Jill & Stephanie


Jill & StephanieI see her from the food court by a stationary store in the big mall. She is fussing with her phone. I can’t be sure, but I think she might be taking pictures. She is definitely watching me. I have been stealing glances at her since I first noticed her. She has the looks of a sexy librarian, Fortune 500 CEO and porno star all mixed together and dusted with powdered sugar. She waits until I pay and choose a table. She puts away her phone and walks directly toward me. For a moment I feel like the unfortunate gazelle who wanderes too far from the herd on the nature channel. Then she smiles. That dazzling smile of hers.She is lovely. Red hair, almost a copper color. Worn up. Green eyes. Bright, electric sea-green. Eyes that can reach out and steal your soul. She has a quiet confidence about her. The type that people turn to when all around is chaos. You know instantly that she is used to getting what she wants. She offers her hand. “May I join you?”I shake her hand and motion to an empty seat. I have just taken a bite and am still chewing.”My name is Stephanie. My friends call me Steph. You are — ?”I swallow and reply “Jill. Nice to meet you Steph.”Steph is in her early thirties. Her ‘dirty thirties.’ She wears a navy blue blazer over a pastel blue button-up blouse. A blouse that doesn’t appear to be buttoned at all. Her navy blue skirt, stockings, dark blue strappy open-toe heels and a conservative clutch complete her outfit. She leans over the table and turns over the label from my sandwich wrapper, giving me a clear look into her blouse. The light blue lace of her bra teases and hints at what remains hidden.”Do you like?”Is she making a move on me?Her manicured nail taps the sandwich label.”Oh. Yeah, it’s OK.””Just OK?. Too bad. I’m hoping for scrumptious.” The tip of her tongue appears briefly to touch her upper lip. She winks.She IS hitting on me!We make small talk as I finish my meal. I notice a lovely tennis bracelet on her left wrist, but no rings. “Jill, honey. Tell me about school.””Freshman in the fall. Still haven’t chosen a major yet.””I see.” Her face falls a bit. “Will you be attending P******k?””No. I’m going down-state.” Her face brightens. “Why do you ask?””Well.” She leans in a little closer and takes my hand. “I’m a guest lecturer in statistics here and we have certain rules about — fraternization.””Fraternization” That one word nearly doubles my heart rate. Her iridescent eyes study my face like a book. I know exactly what she isn’t quite saying. And it isn’t an invitation for coffee at the Union.I smile. “Well those questions won’t even be asked then. With me going to another school.” I add.Steph nods. She watches my face and asks “Does the term ‘lesgar’ mean anything to you, Jill?”I play innocent. “What?” A jolt runs through my belly. Every nerve ending down there lights up. I really am that gazelle. I am about to become a meal. I feel the tingling begin.”Jill?” She moves her chair closer. “Do you ever think about being with another woman — in that way?”And there it is. The elephant in the room. Unveiled. Stomping around and trumpeting. Refusing to be ignored any longer.Hell yes, I think about it! It’s pretty much all I’ve thought about since I’d spotted her by the stationary store. That, and about her clearing the table dramatically like in an old swashbuckler film. About her having her way with me. Me having mine with her. Right dikmen escort then. Right there. In front of everyone. The crowd cheering us on and shouting out suggestions. About us shamelessly performing them.*blink* *blink*I’m sticking with innocence. “Maybe.” I can feel my cheeks flush. My ears burn. My words may not have been entirely truthful, but the blushing is not an act. The gazelle might have stumbled, but she’s back on her feet again. I was not going down this easily.”Do you think you might be open to a little — experimentation with me?” Steph asks. I melt like ice shavings on a Las Vegas sidewalk at noon. “Maybe.” I hear my voice waver. I’m certain she does, too. Her eyes sparkle and she smiles. I may as well have said ‘Yes please. Right now please. Will right here on the table be good for you?’I summon the last remaining self control I can muster. “I’m no slut. I don’t ‘do stuff’ on the first time out.” I insist. Complete bullshit. I will do almost anything she asks.”I see.” Steph says. “I have something in mind. It’s a very easy game. There are only a few rules. First. You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to do. Second. Any word you speak will end the game. I promise.” Steph