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Subject: jordan and billy part two I have a story to tell that centers around sex between two brothers. If the subject matter bothers you or is illegal in the area where you live or you under the age of 18, it is now time for you to leave this page. This story will be short compared to many that are on niffy. I hope you will enjoy it. Please donate to Nifty. Brothers Jordan and Billy part Two Saturdays were our go to day. That’s the day that Dad would take Mom to run errands. As soon as they pulled out of the driveway, Jordan and I were naked and jerking off. And it was on Saturdays when he let me jerk him off, which was at that time my favorite thing to do. Then he’d jerk me off and without fail we’d go for a second time. Alone in the house, we were able to talk about trying different positions, using different things for lube, like hand lotion, cooking oil and each other’s cum. I had two positions that I loved when I jerked him off. One was with him on his knees with his butt in the air and his face on a pillow. I’d kneel behind him and stroke his dick and play with his balls. What I enjoyed was the sight of his butthole especially when he’d come. The other position was when he lay on his back and I’d kneel between his legs. I could stroke his cock, play with his balls and watch his face as he’d enjoy me masturbating him. As we got older and Jordan started dating girls our jerk off sessions became less frequent. They never stopped completely. He never turned me away or made me feel like it was something we shouldn’t be doing. As a matter of fact, it was a thing that was our secret, something that we shared, something he said he’d never do with anyone else, something that was special. There were nights when I’d sneak into his bedroom after our parents were asleep. I’d slip into his bed and he and I would jerk off beside each other. We made the decision that whoever came first came on the other’s junk so that he could use it as lube. I loved it when he came on me, so I’d often slow down as I got close and wait to come. Jordan played freshman football. He was a wide receiver and he was fast. One of his best friends who was an African American use to tease him and say that he was fast for a white boy. He enjoyed that a lot. As a sophomore he played JV and lettered and then as a junior he played varsity. My mom and dad went to all his games and, of course, so did I. I don’t think anyone cheered for him louder than me. And when the game was over, I’d run down close to where he’d pass to go to the locker room and wait for him to pass by. He’d look for me. I’d wave and shout. He’d look up at me and smile. When he was a senior, I was a high school freshman. I went out for cross-country and track. He ran track also. He was a sprinter. I was a distance runner. My parents never came to my cross-country meets. My dad said, “All we do is sit in the stands and watch you start the race and then wait there for you to come back and finish. It’s a waste of time.” Jordan came to all my meets. It was during his senior year, one Saturday after a big game his team was supposed to lose, he said, “Last week you said that if we won the game, you’d owe me.” “Yeah,” I said as we undressed. “You want a hand job? “That and something else.” “What?” “Well, you might think it’s gross, but you owe me.” I chuckled. “You want me to do something to you that’s gross. Are you going to do it to me, too?” “Yeah, sure, if you want.” “What.” “Well, I heard that if you stick your finger up your butt while you jerk off and move it around it feels incredible and that it feels even better if you can get someone else to stick their finger up your butt while they give you a hand job.” “That’s not really gross, I guess. I mean you can wash your hands after. Where did you hear about this?” “Saw a video of some girl doing it to this guy with a dildo.” “What’s that?” “Like a rubber dick thing.” “Where did you see that?” “At Connor’s house. It was a video on a porn site. Connor said that when you cum you swell up inside your ass and if you rub that while you cum it makes your orgasm more powerful. He said he does it to himself and that I should try it.” “Did he do it to you?” He looked at me. “Billy, you’re the only guy who I’d let touch my dick or my ass. This is our thing. Got it?” “Yeah. I know that.” He spread lotion over his hole and I wet my hands with lotion. “Okay, so you’ve got to go in slowly.” “Which finger?” “I guess your index finger or middle finger, whichever feels right.” He knelt on his bed. I began jerking him off with long slow strokes. We joked about this position saying it was like milking a cow. “Okay, slowly put your finger in.” I pressed my index finger against his hole and moved it