Journal Extracts Ch. 22



I followed Max to the cellars in some trepidation, not knowing what he had in mind. In the first of them, a sort of anti-room, I soon found out. Max led me to the steel door beyond which stretched the cellars proper, and opening the square shutter which served as a small window invited me to take a look. The spectacle which met my eyes caused me to gasp loud enough for the occupants inside to turn and look at the door.

Marie was chained to the wall, naked but for torn and laddered stockings hanging loose on her legs, legs that were held wide apart by the chains attached to hooks in the wall. There were four guys in the cellar, none of who I recognised, and given the fact that they were all naked and sporting erections their intentions towards my wife, helpless and vulnerable, was plain to see.

“Good we’re in time,” Max hissed. “Due to your lateness I thought we might miss the show.”

Held up by unexpected roadwork’s I’d been about twenty minutes late reaching the hotel.

“These guys are going to fuck your wife while she’s chained to the wall. It’s a favourite fantasy of hers,” Max informed me, which is the first I’ve heard of it.

“Marie has lots of erotic fantasies and I’m going to enjoy helping her realise them,” Max went on. “But even more importantly I’m going to enjoy making you watch your wife’s depravity.”

“And I’m going to help make sure the slut’s well and truly degraded,” Miss Walker spat venomously in my ear, startling me as I hadn’t realized she’d joined us.

“Many, very many guys will have shot their loads inside the slag’s greasy and smelly holes, front and back, by the time I’ve finished with her. Particularly your wife’s tight little bum hole, which won’t be so tight when it’s been pounded by hundreds of cocks!” Miss Walker jeered.

It can’t be denied that Marie’s excitement was plain to see as she stared hungrily at the guy directly in front of her as he stood stroking his erection. The two flanking her each sucked a nipple while fingering my wife’s vagina in unison. At that point the fourth guy contented himself in taking photos.

“It’s your randy wife who wants a photographic record,” Max hissed.

“Go on then Frank her cunt’s open and dripping, give it to her,” one of the guys said, stepping aside.

“Oh god yes, yes yes!” Marie screamed when the one called Frank drove his penis into her with a force that lifted my slightly built wife up on to the very tips of her toes.

As Frank’s penis continued driving in and out of her Marie’s bottom was being forced up and down against the brickwork, any pain only seeming to excite her further.

“The sluts arse will know about it by the time these guys have finished with her,” Miss Walker crowed as we watched Marie being lifted off her feet by every thrust of Frank’s penis into her.

Despite the pain which must have been caused by her bottom rasping against the rough brickwork my wife was clearly loving every minute of it, barely giving Frank time to withdraw before yelling, “Next.”

“See what a whore you’re married too,” Max hissed contemptuously when Marie again yelled excitedly as the second penis slammed her up against the wall.

“A slag who drops her knickers for all and sundry,” Miss Walker added contemptuously.

As time passed I couldn’t really see what was happening to Marie, flanked as she was by two guys, a third fucking her while a fourth waited his turn, penis in hand. I could hear her though and my wife’s wild and lusty cries plainly excited Miss Walker who crowed, “The skin on the slut’s arse will be ripped, torn and bloody, the way she’s being rammed up against the wall.”

It was true that my wife’s petite form was being forced upwards by every penis thrust, the pressure lifting Marie off her feet, and she would have undoubtedly fallen but for the chains securing her to the wall.

By the time the fourth guy was fucking her Marie’s cries had become pitiful to hear, much to Miss Walker’s pleasure, but her state of high excitement remained apparent. She even seemed to revel in the pain inflicted on her bottom as it was forced against the rough brickwork time and time again by the succession of guys fucking her.

It was while Marie was being released from her chains that Max opened the door and led me through into the next cellar, my bra and panty clad body provoking the guy’s amusement.

“This is the cuckold I told you about. Take a look at his tiny cock.”

Max hooked my panties to one side revealing my genitals and provoking more laughter.

“Did you ever see such a tiny willy,” Miss Walker jeered, setting off another round of derisory laughter.

“Take a look at your wife now these lads have finished with her, cunt gaping and spunk dripping down her thighs,” Miss Walker said, pushing me towards Marie.

Released from her chains Marie turned so that we could inspect her torn and bloodied bottom; Max asking her if she’d enjoyed it.

“Oh god yes, it’s was an incredible experience.”

