Julie. The Beginning


Julie. The Beginning”This is the third time in six months you have been late for work.” Mr. Carson said very matter of fact. Julie knew that he was a “by the book” type of boss. She knew her termination was imminent. “I know.” she replied quietly while trying not to cry. This sucked. She needed this job and really liked working here. “I know? That’s al you have to say? What should I do with you?””Well,” Julie began, “when I was young and I did something very wrong I would get spanked. So maybe…..” She couldn’t believe she said that as the words left her mouth but Julie she would be fired if she didn’t offer an alternative. Carson just stared at Julie. The silence was deafening. She stood up and walked to the door. Instead of turning the doorknob and leaving Julie twisted the deadbolt. She crossed back to his desk, reached up her skirt, and slipped her panties off. Carson remained silent as he pushed back from the desk. Julie lifted her skirt giving Carson a full view of her muffin. Then she bursa escort laid across his left leg pushing her bottom up into the air. Carson couldn’t believe his luck as he stared down at Julie’s plump, round ass. He pulled back his hand and firmly landed his open palm flat on her ass. Julie cried out a bit. The second swat was much harder and this time her yelp was much louder. Her bottom had two beautiful red outlines of his hand. Now it’s time to punish her he thought. Carson began spanking with an increased pace while Julie jerked across his leg. As his erection was growing stronger he thought to himself this is much more fun than firing her. As much as it hurt, Julie felt the blood rushing to her hips. She felt her lips swelling and a familiar tingle from her clit. Slowly she began parting her legs and exposing her arousal to him. And she could feel his hard cock rubbing against her hip. Where would this go? she wondered.Carson now had a full view of Julie’s pussy. It surprised him that she bursa escort bayan was turned on. Her lips were full and even moist! Carson didn’t need anymore encouragement. He stopped and began massaging her ass. When Julie spread her legs apart further he slipped a finger inside her pussy. Julie let out a very pleasurable moan. How could a spanking be so arousing? Who cares? She was going to keep her job and have an orgasm. Best of both worlds. When she felt his thumb probing around her butthole she simply pushed back and it slid in. Carson kept his fingers in place as she began humping both. Her right hand quickly found her clit. It was the hardest she had ever felt. The combination of the three sent her over the edge. Julie had her best orgasm ever!Carson had never felt a woman cum before. Both Julie’s pussy and rectum were pulsating and clamping around his fingers. She even squirted and stained his pants. Without a word spoken Julie got up and positioned herself between his legs. Carefully escort bursa she freed his cock from his pants and placed it his mouth. Oh how I have missed this Carson thought as he closed his eyes to enjoy. His last blowjob was twenty years in the past. By the amount of pre-cum he was leaking, Julie knew this would be over soon. While she didn’t prefer the taste of sperm, this was a special occasion. She swirled her tongue around and around the head feeling it grow firm and plump. Julie heard Carson inhale sharply and then he release himself into her mouth. When he finished Julie carefully put his cock away, slipped her panties back on, and left his office. A week later Julie found herself sitting across from the desk of Ms. Rachele Harris, owner of the company. “Julie, Mr. Carson has been let go from the company. It has come to my attention that the two of you have engaged in some…….. inappropriate behavior. I’m sorry my dear, but I need to fire you as well.”Julie’s heart sank. “I understand.” She stood and turned to leave. When she reached the office door Julie turned the deadbolt to lock. As she turned around Julie saw Ms. Harris standing behind her desk holding a belt. “Shall we begin?” Harris asked.

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