Just Another Day at the Office

Adriana Chechik

Another office story between a young employee and he older boss. Normal disclaimer, all character are over the age of 18. No duplication of this story without the written consent of the author. Copyrighted 2016.

Just Another Day At The Office

…for Teddy Bear




“Data Analytics, this is Mishka, how may I help you?”

“Mishka, can you come to my office please” You hear your boss ask. You look at your watch and see that it’s 4:45 and most everyone has already left. You suddenly get nervous and your mind races, wondering why he would call you into his office? Did you do something wrong? Was something wrong with that spreadsheet I sent him this morning. You search your mind trying to find flaw in something you did.

“Yes Sir, I’ll be right there!”

You mentally go through all of the reasons he would call you into his office. Then your mind takes a different path and starts to fantasize about him physically. “He is handsome for an older man. Well built, piercing green eyes that just make me melt when he talks to me. What it would be like to have him in my mouth! To have him take me right here in the office!” you think to yourself. You cherish the teasing that you both exchange when no one else is around. Your mind wonders at what he looks like naked and your pussy gets wet at the thought. You quickly gather your note pad and pen and head off to his office, still wondering what it is he’s calling you for.

“Come in” calling out after you knock lightly, still nervous as to why he’s called you to his office. You open the door and see him sitting at his desk looking down working. He raises up and those eyes catch you again. There’s something about his eyes just takes your breath away.

“Mishka… Come in. You look nice today as always. That’s a pretty outfit!” he says peering at you with those eyes.

Blushing you reply “Thank you” as your nipples become visibly hard under your blouse, secretly hoping that he notices. You run your hand teasingly down your short skirt as he gazes at you, wondering if he can tell your not wearing panties. You tingle inside as you feel his gaze and your pussy tingles as you continue to think about him taking you here in the office. The risk of someone walking in at any time adding to the excitement. You get wetter, squeezing your thighs to try to quench the burning desire deep in your core.

“I know it’s late and I’m sorry to ask you to come here, but I am struggling with the spreadsheet you sent me earlier. I just can’t get my head around how you came up with these figures. Can you show me how you did this please?”

“With pleasure!” You say seductively as you saunter to the front of his desk. Intentionally bending forward at the waist and allowing your blouse to hang open enough for him to see the swell of your breasts. “What can I do for you?” You say innocently as you bite your lower lip.

He looks up and immediately stops, his gaze fixated at your young breasts. Feeling guilty for his lack of discretion, he clears his throat and looks up clearly flustered “I uh…I’m just um… having a hard time… understanding this section here.” Blindly pointing to an area on the spreadsheet.

You can tell you are having an effect on him now. Your excitement builds deep inside as your mind goes through images of him pounding your young pussy on his desk. Pushing the limits a little further, you reply “Having a HARD time huh?” Putting emphasis on the word ‘HARD’.

He looks up, clearly enjoying the teasing as he looks at your cute little smirk and pouty lips. Joining in on the teasing, he smugly replies “Yes, the more I look, the harder it gets! Do you think you could give me a hand?”

A flood of juices now start their journey down your thigh, the excitement almost too much as you realize the multiple meanings in his comment. You move around his desk to stand next to him. Again bending at the waist, your back parallel to the top of the desk, you reply “Well, let me take a look and see what I can do for you.”

He slides his chair back allowing you to lean further in to look at the screen all the while he attempts to keep up the impression that he only wants help with the spreadsheet. He looks lustfully at your ass, the skirt pulled tight and your ass on display. He feels his cock stiffen more and adjust it in his pants to try to ease the strain.

You know he’s looking. You can feel his eyes on you and it sends chills through your body. You want him. Right here…Right NOW! Teasing him more, you lean in a little further, raising one leg in that sexy way only a woman can do, revealing the thigh highs your wearing. You hope that he can see them, trying to get him to make a move. Wanting him to touch you…to take you.

You look seductively over your shoulder and catch him licking his lips as he stares at your tight ass. “What Escort Sincan is it… exactly… that you are having a “hard” time with? I can’t help unless I can see the problem!” you say as you roll your hips to one side causing him to moan under his breath.