“You’ll xslot have to go on top for sex ’till your arse heals,” Max commented.

“No problem, you know how much I like to ride a guys cock. Particularly yours,” my wife replied.

“Not any more sweetie, Max is mine again now. But we all know that any old cock will do for you and your going to get plenty, believe you me,” Miss Walker said as she slid an arm possessively around Max’s waist, the malice in her voice clear.

He laughed, turning his complacent smile my way, before unzipping his trousers and urging Marie to suck him off.

“Just one last time to humiliate the wimp,” he explained to Miss Walker, who didn’t look any to pleased about it.

“Doesn’t need much encouragement does she? Bet you wish it was your cock receiving the treatment Perkins,” Max taunted, when my wife took his penis between her lips.

With his clothing down to his knees Marie gripped Max’s bared buttocks as she worked on his genitals. It was inevitable that I should humiliate myself in front of the four guys by masturbating as I watched my wife licking and sucking his balls, Max in turn watching me with a supercilious smile on his face. She was fingering Max’s anus while sucking ardently on his penis when I came in my hand, sparking more contemptuous laughter from the guys. He came soon after; flashing me a triumphant grin, as with his penis deep down my wife’s throat she eagerly sucked the last drops from it.

Next it was my turn to be chained to the wall, but facing it. Of course I knew what to expect when Max pulled my panties down, but still howled when the first blow was delivered to my exposed buttocks.

“That’s it lads, take your belts to the wimps arse and show him no mercy,” Max urged before he and Miss Walker left, supporting Marie between them.

The four guys took him at his word, lashing my defenceless buttocks for what seemed an age, beating me from either side and replacing one another periodically. When it was finally over I hung from the wall whimpering in my pain and humiliation, the guys jeering and taunting me about how much they’d enjoyed fucking my wife.


Yet another shocking event this evening with Miss Walker’s presence, her vindictive pleasure in watching and actively encouraging the proceedings somehow making it seem so much worse.

On arrival at the hotel we were met in reception by Miss Walker, whose gloating and smug demeanour when telling us to follow her should have forewarned me that something out of the ordinary was going to happen. Her open contempt for me is one thing, actually I suppose I lap it up, but her disdain for and vindictive attitude towards my wife is something else.

Miss Walker makes no secret of her avowed aim to get back at Marie in any way she can for the loss, however brief and temporary it may have been, of Max affections.

“In there and strip, both of you,” Miss Walker said, opening the door to one of the larger rooms. “Place your clothes out here in the corridor when completely naked.”

With that she turned on her heel and left.

Marie of course had no hesitation in undressing and placing her clothing in a tidy pile outside the door. I on the other hand hesitated, concerned about leaving my clothes out in the corridor at the whim of any hotel guest who happened along.

“Go no, you know you have to do as she says,” Marie pointed out, Max having made it very clear that we show Miss Walker the same total obedience as we do him.

I reluctantly undressed and added my clothing to the pile outside, although retaining my wallet as a precaution.

Naked, we waited, both wondering what they had in store for us. For once Marie was as much in the dark as I. Inevitably I developed an erection gazing wistfully at my wife’s naked form.

“That won’t do you much good!” Miss Walker jeered, spotting my erection when she suddenly entered the room.

“Here she is then lads, the tart with her cuckold husband in tow,” Miss Walker said as introduction to the three black guys who filed into the room behind her.

I flushed crimson to see their grins when the guys saw my erection but they quickly transferred their interest to Marie.

“A sweet little thing,” one of them drawled in an American accent, wasting no time in taking my wife’s breasts in his hands.

“Yea, a picture of innocence,” another drawled, kneeling and licking her bottom.

“You wouldn’t say that if you saw the speed with which the tart whips her knickers off at the prospect of a cock inside her. See how eagerly she spreads her legs,” Miss Walker crowed.

My wife had certainly moved her feet apart with undue haste when one of their hands delved between her thighs.

The third guy, Joel, was undressing with Marie watching intently.

“Lovely!” she exclaimed directly his large and very erect penis was exposed.

“Show your appreciation then girl,” Joel said, joining in the laughter at the speed in which Marie dropped to her xslot Giriş knees in front of him.

“That’s it slut do the only thing you’re fit for,” Miss Walker practically snarled when Marie began licking and nibbling the end of Joel’s penis.

