Julies lockdown silver lining


Julies lockdown silver liningIt was a strange year in 2020, a year that i would never forget. I had met Jeff that year, during a time that a virus was sweeping through the world. Laws were passed to keep people isolated and meeting up was entirely forbidden. Technology was a god send in those days, it allowed Jeff and I to really get to know each other. We had all the time in the world to chat and discover where we had similarities. It turned out that we liked a lot of the same things. We spent so many days and into the night talking, laughing, telling stories and planning a future together. The days turned into weeks and time slowed down but the promise of the what lay ahead kept us going.Two months after the lockdown began, an incredible thing happened. A vaccine had been developed in a German laboratory and it had a 100% success rate. The world rejoiced. Within days people recovered, hospitals emptied and mobile clinics travelled through regions vaccinating everyone with the treatment. Best of all, the restrictions were lifted and people could resume their lives. So that spring Jeff and I stood together in the same room and finally met. My heart was racing as we embraced and I knew something special was happening to me. He was gorgeous and i was really attracted to him. That elusive spark had been ignited. Very quickly we were smitten. We were so good together, conversation flowed, laughter rang and butterflies flapped in our bellies. Every spare minute we spent it together, we went out for lovely dates, shared meals, drinks, days out, walks holding hands and still we couldn’t get enough.Our nights in one another’s arms with kisses so deep left me tingling with anticipation and happiness. One night as we kissed and laughed i took off my top and let my breasts out for Jeff to have. The look of joy on his face was priceless, he took me in his hands and handled me with awe, like i was made of fine china. Our relationship turned a corner and we became lovers, incredible lovers. We learnt one another’s bodies and bonded so deeply. The intimacy between us was exquisite. We couldn’t get enough of one another. I swear the years dropped away and we became teenagers again. We became more familiar and more adventurous and the orgasms we had took me to paradise. Jeff took me over the car bonnet one night, it was summer by then, the rain hurtling down so fast it bounced off the ground. It lashed my skin and smacked into my nipples as Ron opened my legs and licked and sucked me into oblivion. The rain pelted off him as he gave me all that pleasure before turning me over and taking me from behind. The thunder roared and drowned out my cries of pleasure, I saw lightening flash as the rain speed increased and i was pounded into by Jeffs gorgeous cock. There were many great evenings in hotels and in deserted places where we experimented with each other, giving pleasure and taking such joy from it. We watched porn together and simulated our favourite scenes, used toys and also role played. We had grown so close and laid ourselves bare to ultimate pleasures. It was amazing days. We tried to think up more and more to find the penultimate sexual high and that’s how we met Jen and Craig.Now the story i have to tell is about what happened between us that sexy year. We were cuddled up one evening with the after glow of incredible orgasms and we were talking. Earlier in the night we had been watching hardcore porn, it had turned us on to see two couples together so involved with one another. Jeff had drilled me hard and fast that night, smacking my arse and filling me right up with cock. He had been relentless, punishing, frantic. He’d been so turned on that he had left me shaking with adrenaline and and a huge smile. I wanted him to smile that much too. So I suggested we get to know another couple and go with what happens. Jeff was thrilled, he wanted to take our sex to new heights too. So we found a website and got talking to Jen and Craig. They were 5 years younger than us and hot! We chatted over a few nights and really liked them, so we planned to meet at their house for a few drinks the following week.It was a Saturday and me and Jeff were excited. We didn’t stop talking about it all day. I loved seeing him so animated, he was high on happiness. The plan was we go meet them and enjoy an evening in their company. We all get familiar, make sure everyone wants to go ahead, then meet the following Saturday to partake. As ideas go it was a good one and it took off any pressure or expectations and gave everyone a chance to back out. But things don’t always go to plan. Jeff had been very aroused all day but i thought the sexual air would help the evening flow so i kept my knickers on and just let him play with my tits that afternoon as