He stands and rests a hand on your lower back, just above the curve of your ass. As he leans forward, his body makes contact with yours from your hip up to your shoulder as he points to a section on the spreadsheet. The heat of his body and smell his cologne arousing you more. “Mmm Armani, my favorite” you think to yourself.

“Here, these figures just not right.” As he speaks, his hand descend ever so slowly towards the curve of your ass. You think it’s just your over-stimulated imagination willing his hand to move. But you feel it again, his thumb lightly rubbing your back as his fingers curve to the swell of your ass.

He leans back to sit down again. As he moves, his hand glides over your ass sending a chill through your body and causing goosebumps to raise on your skin. You hear yourself moan out load enjoying the feel of his hand. You want more…

He leans back admiring your lean, young figure again. “It’s killing me Mishka. The harder I look at your figure…” catching himself he clarifies “uh…I mean these figures, the harder it gets!”

Overtaken with the heat of the moment and your growing desire for this man, who could easily be your father, you take a change and move things forward. Using your leg, you push his chair a little so that you can now stand in front of him. “Let me see what the problem is.” You say as you spread your legs and lean into the screen, again giving him a great view of you ass and legs.

His eyes immediately lock onto your ass, again admiring your youth and the tightness of your body. His gaze continues further down your body to your legs, admiring the thigh highs and red 4 inch stiletto heels you have on. Again he groans and grabs his now fully hard cock to stroke it a little, pre-cum now making a silver dollar sized wet spot in his trousers.

Your pussy burns, knowing the effect you are having on him. You know he’s yours. Like baiting a hook…Fish On… You have him now. You feel the juices leaking from your pussy again, that burning in your core needed some relieve. Having too much fun now, you continue to tease him. You try to scratch that itch between your legs by rocking from one foot to the other giving him a perfect view as your ass sways with each movement. You look over your shoulder again and see his hungry gaze and bite your lower lip, not able to take any more.

You raise up and see him jump, not wanting to get caught staring at you with lustful eyes. You step back and intentionally catch your foot on his chair, purposefully falling into his lap. He groans loudly and immediately grabs your hips. You grind your butt in his lap and feel the swelling in his trousers. With a final twist, your jump up and apologize profusely for the ‘accident’.

To your glee, his hands remain on your hips and your nipples get harder then they ever have. The feeling of them against the silk of your blouse sending electric shocks directly to your aching clit. A whimper escapes your lips as you close your eyes, reveling in the feel of his hands and being totally consumed in the moment. You lean forward, resting your hands on his desk like a fellow being frisked, your back straight and your ass pushed out slightly inviting him to continue.

Elated, you feel his hands move down to cup the cheeks of your ass, massaging it. “My God Mishka, your are absolutely gorgeous! I love the feel of your ass.” He states as one hand slides down to your leg. “Thigh highs and stilettos, that’s so fucking hot!” His breathing labored now as his excitement grows.

You almost cum when his hands slide down to your thigh. You moan your approval at his advances. Taking the hint, he then grasps your left thigh with both hands and slides them up under your skirt. Slowly, millimeter by millimeter he caresses it sending chills through your body. He clears the top of your thigh high and you push your hips back further wanting him to feel how excited you are.

But he is teasing now, he stops his ascent and is content with just lightly rubbing the soft skin of your thigh, feeling your heat radiate from your soaking pussy. He knows what it’s doing to you and smiles inwardly. “You have very soft skin” he tells you as he takes one hand and begins to massage your ass again.

“Aaahhh…Yeeesssss” you hiss under your breath. Your pussy burning now. He’s pushing you to the verge and he hasn’t even touched your pussy yet. “What is he doing to me?” You think to yourself as you try to spread your legs a little wider only to realize your skirt restricts it.

You feel his hand begin to move up your thigh again. This time he continues ever so slowly. He’s enjoying the effect he has on you as his fingers Sincan Escort move closer to your core, the light teasing touch pure torture. You lean forward again, resting on your elbows now. Your breathing labored as you wiggle your ass enticing him to continue.