The other two, Ty and Delroy, undressed while watching my wife sucking their friend’s penis. Soon, she held a penis in each hand while sucking on a third, the guys replacing one another constantly.

“I’m really looking forward to seeing this, apparently it’s another of the slut’s fantasies, unbelievable as I find it,” Miss Walker said.

I looked at her quizzically, knowing she must mean more than just three guys fucking my wife, after all it’s almost common place nowadays!

“Two big black cocks up your wife’s greasy cunt simultaneously. These lads are really going to open her up!”

“No!” I gasped, not believing my ears.

“Oh yes,” Miss Walker crowed. “These lads know the score and are going to give her the works.”

We were watching my wife hungrily licking Delroy’s balls and when he turned and spread his buttocks she promptly did the same to his anus.

“Look at the dirty bitch!” Miss Walker exclaimed contemptuously. “Pity Max isn’t here to see his slag getting pounded into the ground by these American servicemen, several more of who should be along soon.”

Miss Walker was clearly becoming more and more worked up, the sight of my wife now licking Joel’s anus delighting her.

“The bitch has no shame,” she hissed at me before shouting excitedly, “Get the slag on the bed and give it to her the way we planned!”

Ty stretched out on the bed and the others lifted Marie on to him, her happy cry ringing out when she found herself impaled on his penis.

“That’s it, now a second!” Miss Walker shouted hysterically.

Climbing on to the bed Joel straddled the others before squatting. Miss Walker knelt, pulling me down with her. I really didn’t want to see this but found myself watching in morbid fascination as Joel struggled to insert his penis into Marie’s vagina alongside Ty’s.

“Yes!” Miss Walker’s exultant shout rang out when the second penis suddenly slid inside.

“Oh god yes, yes,” Marie yelled as the two guys began fucking her, both cocks drilling her vagina.

“The camera, I must get some pictures of this!” Miss Walker exclaimed looking for, and quickly locating it.

I remained on my knees watching, and despite my feelings of shock and repugnance to see how much my wife was enjoying such sordid activity, found myself annoyed that Miss Walker blocking my view from time to time while taking pictures.

It was Joel who came first and almost fell as he climbed off.

“Go on Delroy put your cock in alongside Ty’s, should be easier now the slag’s cunt’s been opened up,” Miss Walker urged.

Well her words were true enough because taking up the position vacated by Joel, Delroy’s penis slipped inside my wife’s vagina alongside Ty’s with remarkable ease.

Marie’s bottom and the tops of her thighs were all I could see of her, sandwiched between the guys, but an erotic sight it was. My wife’s white skin contrasted sharply with the black guys, her pink vagina lips stretched and distended by the two thick cocks drilling it.

“I hope your friends are coming Joel,” Miss Walker looked anxiously at her watch.

“They’ll be here but I’ll call ’em anyway.”

However, before Joel finished punching in the number on his mobile there was a light tap on the door.

Opening it Miss Walker cried excitedly, “Come on in lads, and join the party.”

I cowered in the corner, acutely aware of my nakedness, as four well built black guys filed into the room, some wearing USAF uniforms. However, after a cursory amused look my way they turned there attention to Marie, manically riding Ty’s thrusting penis. Delroy had finished and climbed from the bed while my attention was distracted by the new arrivals.

My wife must have been oblivious of the newcomer’s entry because rolling off Ty her face lit when she saw the four guys stripping off.

“Oh lovely!” she exclaimed, eagerly spreading her legs.

“Your slut wife’s thoroughly depraved,” Miss Walker hissed contemptuously in my ear. “I could have guys queuing all along the corridor and down the stairs waiting to come in and fuck the slag and she wouldn’t say no.”

The newcomers exchanged high fives with the original three before one of them went to mount Marie.

“No, not like that. Let the bitch ride you so the others can join in. I want to see two cocks inside her sluttish cunt again.” Miss Walked called.

So it was that the guy stretched out on the bed and Marie straddled him, giving vent to the very familiar cry as she sank down on his penis. Miss Walker insisted I return to the foot of the bed when a second guy climbed onto it and was jubilant as we watched the two big black cocks driving in and out of my wife’s vagina. The one on top presumably had the better friction because he quickly came, his place xslot Güncel Giriş being taken, equally quickly, by one of the others.

Miss Walker was growing more excited by the minute and with the second guy being replaced by the third, crowed, “Don’t think this will be the end of things because it won’t.”

