Just Friends


It was getting towards the end of her night shift. During the holiday period, they were always uneventful. You had to be there, no one else wanted to be there, but you just got through it somehow.

This time around, it had been made so much easier by keeping in touch with a close friend of hers. Callie had been going through some difficult times in the past few weeks… but John had been there for her even before her troubles began.

He’d supported, encouraged, and more recently he’d been open and honest about how he really felt about her. The timing had been awful… she had confided so much in him… then one innocent afternoon he had blurted out how often he’d thought about her, and more importantly WHAT he’d thought.

There had always been subtle signs, the odd throwaway comment from him, she presumed in jest. Sometimes, her mind had wandered, not only to how badly he’d been treated himself, but to how he had treated her… how things would be if she wasn’t engaged, or if she’d met him earlier. The thoughts had kept her warm some nights, but that’s all they were – thoughts. Deep down, she’d always thought he wasn’t giving her a second glance.

In her mind, after years of a pedestrian relationship, not without its issues, she was the annoying younger sister – taken under his wing when stepping into her new job in a new area. Little did she know, until he’d come clean that afternoon, that he had often felt the same way about her, and his enthusiasm for working with her extended to more than just being her friend.

That said, after a heart to heart… and a little more of an encounter when she had considered splitting from her fiancé, they had decided to be JUST FRIENDS. She had dealt with her own demons in the relationship, and despite choosing to work hard at her relationship and make a go of it, he hadn’t cut her loose. This reinforced his promise to be friends first, anything else second.

The encounter often stuck in her mind though. She replayed it over at times when she stole some time to herself. A weekend of exploring herself, and him, her feelings for herself, her friend, and her partner before coming to a decision. She didn’t regret it, she loved Mark… and because of her encounter with John, and the relaxing closeness she still felt for him, she never would regret it.

And now, a week on… she was finishing another night shift. John had been keeping her occupied, but had long since fell asleep with is phone in his hand. She was going to take him up on his offer to stop at his this morning, in relative peace, away from her fiancé and daughter, whilst he did his usual bachelor stuff of sport, computers and dog walking to let her sleep.

As she left work, thoughts and echoes of last weekend spun into her head. She blamed the sleep deprivation combined with that last shot of coffee she’d had before leaving. At least this time it was broad daylight, and there was no opportunity to gradually slide closer on the sofa after some wine.

She slipped into her car and drove slowly, almost on automatic, the short route to John’s house. Since her relationship issues, czech taxi porno she’d had a key. Useful for using the house when he was away, helpful for calling in after work if he was wrist deep in gardening.

She let herself in, the house still in darkness. She could hear the soft hum of the heating warming her pajamas as she put down her bag and kicked off her shoes. He’d once again thought of the little things… Including, as he’d already told her, the spare room made up for her – the warmest room in the house should get her to sleep in no time on the cold January morning.

Thinking of him, and wanting to repay his thoughtfulness… she poured a glass of water in the kitchen with almost silent skill. Setting it on the dining table, she unzipped her tunic and slid it off. Rolling down her black tights, she hung them both on the back of the nearest chair.

She collected her pajamas and crept slowly up his narrow stairs. As she reached the top, she could hear his soft familiar breathing coming from his room. Something stirred inside her stomach, it flipped. Scolding herself, she stepped the other way and into the warm room awaiting her. John had overdone it – and the place was like a sauna. Opening the window a crack, she slipped her arms out of her bra, unclasping it and letting it drop where she stood. She tossed her pajamas redundantly onto the end of the bed and wriggled her knickers off her hips to step out of them. Thankfully, as she slipped under the duvet, it was cool, cotton and felt relaxing against her bare skin. Callie let out a content sigh… This felt fine and would do perfectly. She slipped her glasses off, placing them next to her phone… turned over and drifted slowly off to sleep.

Something jolted her from her dream. She had no idea what time it was… but there was still plenty of darkness in her room. She shuffled in her cocoon of a bed, pushing her naked ass out and moving her arms to a more comfortable position. She froze. The soft naked flesh of her exposed butt had brushed something, no, someone.

Callie took a deep breath; his scent was unmistakable. She dared to push back a little more, her movements were met with a soft groan. This was happening – it was John.

As she tried to control her racing heart, she felt his warm hand glide over her ribs and down around her waist…part of her wanted her mouth to open, and a stark reminder of the way they had agreed to leave things to come out. But the burning desire at the heart of her was fighting it, warping what her head wanted to say into something deep and lustful. Her mouth opened, and she expelled a soft “yesss” to the sensations she was experiencing. Without a word from John, he began stroking up and down her front and stomach. As before, each touch to her skin was electric, he touched her in a way no one else ever had before, or since.

She dared herself to push back against him again, the welcome sensation of his incredibly warm erection pressing against her lower back only served to heighten her senses still further. She barely had her eyes open, deep breathing, heart defloration porno racing, becoming lost in the sensations as his hands expertly wandered all over her back, and sliding over her stomach, her hips, her thighs, and up over her nipples, which were wide awake and tuned in to what she was feeling.

