????? ??????? Jilnar Jardaly in Mind-Control


????? ??????? Jilnar Jardaly in Mind-ControlJilnar reached her beautifully manicured hand down to the dashboard and extended a finger with a long red-painted nail to turn on the air-conditioner. It was another hot day in Dubai and she was speeding along to the newsroom in her beloved black Harley Davidson truck. She had two live bulletins to read today so took another long mouthful of her Frappuccino. She placed the cup back in the drink-holder and then something unusual happened, something very strange and quite scary…GOOD MORNINGOddly, the words sounded like they were coming from inside her own head! She thought it must be the radio so she turned it off and put the strange occurrence down to maybe having a few too many drinks when she went out dancing with some of the girls from the station the night before.I SAID GOOD MORNING!Again, the voice sounded like it was inside her head. She knew that was just plain crazy so just tried to ignore it.IS THAT WHAT YOU DO WHEN SOMEONE WISHES YOU A GOOD MORNING? JUST IGNORE THEM? HMMMMM…. I THINK SOMEONE NEEDS TO BE TAUGHT A FEW MANNERS!Suddenly, Jilnar’s hands jerked the wheel, forcing the truck onto the wrong side of the road! Even though it was her hands, it did not feel like it was she who was doing the driving. She regained control of her hands and quickly turned the wheel and got the truck back on the right side of the road. She barely had time to feel relieved when next she felt her foot press down gas-pedal. She managed to lift it off and hit the brake only seconds before hitting the bus in front of her! Feeling both confused and frightened, she thought she must be losing her mind!THAT’S RIGHT, PRINCESS PRICK-TEASE! I SEE WHAT YOU SEE, HEAR WHAT YOU HEAR AND I CAN TAKE TOTAL CONTROL OF YOUR LOVELY BODY ANY TIME I LIKE!“But…. but…. h… how?” she asked as she felt her terror increasing as the severity of the situation started to sink in.NOW, NOW! THERE’S NO CAUSE FOR CONCERN! I’M A FRIEND. IN FACT, I THINK WE’RE GOING TO HAVE A LOT OF FUN TOGETHER.“Who are you?! What are you?! What do you want from me?!!” she demanded in a rising state of panic.HOHOHO! REMEMBER THAT LAST DRINK YOU HAD LAST NIGHT? WELL, INSIDE THAT GLASS WAS A TINY DEVICE. IT’S LIKE A REMOTE RECEIVER WHICH MAKES ITS WAY INTO YOUR PRETTY LITTLE BRAIN AND GIVES ME CONTROL OF YOU ANY TIME I LIKE. IT’S QUITE A TECHNOLOGICAL MARVEL, DON’T YOU THINK? BUT PLEASE DON’T WORRY. IN ABOUT ANOTHER TEN HOURS IT WILL DISSOLVE QUITE HARMLESSLY. ANYWAY, I’M OFF TO HAVE SOMETHING TO EAT. I SHALL BE TALKING TO YOU AGAIN VERY SOON. TILL THEN, MY SAUCY LITTLE STRUMPET.Jilnar eventually arrived at work and went about her day in the usual fashion. She checked her email, went through some scripted items for the first bulletin and attended a meeting to discuss today’s major news stories.Later that morning, she was most of the way through reading the morning news bulletin and, mercifully, no more weird voices. She started to convince herself that she must have imagined the whole disturbing incident. She was beginning to feel relieved, as it would’ve been her worst nightmare if someone had taken control of her now, on live television!However, during the last recorded report, just before the sports section, the nightmare really started to begin…HELLO AGAIN! MISS ME? HOHOHO! DID YOU THINK I’D FORGOTTEN ABOUT YOU, MY FOXY LITTLE HARLOT?“No! Please!” she whispered firmly while turning her face downwards. “Not now!”OH, BUT I THOUGHT MAYBE WE COULD UNDO THAT LOVELY BLOUSE OF YOUR’S AND REWARD YOUR LOYAL VIEWERS BY LETTING THEM SEE THAT CHEEKY LITTLE BRASSERIE I WATCHED YOU SQUEEZE YOUR BEAUTIFUL BREASTS INTO THIS MORNING. THEN, PERHAPS, SEE YOU TAKE IT OFF AND FONDLE THOSE DELICIOUS, JUICY MELONS AND SQUEEZE THOSE PERKY, CHERRY-RIPE NIPPLES OF YOURS.“Nonono!” she begged. “You’ll ruin my career! My life!”YES, YES, YOU’RE QUITE RIGHT. I DID PROMISE THAT WE’D ONLY HAVE GOOD WHOLESOME FUN TOGETHER. GETTING FIRED WOULDN’T BE MUCH FUN FOR YOU AT ALL. MAYBE SOMETHING THAT WE CAN MAKE OUR LITTLE SECRET. HMMMM….. NOW, LET ME SEE… I KNOW! HOW ABOUT THIS…Jilnar suddenly felt her left hand sliding up her leg. She wanted to make it stop but didn’t know how! She tried to grab it with her right hand but was unable to overpower it. Her left hand slid all the way under her skirt and started to stroke the fabric of her panties!MMMMMMMM….. I BET THAT FEELS NICE, HUH? HOW ABOUT WE MAKE IT FEEL EVEN NICER.