Karen and Stacey


Karen and StaceyChapter One“OH.MY.GOD! OH.MY.GOD! OH.MY.GOD!” With a loud moan, Karen’s orgasm rocked her body as her hips pumped a steady rhythm. Darnell tightened his grip on her hips and threw his head back as his balls started to pump his white seed deep into Karen’s ass from behind. Finally, he fell back, his long cock pulling out of her tight ass and collapsed onto the bed. She slid forward, her huge tits splayed out to each side from underneath.A short while later, Darnell came out of the bathroom after his shower to find Karen still collapsed on the bed, the light sheet covering her legs, her round ass peeking out. He gave it a good squeeze as he walked by, “Damn woman; don’t make me climb on top of you again!”She giggled as she watched him get dressed. “Maybe you should!” She glanced at the clock on the night stand, “Dennis and Brian won’t be back for another ten minutes!”Darnell smiled, he had only paid for an hour; he wished he had paid for two, Karen was so fucking hot. Darnell’s eyes lit up as he remembered, “Hey, I wanted to ask. Who was that tall blond that was leaving just as I showed up earlier?” Brian had dropped him off and he had slipped Dennis the hundred in his handshake. Dennis had gotten into the car with Brian and said he would be back in an hour, a big smile on his face.As he headed for the front door, a tall blond had come out and introduced herself as Stacey, Dennis’ sister-in-law. Thinking fast, he had told her he was the new handyman. She had excused herself, gotten into her own car and left. The thing was, he was sure her smile was more than just friendly. She had looked really good too, long legs in her tan golf shorts and sleeveless top. Not the biggest tits, but she looked like fun! He wondered if Brian and Dennis could set that up.“Who, Stacey?” Karen had a sly look on her face. “Why do you want to know? You’re not getting any immoral ideas are you?”Darnell stammered around his wide grin, but was rescued by the front door opening. He slapped her ass on the way by and hurried out into the living room. Karen could hear Dennis talking to Darnell, and then the front door opened and closed and Dennis came into the bedroom, his own smile beaming.“Thank you for my treat honey.” Karen was on her back now, her gorgeous tits spread out as she stretched her arms high above her head. “You know Darnell is one of my favorites.”Dennis took a casual look to the side and seen the dull red glow of the webcam light; good, it was still recording. “Anything for you dear, you know that.” Might as well finish this recording properly he thought as he pulled his jeans off and straddled her chest. She smiled and gathered her boobs up, enveloping his slowly hardening cock. Playing with her nipples, he began to fuck her tits.After her short talk with Darnell, she had had an idea. “Honey, can I ask a favor?” Lately, he had been granting her every wish, she was sure this wouldn’t be a problem.He opened his eyes and looked down at her, his hips still fucking in and out between her breasts. “Sure, anything for you, you know that.” He flicked her nipples some more, “what did you have in mind?”She grinned, “Well, I was wondering if we can somehow bring Stacey in on our little sessions.” Dennis stopped moving, his eyes wide in surprise. She giggled and shrugged, “It may take a glass of wine or two, but I think she’ll go for it.”Dennis couldn’t believe what he was hearing, but he wasn’t going to argue, he had wanted to get into Stacey’s pants for a long time. In answer to Karen’s question, he stumbled forward on his knees, pushing his stiff cock into Karen’s waiting mouth. Things were going to get really interesting around here.Chapter Two“Karen, th-thank you for thish.” Stacey, her brother’s wife, Miss Prim and Proper was drunk. As a very successful bank manager, she always comes across a little stuffy, almost like she was too good. When Darnell had mentioned her name, Karen’s mind had wandered. She knew the way Dennis had stared at her at the last New Year’s party. Stacey had worn a short black dress with a deep neckline. She had caught Dennis staring at her cleavage all night long. She had teased him all the way home and then showed him what real breasts looked like when they got home.The idea had flashed through her mind when Darnell had asked and here they were. Karen had hosted a Red Ideas Party and invited a bunch of lady friends for drinks and fun. Stacey had freaked when she realized it was like a Tupperware party, but with sex toys and fantasy items. She had soon warmed up to the party though türbanlı ağrı