Kat: In The Bedroom


Katherine…that was her name. A beautiful woman, with a beautiful name. Though, I usually called her Kat. Being 22 years old, she stood at 5’9″ and weighed 120lbs. Her long jet-black curly hair reached her ass, and she had gorgeous hazel green eyes! Her breasts were a 34D, and her pink nipples were pierced. So was her tongue, naval, and ears, as well.

My name is Christopher, though she’d usually call me Chris. Being 19 years old, I stand at 5’8″ and weigh approximately 165lbs. I have short brown hair, with hazel blue eyes, that she says are really nice. I, for one, don’t have any piercing, though I’ve considered getting my tongue pierced. I’m not athletic, but I’m not fat, nor chubby, either.

We were in the bedroom. When you entered the door to the bedroom, immediately on your left was the computer desk, with the computer on it. On the opposite side of the wall was the nightstand, with the usual lamp and novel on it with the clock radio. Next to that was the queen sized bed with a black quilt neatly made on it, which was directly in front of the door on the opposite side of the wall. Next to that, was another night stand with another lamp, and then there was a dresser. A big brown oak dresser, with four drawers in it, and had a Sony stereo on top of it, with speakers on either side.

Kat was standing in front of it, choosing the right CD. The dresser was in the right corner of the room, and along the wall, to Kat’s right, was a window with black curtains that matched the carpeting. On the opposite side of the wall of the dresser, was a closet.

I sat on the edge of the bed, in the center on the left side. Kat stood about five feet in front of me, wearing nothing but a black lace thong, and a black tank top, with her usual piercing. I wore a pair of black slacks, and a short sleeved black button-up shirt.

I heard the sound of Rob Zombie being played as Kat chose the song, “Living Dead Girl”. She immediately began swaying her hips to the rhythm of the music. I watched in admiration of her beauty, and being aroused at the same time.

She was a good dancer. She loved to dance erotically, just as much as I loved to watch a woman dance erotically. She knew how to move her body in sync with the music, and also knew how to show the right parts of her body to me at the right times. Turning her back to me at times, and showing her ass. All the while giving me as much eye contact as possible. Rubbing certain parts of her body, getting me very aroused and turned on.

At this point, my cock was semi-hard. I couldn’t help but rub it through my pants with my right hand as I watched this incredibly erotic display.

She was facing me now, her eyes staring into mine, moving her hips to the rhythm of the song. She grabbed the hem of her top, and quickly pulled it up over her head, exposing her lovely breasts to me, with luscious pink pierced nipples. She threw the tank top out of the way, and it landed near the closet.

Her eyes still looking into mine, she then put her foot directly in my crotch. Feeling with her toes just how hard I was.

She moved her foot off my crotch, and it landed on the floor in between my legs, as the song changed to “Super Beast”. She bent over, and kissed me passionately. Her tongue sneaking into my mouth. I returned it with full passion, and sucked on her tongue. We stayed like this for a good 30 seconds before she broke away, and sucked on my ear lobe. Then, she moved down my neck, while getting down on her knees between my legs. As she kissed my neck, her hands Escort Eryaman unbuttoned my shirt. One by one, and as she revealed my nipples, her mouth went down and took one nipple in her mouth, and swirled her tongue around it. Then, she moved to the other and did the same.

The feeling was amazing, as pleasure shot throughout my body. When she took my nipple out of her mouth, she slid my arms out of my shirt, and tossed it aside, once again landing near the closet. As her mouth traveled further down, her fingers undid the clasp on my pants, and unzipped it, revealing my black boxers.

She kept eye contact with me the entire time, and I lifted my hips as she pulled my pants and underwear off at the same time. My now hard cock leaned to the left, as she finally averted her eyes from mine, to my shaft. Looking at it–admiring it.

At this point I was leaning back a little, anticipating what was about to happen. Some pre-cum began to appear. She dipped the tip of her tongue in the hole, and licked it all up. “Mmm.” Kat moaned at the taste.

Then, she looked me in the eyes again, and started sucking on the head. That immediately produced a moan from me. Her mouth slowly descended the rest of my cock. Taking in almost all of it. I rested my hand on the back of her head, moaning. I leaned back, enjoying the lovely blow job, and she closed her eyes, enjoying it herself.

