Just Mom, Sister, and Me


My name is Johnny, and I’m 19 1/2 years old, in my first year of college. I only had two classes today, and my girlfriend had just dumped me, so I decided to go home and at least get a home cooked meal. I walked in the house and headed down the hall to my room. As I passed my parent’s bedroom, I thought I heard moaning coming from inside. I know I shouldn’t have, but I pushed the door open and stepped inside. My mother was lying on the bed nude, with her legs spread, and her fingers buried deep inside her wet cunt, obviously masturbating. My mom is only 37 years old, and still a hot, sexy woman. I had fantasized about having sex with her for years. Since it appeared she was lost in her own little sex-induced stupor, and was not aware that I was there, I decided to stay and watch as long as I could.

I watched as she started pushing her fingers in deeper, and then she let out a loud moan and closed her legs, squeezing her knees tightly together. I assumed she had just had an orgasm. She appeared to be rubbing her clit, and her eyes were still closed. She finally pulled her fingers out and opened her eyes. When she saw me standing there, she just let out a little gasp, and asked, “Oh my god, Johnny! What are you doing here?”

“Just enjoying the show mom. I’ve had a shitty day up until now. I never imagined I would be seeing the hottest woman in this town pleasuring herself while unknowingly giving me the sexiest show I’ve ever seen.”

I noticed she didn’t seem upset that I just watched her masturbating or that I was still looking at her nude body. Instead, she got a silly grin on her face, and asked, “Do you really think I’m sexy?”

“Mom, what I said was, you are the hottest and sexiest woman in this town. You’re not just hot and sexy, there’s no one that I know who can even compare to you.”

She got an even bigger smile on her face before saying, “Well, since you seemed to enjoy watching, and you’ve already seen everything, I guess there’s no need to cover up. Why don’t you come over here and tell me why you’ve had a shitty day.”

I walked over and sat on the bed, and I decided to get something off my chest. “Well, you know my girlfriend, Ashley. This morning before class, she broke up with me, just out of the blue. I only had two classes this morning, but I was so upset, I couldn’t concentrate, so I decided to come home. Now I’m glad I did! I’ve been fantasizing about seeing you like this for years.”

She reached over and started rubbing my leg. It’s a good thing I was wearing shorts, or I probably would have squirted all over her sheets!

She asked, “If you don’t mind me asking, why did she break up with you?”

“Do you want the R-rated version or the X-rated version?”

“Well, we’re both adults, so I guess I can handle the X-rated version.”

“OK, mom. She told me she can’t handle my big dick anymore. She said that when we have sex, she’s sore for several days afterward and it makes her walk funny. She likes when I eat her pussy. She said I could go down on her anytime because she really enjoys it. But when I ask her to give me a blowjob, she can never get all of it down, and she says it makes her jaw hurt. Plus, she refuses to swallow my cum. It’s frustrating as hell. So, that’s the X-rated version. I hope I didn’t offend you.”

She was quiet for a while before looking at me and saying, “Johnny, I wasn’t offended. Actually, even though I just gave myself a nice orgasm, now I’m horny again. Let me explain something to you. When I was your age and for many years after, I was what was called “Hyper-sexual.” That means, I loved sex and I could fuck all night long. I was also very good at giving blowjobs and I wasn’t shy about doing it. I blew several different boys in High School. I gave your dad everything he ever asked for. I don’t think there was a position we didn’t try. If he came home and said he wanted to fuck, I was naked and on my back in a nanosecond. I’m not sure what happened, but several years ago, he just seemed to lose interest. He hasn’t touched me for at least three years. That’s why I find time to pleasure myself. Now, I know that you will find another girlfriend before long. But until you do, why don’t you let me help you out. At the same time, you would be helping me. Get undressed and let me see that monster dick that Ashley couldn’t handle.”

She didn’t have to ask me twice. I took all my clothes off and stood in front of her. She took a big breath in before reaching out and wrapping her fingers around my now very hard 8-inch dick. She smiled and said, “Nice. Very nice. I can see where Ashley might have had trouble with it, but fortunately for you, I’ve had a lot more experience than her. Now, would you like me to suck you first, or do you want to fuck me first?”

“Gosh, mom, I can’t tell you how many times I have left a date with Ashley, frustrated as hell because she couldn’t get it all in. I can’t believe I’m actually saying this to you, but if you don’t mind, I would love to get a blowjob. But I don’t want to hurt you, and I definitely want to fuck you.”