“Wha…. what are you doing?” she pleaded. “Noooooooooo….”She felt her index finger sliding into her moist slit, then her middle finger as well. She could feel her, smooth, hairless snatch starting to be fucked, against her will, by her own fingers! She started to moan softly and uncontrollably. Whoever this strange man was, he certainly knew knew how to finger-fuck a pussy! She was becoming aroused. Very aroused! She bit down on her lip, trying to hide her impending orgasm…“What are you doing, Jilnar?” said the producer in her earpiece. “You’re back on air!”The last news item had finished but Jilnar was getting so turned on that she almost forgot where she was! Panicking and struggling to regain some composure, she looked at the auto-cue and did her best to introduce the sports segment. She was surprised at how much the fear and shame of being caught in the act actually added to the excitement of the situation! “Now…. ugh… o-o-o-ooh-ver…. mmmmm…. to t-t-t-today…..uuugh… in sp-p-p-port!” she then closed her eyes and gritted her teeth.It was going to be a long sports section today so she may as well use the time to give in to the heat of the salacious moment and allow herself to cum. It’d been days since she last masturbated so she knew it was going to be big, long and messy…MMMMMMMMM…… YESSSSSSSS! THAT’S IT, MY HOT LITTLE CELEBRITY SLUT! CUM FOR ME! CUM!! CUMMMM!!!Jilnar tried her best not to let it show on her face but she knew she was going to explode!!!She removed her fingers, parted her legs and felt a long, wet, juicy squirt leave her tight body, then reinserted her sticky fingers to produce another piping-hot squirt and then another, an another . All making loud splashes against the back of the news-desk, leaving it soaking wet with her wonderful love-fluid.She just finished launching the last long stream of steaming-hot fluid when the sports section was over. She closed the bulletin, fearing that she may have looked noticeably more disheveled than her usual controlled and immaculately presented self.As she left the studio, she tried to hide her soaking wet skirt with some pages from the desk. Of course, there was nothing she could do about the dripping-wet news desk. All she could do was hope the studio lighting would dry it out before the next bulletin….The next bulletin! The next bulletin was going to be read but Vinnie, that sexist pig from America! If it’s not dry when he sits there, she’ll never hear the end of it! He’s been trying to get her in the sack for weeks! And this may be just the sort of thing he could use to blackmail her into giving him the sex he’d always been trying to get! Nothing she could do now but pray!She grabbed a clean skirt from inside her office and slipped into the ladies’ bathroom to change….HMMMMMM….. I ALWAYS WONDERED WHAT IT WAS LIKE IN HERE. VERY NICE! MUCH NICER THAN ANY MEN’S BATHROOM I’VE SEEN. NOW, AREN’T WE HAVING FUN TODAY?“Please leave me alone!” she pleaded.NOW, NOW! FIRST, WHY DON’T YOU TELL ME ALL ABOUT THIS VINNIE CHARACTER?“How did you know about-” HOHOHO! I HEARD YOU MUTTER HIS NAME AS YOU LEFT THE STUDIO. AND I SAW ALL THOSE DEFAMATORY DOODLES WITH HIS NAME ON YOUR NOTEPAD, AT YOUR DESK, YOU NAUGHTY, NAUGHTY LITLE GIRL!“He’s disgusting!” she said after a time. “He’s always hitting on all us girls. He keeps looking down our blouses and slapping our behinds. He keeps telling dirty jokes and making sleazy comments about women. We all hate him!”I SEE…. I SAW THE WAY YOU ALSO SHOWED CONTEMPT FOR THE POOR OLD JANITOR. YOU DIDN’T EVEN ANSWER WHEN HE SAID HELLO TO YOU. AND I THOUGHT YOU WERE A BIT MEAN TO THAT YOUNG OFFICE BOY. HE WAS ONLY TEN MINUTES LATE WITH YOUR PRECIOUS MAIL, YOU KNOW. YOU REALLY ARE A SPOILED PRIMA DONNA BITCH, AREN’T YOU?“No, I am not!” she protested. “Gus the janitor is old and smelly! I don’t think he ever bathes! He’s bald, fat and has rotten teeth! And that office boy is useless! He’s always late with my mail and my coffee! And what’s with all those yucky pimples? Doesn’t his dumb ass even know which aisle the Clearasil’s in?”MY, MY, MY… YOU REALLY ARE QUITE THE LITTLE DIVA, AREN’T YOU? NO WONDER YOU HAVEN’T HAD A GOOD FUCK FOR SUCH A LONG TIME. NO ONE’S GOOD ENOUGH FOR SPECIAL LITTLE TV STAR JILNAR, ARE THEY? I THINK IT’S TIME SOMEONE TAUGHT YOU TO BE A LITTLE MORE HUMBLE…“Who are you?” she again demanded.JUST CALL ME YOUR CONTOLLER BECAUSE, SO LONG AS THAT DEVICE IS IN YOUR TINY SELFISH BRAIN, THAT IS PRECISELY WHAT I AM. ANY TIME I CHOOSE!Jilnar grumbled as she checked herself in the mirror while pruning herself, making sure her make-up and clothes looked perfect. Ironically, it was her vanity, and superficiality that led to her to be in this situation in the fist place! Unfortunately for her, this would not be a lesson she would learn quickly…She went into her office and sat down in front of her computer. Suddenly, her hands started moving on their own again.“What are you doing?” she asked.TIME TO START MAKING YOU SOME FRIENDS. AND I MEAN REAL FRIENDS! NOT THOSE STUCK-UP BITCHES YOU SPEND MOST OF YOUR TIME WITH, GOING OUT IN YOUR SPECIAL, EXCLUSIVE LITTLE BITCH-GROUP, JUST TO BACKSTAB ALL YOUR COLLEAGUES AND FLIRT WITH GUYS SO THEY’LL PAY FOR ALL YOUR FANCY, EXPENSIVE DRINKS.“Well, they all deserve it!” she protested. “It’s not my fault guys are stupid and only think with their dicks! As if any of them would have a chance to get with someone as good as me!”YOU’RE SUCH A SHALLOW, SOULLESS LITTLE GOLD-DIGGER, AREN’T YOU? OH, YES! I KNOW ALL ABOUT YOU AND MEN. YOU ONLY LIKE HANDSOME MEN WITH LOTS OF MONEY, DON’T YOU? YOU ONLY KEEP THEM AROUND AS LONG AS THEY KEEP BUYING YOU THINGS BUT, AS SOON AS THEY WANT SOMETHING FROM YOU, YOU SEND THEM A TEXT-DUMP. THEN YOU IMMEDIATELY GO AND FIND SOME OTHER POOR SUCKER! IT’S TIME TO GET RID OF THE OLD NASTY JILNAR AND canlı bahis REPLACE HER WITH A NEW AND MUCH NICER ONE….Jilnar’s hands started typing an email, inviting people to her office for a private meeting at 2PM. She tried to stop them moving with her mind but it was futile! The email got sent to only two people, Gus and someone called T.J. They were informed not to bother knocking her office door and to just come right in!