He wants you…but he wants to drive you crazy first. He slides his fingers through the juices running down your leg on his ascent to womanhood. Finally he reaches his target and rolls his fingers around spreading the copious amount of juices leaking from your pussy, pleased with how excited you are. He then sinks a finger slowly into your pussy, curling it down to focus on your G-spot.

You gasp as you feel his hand move up, knowing he feels how excited your are. Then it happens. You feel his fingers massaging your pussy, you nearly cum the moment he touches you. You then feel him sink a finger inside you. You explode in a powerful orgasm the moment he hits your G-spot. Your pussy clamps down on his finger, squirting all over his hand as he slides it in and out like a small penis. In the throws of your orgasm, you raise up. Your body rigid as you float above the room in pure orgasmic bliss.

He grins “Mmmm, a squirter” as he continues to massage your pussy. When you come back to earth, he pulls his finger from your soaking pussy. You look over your shoulder in surprise at the sudden absence of his finger only to see him sink it into his mouth, licking it clean. “Mmmmm. You not only look good Mishka, you taste even better!”

At that point, you hear a quick knock on the door. You jump but see him calmly motion you to be still.

“Come in” He says in an authoritative voice to the person outside. The door opens and one of the analysts steps in to discuss a report that was requested. As the conversation continues between the two men, you feel his hand slide back under your skirt. Sinking two fingers deep into your pussy now, he continues his conversation never letting on that anything was happening. His multitasking abilities surprising you as he finger fucks you, never missing a beat in his conversation with the Analyst.

Not wanting to give away what he was doing, you lean forward again to look at the computer screen, moving the mouse and hitting a couple of keys on the keyboard in an attempt to masquerade. From the angle of the desk, it looked perfectly normal. Little did the analyst know that he had his fingers deep inside you, fucking you while carrying on the benign conversation.

It’s killing you, the feeling of his fingers in you, your already heightened sexual state, the fact that someone was right there and could catch the two of you in a very compromising situation if he knew what was really going on behind the desk. You bite your lower lip trying to prevent the guttural moan that’s wanting to escape your lips.

Thankfully they end the conversation and the analyst leaves stating he is the last one and will lock the door behind him. You moan softly as the door closes and squeeze your legs to capture his fingers and stimulate your pussy more. Totally overtaken by the erotic situation, you turn abruptly, his fingers sliding out of your pussy with a sloshing sound. He looks at you puzzled as you grab his hand and pull it to your mouth. With a seductive smile, you suck his fingers clean one at a time. Sucking them deep into your mouth like little cock. Satisfied they are clean, you grab the back of his head in pure passion and kiss him deeply. Sliding your tongue deep into his mouth to duel with his before relenting and sucking his into your mouth. You slowly release his tongue as you stand, the wet sucking noise escaping your lips as you release his.

The look on his face a combination of surprise immediately followed by lust and desire. Those eyes, Damn! What they do to you…

You look at him and wave your finger. “You naughty man, teasing me like that in front of him. It’s your turn now!” With that, you bend over and attack his pants, eager to free his stiff cock. He leans back, smiling at your youthful enthusiasm. Pushing his legs together, he raises his ass off the chair as you hurriedly pull his pants down, his stiff cock slapping his stomach with a pop.

You gaze at it admiring its size. Not overly long or thick, but just…perfect. You lick your lips as you reach forward and take it in your hands, pre-cum bubbling out of his slit as you give it a few slow strokes. You look directly into his eyes the entire time you descend down on it. You roll your tongue around the tip trying to savor all of the sweet pre-cum that is now flowing freely from his cock. You tease the underside by licking up from his balls to the tip of his crown, spending extra time in that sensitive area under his cock head before devouring his length again.

He closes his eyes and moans loudly. You briefly get concerned that someone will hear, but are too taken up in the moment to really care. Not being able to hold Sincan Escort Bayan back any longer, you take him back into your mouth. Slowly at first, then taking more and more until you feel him at the back of your throat. Holding him there, you roll your tongue along the underside causing him to groan again. You feel his hand grabbing the back of you head now, taking a handful of your hair as you begin to bob up and down on his cock.