She let out a gasp as his warm palm slowly massaged her breasts, trying desperately to control her feelings… all the time her head screaming no, but her intense arousal screaming for more deep within her. Callie rolled slightly, allowing John’s hands more access, she turned her head… his deep brown eyes were gazing at her face in the dim light. She went to bite her bottom lip, as she had done so many times over the past week when thoughts had drifted into her head. Only this time, her lips were met by his, softly as before, but sensual and igniting her desire still further.

Her hands slid up behind his neck, brushing his hair and drawing his lips into hers as they clenched, swirled and entwined together. Callie felt her left leg slide up almost by instinct as she became lost under the spell of his hands and lips against her body. John moved his long arms around her shoulders and traced a solitary finger down her spine, she twitched. All the nagging doubt and reservation evaporated as the nerve endings came alive again. As if he had a sixth sense, John rocked his weight onto her, sliding her back melting into the covers of the bed and pressing them together. The man she’d fought so hard in her head to move on from, was now supporting his weight above her, hips pressed against her, and all she could do was look up into his smile, which was barely masking the raw lust he felt for her.

Callie welcomed this sensation, it had been missed, she slid her soft hands along his sides and down to his strong hips as he pressed them against her womanhood, from the tip of her toes to her spinning head she was in a deep state of desire. She parted her warm thighs for John, knowing he wanted the same as she did. Any possible flame of resistance was firmly extinguished by her psyche as she felt his hard cock pressing, gently opening, grazing her lips. Torn between closing her eyes and letting them drink in the view, she met his gaze. His deep desire was obvious, and she fixed him in a gaze that she knew he had come to recognize.

With one slow maneuver, John slid into her warm and sensitive mound. A wave of pleasure washed up from her pussy as it enveloped his throbbing manhood. Her eyes sunk back in their recesses for an instant, at the same time John’s head looked up, eyes shut, as his own body drank in the overwhelming pleasure he also felt. He began slowly moving his hips against her, Callie looked down at him, once again meeting his gaze. As he pushed into her, his pace quickened, his strength grew. His arms either side of her head, he dropped to his elbows, planting a firm passionate kiss onto her mouth as it expelled the air from her consistent heavy breathing. Callie’s back arched up to meet each thrust as his throbbing cock brushed its way in and out repeatedly washing doktor ofisi porno wave after wave over her.

Suddenly, the sensations stopped. A sense of absence hit Callie as John withdrew from her. She looked up, longingly into his face. He grinned at her, sliding his hand under her right hip, he rolled her in one strong motion onto her front. As his cock brushed the backs of her legs, he planted kiss after soft kiss on her shoulder and spine, lower, melting her, giving her goosebumps. She felt his strong warm hands on her hips, pulling her up onto her knees. Callie rested her spinning head on the pillows before her as she felt him breathing heavily against her lower back. She closed her eyes as she felt the throbbing head of his cock opening her once more.

Different this time, in one smooth hard thrust he entered her deep. She let out a muffled, approving moan almost as instinct.

John was relentless, his hands remaining on her ample hips, he began fucking her harder, deeper… she could not believe how good this felt. She pushed back, part instinct and part desperation to feel more, to draw him further into her… every hard thrust grazed past her aching clit. She could feel him swelling within her, tightening herself around his shaft as their bodies slapped off oneanothers, his hands gripping and her pussy twitching and throbbing in time to his cock.

She felt John’s breathing begin to change. As his thrusts became more regular, harder, his breathing became deeper, more frequent, with a tinge of groaning escaping with each breath. She wanted this, she pushed back harder, meeting his thrusts before they’d barely begun, adding to the intensity of the moment. Her whole body felt like it was glowing, the air on her skin making her hairs stand on end.

John tightened his grip on her hips, and in a matter of 2 final deep hard thrusts, he groaned as he climaxed deep within her. The sensation touched her like nothing else, like tiny electric pin pricks all touching her at the same time, exploding from her pussy and down to her toes, along her stomach and to the edges of her nipples as they pressed against the fabric of the bed covers. John rested inside her, throbbing as she gripped his shaft inside her, moving slightly, milking, with natural wanton desire, she kept going, working herself on his shaft as her head began to spin. She pushed back on him and reached under herself, as her numb fingers grazed her swollen clit, Callie pushed back again onto his emptying cock. She held her breath as she exploded within herself, her thighs shaking and her lips curling inside her mouth as she squealed to herself, into the pillow. Gasping, John stroked her ass and hips as she wriggled… milking the last drops from him with her own tightly wound and rapidly waving orgasm.

She felt John’s lips on her back, gently kissing and caressing her sensitive skin as he traced his way up to her neck. As she knelt, quivering, he slipped out of her gently and massaged his way up her sides as she collapsed onto her front, eyes still closed but tilting her head to the left. John kissed her neck, drew her long brown hair from her cheek and kissed her softly. Collapsing onto his side next to her, and resting a hand on her naked back, he allowed himself to drink in the view before him. She opened her eyes to see John smiling, appreciating. Warmth came over her, satisfaction. This wasn’t going to be a straightforward future…

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