“Not that fat, stinky janitor! Yuck!” snapped Jilnar. “And who the fuck’s T.J.?!”WHY HE’S THAT NICE BOY WHO DUTIFULLY WAITS ON YOUR UNGRATEFUL ASS, HAND AND FOOT, ALL DAY! THE ONE YOU CALL A PIMPLE-HEADED LOSER. THE ONE WHO HAND-DELIVERS YOU ALL YOUR FAN MAIL, TO WHICH YOU NEVER WRITE REPLIES, AND WHO YOU THREW YOUR HOT COFFEE AT THE OTHER DAY, JUST BECAUSE HE PUT CREAM IN IT.“Oh, him!” said Jilnar. “That was pretty funny! I couldn’t stop laughing when he screamed like a little girl and ran into the kitchen to splash old water over himself. What a wimp! Anyway, why would I want to see losers like those two? I certainly don’t want people seeing them going into my office!”YOU KNOW SOMETHING, MISSY? STUCK-UP BITCHES LIKE YOU ARE THE SCOURGE OF THE PLANET! AND YOU ARE ONE OF THE WORST CASES I’VE EVER SEEN! I’M SO TIRED OF THE WAY SELF-CENTERED PIECES OF SHIT LIKE YOU ALWAYS FLOAT TO THE TOP! YOU NEED TO BE PUNISHED!Jilnar had regained control of her hands. She tried to delete the email but it was too late! She’ll have to think of a way to get rid of them later. Just then, one of Jilnar’s fellow female news-readers walked by the front of her office. She looked in at Jilnar and smiled shyly. Jilnar, true to form, just rolled her eyes and ignored her.KAZOWIE!!! WHO WAS THAT?!“Her name’s Mada,” she replied. “She’s one of the other news-readers. Everyone talks about how pretty she is. She’s OK I suppose. She just got married a few months ago to to some boring, lame guy who works with computers or some crap. She keeps asking me to come out with her for drinks after work. I wish she’d just drop dead!”SHE SEEMS LIKE A REAL SWEETIE. MUCH NICER THAN YOU! MAYBE NOT QUITE AS SEXY BUT SHE IS CUTE AND JUST AS PRETTY. IT SOUNDS TO ME LIKE SHE WANTS TO BE YOUR FRIEND. LET’S GO AND VISIT HER.“I have too much work to do to bother myself talking to her!” Jilnar retorted.Just then Jilnar’s hands again started to move and then start unbuttoning her blouse…“Hey!” she snapped. “What do you think you’re doing?”OH, I DON’T THINK WE NEED TO WORRY ABOUT WEARING CLOTHES AT WORK ANY MORE TODAY, DO YOU? JUST THINK HOW GOOD IT WOULD BE FOR OFFICE MORALE IF THEY GOT TO SEE YOU WALKING AROUND STARK NAKED ALL DAY!“No! Please stop!” she pleaded.OK, I’LL STOP…. AS LONG AS YOU TAKE US TO PRETTY YOUNG MADA’S OFFICE. RIGHT NOW, LITTLE MISS BITCH-TITS!Jilnar, feeling like she had no choice in the matter, got up and set off for Mada’s office. It was a much smaller office than Jilnar’s because the producers knew that, if anyone had an office as big as Jilnar’s, she through a massive hissy-fit and threaten to quit! Instead of being polite and knocking first, Jilnar just threw open the door and walked right in! Of course, if anyone dared do that to her, she would scream at them and usually demand their immediate termination!“Hi, Jilnar!” said a surprised very but visibly delighted Mada.However, Jilnar stood silently and under duress, not interested in exchanging any pleasantries at all.OH, FOR GOODNES SAKE, YOU SNOOTY LITTLE BITCH-QUEEN OF EVERYTHING! AS USUAL, I GUESS I’M GOING TO HAVE TO DO ALL YOUR TALKING FOR YOU.“Hi, sweetie!” said Jilnar, although it wasn’t Jilnar who was making her mouth do the talking.“Stop it!” whispered Jilnar, sharply.“Stop what?” asked Mada.“Oh, ermmm… Nothing,” said Jilnar, again under the mysterious mind-invader’s control. “Actually, I was just wondering if you’d still like to go out sometime, just the two of us….”“Really?” gasped Mada. “I thought you didn’t like me. That’d be awesome! How about a drink after work sometime?”“How about tonight?” said Jilnar, unable to stop herself.“Cool!” squeaked Mada.“And, instead of a drink, how about dinner? My treat!” said Jilnar, who never even pays for her own dinner, let alone other people’s! “I know this really quiet romantic little place. You’ll love it.”“OK,” said Mada, unable to wipe the smile from her face.Jilnar, had had enough and just wanted to crawl back into her office! Humiliated beyond words, she turned to the door but felt control of her speech and her body was again taken away from her…“Have I ever told you how much I love your hair?” “Really?” said Mada, who had never before heard Jilnar give anyone a compliment!“Oh, yes!” said an unusually friendly Jilnar. “Is it OK if I touch it?”There was no way Jilnar wanted to touch her hair, no matter how beautiful everyone else kept telling her it was! But, nonetheless, Jilnar felt herself walk over to Mada, sit next-to her, start stroking her hair and actually smiling at her!“You hair’s beautiful too, Jilnar,” said Mada. “Ummmm…. Can I feel yours too?”“Sure!” said Jilnar. “I’d like that!” but what she was thinking was quite to the contrary.Before Jilnar knew it, both girls were stroking each others long, dark, lustrous hair, staring into each others eyes and smiling.