the coach said as she reached into her pocket and drew out the tube of lipstick, watching from the corner of her eye as all three watched her as she slowly applied a nice thick coating of the shiny gloss to her lips. She noticed prominent bulges in all three of their groins.

“You know, Jenna, it’s kind of stressful for the three of us too, you know, having to deal with the attitudes and egos of those boys all the time. I think we need some stress relief too.”

“Oh, that’s fine,” Jenna was quick to reply as she dropped to her knees. “Anything to help the team.”

“Fuck me,” she heard Chad mutter under his breath as all three were quick to whip out their cocks. The three of them alternated using her mouth, their bursa escort bayan cocks quickly showing obscene traces of her red lipstick as they pulled her mouth onto each prick one after the other, and then back again, for the next ten minutes or so. Then in quick succession, they each went off, giving her three chunky loads of spunk to swallow down. She eagerly did, loving the feel as the viscous sperm-laden semen slid smoothly down her throat.

“Jesus, she’s good,” Dave said.

“Fuck yeah, I’m still hard,” Chad added, his hand stroking smoothly back and forth along his prick as he looked at her pouty mouth hungrily.

“Let’s give her some more,” the coach said as he took the lead and stuffed his meaty cock right back into Jenna’s mouth, “only this time, let’s paint her face.”

They alternated fucking her face again, taking her head in their hands as they vigorously pulled her head back and forth on their surging cocks. Jenna kept sucking enthusiastically, her drooling spit flying everywhere. After another ten minutes or so, she had them all on the edge. Chad was first, pointing the enflamed head of his dick at her face as he started to go off, a long white rope of cum smashing against her cheek.

“Oh fuck yeah,” Dave said as he added his own semen to the mix, blasting away at her from the other side. The coach was there too, standing right in front of her as he stroked his hard thick cock, the wet red eye at the tip yawning open and spitting out ropes of semen as thick strands of milky white spunk rained down on her.

Jenna felt herself cum as she was being drowned in sperm, her pussy gushing into her already-soaked panties. She kept her face tilted up towards them, giving them a perfect target for their lewd assault. The three men kept coming, flooding her face with a deluge of pearly seed, their hands flying back and forth as they gave her all they had. The three of them were gasping as they finished, stepping back to take a look at their work.

“Oh man, what a mess,” Chad said as they looked at Jenna, her face totally covered in a sheet of milky white. They saw her lips part as her hands came up and started to push the clumpy gobs into her mouth.

“Mmm,” she purred as her fingers plowed the warm creamy cum into her waiting mouth. She had to swallow a number of times before she was done, her pussy tingling with arousal as every pearl of goodness slid into her belly.

“You uh…you might want to use the shower in my bathroom, Jenna,” the coach said after she’d licked her fingers clean. “You’re kind of a mess.”

Jenna took his advice. In the bathroom, she peeled off her cum-soaked clothes and stuffed then in the gym bag, putting on the clean togs she’d brought after she’d showered. She made sure to wash out the matted clumps in her hair, rubbing her hair dry with one of the towels the coach had given her.

The coach was alone at his desk, typing away at his computer when she came out dressed in a snug clean t-shirt and denim miniskirt. She thought back on all the cocks she’d sucked today, and how much she’d loved it. She re-did the tally in her head; after taking two loads from each of the three coaches, that brought today’s total to 59. She didn’t like the sound of that.

“Coach,” she said as she set her bags down and perched on the edge of his desk. “I take it your wife still hasn’t sucked your cock since we last talked?”

The coach made a hrrmmph sound and shook his head. “Jeez, Jenna, I can’t remember the last time. It’s been years.”

“Well, like I said, she certainly doesn’t know what she’s missing.” Jenna slipped to her knees behind the coach’s desk as he instinctively swivelled his chair to face her. She reached for the belt of his pants. “You have such a nice big cock, and your cum is so thick and creamy, I just love it. It’s such a shame that she’s not sucking it for you.” By now Jenna had his cock out, her fingers stroking back and forth as it rapidly grew in her hand. She looked up at him with doe-like eyes as she slowly leaned forwards, her lips open and waiting. “You don’t mind, do you…?”

“Fuck me…” the coach gasped out as he closed his eyes and sat back, surrendering to her oral talents.

It didn’t even take ten minutes before the coach gave her what she wanted, another mouthful of his viscous spunk. Jenna sucked until she had it all, taking it down until it joined the rest of the sizable pool of semen sloshing around in her belly.

She gave his shrinking cock a tender kiss before she tucked it back in his pants and got up. As the coach continued to sit there, his chest heaving as he recovered his breath, Jenna gathered up her stuff and left. Yes, an even 60 loads. Not bad for her first day on the job, she thought. She couldn’t wait for tomorrow…

…to be continued…

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