Joann’s Big Dream Is Taking Shape

Jia Lissa

My dream was beginning to take shape. Joe, from the bank, called and wanted us to come down to meet with him to discuss the finances of the vacant motel. I called Chrissy to see if she wanted to join us. She was excited and volunteered her SUV, again. I arranged a meeting for the following Monday so we could drive down on a Sunday. I began to print my calculations and drawings of my proposed “Joann’s Club Paradise” in preparation for our meeting. That Friday, the four of us sat to discuss the plans. I told them we needed to dress to impress. We had to look professional, yet hot. I suspected that Joe had some hidden personal agenda, given his unexpected interest and cooperation. I was also pleasantly surprised at the money available between the four of us. Both Chrissy and Michelle had decent nest eggs between them. Sis and I had substantial funds, as well as the entire equity in the house since Mom signed it over to us when she moved away. I made up a dozen packets with drawings, prints, financial statements, and an operating plan for the first year. Saturday, Chrissy and Michelle went to their homes to get their clothes for the trip while Sis and I looked through ours. It reminded me of old times as we took turns trying on various outfits, helping each other hooking our bras, zipping and unzipping dresses, and modeling in front of each other. Sis commented that I came a long way from wearing her panties on the weekend, to having a wardrobe as big as hers and a real set of tits. I gave her a big hug and thanked her for helping me every step of the way. Chrissy and Michelle brought back Chinese food for dinner. We all ate and then changed to watch some television. Chrissy, Sis, and I put on a nightshirt and panties. We all lay on the floor in front of the television. Michelle came out a few minutes later with a sheer negligee with nothing under it. She stood in front of the television and said, “Let’s have some fun before our long ride tomorrow.” She must have planned this with Chrissy while they were out. She rolled Sis on her back spreading her legs. Then Michelle lay on her stomach on the floor with her face in Sis’s pussy after saying, “Climb on Joann.” Chrissy urged me on top of Michelle where I pushed my little dick into her ass as she spread her legs a little. Before I knew it, Chrissy was straddling the two of us with her dick pushing against my ass. I could feel the pre-cum on its tip providing some lubrication. Slowly she pushed her dick into my asshole. Her forward pressure pushed me into Michelle’s ass, which in turn, prompted her to lick Sis’s pussy harder. I wish we could have had a video of it. As Chrissy moved in and out in my ass, we all moved with her rhythm. All four of us were moaning. It was my first sandwich, and I loved it. The excitement in my ass was radiating through my little dick, and apparently, into Michelle’s ass. My tits were pushed into her back and I could feel Chrissy’s tits against my back. Sis had her knees up, so I gripped them with my hands. When Chrissy thrust forward in my ass, I would pull on Sis’s knees. This intensified Michelle’s muff diving. I could see the expression of satisfaction on Sis’s face as she moaned in sync with us. I was surprised when Chrissy was the first to cum. She cried out a strangely convoluted groan as she gave one long push in my ass. We were all still, as Chrissy finished unloading her cum deep inside me. I could feel her dick pulsing in me, before it calmed down and she pulled it from ass. Then she put her hands on my ass cheeks and started pushing me into Michelle. I was still bursa escort watching Sis’s face as it started to contort and she began to pant and moan at a higher volume. I think I was as excited as her. When she let out a final moan, I came in Michelle’s ass seconds afterward. After I pulled out of Michelle, she said, “What about me?” Chrissy rolled her over on her back, spread her legs, and began licking her pussy in earnest. I pushed her teddy up over her head and started sucking her right nipple. Within seconds, Sis started sucking her left nipple. Michelle put her right arm around my head and her left arm around Sis’s head pulling us tight into her two tits. I could feel her body bucking as she squeezed our heads arching her back to push her pussy upward. She was, by far, the loudest when she reached her orgasm. We were all lying on our backs next to each other when we finished off Michelle. Chrissy and I eventually got up and showered before going to bed together. In the morning, we got up and dressed casually for the twelve-hour trip. Chrissy drove halfway and I drove the other half, stopping for lunch and gas once. We arrived at the hotel around 9:00 pm, eating a late snack before going to bed. We met Joe, from the bank, for breakfast