kocaeli escort we lay on the bed kissing and feeling so happy.We arrived at Jen and Craig’s house five mins early that night. I thought Jeff seemed nervous and in truth i was too. It was good nerves though born of excitement. We had a cuddle and agreed we wanted to go knock at the house together. We had seen photos of the couple and some of those had been sexy, but when they opened the door and greeted us I knew immediately that we had upped our game. They looked even better in person, an attractive couple who complimented each other. I noticed Jeff cop a glance at Jen’s boobs, I had done that too but more discreetly of course! I knew he would be pleased though. There were two sofas in the lounge and we sat down on one of them. After pouring us drinks they sat on the other. From hidden speakers a gentle music played, the lights were low and they had a glorious light display coming from the hearth.We made small talk and broke the ice as the drinks flowed. Then as the alcohol started to relax us the talking and laughing became natural, we were all enjoying the evening and clearly everyone was interestedI was aware that we had all switched into flirt mode and there was something so naughty but great about it. With our glasses topped up the minute they were empty we honestly did try to pace ourselves, we didn’t manage it! The music, the lights, the drink and the atmosphere loosened us up and as he squeezed my hand i knew Jeff was in his element. As we were all talking, laughing and flirting, Craig nodded toward me and said that i had nice big boobs.Somehow and i don’t remember exactly, but that seemed to be the moment the night changed.Jeff agreed that they were great tits and as he said it he reached over and lifted my top up and the cups of my bra. The room went silent as Jeff dropped his mouth and sucked on my nipple. Stopping for a moment, told Craig that he ought to come and try them out. Craig didn’t need asking twice! He crossed the room with an obvious erection in his pants as Jeff removed my top and bra completely. Craig reached for Jen’s hand and she joined him on the sofa with us. Craig dropped in front of me and started to fondle and suck on my tits while i smiled at Jen. She removed her own top and released her glorious pert boobs and straddled Jeff beside me and started kissing him deeply. His hands moved to her boobs and squeezing them he played with her nipples. Craig was kissing me now and his erection was straining against me. Craig sat back for a moment to removed his shoes and top as Jen moved her head across and started kissing me. Jeff groaned and sucked on her tits while he undone her jeans and I could feel a hand moving up my leg beneath my skirt. It could only be Craig or Jen and I felt myself getting wet. I broke the kiss and asked if we could go upstairs and get more comfortable. Jen took my hand and led the way. In the bedroom she pushed me onto the bed climbed on top of me and kissed me hard as the men undressed. There was a single candle burning and the room was spacious. The bed must have been super king size. I remember i was impressed. Jen was pulled off me and kissed by Jeff who had a huge erection bursting with desire. He removed her jeans and knickers and squeezed her bum in his hands while he kissed her deeply. My knickers were coming down and i looked to see Craig smiling and very erect. Jen dropped to her knees and kissed Jeff up his legs and towards his balls, she gently licked and sucked them into her mouth. As he groaned i saw his cock was twitching with pleasure, I knew it was longing for her mouth. Craig had my skirt off and kissed down my stomach and pulling my legs apart he moved his mouth toward me. His hot tongue met my wet juices and he began to circle my clit licking slowly. It felt so good.I turned my head to watch as Jeff was getting his cock licked all over, long strokes of Jen’s tongue slowly tasting him. I closed my eyes and sank into the feeling of Craig’s tongue as he worked my clit, he was so smooth, so honed in, i could feel my clit beginning to swell and little waves of pleasure were pulling deep inside my stomach. I opened my eyes again and I watched Jen attend to my boyfriend’s cock.It was so sexy watching jeffs pleasure I was incredibly turned on. The atmosphere in the room was fantastic. Jeff was groaning now as Jen’s mouth took in his cock and sucked on him moving slowly along his shaft forward and back, her hand was rubbing his balls. He looked so handsome laid there. He turned to see me watching and smiled at me before he looked down to watch Craig arousing me. My clit was very much coming to life and i was wanting cock but it was too soon in the night. We had to pace ourselves and last. Craig kocaeli escort bayan slipped a finger into me as he sucked up my clit and let his tongue