around. Secretly, I had always wanted to touch his butthole, but I thought he’d hate it. But he moaned as I stroked and rubbed his hole. Then I slowly pressed in. My finger slid in, but I could feel the muscles of his sphincter tighten quickly around my finger. “Move it in and out.” I stroked and moved my finger going deeper each time. “Keep it in deep like that and move it around.” I did. “Yeah, fuck, yeah, like that.” I kept stroking his cock and moving my finger. He moaned and breathe hard and fast. “This feels good?” “Fuck yeah. You’re going to love it.” I was loving it. I was so turned on I was dripping precum and not even touching my cock. I watched his scrotum tighten and his balls move. I felt his cock getting rock hard and his cock head becoming firm. “I feel something,” I said. “Fuck, I’m getting close. Oh fuck, yeah, keep doing that.” I moved my finger over what seemed like a hard knot in his butt. “Oh fuck, yeah. Oh fuck,” he moaned. His entire body began to shake as his prostate swelled. Then he let out a deep guttural groan as cum shoot out of his cock. I kept stroking his cock, tightening my grip on his cock head and pressing against his prostate and he kept coming and trembling with pleasure. Streams of cum exploded from his cock onto a rag we put on the bed. “Okay, stop,” he said. gölcük escort bayan I pulled my finger from his ass and let go of his cock. He rolled over onto his back and started laughing. I watched as his body kept spasming. He looked at me and said, “Fuck, Billy. That was insane.” I lay on the bed. He smiled at me. “Was it gross for you?” “No, not even a little. I liked doing it. You butthole is beautiful.” He laughed. “That’s too funny.” I felt my face warm. I knew he didn’t know how much I loved touching him. I imagined that I loved it more than he loved me doing it to him. In middle school I had wondered if I was gay. Now, a freshman in high school, I knew I was. I knew he’d love me if he knew, but I was afraid to tell him. We traded places. He, without hesitation, wet my butt crack and hole with lotion. I was kneeling with my butt in the air. He said, “After I do you, you’ve got to do me again.” “Sure. No problem. It was kind of hot.” “Just wait and see what it feels like.” He began slowly stroking my cock. “You know I think your cock is thicker than mine.” “Really?” “Yeah. And maybe longer. I think I hate you.” I laughed. Then I felt his finger go into my hole. I moaned loudly. He moved his finger in and out of my hole and then pressed in deep. Again, I moaned as he very slowly ran his hand up and down the shaft of my seven and a half inch cut cock and over my cockhead. It didn’t take long before he said, “Fuck, I can feel it getting hard.” “I’m close,” I moaned. His grip got tight as he pulled his fist up and down my cock. His finger moved inside of me and I began to shake all over. “Fuck, Jordan. Oh fuck,” I said squirming with pleasure. I felt cum exploding from my cock and it seemed like I came more than I had ever before. “Stop,” I called out. I lay there and kept climaxing. We made eye contact. He said, “Damn, isn’t that incredible.” I couldn’t talk yet. I just smiled and nodded. “We couldn’t ever do that when they’re home.” We both started laughing. “Fuck,” he said. “look at all that cum.” The rag we had set down was covered with cum. “We’re going to have to burn that or bury it.” We did each other again but differently. This time he lay on his back and pulled his legs to his chest and spread them wide. I thought his body was incredible – smooth, six-pac, firm pecs and his junk. I knelt in front of him slipped my middle finger up his hole and slowly stroked his cock with my other hand. To our surprise, it seemed more pleasurable the second time. Perhaps because it took longer to come, or maybe it was that we knew what we were doing. When he came he came a lot and came hard. Cum exploded from his cock, flew into the air and landed in his hair, on his face and into his mouth as he squirmed and moaned. After he stopped coming, I licked the cum from my hand. When he finally came off his climax, he opened his eyes and smiled at me. “Did you aim for my face,” he said licking his lips. “Actually, no. I was kind of surprised it flew up into the air.” He lay there looking happy and content and so relaxed. “Give me a minute and I’ll do you.” “No rush.” I lay beside him. There was still cum on his face. I wiped it up with my finger and then licked my finger. He looked at me and said, “I guess we are weird. I mean we’re brothers and were doing this shit.” “Does it bother you?” “Not even a little, but we are weird.” “Yeah, I guess. But it feels great even if it’s weird.” “Great? You mean when you come.” “No. I mean it’s great because you have girlfriends. They don’t do this for you, do