Jenny Cheats Ch. 03


Jen set down the bowl and looked at her handiwork. The table was almost full of chips, dips and general noshes for the party.

Football wasn’t exactly her thing but from what she understood of it, Chris’s team was the underdog and in the Superbowl so they were hosting a party because they had the largest television.

She heard the doorbell and bounced out of the room to answer the door. The hotwings and pizza had arrived.

The day was all about her husband’s friends so she had catered to their wishes. She wasn’t completely put out though. Last week his best friend, Jack had screwed her brains out in a bathroom stall at a popular nightclub.

It hadn’t been her first anal experience but it was far and beyond the best one so far.

She was looking forward to seeing him again and hoped to sneak a little fuck on the side if at all possible.

He’d been texting her dirty things ever since that night. The best one, and one she still had on her phone (she was very careful to delete all of his texts) was a picture of Wendy, Jacks girlfriend, giving him a blowjob with the words ‘Wish it was you.’

She heard the first of the cars pulling up and looked out the window. There was Jack’s car and her heart fluttered a little bit. She hadn’t dressed provocatively for the party. Just a simple, yellow sun dress that ended at her knees and had plaited her black hair into a French braid to keep it out of her way while she played the good wife and hostess.

Trying not to seem too excited she walked back to the front door and opened it and her heart sank. Wendy was carrying a tray of meats and cheeses up to the door. She had told them that she wouldn’t be able to make it but apparently her schedule had opened up.

She plastered a smile onto her face and remarked in her mind that Wendy had dressed up for the occasion. She wore a team jersey that, while lose, was tied up to show her toned belly and hugged her c-cup tits. She also wore a cute set of shorts that hugged her shapely ass and were entirely too tiny to be anything but a bid for attention.

Mentally she sighed and showed the woman where to put the food they’d brought. She got Jack a beer and poured a glass of wine for Wendy. She smiled at Jack knowingly when Wendy wasn’t looking and pulled up her dress to expose her bare pussy.

He grinned at her and pinched her ass when she walked past him and she tapped her phone tellingly.

As they settled in a few more guests arrived and she got her first text from Jack.

‘Watch Wendy.’

She looked at her phone quizzically and raised her eyebrow at Jack who only smiled at her. He put his hand in his pocket and immediately she knew what he meant. Wendy’s face went surprised for a moment and then she turned a bright red.

Slowly the color faded from her face and she half closed her eyes as whatever sex toy they had hidden in her tiny shorts began to reach it’s stride. She could see Wendy’s nipples stiffen as she enjoyed the battery operated gadget.

She got another text and tapped her phone.

‘You’re going to eat her pussy today. I want her to cum in your talented mouth.’

She studied the line of text for a moment, warmth spreading from her belly. She texted back.

‘I’ve never been with a girl before. How about I suck you off?’

He replied with, Learn by doing. There was a video attached and she opened it.

It was her turn to blush as she watched him fucking her ass in that toilet stall. He’d taken video of it on his phone when she wasn’t looking! There was no sound but she knew that she’d been very vocal that night, begging him to fuck her married asshole and cum deep inside her.

She saved the video and smiled at him. She got another glass of wine for Wendy who’d drained hers quickly as the toy brought her closer to an orgasm that she wouldn’t be able to hide.

Jen sat down near her and struck up a conversation. She could tell that Jack had turned off the little machine when the flush in Wendy’s face went down and she could actually hardcore porno carry the conversation.

It didn’t take long for the second glass of wine to disappear and Wendy was starting to flirt with her. She’d had friends like her before. As soon as they got a little tipsy they wanted to ‘experiment’ only they’d been ‘experimenting’ since high school and just didn’t have the guts to admit they were bisexual and just had a craving.

The rest of their guests had arrived and the boys were all yelling at the TV. She did a last round of beer for all of them and invited Wendy into the hot tub.

She got them both a margarita and led the way up to her bedroom to change. Wendy hadn’t brought a swimsuit but she didn’t think they’d make it to the jacuzzi anyway. She texted Chris with her thumb and took a sip of the margarita.

‘Turn it on. Enjoy the show from the hallway.’

Away from the TV and the yelling she easily heard the buzzing start and Wendy almost missed a step on the stairs.

She pretended not to hear it and set the margarita down on the dresser. She pulled the sundress over her head and tossed it on the bed. “Can you get my bra?” She asked, leaning over the dresser slightly.

“Sure. No panties though?” She asked, sounding amused and turned on.

Wendy unsnapped her bra and she tossed it with the dress on their bed.

“I had a Brazilian yesterday. I love the way it feels.” She said, touching her pussy lips to demonstrate. “If I wear panties after one I’m constantly trying to jump on Chris.”

“Have you ever had one?” She asked, pulling a bikini out of the bottom drawer, her ass pointed up.