She moved her mouth up my cock again, until just the head was in. Then she moved down, and repeated what she did, only this time on her way up, she twisted and twirled her mouth around, providing even more pleasure for me.

She then descended down my cock again, and this time took my entire length in her mouth, deepthroating me. She then began to swallow, using her throat muscles, doing wonders for my cock. Then, she moaned. Causing vibrations, which just intensified the pleasure.

She did an excellent job. I know longer even heard the music, and I don’t think she did, either. I was about to cum in just minutes of her wonderful blow job. That’s when I stopped her. I wanted something else now. She looked me in the eye again, and seemed to read my mind.

Kat moved her mouth off of my cock, and stood up. Then turned around, grabbed the strings of her thong, and slowly pulled it down while bending over. Showing me her lovely ass.

That gave me the seconds I needed for my orgasm to subside, and then I crawled further back on the bed, now being in the center. I lay down on my back, and pointed my cock up with my right hand.

She seemed to be very anxious. Kat got on the bed quickly, and straddled my waist. Though, I hadn’t entered her yet, she bent down and kissed me with the same passion as earlier. I returned it with equal passion. Loving her tongue, sucking it in my mouth, as she sucked mine.

Kat broke away, and whispered, “I want you inside me.” Then she sat back up. Using my chest, she pushed herself up, and then went down. My cock being covered with the warmth of her tight pussy. It felt heavenly! My hands moved to her breasts. She went a little slow at first, going up and down on my cock, and then went faster and faster. When we had a decent rhythm going, she started moving her hips in circles, heightening the pleasure for the both of us!

As she got faster and harder in riding my cock, my hands moved to her waist, and used it as leverage to move around my cock inside her. Rubbing those inner walls as she rode my cock, increasing her pleasure and mine, all the more.

Her moans Eryaman Escort were increasing, and I watched her lovely breasts shaking as she rode me. That’s when I sat up, and kissed her. Once again our tongues dancing around each other, as we kept our rhythm together. We kept a steady rhythm while making out. Loving the feelings and pleasure that shot throughout our bodies.

Kat’s moans got louder and louder, until I stopped my thrusts, and stopped her. “Get on all fours, baby!” I whispered in her ear.

“Oh, hell yeah!” She said excitedly as she got off my cock, and got on all fours in the center of the bed. I got up behind her, and took my cock covered with her juice, and slowly rubbed it up and down her opening.

She wiggled in anticipation and said, “Tease.”

I grinned at that, and slowly put just the head inside her. That got a moan out of her. I pulled out. She tried moving back, trying to get my cock back inside of her, but I didn’t let her.

I put the head inside her again, and put in about half of my cock. She moaned again, pushing back, sinking more of my cock into her. Using my right hand, I moved my cock around in circles inside her, eliciting moans as I rubbed her inner walls.

Then, I slowly put my entire cock inside her. She was pushing back, making sure she had every inch of my cock inside her warm and wet pussy. She was loving this! That made me happy.

I pulled out until just the head was once again inside her. Then, I pushed my entire cock back in her, but a bit faster this time. I started to get into a steady rhythm. Starting slow at first, then getting a bit faster…then harder.

Her moans began to start again, matching my thrusts with her own. Her moans just fueled my hormones. I really get off on a woman writhing in pleasure! Especially when I’m the one causing it.

I was going a bit faster and harder, and in my rhythm, I leaned down, and cupped her breasts in my hands. Massaging them, and playing with her nipples. Pinching them slightly.

Her moans increased. Saying words like, “Oh, yes! Oh, God yeah! Harder!”

Her lovely tight and warm pussy enveloping my cock. My hands full of her 34D’s. Hearing Kat moan and writhe in pleasure. She was turning me on so much, I began to whimper and moan, myself. This woman was incredible!

I felt myself coming to an orgasm. Judging by her moans and soft screams for my name, so was she.

“Where do you want my cum, baby?” I asked her.

In between her moans, she answered, “Inside me!”