they?” He shook his head. “And you have your guy friends at school. They wouldn’t do this for you or would you do it to them, right? “For sure.” “So, this is our special thing. I mean it’s always been this way.” “What do you mean?” “You’ve always been special to me.” He stared at me. “I love you too, Billy and you’re special to me. I love being your big brother.” “I love you too.” “I know.” He did me the way I did him. I came hard and he aimed for my face. Afterward I laughed and so did he as we ate my cum. After our ass fingering experiment, our Saturday jerk off sessions became a regular thing again. He and I had fingered ourselves while jerking off but decided that it definitely felt better to have someone else doing the work while we enjoyed the feelings. We also decided that we enjoyed lying on our backs, legs in the air and getting fingered and jerked. Each Saturday we each came twice while getting fingered. As much as I enjoyed getting fingered by Jordan, I definitely enjoyed taking his cock in my hand with my finger probing his hole more. And I had become expert at getting globs of his cum on my hand. Cum that I could lick off my fingers. As the year progressed talk of him leaving for college became more frequent. Anytime he or my parents talked about it, I sat silently with a knot in my throat. His SAT and ACT scores were excellent as was his GPA. He had applied to several University of California schools and a few state colleges. He would have liked to go out of state to the University of Washington, but we couldn’t afford out-of-state tuition. He was accepted to all the UC’s to which he had applied and he received scholarship awards. He decided he wanted to go to UC Berkeley and was going to major in business. He was excited to go. I tried to be. As always he figured out what I was feeling and approached me. One night he woke me as he got into my bed. “Look, I know you’re hating that I’m going away.” “I’m happy for you, but,” “I get it. If you were leaving me here with them, I’d hate it.” “I just think it’s going to suck. You’re the only person here that I can talk to,” I said tears filling my eyes. “I mean they’re mostly into you.” “What do you mean?” “They are proud of you. They came to your games. Dad talks about you playing football and stuff like that. They never talk about what I do.” “Football is stupid. You’re grades are better than mine were. Besides, you’re a better son.” kocaeli otele gelen escort “Bullshit. He likes his car better than he likes me. And that’s not all of it.” “What?” “You’ve been my brother my whole life. Anytime I had a problem you fixed it. Anytime I got scared at night, you let me sleep with you.” “You were like four or five then.” “But that’s what I mean. You’ve always been there. Fuck, if it wasn’t for you I might still not know how to jerk off.” He started laughing. “I think you’d figure it out. I did.” “You know what I mean.” “I know. I’m going to miss you too. I trust you more than anyone and I’m not going to have that when I’m gone. I wish I could take you with me. You know, you can come and visit me.” “Yeah, how?” “I looked online. Greyhound has a bus that goes to Oakland. You can take it after school on Friday and come back Sunday night.” “But you’re in Berkeley.” “Oakland is the next town over. They have a train that goes there. I can pick you up.” “Where will I stay.” “With me in the dorm. Bring your sleeping bag.” “They won’t let me come.” “I’ll talk to Mom. Maybe you can come and see a couple of football games and we can hang out.” “I guess.” “I’m going to try to not come home during the summer.” “What? Why?” “I just don’t want to be here anymore. I just feel bad about you.” “What will you do?” “Go to summer school. Get a job. I’ll figure out something. You can come down and visit and stay for like a week maybe.” “We’re not going to see each other. You’ll be gone.” I started to cry. He pulled me into his arms. “We’ll always be brothers and we’ll hang out and it will be fun when we do. Part of the reason I want to start early,” “What do you mean?” “I’m starting school this summer.” “You’re not going to be here this summer?” “If I start this summer and go every summer, I can graduate in three years. I want to be on my own and not depend on them.” The more we talked the worst I felt. The last three months he was at home were both good and tough. He and I hung out a lot and we never missed a Saturday session. We even started climbing into each other’s bed at night as we had years before and masturbated beside each other. A couple of weeks before he left he came into my room late at night. I scooted over and made room for him in my bed. While we jerked off, he said, “I have this idea.” “Cool. Your ideas are always good.” He chuckled. “Maybe you won’t like this one. “I