squeezes my hand to emphasise her promise. “Because it’s my game, I get to speak freely. Once you stop the game, we can’t start it up again the same day. Sound fair?””I … I guess that’s fair. And all I have to do is say ‘stop’ and you’ll stop?””Any word at all. Even if it’s ‘yes’.” Steph pauses to let that sink in. “Be very careful, Jill. If I ask you questions, nod or shake your head for yes and no.”She studies my face with her deadly kryptonite eyes. I nod. I’m not sure if we’ve started yet, but I’m not willing to take the chance.”Very well, then.” She stands. “Walk with me.”I follow a few steps behind her like a puppy, to the escalator. On the ride up, her bottom is at my eye level. She crosses her ankles and arches her back a little, presenting herself to me. Wow she looks good. I see her glance over her shoulder at me. She knows where my eyes are. I catch her scent. She smells so pretty. Lilacs. I want to lose myself in her. Maybe she is taking me to the mattress store? ‘Too hard’, ‘too soft’, ‘just right’. Holy cats yes, just right! Wrapped around each other like two strands of spaghetti on a boiling posturepedic. Dancing. Changing positions. Eager to try everything. And anything. We could decide on favorites later.*blink* *blink*We walk past a few displays. I don’t know where she’s taking me. I dare not ask and stop the game. She’ll pause behind me, hold my shoulder press against me and point at something in a window. She feels so firm. Her breath is hot in my ear. I have no idea what she’s been saying.This gazelle is starting to tire. I feel the last of my will to resist slipping away. There are very few shoppers on this level now. This gazelle won’t be getting any help from the herd.We turn down an alcove with no stores. Only long lines of those pay phone booths that hang on the wall, washrooms and an emergency exit. Oh, what have I gotten myself into? We walk to the end of the row of phones. She pushes a trash bin under the last phone and backs me against the wall. She stands in front of me. To anyone casually passing, they’d only see Steph. It will look like she’s making a phone call. The trash can will hide my legs. The phones will esat escort hide the rest of me.She opens her purse and takes out some tissues. Pressing my forehead back, she pins my head against the wall. Here it comes, she’s finally going to kiss me! I want to feel her lips against mine so badly! My heart pounds. My eyes flutter and my mouth opens slightly. Waiting. Anticipating. Needing.”My my, aren’t we eager?”She gently, carefully, thoroughly removes the remainder of my lip gloss. Not at all the type of attention my lips need. She then removes her own lipstick. “We can’t be leaving marks, now can we?” She studies the mingling of our two shades on the tissues like a gypsy reading tea leaves before smiling to herself and tossing it in the trash.Our innocence. Co-mingled on the tissue among yesterday’s news, half-eaten treats and unnecessary packaging.She holds both my thumbs in one hand, and raises my hands over my head. As if I would push her away.She presses her lips to my ear. “You are so pretty. I just want to EAT you up.”Oh hell yes! Up. Down. Sideways. In and out. Left and right. Circles and zig-zags! I want it all and more! NOW! I almost say something, but catch myself at the last moment. Rules. Her rules. That I agreed to. This was harder than I imagined.She tilts her head and brings her face closer to mine. So close. I feel her breath on my cheek. I smell her hair. So intoxicating. She retreats. What the hell!?! She tilts her head the other way and again. So close. Without touching. Again she retreats without kissing me. I long to shout out ‘Kiss me already!’ but dare not. I beg her with my eyes.She opens her mouth wide. I feel mine open in sympathy. She curls her tongue up at me. Beckoning me. Her wonderful gorgeous glistening tongue. Like crooking a little finger inside her mouth. She summons me. Rule number one was that I didn’t have to do anything I didn’t want to. Screw it. I wanted. I needed! I stretched my neck forward to kiss her. If she wasn’t going to kiss me first, then I’m going to kiss her! This is no longer an option.”Oh, you have spirit! I like that.” Steph says as she retreats again.DAMNIT!I give up. This gazelle has stopped running and laid down. I let out a soft whimper as I relax my neck and rest my head back against the wall.”Jill — did you say something?”I quickly shake my head negatively.”Good girl.”She comes close and whispers in my ear “I need to feel my fingers inside you. Is that OK?”Yes, finally! I nod