Wendy took a moment to answer, the buzzing from her panties was audible in the little room.

“No, I shave. I was afraid it would be too painful.”

Jen chuckled. “It’s not pleasant but I think it’s worth it. Here..” She said, turning around and stepping towards Wendy. She took the woman’s hand and pulled it down to her pussy lips.

“You can’t get that smooth with a razor.” Her fingers pushed a little, putting pressure on her clit without spreading her lips and she let a small moan escape her.

“Sorry…” She said, trying to sound embarrassed. “Like I said…I get pretty sensitive down there.”

She pulled the woman’s hand up and saw a small glisten on her index finger. She stepped closer, their breasts almost touching and pulled the finger up to her mouth. “Can’t have you walking around smelling like my pussy.” She said softly and sucked the finger clean.

It was Wendy’s turn to moan softly and she swirled her tongue provocatively over her finger. She pulled it out of her mouth and licked it once like a little cock. “Unless that sounds better than a hot tub.”

Their mouths met slowly. She kissed hungrily, her breath increasing as she grabbed Jen’s bare ass, squeezing and pulling her closer. She played with Wendy’s breasts for a moment and then untied the knot that was holding the jersey up before lifting it over her head.

Wendy unstrapped her own bra and it fell on the floor. The more experienced woman walked her to the edge of the bed and she sat down on the edge. She caught a brief glimpse of Jack in the doorway but ignored him.

Wendy climbed over her and Jen’s back hit the mattress. She knew Jack had a perfect view of Wendy’s ass as the woman sucked and licked her nipples. She still wore the shorts but the buzzing had stopped. Apparently Jack didn’t want her cumming unless it was because of Jen’s mouth.

His girlfriend had different ideas though. Jen held her hair back as she kissed and sucked her way down to Jen’s navel. Leaving little wet spots that chilled and thrilled her. Wendy knew what she was doing and by the time she was spreading Jen’s legs and kissing her pussy lips, she was climbing the walls with anticipation.

She could feel her breath on her cunt and she squirmed. Resisting the urge to pull the woman’s face down to her pulsing wetness. She didn’t have to wait long before she could hd porno feel Wendy’s tongue slide between her lips and flick her clit. She shuddered and moaned.

“That’s so good.” She cooed at the woman between her legs. She only used her tongue at first, seeming to savor Jen’s taste as she licked her sopping cunt from top to bottom. Then she felt Wendy’s fingers pushing into her and she sat up on her elbows so she could watch the show.

Wendy was engrossed in eating her pussy so she spared a look to Jack. She could tell he had his cock out and was pumping it slowly as she locked eyes with him and started to play with her tits. Putting on a little show as his girlfriend brought her closer to orgasm.

“Mmm…eat my cunt, baby.” She sat up further, pulling Wendy’s head up and kissing her mouth. Tasting her pussy on the other woman’s tongue. She pulled back and smiled wickedly at the woman and took off her wedding ring. She hadn’t been able to do this with the two men she cheated with as their hands were far too large. With a groan of pleasure she pulled out Wendy’s fingers and brought them up, kissing the tips, tasting her cum.

Deliberately she pushed the wedding ring down Wendy’s middle finger. It slipped on easily, coated and slick with her sex. “Fuck me with it.” She begged, kissing Wendy again and leaning back. Wendy smiled up at her, knowingly and slipped two fingers back inside her.

She couldn’t tell that the ring was on but she hadn’t done it for the physical sensation. She was going wild with the thought of someone fucking her with the most visible symbol of her marriage. As soon as she felt Wendy’s tongue on her clit she began to cum. Bucking against the woman’s face and fingers.

“Oh god…fuck my married cunt.” She gripped Wendy’s hair in her hand and locked eyes with Jack as her orgasm rolled over her. She finished, her body still shuddering and looked down at Wendy. Her lips and cheeks were glistening with her orgasm and she kissed the woman deeply.

“Wow…I’ve never done that before.” She said, not entirely untruthful. She’d never had a woman eat her out before and she was hoping she could return the favor. She blushed, now that her orgasm had subsided.

“I’m a little embarrassed now.” She said, covering her face.

Wendy laughed, “The ring?”

She nodded and giggled, “I read this book once where someone did that. I wanted to try it. A little kinky?”

Wendy shook her head, “No that was hot.” She said, kissing Jen’s neck. Her hand was on Jen’s thigh, not quite touching her pussy but so close she could feel the heat of it on her lips.

“Do you have anything like that?” Jen asked, purring at the attention. Wendy brought her middle finger up to Jen’s mouth and she could see her wedding ring, slightly dulled with the cum that covered it. She sucked the finger clean and pulled off the ring with her teeth, laughing as she showed it to Wendy.