doubt that.” “You know how we taste our cum, lick it up sometimes.” “Yeah.” “This is going to sound weird.” “Just say it.” “Well, I was kind of wondering what it would be like to eat my entire load.” “Probably the same but just more.” “Well, I’ve decided that I’m definitely going to try it and I thought we could do it together.” “Cool.” “I think it will be more exciting to do it with you watching than doing it alone. Plus I get to see you do it.” I felt my cock getting rock hard. “So, I was thinking how to do it.” “Licking your fingers after you come.” “No. Like maybe coming in a glass and drinking it all or maybe just putting my legs over my head and squirting into my mouth and swallowing it.” “That would work.” “But I think I’d get so excited it would be hard to get it into my mouth and I’d come all over my face.” I laughed. “That would be fun to see.” “What me coming on my face?” “Yeah. I think it’s funny when you come and it hits your face.” “I’ll do that and you can watch if you do it.” “Sure.” “Okay, Saturday is face cum day.” “Cool,” I said. My cock was rock hard. “What about the other thing?” “Yeah. We can do that the Saturday after. We have to figure out how to do it.” Saturday came. As soon as my parents left we were naked. “You go first,” he said and smiled. “Sure. What do I do?” “Jerk off and then when you’re close flip your legs over your head and aim at your face.” I lay down and tried it and it was hard to steady myself. We practiced and then figured if we braced ourselves by putting our feet against a wall, we could hold ourselves steady. I lay down and stroked my cock. He lay beside me and stroked his. We kept glancing at each other and smiling. When I am excited, I come a lot. Sometimes I squirt nine or ten times and the first six or seven times there’s a lot of cum. He comes a lot, too, but not as much as me. “I’m kind of getting close,” I said. He rolled over onto his side as I threw my legs over my head. He put his hand against my back as I put my feet against the wall and steady myself. “How close can you get to your mouth,” he asked. I press down as far as I could. If I pressed hard and stuck out my tongue I could just touch the tip of my cock. “Cool,” he said. I began stroking. “Just anyplace on my face.” “All over your face.” I laughed. “Okay.” I stroked. He lay beside me his face about a foot from my face. “Fuck,” I moaned. “I’m gonna come.” The first shot hit my closed mouth, then my nose and forehead. Then I opened my mouth and shot into it. I heard him say, “Nice.” And then I pointed my dick at him and shot him in the face and then kept coming on my face as I laughed. I uncurled and lay there breathing hard, cum covering my face. I glance at him. He had cum dripping from his nose and on his lips. “You know, pay back is a bitch.” I laughed. “What’s it like?” “It’s kind of weird. But kind of hot too,” I said licking my lips. We went into the bathroom and I washed my face. “You’re turn.” “I’m going to get you.” “I don’t care if you do. Actually, I’m fine with it.” “Really.” “If you want you can shoot your whole load on my face, but first you have to do yourself like I did.” When he was ready to come, he threw his legs over his head and steadied himself. He looked at me and said, “My whole load after I do this.” “Promise.” He jerked off hard and shot his load and came a large amount. kocaeli sınırsız escort He covered his mouth and nose and cheeks and even got some in his hair. He uncurled and lay there breathing hard. “It is kind of weird but kind of hot too.” He stared at himself in the mirror and then washed his face. We got back onto my bed. He said, “I think if we cum in a small glass then we can just drink it.” “Who has a small glass?” “I was looking through all our stuff. Mom has that set of pretty glasses that were her mother’s. You know the ones she never uses.” “Oh yeah. They’re like those pretty juice glasses or something.” “Yeah. Or maybe we can find something else. You come so much you might overflow one of those.” “So, that’s not fair. I’ll be drinking more cum than you.” “I won’t jerk off Friday night, then I’ll have a lot.” “I won’t jerk off either. What we should do is both jerk off into the same glass and drink half each.” “How would we know what half is.” “I’ll figure something out.” “So, I get to jerk off on your face, right?” “Yeah, sure, you ready?” “Aren’t you going to say you have to do me too.” “But I got you before.” “That was only one shot.” “Great. I’ll jerk off on your face.” We lay beside each other and masturbated. I got close first. I got up and straddled his chest and looked down on him. I laughed and I stroked. He smiled and then started laughing. I moved toward him, aimed my cock and hit my target. I even got a shot directly into his mouth. Then he said, “I’m