“So… What product do you use?” asked Mada.“Oh, I just get hot guys to cum in it!” said Jilnar, completely involuntarily and feeling quite embarrassed and disgusted that something so gross and nasty came out of her own mouth!“You what?!” piped a shocked and incredulous Mada!“I’m just joking! I use a herbal leave-in conditioner.”Jilnar felt her hand make its way to the back of Mada’s head and slowly start pulling her lips toward her own. Mada responded by sliding her hand up the side of Jilnar’s leg. Before Jilnar knew it, their lips were pressed together. Jilnar’s lips parted and Mada’s did the same. Jilnar felt her tongue make its way into Mada’s warm, wet mouth and press against hers. Their tongues were slowly and meaningfully spiraling around each other, in and out of each others hot, wet, moaning mouths.Jilnar felt Mada’s hands quickly unbuttoning her blouse and then realized it was because Jilnar’s own hands had already unbuttoned most of Mada’s! She then felt herself standing up and lifting Mada by her hips so she was sitting on the edge of her desk. Jilnar’s tongue started licking its way up the inside of Mada’s thighs, tasting her, until it licked its way, all the way up to her panties. Mada had her legs open wide to give the woman she’d fantasized about so often unconditional access to her anxiously waiting pussy. Jilnar pulled aside her panties and noticed, fortunately, her slit was completely hairless, just like her own. Jilnar doesn’t like pubic hair, not even on men!Jilnar’s tongue lapped at the younger girl’s pussy, making her moan with ecstasy. Then her tongue slid inside her, wriggling around, deep inside her, like a randy snake, as she went in deeper and deeper…. She used her tongue to pleasure her clitoris with amazing skill…“Ooooooooohhhhhhhh…….. Jilnarrrrrrr……” moaned Mada in exquisite pleasure. “It feels even better than I dreamed….. Ooooooohhhh…. And you’re soooo much better at it than my husband….. You tongue feels sooooooo gooooooood……”Jilnar felt her hand sliding up Mada’s body to grab her ample breasts and squeeze her erect nipples between her thumb and index finger. The whole time she kept her long, talented tongue lapping, deep inside her, whipping her clitoris into a frenzy….“Oooooooooohhhhhh!!!!” cried Mada. “I’m gonna c-c-c-cummmmmmmm!!!!”Jilnar felt her whole mouth being filled with warm and surprisingly sweet-tasting liquid. She sealed her lips around her pussy and swallowed hard, only to have her mouth completely filled again and again! She lost count of how many mouthfuls she swallowed but her belly was starting to feel quite full of the lovely stuff!When Mada was finally done, she sighed deeply and looked down at her lesbian-lover, who she longed to be with for so long!“My turn!” she cooed.She squirmed down onto the floor between Jilnar’s long, sexy, golden legs and licked her way to her crotch. Jilnar wasn’t wearing any panties because she soiled them so badly when she was made to finger herself during that live news bulletin. Anxious to taste Jilnar from the inside, she thrust her tongue straight inside her hot, tight slit. Jilnar was ashamed by how wickedly turned-on she was! Mada had clearly had lots of experience, as her fingers were expertly massaging her labia while her tongue dexterously manipulated her clitoris. Jilnar bit down on her lip and tried desperately not to lose control completely! But the sweet sensations were so intense! She was soon cumming hard into the younger girl’s mouth, filling her with squirt after squirt of her delicious sweet, nectar.“Ah! Ah! Aaaaahhhhhhhhh!” cried Jilnar, followed by, “F-f-f-f-fuuuuuuuuuuuuck!!!!!!”Mada smiled up at her sensual Lebanese lover, as she savored the delicious taste of the last mouthful of her delicious nectar. She stared into her eyes as she licked her lips clean. Again the two exotic beauties locked lips as they kissed each other passionately! Jilnar could still taste her own juices in Mada’s mouth. Mada gabbed Jilnar by the hand and led her over to the floor where they both sat down. Mada placed her hands on Jilnar’s hips and wriggled her crotch towards hers so their were both between each others legs. She pressed her pussy against Jilnar’s and both of the delicious sluts instinctively started rubbing their flaming-hot, wet pussies against each other. They laid back on the floor, their hands gripping each others smooth, long legs, digging in their fingernails. They both moaned loudly, sharing their wonderful ecstasy as they ground their juicy, wet slits together, gradually increasing the intensity, harder and faster!Suddenly, Mada’s whole body started to convulse and she squealed loudly as Jilnar felt a thick jet of hot fluid splash all over her naked body. Some even landed in her open, moaning mouth as she, once again, tasted the younger girl’s sweet juices. This was all Jilnar needed to feel her own exquisite ecstasy mount, so she too shot a long stream of love-juice right up the whole length of Mada’s writhing, naked body. She also managed bahis siteleri to hit the same target, as Mada also got a good, warm, sticky splash all over her pretty face and into her squealing mouth. Both girls released several long, thick, streams of viscous fluid, satisfying all their wickedly sinful lesbian lusts! Finally, they both collapsed on the floor, exhausted and gasping for breath! Their incredible, heavenly bodies both fell to the freshly-soaked carpeted floor, intertwined and soaking wet in a delectable cocktail of their hot, sweet and sticky juices.Jilnar suddenly came to her senses and was filled with disgust…. at herself!She quickly and silently got dressed and made for the door. She avoided giving Mada any eye-contact after their sordid and sinful tryst, right up until she silently vacated her office. She ignored Mada who was telling her how much she was looking forward to their date tonight.