Just the Six of Us Bk. 02 Ch. 04


Just the Six of Us, Part 2

Chapter 4


Wednesday morning…

The gentle thud of the pavement beneath his feet from his fast pace was a beat that marked the calming effect running had on him. He pounded down the road easily, his mind clear and no troubling thoughts going through his head.

The day before, Danni had let her boss know that she was going to be taking a leave of absence, and he was surprised to learn that she had been told that she could take as much time as she needed. That was definitely a plus. He didn’t really know what the plan was going to be at that point, nor if it was going to even end up helping him. He only knew that he needed to go. Before that happened though, he had to let Danni finish her schedule out and both of them had things to take care of at home.

Returning to the apartment, he was happy to see that Emma had gone back to sleep after he’d left. She’d woken up to check on him when he’d gotten out of bed an hour before. After convincing her that he really was okay, he’d started out on his run.

He crept quietly inside and gingerly shut the front door, then slipped off his shoes and tiptoed to the bedroom. Danni was curled up in a burrito of blankets, leaving Emma laying uncovered and hunched over in a fetal position. Chuckling quietly, he returned to the living room and began to take off his clothes. That done, he went back to the bedroom and moved silently through to the bathroom.

Gently shutting the door, he paused to make sure that he didn’t hear them rousing before he turned on the shower and got cleaned up.

“Gonna pass up a naked girl just because you smell like ass…” the voice commented as Mike toweled himself off a few minutes later.

“She was sleeping,” Mike pointed out.

“Oh… so you can still hear me,” the voice replied. “I was beginning to think that you couldn’t anymore.”

“Are you pouting because I didn’t want to go in and wake up my sleeping sister for sex?” he asked.

“Uh… what’s wrong with doing that?” the voice asked. “See… you’re out of practice from living with dudes for too long. You need to just start listening to me more and trust that I’ve got your best interests in mind.”

“Oh yeah? And what is your genius suggestion now? Go in there and fuck one of ’em?”

“See… now you’re getting it!”

Mike chuckled and hung the towel up, then quietly opened the door and peeked out. The bed was empty.

“Way to go! You scared off all the pussy.”

He ignored the ramblings of the voice and stepped out, hearing murmuring voices outside the bedroom. Pausing to pull on some fresh underwear and shorts, he went to the kitchen to go about making breakfast.

“Morning,” Danni said, coming over and kissing him as he stepped into the doorway. She was clad only in a pair of panties, but no bra.

“Sorry if I woke you guys,” he said, watching her ass wiggle as she turned and danced back over to where she’d been at the stove.

Emma was similarly dressed, panties being the only thing she had on that morning. She’d been over by the stove with Danni and came over to give him a kiss as soon as Danni had moved out of the way. As his twin kissed him, she lingered longer than Danni had as their lips caressed each other’s with sensual affection. Her muscular tongue pushed into his mouth, brushed his own for a moment, then disappeared. Her hand drew his focus next, reaching down to grip his cock through his shorts. She stepped back, sucking her whole bottom lip behind her teeth and smiling in mischievous happiness for a few seconds.

“We needed to get up anyway,” Danni said, watching as she stirred whatever she was cooking.

Still not speaking, Emma slid down to her knees still wearing the same expression as she pulled the front of his underwear down. Looking up at him, she hesitated for just a moment before running her tongue underneath the head of his cock and working it into her mouth.

A giggle from Danni drew his focus for a moment and he saw her smiling widely as Emma’s warm mouth sucked on the crown, her tongue sliding up the front as he felt it throbbing to life.

“I asked her if I’d been good enough so far to be able to be the one to give you a blowjob this morning,” Danni added. “She’s being a meanie, though.”

“I guess you weren’t good enough,” he said, looking back down as Emma shook her head to confirm the point.

“I was though!” Danni protested. “I did everything she told me to do this morning, and even kept my mouth shut while she spanked me for taking too long when she told me to fetch her some panties!”

Emma smirked, her hand coming up to stroke him as she pulled the shaft from the wet confines she had it captured in. Stroking, she looked over at Danni. “Just because you didn’t misbehave yet doesn’t mean that you get to have fun! You’ve got to be a good girl for more than just a few minutes.”

Danni’s ensuing scowl and crossed arms were just about the most adorable thing Mike had ever seen. He laughed, despite adiosbet yeni giriş his attempts not to.