“Jack tied me up once, it was a lot of fun. Now that I know it’s a turn on for you, I wouldn’t mind feeling that ring inside me too.”

Jen grinned at her, “I think we can do all of that.” She stood and switched places with Wendy, sitting her on the edge of the bed. Carefully she removed the woman’s shorts, giggling when she saw the vibrating panties.

“I thought I heard something fun going on down there. I need to get a pair of these for the next football game.”

Wendy laughed and bit her lip sexily. Jen had to admit that she was looking forward to…everything that was about to happen. She’d sucked off Chris enough times after he’d made her cum to know that she didn’t mind the taste. When she was horny enough it actually turned her on.

The woman was leaning on her elbows, watching as Jen pulled a pair of handcuffs from a drawer and two of Chris’s ties. Her legs were spread and Jen could see how wet she was. Her clit was swollen and begging to be sucked.

“If the boys knew what was going on up here I think they’d abandon the superbowl.” Wendy said, toying with one of her nipples.

Jen latina fuck tour porno laughed and pushed the power button on the radio. Soft jazz filled the room as she walked back to Wendy, taking her hands and cuffing them together. She tied one of the ties to the headboard, stretching her out and the other she placed over the woman’s eyes.

“You sure you haven’t done this before?” Wendy asked, smiling and testing her bonds.

Jen kissed her deeply, pushing her tongue into her mouth. “Never with a woman and I’ve never cheated on my husband before. You look so yummy today though.” She lied, feeling the thrill of it. She stood at the end of the bed and lifted one of Wendy’s feet, kissing it softly and making her laugh.

She worked her way up Wendy’s thigh, leaving those same wet kisses she’d enjoyed so much all the way up to her pussy lips. She straightened her own legs, looking over her shoulder at Jack. She spread them wider and crooked a finger at him.

She mouthed, “Come fuck me.” to him and he stepped into the room. She lowered her face between Wendy’s legs, inhaling her scent and placed a kiss over her clit, causing the woman to moan.

She felt Jack push his cockhead at her entrance and she pushed her tongue as deeply into Wendy as he slid into her cunt up to his balls. She moaned, both from the explosion of taste in her mouth as well as the dick inside her, stretching her and filling her up.

Jen felt powerful and sexy. She licked and sucked Wendy’s clit as she writhed under her. Her boyfriend slowly and deliberately fucked her deeply. She moaned into Wendy’s pussy.

“You like that, Wendy?” She moaned in response. “I could cum just from licking your sweet little slit.” And your boyfriends cock inside me doesn’t hurt. She thought, viciously. She cupped Jack’s balls in her hand and smiled against Wendy’s pussy.

Wendy spread her legs farther. “Tongue fuck me…oh god, just like that.”

Stupid cunt, I’ve got your boyfriend balls deep in me and you’re begging me for more. He thinks about me when he’s fucking you.

She slid her fingers into Wendy and smiled as the clueless woman began to cum. Her cunt fluttered over Jen’s fingers as she plunged them in and out of her. She couldn’t help herself though, she had to push it farther. “Call me Jack when you cum.” She growled as she sucked on Wendy’s clit.

“Oh god…fuck Jack. More. I’m cumming, Jack. More more more…”

And now you’re cheering on your boyfriend to fuck me.

Jack’s balls tightened and he pulled out of her. She gasped as he slipped his cockhead up her ass without preamble and started shooting cum inside of her.

Her own orgasm had been building for a while but when his cockhead popped into her ass she exploded. “Oh god…Wendy I’m cumming. Cum with me.”

“Jack…yes, cum hard baby. Fuck me deep.” She was writhing wildly on the bed in the throes of her passion.

Jen could feel every pulse from Jack’s cock as he painted her insides with his seed. They all slowed down and she felt Jack slip out of her ass and she groaned. “That was so good.” She said, meaning it for Jack.

Wendy laughed and panted, trying to catch her breath. “Too bad the Superbowl is only once a year.”

Jen pushed her over on her stomach and kissed the back of her neck. “How much longer do you think we have?”

“Until the end of the game or until your husband and my boyfriend realize we’re missing?”

She sighed, taking a small lip liner out of her nightstand. It was a dark red. She removed the topper to it and smeared the makeup on the tip of her finger. Slowly, as if she were only idly playing with the woman’s flesh she wrote out ‘Cunt’ on her shoulder blade while Wendy purred in pleasure.

When she was finished she blew on the drying makeup and smiled at Jack who was looking worried. He retreated back to the hallway but she knew he was still watching.

His own fault. She thought and stifled a giggle. She felt his cum leaking out of her ass and scooped up as much as she could in her hand. She pulled free the tie covering Wendy’s eyes, making sure to lay between her field of vision and Jack. She ran her cum sticky hand through the hair at the base of her neck and kissed her long and slow.

“Come on, we’d better get dressed.”

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