“Enjoying yourself, you fucking pervert?” show growled angrily after she pulled the door closed behind her. WHY, WHATEVER DO YOU MEAN, MY HEAVENLY LITTLE HARLOT?“You know exactly what I mean, asshole! Turning me into a disgusting lesbian freak!”HOHOHO! I’M AFAID YOU ARE MISTAKEN. ALL I DID WAS THE KISS. AFTER THAT, YOU WERE ENTIRELY ON YOUR OWN, MY TAWDRY LITTLE TEMPTRESS.“But…. that’s impossible!” she retorted. “All that gross lesbian stuff! There’s no way that could’ve been me, you bastard!”AH, BUT IT WAS, MY SENSUOUS LITTLE SLUT. ALL OF IT! IT SEEMS THAT THERE HAS BEEN AN UNREQUITED LESBIAN URGE DEEP WITHIN YOUR HOT LITTLE BODY FOR SOME TIME.“Liar!” she retorted again tearfully, as she desperately tried to deny having felt intense pleasures she just experienced. “You lying pig! It couldn’t be true! It… just…. couldn’t…”The quiet newsroom was suddenly disturbed by a ruckus that was only too familiar to Jilnar and all the other female staff members. It was a loud slap followed by a very angry female voice.“Take your stinking paws off me you damn dirty ape!” said the female voice.Jilnar turned around and there was a rather sleazy and lecherous looking man with one of the other female news readers.LET ME GUESS! THAT MUST BE THE ONE AND ONLY VINNIE, WHOM I’VE HEAD SO MUCH ABOUT.“Come on, baby,” said Vinnie to the pretty blonde. “If you’re gonna wear such short, tight skirts, what’s a man supposed to think? We’re only human, you know.”“Will you please just leave me alone?!” she demanded while promptly removing his wandering hands.“Come one,” he persisted. “Don’t be like that. You know I think you’re hot. And I know quality when I see it. Back home in the States, I own a 60 foot yacht and a brand new Ferrari. You know, I also have a lot of powerful friends in TV. A few words from me and you could be a star. A big star!”The young girl, having already heard it all many times before, just broke free and walked away. Vinnie’s pick-up lines may have worked for all the easy girls he met at bars but none of the female staff at the newsroom fell for them any more. They wizened up after seeing the way he treated some of the female interns and junior office girls, once he had his sordid way with them.YOU KNOW WHAT I THINK?“I don’t give a shit what you think!” was Jilnar’s curt reply.NOW, NOW! LET’S NOT BE RUDE. I THINK OUR FRIEND VINNIE IS JUST PLAIN MISUNDERSTOOD. IN FACT, I THINK ALL HE NEEDS IS SOMEONE TO BE HIS…. FRIEND….“Oh, no!” begged Jilnar. “I’ll do anything you say! Anything! Please, not that!”Jilnar’s pleas were wasted as she felt her body turn and her feet start to walk her body towards Vinnie, who stood grinning and waiting for her like a sex-hungry vulture! Of all the beautiful and exotic women at the station, Jilnar was the one that he hit on the most frequently, despite the blunt and brutal way she always rejected his advances.Jilnar, filled with dread, felt herself continuing to walk until she was standing right beside him. Her mind’s mysterious invader was even making her smile at the sleazy creep. To make matters even worse, Jilnar soon felt words forming in her mouth, more words that were not her own….“Hi, Vincey!” said Jilnar cheerfully, despite her internal feelings of complete revulsion.“Hey, sweet thing!” he responded, wasting no time in placing his hand on the small of her back. “You coming to talk to me? This is a first!”“I was just wondering what aftershave you’re wearing. It smell so nice…. and sexy!” she said seductively when, in reality, she thought his off-the-shelf aftershave stunk and it smelled like he bathed in the horrible, tacky stuff!“Oh, that’s a secret,” he said smugly as he slid his hand down to Jilnar’s firm little ass. “Good, huh?”