escort as the wine flowed and the night progressed. The best had been though when she had opened up her gift. It had been Dennis’ idea. He paid for all the ladies to get gifts. Laura, the Red Ideas saleslady thought it best for the gifts to be opened after the group had been drinking. The gifts were outfits; lingerie in particular. Karen had on a skimpy bikini that barely covered her parts; her nipples had been popping out all evening.Stacey had opened a black gauzy night dress. She had reluctantly put it on, but had refused to wear it without her bra and panties. After another glass of wine and pestering from the other ladies and finally reassurance that it was only ‘us ladies’ that would see her, she had finally gave in and removed her bra and panties. Karen was silently pleased, the night was going just how Dennis had said it would.As the night came and went, the party finished and the ladies left leaving Karen and Stacey. Stacey shut the door as the last of the ladies left and headed back to the living room. It was time for the next phase of the plan. Karen’s face dropped into disappointment as she sat down on the couch next to Stacey.Even in her drunken state, Stacey could see Karen was upset about something. “Wh-what’s wrong Karen?”Karen looked down, “Well, I had a surprise for the party, but it looks like he didn’t show up.”Stacey’s brow furrowed, did she say he? “What, what kind of surprise? A he?”Karen smiled and giggled mischievously, pulling on Stacey’s arm and whispering as if to a co-conspirator, “I hired a male-dancer!”Stacey’s eyes lit up with excitement! Included in the secret she began to giggle herself, her hand covering her mouth. “A whh-what? A dancer? A guy dancer? That would’ve been jus’ great!”Almost on cue, the doorbell rang. Both ladies looked at each other, wide-eyed. “That’s him!” Karen jumped up and ran to the door. She flung it open and there stood Darnell. He was wearing a police uniform, the pants really tight and his shirt buttons undone. It looked like he had a roll of socks in his pants, but Karen knew for a fact that that was all Darnell!Chapter Three“Damn!” Karen started at the sound of his voice. He was staring at her body and she realized she was still wearing the skimpy bikini. Looking down quickly, she was glad to see at least her nipples were still covered by the tiny triangles.It took all of Darnell’s self-control to not jump Karen right there in the doorway. Fuck she looked hot. Her huge tits barely concealed under that little bikini top. He followed as she led him into the living room, his eyes on her ass as it bounced as she walked. He could feel his cock getting hard just watching her.“Officer Darnell, this is Stacey.” His eyes shifted to the lady on the couch. There she was; the lady he had spoken to the other day. Dennis had charged him an even grand for tonight, but FuckYeah, it was going to be worth it.Stacey was sitting on the couch, her long legs crossed, very lady-like. He could see in her eyes that she was drunk and having problems seeing straight. While she tried to focus, he took the opportunity to look over her body. She waswearing a black see-through short dress thing. Her tits looked great; her pink nipples and areola just barely visible through the thin material. Karen was speaking again. She thanked him for coming, although he was late. He watched as she poured Stacey another glass of wine and then sat down, telling him to start the show as she raised the music volume on the stereo with the remote.He smiled, it was time. To the cheers of the two ladies, he began to gyrate around. He had no idea what he was supposed to do in this regard, but they were both pretty much drunk so it was all good. For the next twenty minutes he dance around, trying to imitate some of the moves he had seen in different movies; the ladies ate it up. He had ripped off his shirt to their cheers and tossed it to them. He noticed that Karen was quietly refilling Stacey’s glass, keeping her drinking.