“So mean,” she said, a pout taking the place of her scowl.

He studied her for a few more seconds as she glared down at the back of Emma’s bobbing head, as much as he was able to focus at least. After a few moments, he saw the edges of her mouth turn up just the slightest bit and, for just a moment, saw the mirth hidden away behind her display of irritation.

Emma moaned as she forced him deep into her mouth again, her hands moving up to grab the back of his thighs and pull. She was looking up at him as she wriggled her face back and forth, the head of his cock pushing at the back of her throat. A gag forced her to withdraw for a moment, her hand moving back around to grip the shaft and stroke the saliva hanging from it along the length. She began to jerk him off, sliding her hand back and forth as she stared up at him.

“So, you’re not going to let her have any fun?” he asked, still looking down and enjoying what his twin was doing to him.

She shook her head. “She hasn’t been bad or anything. She just hasn’t been good enough to earn a reward.”

“Ah… I see,” he said.

Emma turned, still stroking him, and looked at Danni. “Get a plate of food for Mike you little brat.”

Danni’s expression hardened for a split second but then she turned and quickly did as she was told. She put some eggs and bacon in a tortilla, then spread salsa and cheese on it and wrapped it up. After making another, she poured him a glass of juice from the fridge and sulked over with his breakfast.

Emma had gone back to sliding her lips down the length of Mike’s shaft and was busy pleasuring him when Danni came over. Pausing when she sensed Danni’s presence, Emma looked up at her.

“Take it to the couch for him,” she said.

Danni scowled even more and even offered an eyeroll as she stepped by the two and into the hallway to the living room.

Mike glanced over his shoulder to watch her go, then turned back and saw Emma standing up.

“You really like being stern with her,” he observed.

She smiled and winked, then leaned in and kissed him. The kiss was nice and tender, though her hand was still stroking the saliva coated mess that his cock was.

“Come on,” she said quietly. “Let’s go make her watch us get nasty.”

Amused but curious as to what else she had in mind, he turned and followed her to the couch.

When he got there, he saw that Danni maintained her pouting a bit, though she still had the juice and plate of breakfast burritos in her hands.

Emma sat down next to Mike and made Danni start feeding him by hand, her protests and grunts of irritation falling on deaf ears.

After he’d finished, Emma made her take the dishes back to the kitchen but demanded she come immediately back.

“So why are you pouting?” Emma asked.

Danni didn’t answer.

He glanced over and saw Emma raise a single eyebrow in warning.

“Cuz,” Danni said, though she didn’t expound.

“That’s not an answer,” Emma replied, her tone flat and unamused.

“Technically it was,” the voice chimed in.

Danni didn’t elaborate further, only continued her angry little pout as she stood in front of the two.

“Danni…” Emma said, her tone much sterner that time.

Still she remained silent, her pout slowly turning to a look of amusement as she stood in front of the two on the couch.

“Danni…” Emma repeated. “Answer me.”

Danni’s proudly defiant expression grew even more so as she raised an eyebrow in challenge.

“Are you really going to make me punish you this early in the day?” Emma asked.

Danni’s expression only grew more defiant.

“Answer my questions!” Emma spat.

“Make me!” Danni yelled, grinning like a crazy woman.

“Ooo,” Emma replied, and shook her head admonishingly. With a seemingly irritated scowl, she stood and left the room.

“You seem to be in trouble,” Mike commented, casting an amused glance up at her.

Danni was still standing in front of him, giggling and twirling her hips back and forth while swinging her arms.

“I’m confused,” the voice said. “Is she happy about being in trouble?”

Emma came back out of the bedroom holding a leather paddle. Danni turned to regard her as she came back, then yelped in surprise when she saw what Emma was holding. Both hands moved back to cover her rear and she stopped swinging her hips immediately.

“Yeah,” Emma confirmed. “Be a brat and you’ll pay the consequences.”

“I’m sorry!” Danni said. “I was pouting because you wouldn’t let me play.”

“It’s too late now,” Emma said, and pointed at Mike’s lap. “Lay down.”

Danni whined a bit but then turned and slid down to Mike’s lap, though she was turned face up with a playful smile on her face.

“You’re gonna be a smartass now?” Emma asked.

Danni giggled, sounding full of mischief, but then quickly spun over to her stomach.

“Good girl,” Emma adiosbet giriş commended. “Poke your butt up.” As she spoke, she knelt down in front of Mike and began to rub the leather paddle across Danni’s soft, pale skin.