“It’s making me feel kinda hot!” she felt her hand take his and their fingers interlace, “You know, Vincey, I don’t think we’ve ever spent nearly enough time together. How about we go and spend a little quality time together in my office? Just you and me?” “You for real? Holy fucking shit! Er… I mean! Sure, baby!” said Vinnie who could hardly believe what he was hearing. “Lead the way. I’m all yours!”She lead him, hand-in-hand, to her office, a place she made very clear to him that, if he ever set one foot in there, she would have him fired! Vinnie made sure everyone in the office knew, by holding up their hands with their interlaced fingers and winking and whistling loudly at every other male with whom he made eye-contact. Everybody froze and stared silently, unable to believe the extraordinary sight that they were seeing!Soon as they got inside her office, Jilnars hands closed the door and the venetian blind so no one out in the newsroom could see in. Her legs walked her over to her desk where she sat down, smiling at Vinnie. He told him to make himself comfortable, as she felt her hand go to the top button of her blouse and start to unbutton it. She prayed that this mind-controller, who was making her do all this, would have the decency not to let this nightmare go any further!Vinnie’s unrequited lust for her had just passed boiling point! He just had to have her! Now! Right now! Unable to take his eyes off her, he unbuttoned his pants and allowed them to fall to his ankles, along with his underwear. His erect cock was on full display as it stuck out straight in front of him. Below it hung a hairy pair of balls that had already begun to become quite swollen with 100% pure American cum!Vinnie was not exactly big on foreplay so he instantly threw himself upon helpless Jilnar! He placed his hands on her hips and pressed his hard cock against her moist, hairless slit. Fortunately for him, there were no panties in the way because poor, humiliated Jilnar had no spare pair to replace the one she soiled during her live, finger-fucking, new bulletin.He growled loudly as he thrust his entire shaft deep inside her until his body was pressed right against hers. He kissed, licked and bit her all over her neck and jaw, while repeatedly telling her how hot she is and how much he always wanted her. Jilnar was screaming inside insanely! She just wished that she was dead!“Did you like the nice, fresh wet surprise I left just for you at the news-desk, Vincey?”“You mean that was you?” he asked excitedly. “Fuck! No wonder it smelled so good! Oh, honey, if I’d known it was your juices I’d have stayed back just to lick it all clean!”“Ooooooh, Vincey…” purred controlled-Jilnar. “Your big, hard, strong cock feels so good inside me! Even better than I always dreamed!”“Oh, fuck yeah!” grunted Vinnie. “I’ve always wanted you, baby! They keep asking me to go back to the States but there was no fucking way I was gonna leave until after I fucked you, honey! Oooooooh! Fuck you feel good! I hope you’re not on the pill ’cause I wanna spill my seed inside you! I wanna leave this fucking country with my baby growing inside you, you fucking hot Arabic slut!”“Yes, Vincey!” she heard herself say. “Cum inside me! Soil my Arabian womb with your American seed! Give me your baby! I’m not on the pill, I promise! Pleeease make me pregnant, Vincey! Ooooooooooh!!!!”Suddenly, just as they were both about to explode into each other, they heard the door swing open and, to Jilnar’s horror, they were no longer alone! There stood a shocked and gasping Gus and T.J. It was now 2PM and time for that dreaded meeting….“Well, alright!” laughed Vinnie. “You didn’t tell me we were having a party, baby! Well, don’t just y’all stand there! Look how hot she’s hot for it! Come join the fuckin’ party!”The two delirious men glanced at each other and quickly started to undress. They were soon both naked and their erect cocks sticking out in front of them, like dalek eye-stalks, as they advanced on poor, defenseless Jilnar…“Three cocks and one hot, horny babe…” said a jubilant Vinnie. “That’s one hole each, boys!”Gus and T.J. laughed, frothing at the mouth like demented maniacs as they let their sleazy hands explore Jilnar perfectly exquisite body, grabbing and squeezing it all over.“But you boys ain’t havin’ her ass!” said Vinnie, holding her face, by the chin, towards his. “You can both have her cunt and her mouth but the ass is mine! Right honey?”“Right, Vincey!” replied Jilnar, again not in control of the words that came out of her mouth, or her tongue which was licking his hand and face like she was an obedient puppy-dog.The three men cleared her desktop, knocking everything to the floor and causing several of her more delicate and expensive personal items to smash on the floor. Gus laid himself out on the desk, using some of the crumpled and tattered designer-label clothes they tore off her helpless body as a pillow. Jilnar again felt her body moving, this time towards the smelly old janitor. She was screaming inside as she climbed onto the desk, straddling him and lowering herself as his big, sweaty, old cock was slowly engulfed by her wonderfully tight snatch…“Mmmmmmmmmmm…..” moaned Gus. “That’s it, sweetie! You know, you’re even younger than my daughters. You want to be my daughter too? You want to ride Daddy’s cock, baby-girl?”“Oooooooohhhhhh! Yes please, Daddy!” was the filthy reply Jilnar felt leave her mouth. “Fuck your little baby-girl, Daddy! Fuck me nice and hard! It’s OK if you hurt me, Daddy! I’ll never tell Mommy! I promise!”“Fuuuuuck!” said an incredulous T.J. as he approached her beautiful, güvenilir bahis exotic face. He’d never even done it with a woman before so what an eventful and memorable day this one was turning out to be for the nerdy young virgin! He was about to have his young cock sucked by the sultriest and sexiest over-paid TV star of them all!