“Touch it Stacey! I d-dare you!” He had removed most of his clothes and was down to his black satin undershorts; his big black cock semi-hard and positioned to the side, its bulbous shape very visible. He had moved in close to gyrate in front of Stacey as she sat there in shock, his hips moving inches from her face.Touch it? Wh-what was she talking about? She couldn’t touch it, she was married. Karen kept telling her to touch it. She smiled, maybe it was türbanlı ağrı escort bayan the wine, but it did look good and it was so big; maybe just once.Karen watched with eager anticipation as Stacey reached out slowly and ran her fingers over his cock, tracing the lines over the thin material of his tight shorts. “WHOOO!” She cheered! Then reaching forward quickly, she mashed Stacey’s hand into his cock, holding it there. “Get a grip Stacey!” She watched the shock register on Stacey’s face, but she didn’t try to pull her hand away. Even when Darnell covered her hand with his own, she only laughed as he gyrated against her hand.It was quick, but Karen watched as Darnell pulled Stacey onto her feet and spun her around, his large arms closing around her. He began to move with the music, holding her close against his muscular body. Watching her struggle to get away, yet smiling and giggling was actually getting Karen a little hot. Darnell’s big hands, his fingers splayed open, were covering Stacey’s chest, her boobs squishing out between his fingers while his other hand was low pressing her lower abdomen, his long fingers almost reaching the top of her vagina. Karen’s stomach quivered as she imagined his strong hands pressing above her vagina.Stacey’s mind was racing. This was so hot, but so wrong. He shouldn’t be holding her like this, but it felt so good. She chanced a glance at Karen and even in her drunken state, she could see Karen was laughing and smiling. She was worried she might see shock and condemnation from her sister-in-law, but she saw…she saw excitement?“OH!” He had just pushed her forward and she had put her arms on the back of the couch to catch herself from falling. He was holding her hips now in both hands and was grinding his hips against her bum. Oh Gawd, she could feel his hardness against her bum. Mmmmm, a slow moan escaped her lips, almost like someone else was in control, she was getting turned on by it all.This was too much for Karen. Watching Darnell m***** Stacey was too much, bringing back memories from last weekend when she had been the object of his attentions. She jumped up and standing behind Darnell, pulled his shorts down and off as he stepped out of them. She sat back down on the couch, her hand slipping between her legs as he watched the two of them grind together, Darnell’s cock now free.Fuck yeah! Darnell was in heaven. He pulled Stacey’s dress up, revealing her shapely white ass. Leaning over, he snaked his hand underneath and found her moist pussy. She gave a startled yip but arched her back as he pushed his finger inside, sliding over her clit ever so slowly. This chick was wet and ready! She didn’t move as he stepped to the side, his other hand reaching between her legs from behind. His two fingers pushing in deep as his front hand found her button and started to rub.She was really moaning now, her hips starting to rock. His hand was all juiced up from her pussy making it easy to slide his thumb into her ass. She struggled a bit, but he was really rubbing her clit now and she fell back into the rhythm. He was jamming three fingers in and out of her moist pussy as his thick thumb popped in and out of her ass.Chapter FourWhat was happening!? Stacey was confused but she couldn’t stop. It felt so good; his fingers were magical! She looked down as she felt something around her legs and saw Karen kneeling on the floor, the dancers penis in her mouth! What was she doing?! But she couldn’t concentrate, this felt so good! She was getting close and she knew it! OH!OH! Her whole body was pumping now, it was like she couldn’t push back hard enough against his hand and she stole a quick glance and saw Karen was tweaking her nipple! Her own sister-in-law was sucking a black cock and pinching her nipple! It was all too much!! She was gonna…she was gonna…“NNNNNNNNNNNNNNYAAAHHHHHHHHH!” Darnell sped up as Stacey’s orgasm gripped her body. The juices were running down his arm as her hips jerked. Her pussy and ass were a rhythmic spasm around his fingers until she started to slow, her body spent.He lowered her slowly onto the couch, turning her over onto her back; she may be done, but he wasn’t. She was saying something, her eyes closed, and her head waving back and forth. Between drunk and exhausted, he couldn’t understand what she was saying. Karen was back at the end of the couch again with a big smile on her face as she watched him kneel down on the couch and pick up Stacey’s legs, holding them high and back.Karen could see türbanlı escort ağrı she was neatly shaved with just a small blond patch above her pussy. She watched as Darnell’s long cock easily slid inside until his hips were pressed against her body, his full length buried deep. Karen’s own fingers were moving a steady rhythm over her own swollen clitoris as he