close.” We quickly switched places. I looked up at him, his face dripping cum, as he stroked and licked his lips and the cum dripping from his nose. “Wow,” I said. “I came a lot.” “No shit and half went into my mouth.” I laughed. “Open yours, hot stuff.” The first shot surprised me when it hit my forehead. The rest he was able to aim directly at my nose and mouth and got it in. We inspected ourselves in the bathroom mirror and then climbed into the shower. While washing off he pulled me against him and held onto me. He pressed his cheek against mine. We were chest to chest and stomach to stomach. Our junk pressed against each other’s. It was something that we hardly ever did. We held each other. I didn’t jerk off the next Friday. When my parents left, Jordan got one of my mother’s fancy juice glasses. I got her measuring spoons. “Get two more glasses,” I said. “What are you going to do?” “We both jerk off at the same time and come in the same glass. Then I’ll measure one tablespoon for you, one for me until it’s empty and then we’ll drink it.” He stared at me. “Maybe we can just aim at our mouths and get it all in.” “Okay, if you want to do that.” He stood there stroking his cock. “Let’s do both. First we’ll fill the glass and then we’ll flip our legs.” “Cool.” We stood facing each other jerking off. “You jerk off last night?” he asked. “No. You?” “No. I measure how much this glass holds,” he said still stroking. “How much?” “Three quarters of a cup.” “That’s six ounces,” I said stroking hard. “How many tablespoons is that?” We had always lay beside each other and jerked off and it was usually at night in the dark. On Saturdays we usually jerked each other. We had never just stood facing each other and stroked our meat. I found it very exciting to just stand there and watch him masturbate. “One tablespoon is one ounce, I think. Thereabouts.” “How do you know that shit?” “I don’t know.” “Give me the glass,” he moaned. “I can hold it for you.” I put the mouth of the glass partially over his cockhead as he stroked. He moaned and I watched as shot after shot exploded against the side of the glass. When he was done I held it up. “Wow, that is a lot. Almost half filled maybe.” “Let me see.” He took the glass from me and held it up. “Yeah, if it’s six ounces that’s at least two maybe three.” “Maybe I should use another glass just in case.” He laughed. So did I. He grabbed another glass. “I’m close,” I said. He put the mouth of the glass over my cock and I began to come. Shot after large shot. I counted ten shots. “Fuck, that’s more than half.” I took the glass from him. “Let’s see if it’s more than one glass.” I poured his cum into mine and there was room to spare. “Okay, get the other one.” We knelt in front of my desk and slowly poured the cum into the tablespoon and then into a glass. “Fuck, that’s seven ounces of cum. Three and a half each,” I said handing him a glass. “Fuck, this is weird, really weird.” He looked at me. “Sip or one big gulp.” “Just pour it in and swallow.” “Here goes,” he said and poured the cum into his mouth. I immediately did the same. I watched as he swallowed. I swallowed. “Fuck, we are officially weird,” he said. “Very weird,” I said and licked the glass clean. He laughed. Later we lay on his bed and masturbated. I got close first. I flip my legs over my head and steadied myself. He lay on his side and watched. I had my mouth open wide as I started to come. “Don’t swallow it. I want to see the cum in your mouth.” I had my cock about two inches from my mouth when I started coming. He counted each shot. “Fuck, that’s the second time and you still got nine shots. Let me see.” I turned my head toward him. “Don’t swallow.” He looked into my mouth and then stuck his finger in and moved my cum around over my teeth and against my cheeks. I bit down on his finger and then swallowed. “I could have gotten my toothbrush,” I said, “and brushed my teeth with my cum.” “Next time.” “I get to finger your mouth.” “Of course.” He flipped his legs over his head and soon was shooting cum. I counted seven good sized shots of cum. I looked into his mouth and saw a large pool of white goo. I stuck my finger into his mouth and moved it around. Then I licked my finger and put it in his mouth again. Again I wet my finger with his cum and licked my finger. He swallowed and laughed. “You’re such a goof.” The night before he left I got into his bed with him. We lay facing each other, talking and touching each other’s cock. We were both hard. When he got close to coming, he moved close to me and shot his load onto my stomach and junk. I rubbed it around. When I came I shot onto his stomach and junk. We stayed awake all night, talking, touching and coming onto each other.

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