flick over it. I cried out, oh it felt so fucking good, waves of pleasure shot through my body.Jeff was feeling he needed to slow down too and pulled jen up laying her on the bed beside me. Craig then reached across with his head and with his finger still inside me he sucked on Jen’s clit. I reached for Jeffs hand and as he walked around the bed towards me i turned my head and opened my mouth for his cock. He slid it into me and my hot wet tongue tasted him taking a mouthful. Jeff groaned as i sucked down on his cock while Jen who was getting oral reached for my boobs, stroking and squeezing them, teasing my nipples as Jeff watched. He had the best view of everything as the only one stood up. His cock was super hard and i imagined it inside of me, punishing my hot insides. He bent over me and kissed jen with a full on snog as i worked away sucking on that big cock. Jeff wanting to taste me pulled his cock from my mouth.As he made his way to the bottom of the bed he kneeled down and pulled my legs wide before rubbing my clit with his thumb, he slipped it around in my juices and i was so fucking Horny. My body responding was squirming with pleasure and he lowered his head and licked at my clit. Beside us Craig was up near Jen’s head and she was sucking away on his cock while he moaned with joy. Jeff’s hand went to Jen and as he attended to me his fingers sunk into her deep wet hole. Watching Jen work Craig and seeing the pleasure he was feeling heightened my own arousal. Jeff’s mouth on me felt fantastic, it was so fucking erotic. His fingers sunk in to Jen’s wet hole and he rotated them inside her making her moan. I was getting too aroused with all the tongue action and when Jeff’s other hand pushed a finger into me i moaned as a wave of sensation flooded into my stomach. I wanted to stop him but i was too far gone and he knew from my body tightening that i was so very close now. I did attempt to move away but Jeff pulled me back and pursued me. He took his hand from Jen and worked his fingers inside me, teasing my gspot. My body was on fire and the waves of pleasure flowing inside me were alight. I tried again to tell him to stop but he looked up and winked at me as Craig started sucking on my boobs and i cried out as a deep orgasm shook through my body and rushed onto Jeff’s fingers. Jeff kept at me and the moment stretched out in pure ecstasy. It was pure bliss. I lay back for a moment amid the afterglow and feeling the glorious throbbing of my insides. Jeff came up to kiss me deeply and i could taste myself on his lips. He was pressing his cock against my stomach and i knew what he needed. He turned to kiss Jen to give me a moment. He pushed his fingers into her again and her body writhed in response to his touch. I watched his hand working her knowing that my cum was on those fingers, I stroked his hand and felt the strength and force behind his actions. I lay on my side and started rubbing on Jen’s clit and Jeff kissed me again. Behind me Craig was pushing his erect cock against me and i was excited to take it inside of me. I pressed back against him with my body and felt the head of his cock nudging at my wet hole. I put my hand over Jeffs and joined his fingers pushing into Jen as Craig entered me with his solid cock and filled me up to the hilt. It felt so good, so hard and deep inside of me. Jeff’s other hand was working Jen’s clit. The way her body arched from the bed and groaned in joy was a thrill to watch as me and Jeff fucked her with our fingers. Jen bucked against us and her body suddenly erupted, crying out as an orgasm shook her, i watched her face and witnessed uncontrolled pleasure. I was so proud of my gorgeous Jeff for giving her that ecstacy.He then sucked Jen’s cum from his fingers and kissed her deeply as Craig urged me to get on all fours.Jeff kissed Jen and let her have a moment as he positioned himself between her legs. She pulled him toward her and his pulsing cock pushed its way into her wet throbbing hole. He moaned with delight and jen opened her legs further to welcome him in. As he started to slowly move back and forth i knew Jen loved my boyfriends cock. Bent over for Craig I was taking a pounding now. The sensation inside of me was so incredible. He held onto my hips and slammed into me with each thrust. He wasn’t going to last very long. He pursued my depths with a fury that felt ecstatic.Jeff had took up a steady pace inside of Jen and he kissed her with deep passion. Craig suddenly pulled out of me and told he to get on top of him. He lay down for me and I climbed up craigs legs tasting his cock on the way, enjoying izmit escort the mouthful of sex. I lay against him kissing him. He pushed me upright so i was sat straddled over him, opened up and exposed. He rubbed my clit and pushed fingers into me. I was