We kept our rhythm, and we were fucking like rabbits. I could tell she was getting very close. She began screaming, “Oh! Oh! Yeah! Chris, yeah!” Then, she opened her mouth and screamed aloud! “I’m cumming!” she screamed.

I felt her pussy clamp around my cock with her orgasm. That and her scream of pleasure, just triggered my orgasm, and we came as one. My cum shot inside of her, as her juices slipped around my cock, and dripped.

Her body began to shudder, and thrash…I was feeling a little light headed from the intensity of my orgasm, and I was thrashing a little, as well.

I still kept thrusting, even as my orgasm subsided. She just kept moaning and screaming my name. More of her juices just kept oozing out of her. She was having multiple orgasms!

Although my cock was feeling a bit sensitive after the orgasm, I continued to thrust…until she collapsed, with me on top, still inside of her.

We stayed in that position for a moment, before I moved to her left Eryaman Escort Bayan side and laid there. She snuggled up to me with her head on my chest, and I held her close.

We occasionally kissed, but mostly we just relaxed to the music, and after about 15 minutes from our last climax, I got an idea.

I got up, and asked her to get on all fours again. She did so without question. So, on my knees once again, I slowly massaged her great ass. It was a nice ass, and I used both hands to massage it.

My cock was getting hard again, as I admired the beauty of this woman. Stroking it, I laid the head of my cock on her ass. When she realized what I was doing, she got excited.

Her pussy juice had dried up on my cock by now, and I needed to lube it. So, I entered her pussy, which was slick with juices again. When I felt I was lubed up enough, I put the head of my cock in her ass.

I slowly moved my cock in circles, trying to get her ass to accept me. After a moment of doing this, I put another inch of my cock in her ass. Then, I continued with the circles.

I pulled out again, and entered her pussy. Pushing it in to the hilt, getting her juices lubed around my cock. She moaned again, and I pulled out, and then slowly entered her ass. I put half of my cock inside her, and I stopped and continued with loosening up her ass.

Then, I eased more and more of my cock into her, until it was all in. I slowly pulled out until just the head was in, and then pushed my cock inside to the hilt again. I continued this rhythm, getting a little faster as her ass began to accept me.

My hands were on her hips, and before long, I had a steady rhythm with her, going fast and hard. Kat matching my thrusts once again. She began to moan. “Oh yeah!”

After a few minutes, I was really hammering in her ass. Going faster and harder with each thrust. Kat’s breasts jiggling with our movements. I sucked a few of my fingers in my mouth, getting them nice and wet, and then moved my hands under her, and began to stimulate her clit.

Her moans and whimpers for me, increased. I loved getting this woman off!

“Oh, Chris. Yeah! Oh! Oh, God!”

Once again, her moans and screams turning me on even more, I felt climax coming soon!

“Oh, Chris, I’m getting close!” She whimpered, my hands increasing in speed on her clit. My cock hammering into her ass. Her breasts jiggling. Her moans getting louder and louder.

Then, she screamed out, “Oh, yeah!” and she began to cum! I felt her juices leaking on my hand stimulating her clit. I continued with my thrusts, and seconds after her orgasm, she had another one. That’s when I pulled out, and came all over her ass. This orgasm wasn’t as intense as the last one, but it was satisfactory nonetheless.

I laid down, with Kat on my left, and held her tight. Her head again on my chest, she looked me in the eyes, and we both closed in for another kiss. This one saying more than just relief. It said “thank you” and most importantly, “I love you!”

As we broke from our long kiss, she lay her head back down on my chest, and relaxed. The music still going, only now I was thinking clearly enough to know what it was. It was a love song now: Take My Breath Away by Berlin. I smiled and thought the song was perfect for the mood.

I relaxed to the lovely song, and snuggled close to Kat. I kissed her forehead, and we just enjoyed being in each others arms.

Eventually, we got up and rinsed off real quick in the shower. Nothing special, just enough to wash the sex off us and got in bed. We got under the covers, and snuggled up to each other in the nude. This time, her back to me as she lay on her left side, with my arm around her. Kissing occasionally, we both said our goodnights and we both drifted off to sleep in each others arms.

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