to talk about the meeting later in the morning with the other lending officers. He looked through one of the packets I made up. He said the reason for the meeting was to plan our presentation, but after looking through my packet he felt we were better prepared than he could possibly plan. We went to the bank and met with Joe, three other men, and Joe’s boss, before sitting down with Joe and his boss in a conference room. After over an hour of questions, Joe’s boss, Al, stood up and said he was impressed with my presentation before asking, “But, do you think four women are going to be able to handle this? And how did four women get such an idea?” I stood up, walked over to him, took his hands with my hands and put them on my butt cheeks. Then I put my arms around his shoulders and said loudly enough for everyone in the room to hear, “Only two of us are women, want to guess which ones?” While he turned a little red, he didn’t let up his grip on my ass. I continued, “We’ll give you a chance at that later.” Then I stepped back and said, “This property is perfect for our plan, but is worthless to anyone else. This is a win-win-win. The bank recovers a bad loan, we get the perfect property, and you get a lifetime membership to Joann’s Club Paradise.” I finished by giving him my best sexy wink. After a minute, Al said, “Well, young lady, you make some very good points. You have made a thorough and persuasive presentation. I’m going to do everything in my power to accept your offer.” Then, he gave me a wink. “You will hear from me in a few weeks. Joseph will finish up the preliminary paperwork with you.” After Al left, Joseph said, “Wow that went well. We may pull this off. Let me get my folder. We still have a lot of paperwork to fill out and sign.” One of the first items was credit applications for all of us. When I completed mine, Joe looked at it and said, “Your name is Joseph too?” I smiled and replied, “We have something in common.” I could see the surprise in Joe’s face. I tried to lighten the mood a little by saying, ”I guess we’re going to take the fun out of Al figuring out who’s who the old fashioned way.” That night at the hotel room, Chrissy asked why I never had my name legally changed to Joann. I didn’t realize that was possible. She explained how I could do it when we got back home since bursa escort bayan she had done it in the state where we lived. The next morning we drove back home. The following day I contacted a lawyer who Chrissy worked with through her company to talk about our business venture. He reviewed the copies of the documents we signed for the bank, and then suggested we form a corporation to operate the business and minimize our personal exposure. He agreed to handle everything for the purchase, and as a bonus, would file my name change. As promised, Al called me personally to tell me the bank conditionally accepted our offer. He asked if I would mind if he flew up to meet me, alone, for dinner to discuss the final agreement. I told him that would be fine and I would even pick him up at the airport. He called back an hour later to tell me he booked a flight for Friday afternoon and a hotel room. I began to suspect it was going to be more than dinner. I took a long bubble bath with the best fragrance I had, followed by a heavy enema. I put on a black and red lace thong, matching three quarter cup bra, and thigh-high black stockings, before pulling on a tight one-piece black dress that just covered the top of the stockings. I had to raid Sis’s closet for a pair of high heel black shoes since I rarely wear them, but today I was on a mission. I packed an overnight bag and a folder with some information on the motel. Then, I put on a coat, loaded the car, and headed for the airport. Al texted me, shortly after I parked in a short term lot, to let me know he arrived. I drove around to the terminal and picked him up. When he got in the car, his eyes lit up as he said, “Joann, you are stunning. I’m told there is a great restaurant next to the hotel. Is that okay?” I replied, “That sounds good. Give me the address.” It was only ten minutes away. He wanted to check in first so he didn’t have to worry about being too late at dinner. I went up to his room with him. While he was freshening up in the bathroom, I sat waiting on a chair with my legs crossed. He couldn’t take his eyes off my legs when he came out. I couldn’t resist asking, with a big smile, “Is my dress too short?” He was so cute as his face turned a little red and he shyly said, “Oh no, it’s perfect.” I uncrossed my legs, purposely opening them a little extra, trying to give him a little show. The expression on his face confirmed I was successful. As I stood up, he walked over and took my hand. We walked down to the parking lot to my car where I grabbed my folder. Since the restaurant was