Jennifer And The Book Store – Part 5

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It was a warm and sunny Saturday morning when Jennifer knocked on Molly’s door. As she waited in the hallway a young man in his twenties came out of the elevator and walked past her, giving her a smile and a look of appreciation. She smiled back.”Hello,” Jennifer chirped.”Hi,” he replied shyly before stopping at the next door.He glanced back at her and fumbled with his keys as he unlocked the door.”Bye,” Jennifer said with a wave as he stepped through the door.”Uh… bye,” he said before disappearing and closing the door.The door in front of her opened and Molly welcomed her inside.”Hi, come on in.””Hi, Molly,” Jennifer grinned. “I just sort of met your neighbor.””Oh? Which one?””The cute young man next door.””Oh, that’s Matthew,” she answered.”Matthew… nice-looking guy. Is he single?””Uh, I’m not sure,” Molly replied shyly. “I haven’t really talked to him.””Maybe you should,” Jennifer teased. “A cute guy next door can be good company and a lot of fun.”Molly blushed slightly and nodded in agreement.”Are you going to be ready soon?” Jennifer asked.”I am ready,” Molly replied.Jennifer raised her eyebrows as she looked at Molly’s baggy gray sweatpants and loose-fitting sweatshirt.”In those?””What? It’s comfortable,” Molly protested.”Oh, no, honey,” Jennifer replied. “You need to put on something much cuter to go out. Let’s go look in your closet.”Molly hung her head slightly and led her to the bedroom. It was a small room with a messed-up bed, piles of clothes, books and various items cluttered around the space. Hanging in the closet were only a few tops, mostly sweatshirts.”Well, it’s a good thing we’re going shopping,” Jennifer chuckled. “You need some nicer things to meet people and go out.””I don’t really have much like that,” Molly apologized.”Well, I do,” Jennifer announced. “Let’s go to my place and get you dressed to go out.””Oh, I don’t… “”I insist, sweetie. Come with me,” Jennifer said as she took her by the hand and led her out the door.They entered Jennifer’s place and went into the bedroom. Molly looked around, impressed with the decor and the cleanliness of the bedroom.”You have a nice place. It’s so big.””It’s just clean and neat, not really much bigger than yours,” Jennifer stated.Molly stood in awe as she looked at Jennifer’s closet.”It’s like a store in here!” Molly laughed. “So many clothes.””Something for everything,” Jennifer explained. “See anything you like?””Do you think it will fit me?” Molly asked.”Oh, we are about the same size… I think?” Jennifer pondered. “Take your clothes off so I can get a look at you.”Molly blushed and looked down.”Oh, come now, honey,” Jennifer giggled. “Don’t be shy.”Molly turned away and pulled the shirt over her head and tugged the sweats off, revealing herself to be braless and wearing a pair of plain white panties. Jennifer admired the firm little bum wrapped in the white cotton and waited for her to turn around. Slowly Molly turned towards her with a shy smile on her face and revealed her perky C-cup breasts, slim waist and a few stray brown hairs peeking out the top of the white cotton.”Wow, you have a real nice body under there,” Jennifer praised.”You think so?” Molly asked as she blushed.”Oh, you are beautiful, honey,” Jennifer replied. “You need to stop hiding yourself.”Jennifer felt herself becoming aroused by the young nubile body in front of her and resisted the urge to touch her.”Uh, let’s see what we have here,” Jennifer said as she began to sort through the closet.”Nothing too fancy,” Molly pleaded.”Here, try this one,” she told Molly as she handed her a short denim skirt.Molly slipped the skirt on and Jennifer admired her jiggling breasts as she moved to fit it in place. It ended just above the knees and fit her perfectly, hugging her hips just right as it sat at her waist.”I like this,” Molly announced with a smile. “What do you think?”She did a slow twirl, her long hair flowing through the air as she spun and stopped with her hands on her hips.”It looks great,” Jennifer smiled. “Let’s see the back.”Molly turned around and Jennifer ran her hands over Molly’s hips, smoothing the material and getting a feel of the firm curves as she did. Molly giggled.”Now, which top?” Jennifer mused as she looked at Molly and then at the closet. “You have a nice set of boobs, honey.””Thanks,” Molly giggled as she reached up and cupped them. “Does one look bigger than the other to you?””No, I don’t think so,” Jennifer replied with a grin as she handed her a top. “Try this one.”Molly dropped her breasts, took the red shirt from Jennifer and began to do up the buttons.”No, tie the bottom… like a scarf,” Jennifer suggested. “Here, let me show you.”She took the bottom of each side and tied it up, then reached in and did up the middle buttons. This gave the effect of a halter top and exposed an ample amount of cleavage. Jennifer’s fingers lingered on the last button and she let them graze the firm silky skin underneath as she flattened out the material against Molly’s chest.”There, now you look ready to go out,” Jennifer announced.Molly stepped in front of the full-length mirror in the corner and admired her new look.”I look pretty hot!” she giggled. “I like this!””Yes, you do look hot, honey,” Jennifer agreed. “I like it, too.”The two looked at each other for a moment.”Uh, we should get going, I guess,” Molly suggested.”Uh, yes,” Jennifer agreed. “Do you want to shop first or go for brunch?””I want to shop,” Molly replied excitedly. “I want you to help me find some nice things.””Okay with me,” Jennifer giggled. “Let’s go.”***The second shop had the style of clothes they were looking for as well as a large selection of undergarments. After gathering a few items they approached the dressing rooms and were greeted by a clerk. He smiled at the two women, unlocked the door to the fitting room area and held the door open as they passed by.”He’s cute,” Molly whispered as they passed.”Yes, he is,” Jennifer agreed as she opened the door to the fitting room.

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