Jim and Bea



We have lived in our pretty little picturebook cottage for fifteen years now and I often joke that the villagers will accept us one day soon. But no, really, we love it here and fit in with the social life of the village very well. My husband is a self-employed builder, but most of his work is down in the London area, so off he goes in his van every morning and doesn’t get back till late. He works hard for the two of us and I still love him to bits after all these years.

Jim and his wife live a couple of houses away just up the road. They are quite a bit older than us and both their kids have left home, but they look after themselves well and neither of them look their age. Jim must be all of six foot – he towers over me, and when he grins at me with those crinkly blue eyes of his I always think what an attractive man he is. Over the years I have sometimes wondered what it would be like to be married to someone so much taller than my husband and yes, I confess that I have thought once or twice that if I was in bed with Jim we would both be the same height, if you see what I mean. And then I shake my head and tell myself not to be silly.


Bea and her husband are near neighbors of ours. They live just down the road in a pretty white-walled thatched cottage, and every time I see her I am aware of my regrettable and continuing failure to obey the tenth commandment. She is not a new young wife, nor yet an older early-middle-aged one, but is at that delightful period in between, old enough to know what life is all about and still young enough to do something about it. In my eyes she is five feet three inches of utterly desirable female with a small body that still manages to curve deliciously in and out in all the right places, neither stick insect thin nor too well rounded. And I’m sorry, Lord, but I covet her.

In what was turning out to be another hot day I was walking up from the village shop with the morning papers when she called out to me as I passed her garden. She said that her husband was away, she was in urgent need of the services of a hunky man like me, and she promised that in return she would personally submit to my deepest desires.

Well, OK, I lie! That is what she says in my many fantasies about her. What she actually said was that himself had gone off to work, there was a monstrous great spider in the bath and she dared not go near it in case it jumped out and grabbed her. I shot up to the bathroom and sure enough there it was, looking up at me and saying die, die. Well, it is as much a living thing as we are so I got a postcard from the letter rack and a large pint glass, persuaded it into the glass, covered the top with the card and then took it outside and dropped it into the hedge on the other side of the road.


That was the day I went into the bathroom and found this monster spider in the bath. Well, there was no way I was going to stay in the same room as that thing, and even though it was another hot day I resigned myself to having to go without my morning shower. I wandered out on to the patio at the side of the house and then saw Jim coming up the road as he does every day, walking round the village and picking up the morning papers on the way.

I called out to him and explained my problem, and he grinned at me and called me a weak female as I led him up to the bathroom, where the spider was still very much in residence. I stayed by the door while Jim went down to the kitchen, got a beer glass and a postcard from the letter rack and gently eased the spider into the glass and took it outside and dumped it in the hedge. He said it was a living thing and didn’t deserve to be killed just because it had got lost, and I thought that was typical of him, to be so considerate of life.


After I got rid of the spider I went back into the kitchen where delicious little Bea was all grateful thanks, and I took outdoor sex porno a deep mental breath and said that I thought I deserved a reward for fighting this dangerous spider to a standstill. She grinned and said oh yes, and what do you have in mind? I suggested that a big hug from her would be a suitable token of her thanks, and without hesitation she came over, put her arms round my waist and placed her gorgeous body gently but firmly right up against mine. Since I am six foot tall her head ended up resting against my chest with her hair just nicely tickling my chin, and I should make it clear right now that I didn’t have any complaints about that at all. I put both hands equally gently and firmly against the warm curve of her back and held her close and thought to myself that this is what heaven will be like.


Jim came in and jokingly demanded a reward for battling the spider and I went along with him by asking what he had in mind. And when he suggested a hug my heart leaped, the way it hasn’t done for many a year now. I had been there before, of course, but only at the village hops where I could enjoy the feeling of being held in the arms of an attractive man, but that was in public and in such a small community as this I have my reputation to think of. However I couldn’t help noticing that he would ask me for a dance a lot more often than he would some of the executive wives who were much better looking than me, the ones who threw patio parties at weekends and had husbands who were ‘something in the city’ and took the morning train from Huntingdon into London every weekday.