so wet! Jeff was really fucking Jen beside me, he had her legs up in the air and was pounding her hard. His face was sheer pleasure and i felt a surge of joy for him.Craig pushed me back some more down his body and positioned his cock for me. I slid down onto it taking it all in, filling me up entirely with cock. It felt incredible.I slowly started moving up and down on his lovely cock and as my tits bounced he cupped them both and fondled them. The feeling of being impaled was incredible, I looked down and Craig turned his head to Jen and they kissed long and hard. Jeff pulled out of Jen and stood to kiss me at the side of the bed. His thumb dropped to my clit and began rubbing it in slow circles as i rode on Craig’s cock.The waves of pleasure started to engulf me but i didn’t want the joy to end. Craig’s cock couldn’t take any more and he bucked and moaned as he erupted inside of me. I was promptly grabbed by Jen who wanted to kiss me. It done the trick and slowed the tempo for a few minutes but i needed more cock. The men watched us kiss and with throbbing cocks planned their next move.Jeff went to Jen, he pulled her to the end of the bed, stood her up and bent her over the dressing table. He sank beneath her open legs and licked up her juice before he stood up and slipped his cock into her. As Jen moaned and bucked back against him i kissed him hard on the mouth tasting Jens juices, then I ran my hands over his body, rubbing his balls and massaging his bum hole. He had arms around Jen one of them holding her and the other working her clit. They were both highly in the moment as i slipped my finger into Jeff and started fucking his arse with it. I felt his balls tighten and he was so very close now. Craig grabbed me and pushed me back on the bed. He pushed my legs upto his neck and entered me in one move, filling me up with throbbing cock again.Jeff erupted inside of Jen thrusting his cock deep inside of her as he moaned in joy. I could see the pleasure light him up He then pulled out of Jen and tasted the sex inside of her, pushing his tongue into her hole and licking the juice. Craig’s cock felt so good inside of me, we changed position and he fucked me sideways, one leg in the air and working my clit with his fingers. Jeff lifted up and kissed me deeply then, sharing the taste of his sex. I thought that would be the undoing of me but Craig pulled out. He pushed Jen onto her hands and knees and pounded her relentlessly. She gasped with each thrust. Jeff took a taste of me with his tongue and then he pushed his fingers inside of me and rotated them in and out. He sucked on my clit and i knew i couldn’t last. He knew it too. He turned me over like Jen and slid into me with his big strong cock, filling me up and punishing my insides. He pounded me hard and smacked my arse several times leaving big red hand marks on my white skin. Side by side on all fours me and Jen took that pounding from our men, the moaning and sexual air in the room was intense. Jen came hard and fast and Craig pulled out off her to lap it up. I came next together with Jeff. It was so powerful, id never experienced that beautiful timing before. I lay down in ecstasy my heart racing away. Jeff lay beside me kissing me, his heart pounding too. After a moment Craig entered Jen again. Ron kissed her and played with her boobs as i rubbed Craig’s balls. I felt them tightening and a moment later it was the undoing of him as he came with fury and pleasure.We all lay naked and stroking, the smell of musky sex hung in the air. Craig went and got us all drinks and we laid back talking and kissing before we got dressed. We had another drink and said goodnight. Back home we discussed the sexy evening. I felt a bit sore and Jeff as thoughtful as ever said he would put some soothing gel onto me. I bent over the bed so he could rub it in and his finger slid to my bum and said it didn’t look sore there. I said it wasn’t so his finger slipped inside of me and i heard him take his trousers off. A moment later the head of his cock pushed against my bum and with some gel he entered me. That was the night he fucked my arse. His arm around me, his hand massaged my clit and i shut my eyes and felt my juices starting to flow. I took his cock inside of me building up speed and i listened to Jeff’s moans of pleasure again and again. He then pushed me forward onto the bed on my hands and knees. He fucked both of my holes and finally when he was close he turned me over and shot his cum over my tits. When he caught his breath Jeff lay beside me massaging his juices into my boobs and fondled my nipples. What a night. We lay together silently tickling and stroking. Not because there was nothing to say. But because we didn’t need to say anything xxx

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