“What about you, baby?” Jilnar felt herself say to the dorky youngster. “You want to join our naughty, happy household? You want to be my baby? You want me to be your mommy? You want Mommy to suck your cock and swallow all your young cum?”“Fuck yeah, Ms Jarda- I mean- Yes, please, Mommy!” he said as he felt his entire cock being sucked into her hot, wet mouth…Jilnar suddenly felt a big hard and unfortunately familiar intruder, sliding between her pert buttocks. It was Vinnie’s cock making its way towards her tiny, virgin asshole. She felt a sudden, sharp, stabbing pain as he thrust it in impatiently, stretching her sphincter wide open with his thick, merciless cock!“None of that Mommy or Daddy shit for me, bitch!” he grunted as he pumped her tight asshole. “I just want you to be what I already know you are! My whore! My slut!”“Oh, yes, Vincey!” said Jilnar still under control. “Split me in half with your big, mean, cock! Hard and fast and deep as you can! I want you to make it hurt me so much that I just can’t stop screaming!!”All three of the ruthless bastards grabbed, squeezed and pinched her all over as they brutally violated her conquered holes. It was Jilnar’s incredible sexiness that was her only salvation. She was way too hot and gorgeous for any of them to hold on for long! T.J., being the youngest and most inexperienced, was the first to feel his load brewing….“Yeah, Mommy!” he panted ecstatically as he felt her tongue swirling around his lucky. young cock. “You didn’t want my cream in your stupid fucking coffee last week but you’re gonna fucking get it all now! And you’re gonna eat it too! All of it! Here it comessss, Mommyyy!!! Aaaaaaaaargh!!!!”Jilnar felt his young cock spasm as stream after stream of thick, warm semen pumped down her silky, smooth throat! She felt sickened by what was happening but, no matter how much she tried, she could not stop herself from swallowing down every single drop of each and every hot, salty blast! When T.J. had nothing else left to give, his spent cock finally softened and slid from her wonderful, red, sucking lips.Vinnie was very excited by what he saw and soon found he was about to give her a cum-blast himself, deep inside her sensational little ass! “Here it comes, you fucking bitch!” he screamed. “You filthy fucking Lebanese whore! You fucking cheap, dirty slut!! Aaaaaaaaaargh!!!!!!”The intense, creamy, cummy eruption inside her ass made Jilnar go internally crazy with disgust and revulsion but there was nothing she could do about it! Vinnie just kept cumming and cumming until Jilnar felt like her bowels were about to explode! Finally, when he was finished, he too pulled out.Only Gus left now. At least this terrible nightmare would soon finally be over….“Never give me the fucking time of day, do yah, yah stuck-up TV Star slut!” said Gus while spanking her recently destroyed ass. “Just for that, you’re gonna have my fucking baby! Daddy’s baby! Aaaaaarrrrgh!!!”“Yes, Daddy!” replied the unwilling Jilnar. “Cum inside me! Soil my fertile womb with you seed, Daddy! Make me pregnant with our babyyyy!!”Jilnar felt the old janitor’s seed pumping straight into and filling her delicate womb! She could only hope and pray that she remembered to take her birth control pill…When it the three men’s perverted enjoyment was finally over, they wiped themselves down with what remained of Jilnar’s designer-outfit as they each shared their own crude and filthy account of what just happened. They then started arranging a time when they could all meet in in Jilnar’s office to do her again. Next time, they decided they’d each try another of her spectacular holes! Jilnar, whom they never even bothered to include in the arrangements, just sat on the floor against the wall, naked, rocking and maniacally trying to convince herself this was just a bad dream. She kept mumbling that mind-control wasn’t real and that she would soon wake up safe and sound between the silk sheets of her bed….Unfortunately, she did not! In fact, the worst pat of the nightmare was just about to begin…She heard her office blinds and door suddenly open. The usual hubbub of the newsroom fell silent and everyone started staring into her open office, at poor, naked, used Jilnar, as they all gasped in shock….“Free fucks for everyone!” yelled a jubilant Vinnie pointing at defeated Jilnar.The stunned silence was soon broken by a stampede of cheering men, charging into her office! Being the spoiled, obnoxious, narcissistic celebrity bitch she was, Jilnar had insulted, abused and filed petty complaints against every single one of them, many, many times. And now it was finally time for her comeuppance…HOHOHOHO!! YES! YES!! FUCK THEM, MY TAWDRY LITTLE TART! FUCK THEM! FUCK THEM ALL!!!Jilnar spent the whole afternoon being savagely gangbanged by every man on the floor, and many of the bisexual and lesbian women. When word got around, the whole building began cramming themselves into her already over-crowded office! She was dragged about from one side of the office to the other by her hair, her