Jim was, like many tall men, a good dancer and the first time he took me out onto the floor he held me right up against him, saying that he would be able to lead a lot better that way. And indeed he did, and we got along well together and not once did he ever give me the impression, like some men have done over the years, that he might be holding me close just to feel up my body with his.

Now he was offering me an opportunity that was too good to miss. I walked across and snuggled up against him the way I never would have done in the public atmosphere of the Village Hall, wrapping my arms round his waist and resting my head sideways against his chest. I felt his arms come round me and his hands flatten against my back, holding me firmly against the full length of his body, and I thought to myself that I could really get to enjoy this.


We stood like that for a while and then, as she showed no sign of wanting to break away, I looked down and there was one ear just within reach, so I bent my head down and kissed it. She moved back and looked up at me and said that I had asked her for a hug, not for a snog, but her smile told me that she didn’t mean it. I said that I was very sorry, that I was sorely tempted beyond human endurance, and I promised never to do it again, and my smile told her that I didn’t mean it. Upon which she gave me an old-fashioned look and said hmmm and oh yes in a questioning sort of way. Then we chatted away about village matters for a while, during the course of which I happened to mention that my wife was off down to London tomorrow for lunch with an old girlfriend. And because our conversation was so normal I was completely unaware that I was casting bread upon the waters, bread that was destined to come back to me, not only well buttered but with a great dollop of jam on it.


It was the kiss on my ear that did it. Long before I understood what the term erogenous zone meant I knew that my ears have always been very sensitive, and in the old days several guys had found out to their great delight that if they kissed one or the other of them it ‘turned me on’. Of course, since I got married there has been none of that except at home, but as soon as Jim kissed my ear I melted, just the way I used to. And immediately I thought public agent porno how nice it would be to have him do it again and then see how we got on. But he has always behaved like a perfect gentleman and while he has often made it obvious, without saying a single word or embarrassing me in any way, that he finds me attractive I knew he would not dream of coming on to me unless he had an open invitation. And with his wife away for the day I thought to myself that this would be a good opportunity for me to give him that invitation.

Next morning was forecast to be even hotter than the day before so as soon as himself was off and gone I went upstairs and had my shower and then rooted around among my clothes till I found the ones I wanted. It took me quite a while before I was dressed just right but when I looked in the mirror I was very satisfied with what I saw.

I went into the garden with a pint glass and a card, just as I had seen Jim do yesterday, and hunted around till I found a spider to be my accomplice. Not a monster like yesterday, but one just big enough to look as if I could be frightened of it. Which I was, but I managed to capture it and take it upstairs and drop it into the bath. And then I sat looking out of the bedroom window till I saw Jim coming up the road. Back downstairs I went out onto the patio, stuck my head over the hedge and called out to Jim that there was another one in the bath.


The morning after my hug with Bea I drove my leader down to the station, saw her off on the train and then went back home to change into shorts and a cool shirt for the rest of the day. I walked down for the papers and on the way back Bea’s head appeared over the hedge and she said that there was another one in the bath, so I walked round the end of the hedge and stopped dead.

There she was, standing small and bare-foot on the patio in front of her side door, wearing a pair of casual shorts that were so skimpy that the legs were simply narrow turned-up cuffs encircling the very tops of those gorgeous thighs the way I instantly wished my hands could. Her loose sleeveless blouse had four small buttons down the front, the top two of which were undone, and the thought that I would love to have those bare arms and legs wrapping themselves around me made my cock start to rise uncomfortably inside my shorts. I suspect that it was also becoming more and more obvious outside them too. She grinned at what must have been my very obvious reaction and I swear that she bent to pet her cat on purpose, well aware that her breasts would swing down and push her blouse away from her body, enabling me to look right down her cleavage and past her navel to the buckle on the belt of her shorts.