Danni whined again but did as she was told this time, her adorable rump poking up a bit in Mike’s lap. Emma eased the paddle back a foot or so and brought it down surprisingly hard on Danni’s tender flesh with a loud thwack!

Danni yelped in surprise before whining a little, though she didn’t move from her position.

Emma brought the paddle down two more times in rapid succession.

Thwack! Thwack!

“Are you sorry for being a brat?” she asked.

“Yes!” Danni cried out just before the paddle connected a fourth time.


“You better tell me, then,” Emma continued, raising the paddle once more.

Mike, still thoroughly amused by it all, was surprised to see Danni hesitate with her apology.


She whimpered as Emma spanked her hard again. He could see the pale skin reddening quickly where she’d been struck.

“You’re not going to say you’re sorry?” Emma asked.

Danni shook her head, causing Mike to chuckle.

“Dude… I’m so lost…” the voice said.

Three quick smacks followed, and Danni whimpered pitifully after they were done, her head dropping down to the empty couch cushion beside Mike.

Emma continued to look down at her sternly, though Danni didn’t look up.

“What’s it going to be?” Emma asked at length.

Danni was quiet for a few more seconds, then quietly squeaked a half-sarcastic, “I’m sorry!”

Emma spanked her again. Thwack!

“Ouch!” Danni yelped. “Okay, okay, I’m sorry!”

“I don’t believe you,” Emma said, and winked at Mike as she spanked her once again.

“Ow!” Danni cried out. “I’m sorry Em! I promise I am!”

“Em?” Emma asked.

“Mistress!” Danni corrected. “I’ll be good, I promise!”

Emma moved to spank her again, raising the paddle as Danni glanced back and started to whine, but then lowered it again.

“Good,” she said.

Setting the paddle down, Emma began to gently caress Danni’s reddened butt cheeks with her fingers. Mike watched as Danni’s head slumped back down to the couch and she sighed in happy silence.

“If you’re ready to listen…” Emma began, then waited for Danni to raise her head and look back, “…you can finish sucking Mike off.”

Danni grinned and immediately started to move from her position.

“You aren’t allowed to fuck him,” Emma added, looking at Danni sternly. “Is that understood?”

“Yes, ma’am,” Danni said quietly, a sneaky smile on her lips.

Emma giggled and pulled Danni in for a kiss after she slid from the couch. Both girls whimpered softly into each other’s mouths before the embrace ended. Danni turned around and immediately leaned over to take Mike’s cock in her mouth while Emma moved up onto the couch beside him.

As she sat, she leaned into him and leaned her head onto his, the two of them watching their older sister’s head bobbing up and down in Mike’s lap.

“She’s really good?” Emma asked, glancing at him.

Tearing his eyes away from Danni’s bobbing head, he looked over and offered her a smile. “Very,” he confirmed. “You both are.”

After smiling at him, Emma looked back down at Danni. “I can’t wait until the little slut is finally okay with eating pussy. I’m going to keep all of her home time busy between pleasuring the two of us.”

Danni moaned as she listened, her mouth and tongue never slowing as she pleasured him.

“Sounds like she likes that idea,” Mike ventured, then groaned as she forced the crown into her throat.

“I know I like it,” Emma confirmed.

“Fuck…” he grunted, feeling his orgasm slowly build. “She talked with you about what we’re going to do?”

She turned and looked at him with a smile. “She did,” she confirmed. “As much as I want to be there for you, I know it’s best that you and Danni go do this alone.”

“Thanks for understanding,” he said, pulling her over for a kiss.

Sliding back to her original spot, Emma leaned back against his head while Danni continued to give him a blowjob.

Her incredible technique was pushing him closer and closer, her mouth warm, wet, and very soft. Every couple of bobs of her head were punctuated with a tiny whimper, each one sounding like she was saying “mmhmm” over and over again.

“Jesus,” he groaned, feeling his head swim as his orgasm thundered into him. “Fuck.”

Danni’s movement stopped as the first burst of warm cum left the head of his cock. She locked her lips in place as he pumped again and again into her mouth. He grew lightheaded as his orgasm ran its course, and eventually slid down to his left in the empty spot while Danni worked to clean him off.

“Good girl,” Emma said, though it was distant to his ears as unconsciousness approached. The soft cushions of the couch greeted him as sleep began to overtake him.