arms, her legs and her neck. She was brutalized ruthlessly and in the most unimaginable ways by colleagues who had no love for her and complete strangers who had always lusted for her. They all called her names like “filthy whore”, “dirty slut”, “stupid bitch” and other insults just too horrible to repeat! The station producers had Mada read Jilnar’s precious prime-time evening bulletin, having decided that allowing the whole staff to have their revenge by hate-fucking the station’s most notoriously spoiled bitch would be good for staff morale and team-building.When the day was finally over, what remained of poor, ravaged Jilnar crawled painfully from the elevator and into her car. The few tattered remains of her clothes barely covered any part of her used and abused body! She was covered all over in bruises, grazes, bites and claw-marks. Every inch of her skin was encrusted in the dried up sperm of over a hundred men, as well as the squirt of at least a dozen women! There was even more all over her face and all throughout her lovely, long, raven hair….WELL, WELL, WELL….. LOOKS LIKE SOMEONE HAD A BIG DAY TODAY. “You!” she sobbed angrily. “Why did you do this to me?”THERE, THERE, MY SLUTTY LITTLE TEMPTRESS! SO… DID WE HAVE FUN?“Fun?” whispered Jilnar, who could not raise much of a voice as her throat, like her pussy and ass, was throbbing with unbearable pain from all those big, hard, angry, vengeful and hateful cocks.YES! FUN! WELL, DID YOU?Jilnar was about to respond irately but, suddenly, stopped herself and pondered the question for a moment…“Yeah….” she whispered as she felt herself starting to smile. “I guess it was kinda fun…”HOHOHO! LOOKS LIKE YOU’RE CURED. I THINK YOU’LL FIND THAT PEOPLE WILL LIKE YOU MUCH BETTER NOW. EVERYONE LOVES THE OFFICE SLUT, YOU KNOW. “The…. office…. slut….” Jilnar pondered each word. “Yeah… Yeah…. Yeah! The office slut! You know, you were right. I really was missing out, wasn’t I?INDEED YOU WERE, MY LITTLE GANGBANG WHORE. BUT, ALAS, OUR TIME TOGETHER, LIKE ALL GOOD THINGS, HAS COME TO AN END. ENJOY YOUR NEW-FOUND DESTINY.“Thank you, whoever you are,” she said,, experiencing a joy and happiness she never had before.YOU’RE VERY WELCOME, MY PERVERTED LITTLE MINX. FAREWELL…. FAREWELL…..As his last words faded away, Jilnar realized she was finally alone inside her own mind. She started the car and thought about the evening ahead. First, she needed to get cleaned up and have some dinner… and then what? She remembered a bar, not far from her home, where the bikers, thugs and other rough-looking criminal types hang out. The perfect place to get some more of that rough gangbang action for which she now lived and lusted, before her bedtime…Jilnar, feeling truly happier and freer than she’d ever felt before, drove home, laughing and singing the whole way! Today, the life she now knew she was always meant to lead had just begun…A few week later, the mysterious mind-controller decided to call his most recent project to see how she was doing. He called and called her cell phone, over and over, but always got the same recorded message. He decided to unzip his pants and start stroking his swollen shaft as he tried calling her one more time:“Hi baby, this is Jilnar. I’m afraid I’m busy being fucked or gangbanged at the moment. Mmmmm…. But if you can leave your name, number and a descriptive message of all the nasty things you and all your horny friends want to do to me, I promise I will call you back as soon as I am able. Love you!”“Well, at least she’s keeping herself busy,” moaned the mind-controller pleasurably, as he shot a massive, sticky load of semen all over the arrangement of autographed Jilnar Jardaly pictures he’d laid out in front of him.!!!~BONUS STORY~!!!????? ????? Jilnar Jardaly’s Hot Little Ass “Hey, dudes!My name’s Max and I work at Television Dubai.Man, every single guy that works here loves fucking ????? ????? Jilnar Jardaly’s tight little ass!I love sneaking up to her, grabbing her from behind, biting her neck and then growling “ANAL!” into her ear.She always happily complies straight away by parting her legs, bending over and thrusting that sensational, hot little ass of hers into my groin so I can tear off her panties – if she’s wearing any (which is hardly ever) – and ram my whole ten inches of aching, hard cock right into that pert, tight, fantastic asshole.Then I pound into her as hard and as fast as I can until she’s screaming like crazy and I’m shooting a massive load of hot cum deep inside her.Fuck, I love sodomizing that little slut! And I know that filthy whore loves every single minute of it too because that sweet, smooth, hairless pussy of hers always squirts her hot, sticky, sensational, love juice everywhere, like a fucking fire hose! Both our legs and half the room always end up soaking wet with the delicious stuff!Fuck! She’s almost finished presenting the 10PM bulletin. I better go hide in her office with the lights out so I can grab the sexy little bitch and have her soon as she walks in, before some other horny bastard gets there first. Hahah!Later, dudes!Max”

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