“I’ll let you know if I have a problem, but I don’t think I will. grup seks yapan gaziantep escort Lie down here and let me show you what a real blowjob feels like.”

In the next few minutes, my mom proved that she really knows how to suck a dick! I had my hands on the back of her head, applying slight pressure. I wasn’t face fucking her, yet, but I had a feeling I would be before long. Then I had an idea.

I told her to lay on her back so we could move into a 69 position. Since she was still sucking me better and deeper than I have ever experienced before, I wanted to reward her, so I put my head between her legs and started licking her pussy. I was lapping away at her juicy pussy when she said, “Damn, you’re good at that. I can’t tell you how long it’s been since someone has eaten my pussy. Thank you, baby, you have really made me feel good today.”

She didn’t seem to have a problem with my size. She started by licking and sucking the head, then licking all the way down to where the shaft ended. Then she worked her way back up the other side until she got back to the head where she swirled her tongue around it. She was driving me crazy.

I watched her lick down one side of my shaft and back up the other side. Then she did something that my former girlfriend said she couldn’t do. She took my whole dick in her mouth. I watched, fascinated, as my mom started bobbing her head up and down on my dick. I said, “Damn, mom! You are by far the best cocksucker that I know. You are absolutely amazing.”

I guess she appreciated my compliment because I heard her moan, which felt amazing on my cock. She continued sucking me like a giant lollipop, and then she really amazed me when she took my dick out of her mouth and did something I thought I would never experience. She took one of my balls in her mouth and licked and sucked it, then she did the same thing with the other one. She popped my balls out of her mouth, and while she still held my stiff dick in her hand, she asked, “tell me Johnnie. Do you want to come in my mouth, or do you want to wait until later, and fuck me now? I’m good either way. I just want to make you happy.”

“Jesus, mom. I really want to cum in your mouth, but then, I also really want to fuck you. I have fantasized about fucking you for years. How about you let me fuck you, and after we have both cum, you can get me hard again and I can cum in your mouth.”

Mom chuckled and said, “sounds like a plan. And just so you know, this isn’t a one-time thing. I want you to fuck me as much as you want to, and I will suck your dick anytime you want. But you have to promise to eat my pussy again. I forgot how much I miss that.”

I laughed and answered, “Lucky for you, I love to eat pussy, so, like you said, anytime you want. Now, lay back and let me fuck you.”

She fell back on her back with her legs wide apart. I couldn’t resist. I had to give her pussy a couple more big licks. Then I knee walked up until I was between her legs. I placed my dick at the opening of her wet cunt, ran the head up and down a couple of times, and then I pushed it in until I bottomed out. Wow! I thought her warm wet mouth had felt good on my dick, but her warm, wet, tight pussy felt even more amazing. I could actually feel her cunt muscles gripping me as my dick moved in and out. As I continued plunging my fat cock into my mom’s pussy, I could hear squelching sounds. She was lifting her butt up off the bed, meeting each of my thrusts. I noticed she had a big smile on her face. She said, “OH, Johnny. You’re fucking me so good. I have missed this so much. Fuck me good, baby. Make momma cum.”

I was concentrating so much on enjoying the best fuck I had ever had, that I realized I was neglecting possibly the best pair of tits I had ever seen. I leaned forward and started sucking her breasts, flicking her nipple with my tongue, while squeezing the other breast in my hand and rubbing her hard nipple with my thumb. Her loud moans let me know I was doing something right.

When I started laughing, my mom asked me, “What’s so funny?”

I told her, “I’m so glad Ashley broke up with me. If not for her, I never would have known that the best sex I could ever imagine was right here in my own house. I’m gonna have to buy her a Thank You card!”

We both laughed, but then I got back to concentrating on fucking my mom, deep, fast, and hard. She said, “Oh, fuck, Johnnie. Fuck me good. Don’t worry, I like it hard. Make me cum, baby.”

I was pumping her so hard and fast, my ass must have looked like a jack hammer! I knew I wasn’t going to last much longer, but I wanted to make her cum at least one more time. Despite my concentration, I had a weird feeling.

Do you ever get a strange feeling that someone is watching you? I almost started to panic because I imagined my dad walking in and catching his son fucking his wife. But I knew he was at work, and he was such a workaholic, he would never come home early. That only left my little sister Janice. I shouldn’t really call her my little sister. She had just turned 18, grup seks yapan gaziantep escort bayan so she was only a year and a half younger than me. But it couldn’t be her because she was in school. I was about to dismiss my feeling as just my imagination when I heard Janice’s voice. “Oh my god! What the hell are you doing to mom?”