Mike woke adiosbet güvenilirmi up later that morning to find himself alone in the apartment. After being lazy for a bit, he ate lunch and went to work out. That afternoon, he began compiling a list of names of the Marines in his squad and getting as much info as he could about their addresses and current whereabouts.

Over the next few days he repeated the process. He would wake up early, go run a few miles, come back and start working on the list and getting a plan in order for the trip. His sisters provided a couple of distractions, of course, but he was more than happy to let them have their fun.

Danni was proving to be a terrible submissive, or wonderful depending on how you looked at it. Though she was working every day, she was still forced to behave and follow Emma’s commands. Any time she was told to do something, Danni resisted, almost to the point of ridiculousness.

Mike could tell that both girls were thoroughly enjoying the dynamic, and Danni was clearly being a pain on purpose. Every day that week had either started or ended with Danni over a knee getting a paddling from Emma. Both girls were visibly aroused by the interactions they were having with each other, and Mike tended to be the one to benefit from it all.

If Danni was particularly bad, Emma would make her sit and watch as she fucked Mike. She would tie Danni’s arms behind her back with a pair of stiff fabric straps. Depending on her behavior from that point, Emma would either relent and let her have a little fun or send Danni off to work or bed unsatisfied.

Mike enjoyed it all, regardless. He felt happy and was feeling like he was in a good place. It was Friday morning before he had another flashback.



“Good girl,” Emma purred as Danni sat up and turned around to face her.

Mike was laying awkwardly on the couch, sprawled out and breathing heavily. It looked like he was about to pass out. Emma couldn’t blame him.

She turned back to look at her submissive older sister. The mischievous look in Danni’s eyes was making her want to drag her to the bedroom for a few hours. Grabbing her hand, Emma stood and pulled Danni up with her.

Taking a few seconds to put Mike’s dick back in his underwear and toss a blanket over him, Emma pulled her to the bedroom and quietly shut the door. Danni slammed her up against the door as soon as the door closed, which was definitely a surprise.

Her soft, persuasive tongue pushed between Emma’s lips, the flavor of Mike’s cum still coating the surface. Sucking gently, she pushed her own tongue back against Danni’s as they pulled each other tight.

“Mmm,” Danni moaned, backing up a few seconds later. “I think you like when I’m bad.”

Emma smirked. “Yeah, but I think you like being bad more.”

Danni laughed lightly and playfully shrugged.

“Did you like the spanking?” Emma asked.

Danni immediately frowned and adopted her characteristic pout. “So mean…” she said, scowling.

Emma rolled her eyes and crossed her arms. Danni giggled a few seconds later and stopped pouting.

“I shouldn’t tell you this,” she said. “But I totally did!”

“Good,” Emma replied.

“I’ll just have to make sure that you kiss it and make it better,” Danni added.

“Mmm… in time,” Emma said quietly.

“So…” Danni said. “I’ve got to get ready for work soon. Is it okay if I do that or do you want to be mean to me some more?”

Emma giggled and pulled her back in for another round of kissing. “God, I fucking love you.”

“I fucking love you, too,” Danni said mirthfully. “You didn’t answer my question, though.”

Emma kissed her a final time before letting her know that it was okay to go and get ready for work.


The rest of the week was busier than normal for both women. Emma worked her normal hours at M&M Contracting but was finding that she was more run down that normal. She figured that it was because Mike had returned, and her sex life had been invigorated. Danni was working lots of hours at the hospital, as well. Long hours for her weren’t anything new, but her schedule seemed to be much more packed that it normally was.

When Mike was still deployed, Emma would have several hours in the evening to herself. She would normally just go back to the old house where Sarah and Beth still lived and hang out there, or just relax at the apartment and wait for Danni to get home. But now that Mike was home, she had a person to come home to if Danni wasn’t there.

That Wednesday and again on Thursday evening, Emma came home to Mike working diligently on his laptop and getting a plan together for the trip that he was taking with Danni. He would immediately save his work and turn his attention to her, something she absolutely adored.

Both days, they’d eaten together and then relaxed while they waited for Danni to show up. The three spent Wednesday on the couch watching a movie together before they all went to bed. Danni hadn’t been allowed to sit on the couch at Emma’s behest, and even though she’d protested and scowled angrily, she’d listened and done as she’d been told. Thursday morning she’d actually continued to behave herself, and it was only that evening that she began to really act out again.

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