enthusiastically.She slips her index finger into her mouth. I imagine myself opening to her touch. Her eyes drill into mine as I watch her finger disappear into her mouth. I can already imagine just how good that will feel.Her slippery fingertip traces the outline of my mouth. She lays her finger lengthwise and rubs it against my lips. She pushes her index finger into my mouth and wiggles it. That’s when it dawns on me. She’s fingering my mouth!?! I thought she meant she wanted … I thought she wanted what I wanted. Well if she’s not going to give me that, then I’ll give her the closest thing I can with my mouth. I curl my tongue around her finger, wrapping it tightly.”Oooh!” she exclaims. “Good girl. Very good girl!” she praises me.I suck greedily at her finger.She slips a second finger in my mouth, rotating her wrist as they slide in. She curls her fingertips slightly and rubs them on my tongue as she withdraws eryaman escort them. I want her so badly! I have no words to express just what I’m feeling. Finally she withdraws her two fingers. They’re dripping with saliva. She inspects them carefully. Longingly. Lustily. She slips them into her own mouth and sucks them ‘clean’.She comes close again. She licks slowly along my lips with the flat of her tongue. I try and kiss her sweet tongue.She backs away and presses an index finger to my lips. “No, no. You KNOW what this is now,”, tapping my mouth, “and you can’t really kiss with that.” she warns me sternly, her hypnotic green eyes sparkling. “Play nicely.”She proceeds to illustrate how she’s no stranger to giving pleasure that way. I got my ‘up’. And my ‘down’. My sideways. In and out. Left and right. Circles and zig-zags. Just not quite the way I had imagined. I ached for her. I simply had to have her!She backs away and wipes her mouth and smiles. Her magical mouth.She comes close again and kisses me softly on the forehead. She’s still holding my hands over my head. I need to touch her. I lift one leg slightly and rub the side of my calf against hers. Encouraging her. Saying ‘yes’ the only way I can think of without using any words.She slowly kisses her way down my forehead and down my nose. Yes. Yes! I rub her calf a little faster. She skips over my lips and kisses my chin. No. No, no, no. NO! COME BACK! My mind shouts silently.My entire body is on fire. Every cell burns at a thousand degrees for her! The tip of her tongue traces down under my chin like a molten welder’s bead. I rub my knee against her thigh to encourage her. She opens her mouth wide and I feel her teeth lightly grazing either side of my windpipe. I have truly become the gazelle. She literally has her teeth on my throat!I gently raise me knee and press up squarely between her legs. She’s on fire, too!Her eyes open wide. She immediately lets go of my thumbs and bats my knee away. With a long low growling sound, she turns and bends at the waist and puts her hands on her knees to steady herself. Her breathing is rapid and ragged.Shit! I know my knee didn’t hurt her… Did she just cum?I rush to her and put an arm around her. “I’m so sorry! Did I hurt you? Are you all right?”Her mobile begins to chirp out an appointment reminder tone.As her breathing returns to normal she turns to me and smiles. “No, you didn’t hurt me. Yes, I’m all right. Much more than all right in fact. And congratulations Jill. You ‘won’.” She stands up and silences her mobile. She writes something on the back of her business card. Taking a quick look around, she turns to face the exit. Her hand and the card disappear briefly into her skirt. She hands it to me. It’s soaked.”I’m terribly sorry Jill. I was having so much fun I completely lost track of the time. I have — a meeting and I have to run for now. I’m so sorry!” She holds her thumb to her ear and her pinky to her mouth as she walks backwards down the hallway. “My mobile number’s on the back. Call me? I’m so sorry to have to leave like this!” With that she turns and hurries away.I am alone. Alone and on fire.Well, I’ll be. This gazelle has survived. Barely.I stand there for a moment, stunned. Weak-knee’d. Trembling with unfulfilled desire. I look at her card. Turn it over and see her number. I hold it to my nose.The scent of hard-fought silence brings a big smile to my face.First things first. I duck into the washroom and into the last stall. I lock the door. All my clothing below the waist drops to the floor. I have a seat, lean back, and pretend my fingers are Steph’s.Yes, I’ll call her.I’m really looking forward to our first kiss.

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