I thought it should be obvious what I was doing, but if she needed an answer, I said, “I’m fucking the shit out of her. What does it look like I’m doing?”

If mom was upset with getting caught, she didn’t show it. She simply asked, “Janice, what are you doing home? You’re supposed to be in school.”

I turned my head to look at my sister, waiting on a response. I was surprised to see her standing close to the bed with her mouth open, her eyes open wide, and her fingers under her skirt and inside her panties. I got a big smile on my face as I said, “Mom, I think Janice likes what she sees.”

Mom said, “Janice, I asked you what you are doing home so early. But unless you have some sort of emergency that I need to know about, that can wait. I would like to know your answer to what your brother just said, though. Do you like what you see?”

Janice still had her mouth open, her eyes were still open wide, and she still had her hand under her skirt. I assumed she was fingering her pussy. I could barely hear her voice when she answered, “Yes, I like what I see. Live action is so much better than porn, but I’m just confused. And yes, big brother. I can tell you’re fucking the shit out of our mom, smartass. I’m just surprised. I mean, it’s not something you see every day. How long has this been going on?”

Before mom could say anything, I answered, “I’m not sure what time it is, but I would guess we’ve been at it for about an hour and a half.”

I looked at Janice to see her reaction. She had closed her mouth, her eyes were no longer about to pop out of their sockets, and she now had a big grin on her face. She said, “Wow! You really are being a smartass today, Johnnie. I didn’t mean how long this had been going on today. I meant how long have you been fucking our mom.”

“I know what you meant, and that’s my honest answer. We just started this morning, and I think we have been going at it for about an hour and a half. Does that sound about right, mom?”

Mom laughed before answering, “Yep, that sounds about right. I’m sorry you had to see us like this, Janice. But I must say, you seem to be taking it well. We’ll talk about this later, but I was about to have a climax before you walked in, so if you will excuse us for a while, I would like to have your brother make me cum. Why don’t you give us thirty minutes and then I’ll explain everything over lunch.”

I was expecting Janice to leave, but I got a big surprise when she didn’t move, and I heard her ask, “Would it be ok if I watched?”

I looked at mom, and she said, “I’m thinking the same thing I told you when you saw me nude this morning. The cat’s already out of the bag, so what could it hurt?”

I said, “OK, Janice. You can watch, but I have one condition.”

“What’s your condition?”

“Well, it’s obvious that you have been fingering yourself under your skirt, so if you are going to continue, why don’t you take your clothes off.”

She looked me in the eyes and said, “I never knew you were such a pervert. First, I find you fucking our mom, and now you want to see your little sister naked?”

“Well, I wouldn’t consider it being a pervert. I just enjoy seeing hot women naked. And I apologize to you for obviously ignoring you lately. I can see that my little sister has grown into a beautiful, sexy woman.”

Janice asked, “Do you mean that, Johnnie? Do you really think…”

Mom interrupted by saying, “Guys, please! I said we can discuss this over lunch. Now, I really need to cum, so start fucking me, or I swear, I’ll get myself off and you will never see me naked again!”

Well, that didn’t require any more discussion, so I said, “get on your knees.”

When she got on all fours, I took my cock in my hand and rubbed it on her dripping slit. Then I pushed it all the way in and started pumping her doggie style. She was making grunting sounds every time I bottomed out. I was fucking her really hard, something my now ex-girlfriend would never let me do. I looked over at Janice. She was still fingering her pussy, but she had followed my instructions and was now nude. I had to close my eyes, or I would have lost my concentration. My god! My little sister was sexy as fuck!

My mom’s pussy felt so good, I knew I wasn’t going to last much longer. About that time, my mom said, “Come on Johnnie, harder! Fuck me harder! I’m almost there.” She was still pushing her ass back to meet me as I pushed in, matching me stroke for stroke. I didn’t say anything because I was already fucking her as fast and as hard as I could. I was beginning to wonder how much longer I could last when she said, “Oh, baby, I’m gonna cum. Fuck me baby. Fuck momma hard.” And then, “Oh fuck! I’m cummmiiinnggg!!!”

It grup seks yapan gaziantep bayan escort was a good thing, because I couldn’t last any longer, “Fuck, mom! I’m cumming!”

“Yes, baby! Cum in me, Johnnie! Fill my pussy with your cum!”

She collapsed face down, and I collapsed on her back. I don’t think I’ve ever cum that hard.

“Fuck! That was so hot!”

