Just a Moment of My Time


There was a sharp crack as the rod came down hard. The leather wrapped steel rod made contact with my ass. Even with having denim on it was still excruciating painful. But don’t mistake this as an unwanted pain. Oh no, far from it in fact. Believe me if it was unwanted this tale would take a much different turn than the route planned ahead for the reader. My entire body shuddered in delight from the hit. Yes my ass stung but I relished it greatly. Anticipating another. No, more like hoping for another. Because you never know how long play time ends up being.

His arm swung back in a smooth arc. Raising the leather and steel rod with it. There was a pause. This i despised greatly. The pause lasted a rather extended period of time. Enough time for me to grow impatient. I swayed my anticipating ass back and forth. Signaling i wanted him to swing. But in those moments he changed his mind. Much to my demise he lowered the leather clad rod back to his side. I frowned at this. A mix of annoyance and disappointment fell over me. Playtime couldn’t already be over, could it? I hoped it wasn’t. While it began without warning, such an abrupt ending would be incredibly shameful.

Turning my head I looked at him. His hazel eyes gazed calmly back at my brown ones. We both knew who had control of the situation. No words needed be exchanged as we looked at one another. The room was dead still. Even though there was a window open, it was as if the sounds had been put on mute. Some would find this unsettling. I found it all to perfect. All i wanted to hear was our breathing and heartbeats. Now given that statement you would naturally assume this entailed some sort of love connection between me and him. Well you’d be half right. Simply put we both had a love. And that was of control and submission. Easily guessed who loved which. Hopefully that little bit clears things up. As we fixated on each other I felt myself twitch. In less time than it took to blink the rod came swinging back down. Another crack. Another spike of pain radiated through my body. This time i gave a small whimper. A happy whimper of course. I smiled at him. Indicating that the hit was enjoyed.

Expecting xslot another pause, considering how big of a sadistic bastard he was. I waited. But was greatly mistaken. A third and much sharper hit occurred. Gritting my teeth i gave a strained noise. Not wanting to sound like I couldn’t handle the pain. Quickly and painfully hits four and five arrived. By hit six I couldn’t hold it in. I howled in extreme pain. From behind me I could hear the faint sound of approval from him. The rod was dropped to the floor. At least that’s what it sounded like. heavy footfalls were the next sounds i heard. Apart from my weighted breaths. It was several moments before he instructed me to remove only my top and bottom. Instinctively I pulled my top over my head and down my arms. tossing it to the floor. Next was my bottoms. But it wasn’t I who pulled them down. With one easy motion he wrenched them down to the ground. “Too slow .”He had muttered in the process. My line of sight met the floor. Wondering what was next

Standing there in just my bra and panties I kept still. I could feel my hair being pulled back into a stiff grip. Leaning my head back far enough to keep up with the tugging my eyes made contact with the empty ceiling. Without warning i felt cold metallic pinpricks down my left cheek and neck. Without thinking i already knew what it was. A Wartenberg pinwheel. One of personal favorites. I could feel the tiny spiked wheel move down the nape of my neck onto my shoulder. Here he pressed a little harder. Digging into my skin. I wasn’t sure if he was trying to draw blood. But hell if I cared if he did anyways. The pinwheel moved down from my shoulder and around to the blade. A purr like sound emitted from my lips as all this was happening. I shut my eyes. Blocking out the natural light from the window. Focusing only on the pinwheel and the minute pinpricks it caused. “You like this don’t you” He mused, letting go of my hair. Lifting my head back to its usual position I nodded. While there was complete silence I knew he was smirking.

In the silence i waited for what was next. And what came next was…different. But the good kind mind you. xslot Giriş It was of the other end of the pin wheel tracing down the middle of my back to my ass. He hooked a free finger into the side of my panties and slid them down to my knees smoothly. Cold metal could be felt trailing down between my ass cheeks. searching for my hole. It tickled and moved in a circular motion. I bit my lip to keep from squealing. Would he insert the tool? All i could do was wait and find out first hand. But he chose not to. instead he had disregarded the tool. I guessed it was pocketed. Since there was no sound of it hitting the floor.

His arms wrapped themselves around my body. He was warm to the touch. I leaned in. Strangely enjoying this. I could see him lower his head out of the corner of my eye. His teeth sank slowly into my skin. I moaned. pressing up against him harder. In response he bit down with more force. Almost gnawing at my neck. My breathing sped up. Along with my heart rate. His hands moved upwards and began to grope my breasts through the bra. But of course it wasn’t long before he had it unhooked and whisked away. With my breasts bare he resumed groping and massaging them. squeezing my sensitive nipples between his pointer and middle fingers. Tugging at them from time to time. I moaned louder. Insisting he tug harder. But being the one in control he went at his own pace. Teasing me with gentle tugs. I squirmed in impatience. He bit down painfully . Warning me to hold still. I obeyed quickly and stilled. We stood there, retaining the moment of delight. Withdrawing his teeth from my neck he straightened up. one hand cupped a breast while the other made its way down my stomach and past my navel. His fingers walked their way down to my labia’s. There they began to gradually tickle them. My cunt began to warm and dampen from the touch.

I made a soft sound of pleasure as the tickling commenced. Letting go of my breast his other hand joined in the festivities. The second hand searched and found my clit. Tenderly he pinched it . Once,twice, thrice. he kept this up. causing me to cum even more. It wasn’t long before his hand had a decent xslot Güncel Giriş coating of my juices. By now my legs were quivering and I was afraid I was going to fall. But by the grace of whatever was out there I managed to stay on my feet. I could feel the heat of my cunt on the insides of my thighs. I was sure he could feel it full force on his finger tips. Good girl was his next set of words for me. I smiled slightly at the compliment.

Releasing my clit his hand disappeared back behind and undid his pants zipper. This i knew due to hearing the sound of it. A moment passed and I felt his plump head pressing against my asshole. Taking a deep breath I braced myself for the next move of the game. With no hesitation He made his move. Using his free hand he spread one cheek and forced his cock deep into my ass. As he did this the fingers that still lingered at my labia’s inserted themselves inside my damp hot cunt. This was a lot for me to handle. My legs buckled sharply but I managed to keep my balance. I cried out loudly. Not holding back my volume at all. He pulled out to the tip and thrusted back in,just as deep. A grunt was all the noise he made. His fingers stroked my inner walls garnering me to cum more. Pulling out half way he pushed back in. I moaned louder and louder with each thrust. Within a few minutes he had a comfortable rhythm going. His cock would thrust in and out. Followed by his fingers pumping in and out. I threw my head back, eyes wide. Lips curled into a smile. It was all wonderful and delicious to me. I could feel his cock twitch in my aSS. It began to engorge more as he neared his moment of release.

When that time came he gave a loud triumphant groan and spurted his load into my ass. He kept his cock inside, refusing to pull out until he finished. Before he pulled out his cum began to drip out and down my legs. Going limp he pulled out. My ass dripping with his full load. A quick smack to my still raw cheeks and a kiss to the back of my neck he zipped up his pants and silently walked out of the room.

When the door shut behind him I let myself drop to the floor. A wicked smile on my face. Yet again it had been amazing. Too amazing for words in fact. And that’s where i leave you off. Just imagine the greatest ecstasy you’ve ever felt and then perhaps you’ll have an inkling to how I feel. But for now, just know I’m looking forward to the next playtime.

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