started to fuck in and out of Stacey’s pussy. Stacey had always seemed so tall to her, but she looked tiny as this huge man was pounding into her from above.Watching her face as he fucked her, Karen could see why Dennis was attracted to her. He had tried to hide it, but a wife knows these things. She didn’t mind, in fact, she could see the attraction now, watching her face as Darnell worked his magic. She had her eyes closed, her head bobbing as Darnell moved, her full lips parted just a bit with her heavy breathing.Karen stared and stared at her face and then, she’s not sure why, she pulled her wet fingers from between her legs and pushed them into Stacey’s waiting mouth. Helpless to resist, she began to suckle Karen’s fingers, her tongue pulling all the salty taste from her fingers. It was heaven to Karen, who reached down and pushing her fingers into her pussy deep, covering them in her juices again, offering them to Stacey’s open mouth. Like water to a dying man, Stacey lapped her fingers clean. If you were to ask her later, she wouldn’t have been able to tell you what possessed her, but getting up on her knees, Karen moved forward until she was over Stacey and then lowered her hungry pussy onto Stacey’s face.Karen’s head went back as she felt Stacey’s tongue start to flick her clitoris and then push into her pussy and out again to work her swollen bud. It felt so good, she started to move her hips, her pussy dragging back and forth across her mouth and nose. She had grabbed Stacey’s ankles to steady herself and now she pulled them back and apart, spreading her pussy out even more. Darnell, not missing his chance was leaning over and had taken one of Karen’s boobs into his mouth, his own tongue working her nipple.“Oh Darnell! This is…this is too…nnnnnnHhh!” She knew she was close. She had Stacey’s leg pulled back until they were almost touching her shoulders, she could hear the slosh-slap of Darnell’s cock fucking her pussy. It was so erotic! It was so…it was sooooo…NNNNNNNNnnnhhhhh! Her body was in shock, shaking and bucking as her orgasm took her! She could feel Stacey’s face get slick with her pussy juice because as she mashed her pussy into her face it was sliding, Stacey’s nose bumping her clitoris just right.“AAAAAERRRGGGHHH!” Darnell let out a deep groan as his cock started pumping his white seed deep into her pussy; his body slamming his cock in and out of her, trying to push in deeper with each thrust, white goo leaking out from all sides. They came together, Stacey receiving everything they had.Finally, spent, Karen slid off of Stacey’s face, letting her legs fall forward into Darnell and sat back. Darnell’s now slack cock, popped out of her pussy allowing white gold to trickle down her ass crack. Stacey lay there, her legs sinking down onto the couch.Chapter Five“Another beer?” Brian handed Dennis a beer and sat down. The monitor lighting up the darkened computer room. The two men watched as the show came to a close on the large LCD screen.Dennis had set-up a camera in the living room that afternoon and had gotten the entire evening on film. He was now filming the finale. He had to admit, it was a pretty sweet setup, Brian had the idea to charge the guys to have sex with Karen and now Stacey and they got their coveted film. The best part? Karen had no idea she was an internet sensation. Men all over the world had their dicks in their hands as they watched her videos and nude photos.The guys watched as Darnell and Karen got Stacey all cleaned up. It looked like she had passed out, between the wine and the sex exhaustion, she was done. They finally had her cleaned up, dressed her in a pair of panties and covered her up on the couch. She would be good there until morning. They watched as Darnell got dressed and with one last slap of Karen’s ass, he was gone. Karen turned off the lights, but left the light in the hall on, which give a soft glow to the darkened living room.The guys talked for another fifteen minutes or so and finished their beers. Dennis adjusted the settings on the camera remotely and the darkened living room lit up with the night-vision enhancement. They could see Stacey was on her back, her naked leg had fallen out from under the blanket, her foot on the floor.Dennis turned to Brian, “What do you think? I don’t think Stacey’s done yet, do you?”Brian squeezed his hardening cock through his jeans and nodded, “I’d say she’s good for one more round anyway!”Laughing, the guys stood up and headed out to the living room. The little red light on the camera was on.

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