Well, I certainly got the reaction from Jim that I was looking for. His eyes almost crossed as he drank in every last inch of my body and under his shorts his cock must have been very uncomfortable, the way it was going into overdrive. We went up into the bathroom and Jim dealt with the spider the same way as yesterday, and then came back into the kitchen to replace the glass. Bearing in mind what I was wearing, he obviously couldn’t decide whether to act like a gentleman or grab me and tear my clothes off, so it seemed like time to give him a little encouragement. I said I suppose you want your reward now, and walked over to him and as I reached up to put my hands on his shoulders my blouse rode up so that when his hands moved in to hold me they came to rest on the bare flesh of my waist, just above my shorts.

He held me at arms length for a moment and then, when he realised that I was not objecting to where his hands had ended up, slowly eased me in till my body was right up against his with only a couple of thin layers of material between my breasts and his chest. He slid his hands down to cup my bum and pulled my hips in against his and then reality kings porno I was left in no doubt of the effect I was having on him. I could feel his erection pressing hard against my belly and couldn’t help encouraging him a bit more by giving a little side to side wriggle against his cock.


As soon as I pulled her close against me Bea rubbed her hips from side to side against my cock, and I realised that she was giving me the OK to abandon the gentleman bit and do whatever I wanted with her. I nuzzled the side of her head suggestively, and because of our different heights she had to twist her face sideways and upwards so that we could share our first kiss, soft and gentle and full of promise. This felt awkward for both of us so I told her to hold tight while I lifted her off the ground and perched her on the edge of the nearest work surface. I stood between her bare legs and moved in for another kiss, which was longer and with a lot more enthusiasm in it this time. She was now up at my height and already half off the work surface with her arms right round my neck and those smooth thighs gripping either side of my hips, and through our shorts I was openly grinding my cock against her pussy and was delighted with her response.

Back round her waist I ran the fingertips of both hands right up either side of her spine underneath her blouse, and found nothing on the way. Releasing my mouth I said that I was ninety percent certain that she was not wearing a bra, and she said she didn’t think that I was the kind of guy who would be satisfied with just ninety percent. Well, that was all the encouragement I needed. I brought my hands slowly forward under her arms, and when she pushed back to make room, turned them upward and took those gorgeous bare breasts in both hands under her blouse, running my thumbs back and forth over her hardening nipples. She gasped and brought her mouth hard back on to mine before I could even mention one hundred percent.


Jim was getting more sure of himself all the time, and while we were still kissing each other ferociously he undid the two remaining buttons on my blouse and I pushed back a little and brought my arms down so that he could slide it off my shoulders. I did the same with his shirt and then reached in to put my hands either side of his face to hold him at arms length while I teased him with my breasts, just touching him with my nipples and sliding them from side to side across his chest. And then I said wouldn’t we be more comfortable upstairs, and he lifted me down from the work surface and I led the way up the narrow flight of stairs.


Halfway up the stairs I felt that just looking at the movements of Bea’s compact little body, naked except for her minimal shorts, was more than any man worthy of the name should be expected to endure. I said hang on a minute, and before she could turn round grabbed her wrists and drew her hands backwards, clasping them together in the small of my back with the implication that she was to keep them there. She arched her back momentarily as I cupped her breasts and then I ran my hands down to her waist to release her belt buckle. Well aware of what I had in mind she moved her bum forward so that I could slide her shorts down. They dropped to the stair and by the time we reached the top landing my own shorts had gone the same way. Her briefs sat low on her hips and showed off her small delightful body beautifully and she was amused to see for herself that mine had just about given up trying to contain my erection.

She took a step forward, reached out and took my face in her hands, drawing me towards her for a kiss. Not an air kiss, or one of those Continental ones where you never know how many times to switch cheeks, but a full-on passionate kiss, her lips writhing against mine and her tongue invading my mouth and accepting my tongue in return. The kind of kiss that told me, without a single word being spoken or the slightest possibility of misunderstanding, that she wanted me to take her to bed, strip her naked and then fuck her brains out.

And after a while she backed off and said come on then, and walked ahead of me into the bedroom.

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