I looked over at Janice who had just made that comment. I noticed she still had her fingers in her pussy, but I could see liquid dripping down her thigh, so I assumed she had enjoyed an orgasm while watching us fuck.

Mom said, “I think I’ll take a shower and then I’ll make us lunch. We have a lot to talk about, but we can talk in the kitchen.” She got off the bed and went into her bathroom.

I reached over and took my sisters wrist, pulling her fingers out of her dripping pussy. Then I put her fingers in my mouth and sucked them clean. She was not only beautiful, but she had a sweet pussy, too!

She looked surprised, but she smiled and said, “pervert!”

I said, “You taste good, sis. I’ll have to eat your pussy later. Do you like to have your pussy licked?”

“I don’t know. I’ve never had anyone do that before.”

“Well, you’re in for a treat then. I’ve never met a woman who didn’t like to have her pussy licked. And it just so happens that I love to eat pussy. I’m going to go take a shower. Wanna come?”

She looked at me and asked, “You mean together?”

“Of course, together. It will give me a chance to wash those beautiful tits.”

She smiled again, and said, “Pervert!”

“Not a pervert, just a man who likes to suck on nice tits. What size are those babies anyway?”

“36 C cups. And you said wash them, not suck them.”

“I’m a man of many talents. I can do both.”

She grinned and said, “Speaking of size, how big is that monster cock of yours. I’ve never seen one that big.”

“I don’t know. I think it’s a hair over 8 inches. Come on. Let’s go take a shower.”

We took a shower together where I was able to soap up her beautiful tits, wash them off, and then suck on them. Her nipples were very responsive. I also helped her to wash her pussy. I was looking forward to eating her later. She soaped up my cock, and it responded by getting hard as a steel rod. She stroked it back and forth a couple of times. I thought she was going to drop to her knees and suck me, but she seemed to shy away from that. That was ok, though. I didn’t want to push her. We had plenty of time. I had no doubt that after today, we would enjoy a long sexual relationship. We dried each other and dressed in T-shirts and shorts, and then went down to the kitchen.

Mom had made sandwiches and was putting plates on the table as we walked in. She was also wearing shorts and a T-shirt, obviously with no bra. Man, she had nice tits. I think it would help if I described my mom and my sister. Mom was about 5’7″ tall, about 125 pounds, with blond hair, blue eyes, and what I guessed were 38 C cup tits. She is what one would call statuesque. She was also what one would call a MILF. My sister looked a lot like my mom. She was about 5’6″ tall, about 115 pounds, with light brown hair, green eyes, and as I just learned, 36 C cup tits.

Mom had a pitcher of sweet tea on the table. She poured each of us a glass and we started eating our sandwiches. Mom said, “For some reason, I seem to have worked up an appetite!”

We all laughed, and then Janice said, “I can understand why. Speaking of that, who wants to tell me why my brother is fucking our mom? And, before you do, I just want to let both of you know, I don’t have a problem with it. I’m just curious.”

Mom said, “Well, Johnnie was right when he said it just started this morning. I assumed everyone was out of the house, as they usually are, so I got naked, laid on my bed, and started masturbating. The next thing I knew, Johnny was standing next to my bed watching me. I started to freak out, but then I thought, he’s already seen me naked, and obviously he saw me masturbating, so if he wanted to watch, I decided to let him. When I asked him what he was doing home so early, he told me his girlfriend broke up with him, apparently because she couldn’t handle his big fat dick. I told him I didn’t have a problem handling big dicks. One thing led to another, and then you walked in.”

Mom looked at Janice and continued, “Now young lady. Why were you home so early? You were supposed to be in school.”

“Well, I went to school. I had English first period and History second period. Then I had study hall. My best friend, Veronica, told me that her boyfriend broke up with her. She was really upset and was crying. She decided she was too upset to stay in school, and she asked me if I could give her a ride home. I dropped her off, then I was so upset about her being upset, I decided to skip the rest of the day. When I got home, I was going to tell you that I was skipping the rest of my classes for the day. I was getting ready to open your bedroom door when I heard you making some weird noises. When I opened the door, I saw Johnnie fucking you. I got so turned on, I started masturbating. And, as long as we’re talking about it, I have a confession to make. I love watching porn. You put me on birth control when I turned 18. I can tell you that I have had sex a grand total of two times. Neither one of them knew what they were doing, and they came way too fast, so I certainly wasn’t satisfied. That’s why I watch porn. I enjoy masturbating. That’s why I asked if I could watch you. That was way better than porn.”

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