Directing my attention to the fact that several of the watchers were sporting erections, Miss Walker said, with undisguised delight, “Your slut wife’s flabby cunt will be of no use to them now they’ve opened it up with a double pounding. For the next round they’re going to drill her bum hole.”

However, first there was a further indignity. Directly the last guy had finished Marie jumped from the bed and saying she was desperate to pee, ran to the en suite.

“Look at the vulgar bitch, she hasn’t even bothered to close the door,” Miss Walker spat contemptuously.

Indeed we could see my wife sitting on the loo urinating, a couple of the guys nipping inside for a better view!

Returning, Marie promptly knelt on the end of the bed and lowered her head to rest it on a hastily grabbed pillow.

“See how eager the slut is,” Miss Walker sneered as we contemplated Marie’s bottom, high in the air.

“Right Perkins,” she continued in a business like tone. “You can hold your wife’s buttocks apart while the guys drill her bum hole.”

Miss Walker noticed how exciting I found the touch of my wife’s flesh on my hands as I spread her soft buttocks and teased me accordingly. However, I was more concerned with the large and fearsome looking erection about to penetrate her anus.

Marie’s yell when it drove into her was deafening and Miss Walker laughed.

“This will teach the slag, seven big black cocks pounding her tight little bum hole in quick succession. It won’t be as tight by the time these guys have finished with it,” she crowed exultantly.

My eyes were fixed hypnotically on the penis driving steadily in and out of my wife’s anus, as before finding the comparison of black skin against Marie’s lily white flesh a highly erotic sight. I hadn’t even looked up to see which of them it was, only noticing Ty when he grunted, “I’m coming,” his body jerking as he released his semen deep inside my wife’s anus.

Directly he withdrew Delroy took over, Marie’s yell when the second penis drove into her anus not quite as loud as with the first.

And so it went on, my wife yelling almost continuously as penis succeeded penis, but I think both Miss Walker and I knew her cries were ecstatic ones.

Miss Walker was herself so highly charged and jubilant about what she clearly looked upon as Marie’s punishment that she almost forgot about the camera and only started filming when the fifth of them was enjoying anal intercourse with my wife.

I was relieved to think it the last as the seventh penis drove into her anus, although from Marie’s excited yell she would have been keen for eight or nine. My wife’s orgasms while the guys were bum fucking her, most fingering her vagina whilst doing so, were both wildly vociferous and numerous, the juices squirting and running down her thighs.

It was over but I had to continue holding her cheeks apart for the exultant and jubilant Miss Walker to film my wife’s gaping anus overflowing with semen.

Next, and as though to complete her humiliation, Miss Walker asked for one of them to take a belt to Marie’s backside. The guys were hesitant until Joel stepping forward delivered a mighty blow to my wife’s buttocks. Marie howled and Miss Walker shouted hysterically, “Great, give the slag a thrashing. Hold the bitch down some of you, the rest beat her bum to a pulp.”

“Anything you say Marm,” one of the men said, giving Marie’s buttocks a clout with his hand.

With Marie’s bottom still marked and scarred from her treatment in the cellar a month ago, I begged Miss Walker to take pity on her.

“Pity!” she exclaimed scornfully. “I’ll make the slag rue the day she seduced Max away from me. He soon woke up and saw your wife for the whore she is though and Max is now as keen to reduce her to the sewer where she belongs as I am. I’m going to assist him in degrading and humiliating you, and in return he’s going to help me do likewise with Marie.”

There was no arguing with Miss Walker’s vindictive and vengeful nature and any further protests died on my lips.

Some using their belts, some their hands, the guys continued to beat my wife’s backside and it didn’t escape anyone’s attention that Marie didn’t need any holding down, she was clearly loving it! Although her response wasn’t at all to Miss Walker’s liking.

Marie’s sordid encounter was finally over, but not my own humiliation because picking my wallet up from the bedside cabinet, Miss Walker tossed it to Joel saying, “Share it out as reward for a job well done.”

She flashed a beaming smile at me as I watched my wallet being emptied and the money distributed amongst the men, Joel commenting that there wasn’t much between seven of them.

“Empty the slag’s handbag as well, she’ll be glad to pay for your services won’t you slag?” Miss Walker gave Marie’s buttocks a slap as she remained laying face down on the bed. “She’ll soon make good the loss by opening her legs for a few paying clients.”

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