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Just a wifes fantasySo this story all begins around 6pm at the university in her office. She had just finished giving her last lecture to one of her classes and was packing up and getting ready to leave the college, that’s when she heard a knock on the door, she looked up and saw this very nice looking young man with a look of concern on his face standing at the door.He was in a panic and needed help with an assessment that he’s been struggling with, sighing with a look at her watch she decided to help him with the assessment. As he explained what he was having trouble with she couldn’t help but gaze and admire the young man he was tall, handsome, with broad strong arms.For about 20 minutes she went through the assessment and explained everything to him when it was all completed. He thanked her and without warning gave her a hug and as they separated he tried to give her a kiss on the cheek, turning her head at just the wrong time a innocent peck on the cheek turned into a kiss on the lips.He apologized, but she wasn’t complaining, as she felt a warm wetness between her legs, she couldn’t believe how turned on she was. ” what are you gonna do to make up for it ” she said with a wink, surprising herself when she said those words, a feeling of guilt and yet excitement spreading through her body.The young man understanding what she meant didn’t respond, but smiled slowly pulling his shirt off in front of her, she looked up at his muscular young body, her pussy dripping wet. He was so much more buffed than her husband she noticed, as he then grabbed her ankara escort arm and pulled her close to him, kissing her lips with a deep passionate lust, while helping her take of her shirt and bra.As they kissed she began to feel a huge bulge press up against her hip, using her hands, she pushed his backside onto her hip, putting pressure on his cock. She still couldn’t believe what she was doing, half naked in her office grinding up against the cock of one of her students, but at that moment she didn’t care that she was married anymore, all she wanted was to be fucked by this young man.As they kissed she pulled her lips from his and whispered into his ear ” this is your lucky day ” before she dropped down onto her knees on the soft carpet, her hands tugging at the belt of his jeans trying to unfasten it as quick as she can, after pulling down his jeans she paused to admire his muscled calves before yanking his briefs down to his feet.His cock was set free springing out and slapping her on the cheek with it. She gasped in awe he was at least 8 inches long and thick, so much bigger than her husband, she thought to herself, before she reached out and grabbed his thick cock stroking it up and down her mouth almost salivating at the sight.As she stroked his cock he looked down and noticed the ring on the finger of her hand, she was stroking with, ” what’s the matter, your husbands cock not good enough for you ” he said with a grin, She looked up embarrassed and yet incredibly turned on from his words, she didn’t respond instead she held his cock ankara escort bayan and shoved it into her hungry mouth, expertly working him into the back of her throat, using her tongue to probe the underside of his cock.Soon she felt his hand grab the back of her hair, as he began to thrust up into her face, effectively face fucking her as he felt the length of his cock probe the depths of her tight throat. While he fucked her throat hard, she reached down with one hand into her panties and began to finger fuck her dripping wet pussy furiously, while always keeping her eyes on him. Knowing he was getting close, she suddenly pulled his cock from her mouth, ” not yet” she said with that stern teacher voice, ” not until you fuck me with that huge cock of yours ” with an erotic smile on her face, she began to pull down her pants and panties kicking them off.She stood there completely naked and vulnerable, as she walked over to her desk, bending over on it, looking back at him shaking her ass ” what are you waiting for ” he didn’t need to be told twice, he quickly moved behind her, grabbing onto his hard throbbing cock he slowly began to press it between her dripping wet pussy lips, ” oh fuck ” she moaned out loud as she felt his thick meat begin to stretch her tight pussy walls.Gripping her hips he started off slow, thrusting himself inside her back and forth inch by inch. ” God, yes, fuck me” she hissed out loud, ”fuck that married cunt, tear it apart” her words urging him on as he began to pick up the pace with harder and deeper thrusts. Soon escort ankara he reached out with one hand and grabbed her hair, pulling on it as he slammed his cock in her relentlessly tearing her married cunt apart. He was pounding her hole like a jackhammer through concrete, was a hard-raw fucking.As he slammed himself inside her, she began to grind her hips back onto his cock, taking him as deep as possible inside her, as she screamed and writhed in pleasure, ecstasy and joy. ”Fuck me, fuck me, please! I love it lovvvvvvvvvv…” she began to cum mid sentence her orgasm shuddering through her whole body, sending waves and waves of pleasure through her body. ” mmm godd yes” It had been so long since she had cum like that.” I can’t hold it in any longer, I’m going to cum he groaned out loud” knowing he was getting very close she quickly pulled his cock out and turned around , just in time to have his warm sticky cum shoot all over her beautiful face, each stream shooting across her gorgeous face. Smothering her chin, lips, cheeks and forehead in his cum, ”mmm” she licked her lips with a smile.They layed on the ground for a long time, breathing heavily ” ok you had better go” she said as they both stood up very gingerly getting dressed. ” good luck with your assessment ” she said with a wink, ” thanks, I hope we can have more of these study sessions miss” he said before walking out of the office. She smiled as he left, reaching into her pocket she took out her phone, ” oh god” there was at least 8 missed calls and several text messages from husband asking where she was, ” shit its late, I better get back home”. As she arrived home, she took a deep breath and walked into the house to her bedroom, finding her husband fast asleep, she quietly layed down next to her husband and fell straight asleep.

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