Feeling his hand grip your hair tighter, you moan causing a wonderful vibration to go from your mouth directly through to his cock and you’re immediately rewarded with a flood of more pre-cum. You pull off with a pop. Looking him in the eyes you ask “Is this helping you with your problem?”

“Mmmm, yes, it’s helping. However, I believe that the problem is a lack of insertion of the right digits.” He says with a coy grin. He stands, pulling you up with him. He turns you around to face the desk. He pulls you back to him as his hands reach up and caress your tits through your blouse. He rolls your nipples between his fingers sending electric bolts directly to your clit. You feel his steel shaft wedged between your ass cheeks and push back into him more moaning loudly, loving the feel of his hot body against you.

Leaning around you, he swipes the few papers that are on his desk to the floor to make room. Your pussy floods with more juices as the realization that he really IS going to take you sets in. He is going to fuck you…right here, in the office…on his fucking desk! “Yeeeessssss”

You feel him grab the back of your neck as he bends you over to rest on the desk. Your ass nearly exposed as your skirt rides up. You hear him moan as he takes in the sight of your tight little ass bent over his desk, your long legs covered in thigh high stockings with those sexy red stilettos driving him crazy.

He kneels behind you, lifting your skirt to expose the engorged lips of your more than ready pussy. Grabbing your ass cheeks, he spreads them wide before running his flattened tongue up your pussy lips and over your ass.

You squeal loudly, not caring if anyone hears you. Suddenly, through the fogged state your are in, you remember that the analyst said he was the last one and that he locking the door. You let yourself go now, taking in the overwhelming feeling of his tongue fucking you.

You spread your legs wide now that they are not confined by your skirt to allow him better access. Reaching back, you grab his head and pull it into your pussy. “Oh My Gawd…YES…eat me!”

He continues his tongue bath, trying to clean your pussy of all the juices that have freely been flowing since you walked into his office.

He pushes you forward a little before he sucks your clit into his mouth causing you to scream out loud As another orgasm takes up. As he continues to suck your clit, he slides a finger back into your pussy before pulling it out and spreading your juices over your puckered ass. The sensations almost too much now and before you can even come down from your current orgasm you feel another one approaching, keeping you in a constant state of arousal.

Without warning, you feel him remove his finger and stop his oral pleasures. “NOOO” you whimper, only to be pushed back down on the desk forcefully. He grabs your hands and holds them behind your back with one hand, pinning you to his desk. He then grabs his steel shaft with his other hand and guides it to your waiting pussy.

Rubbing the head over your clit and lips to wet his head, he leans in and whispers in your ear “You’ve wanted this for a while, haven’t you? You tease me with those short skirts and loose tops, knowing what it does to me. You’ve wanted me to take you in my office you dirty little slut, haven’t you?”

A deep guttural growl escapes your mouth and you reply “Yeeeessss…Please…stop teasing me and fuck me.” You plead with him as he continues to rub his cock up and down your slit.

He laughs… “You see what teasing gets you! Beg me…beg me to fuck this tight young pussy. Beg me to take you here in my office. Beg to be my little fuck toy!”

This is exactly what you’ve wanted. Exactly how you’ve wanted to be taken. You moan in ecstasy, totally absorbed in what he is doing to you and the sensations cursing through your body. You hear yourself moan out a response “Yeessss” you scream, “Take me here in your office, right here on your desk. Make me your fuck toy. Use me in every way possible.Fuck my pussy…fuck my mouth…fuck my ass, just please FUCK ME…PPPLLLEEEAAASSSEEEEEE!”

You feel him align his cock up to your wanton hole and with a quick thrust, he goes balls deep into you. You explode in yet another powerful orgasm, your body going rigid as he holds you down on the desk.

As you reel in the afterglow of your orgasm, you feel him start to slide in and out of you immediately taking you right back to the edge. He pumps his cock in and out as he releases your hands and quickly replaces it with a firm grip of your hair. Pulling, you arch your back and he pulls you up to him. Still sliding in and out of you, he leans in and bites your neck as his other hand snakes around to pinch your nipples.

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