just on the other side of the parking lot, we walked to it. I spent the first hour going over details that I wanted to address before we started drinking. After that, we had a light dinner and two bottles of wine. The more we drank, the more Al opened up about his personal life. He was married, had three kids, and his father-in-law was a director of the bank. The motel deal would be quite a feather in his cap since there was little hope of recovering their money from the original loan. Then, we started drinking bourbon and our discussion quickly drifted away from business. He began moving his chair closer to mine. His hand moved to my hand. The waiter came to the table with the check hinting that it was nearing closing time. Al paid the check and we walked outside. I said, “I hope I’m okay to drive home.” He quickly responded, “Maybe you should stay at the hotel tonight.” I countered, “Is that an offer? He awkwardly answered, “I guess it is.” I took his hand and walked toward my car as I said, escort bursa “Let me put my folder in the car and get my night bag.” I opened the car door, put the folder on the seat, and then leaned over to reach my bag. He put both of his hands on my waist and laughed saying, “I don’t want you to fall over the seat.” As I grabbed the bag, he pulled me back out of the car. I stood up, laughing, and turned face to face with him. He leaned in and kissed me on my lips. I put my arms around him and continued the kiss with several tongue exchanges. His hands were all over my ass. I took his hand, walked toward the hotel, and then up to his room. Once in the room, I told him I wanted to slip into something more comfortable and that he should do the same. I asked him to unzip the back of my dress. Then I let it drop to the floor. I took a silk teddy from my bag and pulled it over my head letting it drape down on my body. I took my little purse from the bag and put it on the night table. Al was just standing there watching me, so I said, “Well, are you going to get comfortable?” I began unbuttoning his shirt and unbuckling his belt. His pants fell to the floor. I had to help him step out of them. He finally removed his shirt by himself. Together we pulled off his t-shirt. I put my thumbs in his waistband pulling down his shorts. He was packing a good nine-inches of horse cock. I pushed him up on the bed onto his back. Then I began to lick the pre-cum from the tip of his dick. He started to moan immediately. I wrapped my lips around his big shaft and started descending down on it. I wasn’t sure if it was going to fit in my throat. I knew I was going to have to work it a while to get it wet and slippery if there was any chance of taking it all in. I began moving up and down, pushing harder on each inward thrust in my mouth. My occasional gagging was making me slobber providing some lubrication. I could poke it partway in my throat, but had to immediately withdraw to keep from choking. Al was getting louder with his moans, to the point, I was afraid the nearby rooms would hear him. I pulled up, keeping the tip in my mouth, as I started to suck. Then, I would lick his slit as he oozed out some pre-cum, followed by more sucking. His dick was becoming rock hard. I grabbed my purse, and pulled out a maximum size condom and a tube of lube. I opened the wrapper, removed the condom, and pulled it over his straining shaft. As I squeezed a generous portion of lubrication on his dick, he said, “That’s cold, baby.” I replied, “I’ll take care of that.” Climbing on top of him, I pulled my thong down in the back, before lining up the tip of his dick with my hot and hungry hole. While the alcohol helps relax my sphincter, I knew this was a big one that was going to take some care. I pushed back a little, feeling the pressure stretching my anal ring. I pulled up a little, before attempting another small push. I had to start teasing myself by pushing it in and out, less than an inch, more than two dozen times. The combination of spreading the lubrication and loosening my anal ring, made me feel more comfortable. I was ready to push the tip of his dick through my anal ring this time. As I, again, pushed my ass back, I could feel it stretching to its limit. I could feel the ridge of his tip sliding along the inner ring before it finally passed through. At last, I had the feeling of ecstasy as his shaft began to slither through my sphincter as it began filling my colon. Al let out a loud moan as his dick was disappearing into my ass. I had to put my hand over his mouth. This was preventing me from sitting back so I could fully let the weight of my body push his dick fully up my ass. Fortunately, he quieted down after a few minutes. I leaned my body back to finish my total impalement. This time it was me who was moaning.

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