Kate’s Christmas Surprise


My wife Julia is a pretty girl, with a lovely personality, a nicely rounded but firm body and is a person who likes to dress well. She has a very good sense of fashion but, when we are out clothes shopping, she often suggests that I choose what dress or skirt she should buy. I try to use these opportunities to select something a little raunchier than she would normally choose. Often she obliges by agreeing to buy the item I have suggested. She loves to surprise me, usually on my birthday or our anniversary, by wearing some of the underwear that I have particularly admired in one of the lingerie departments that we have visited together.

Last year, following a particularly successful period at work, I thought it would be a good idea to do our Christmas shopping early. Julia was quite excited about being able to splash out a bit more than usual and we decided to head off to the large shopping mall on the outskirts of our local city. I wanted to take this opportunity to get her something really special and she said that she wanted to do the same for me.

On arrival at the mall we kissed each other and then set off in different directions, arranging to meet up later that afternoon. The first place I visited was a rather elegant looking jewellery shop. I walked in and, displayed in the first cabinet directly in front of me, was a stunning pearl necklace with matching drop pearl ear-rings. I knew that they were perfect for Julia and was quite excited as I paid for them. I knew that she would love them. I could picture her sashaying up and down in front me, and the full length mirror in our bedroom, for ages admiring them on her-self.

I called into a perfume shop and bought a spray bottle of her favourite scent. I then decided to visit a very up-market lingerie boutique that I had never been in before. I was hopeful that I could buy some really classy underwear for Julia. The lady in the boutique was extremely helpful and showed me the large range of gorgeous lingerie on offer which included lots of matching bra, knicker and suspender belt sets, beautiful negligees, slips, panties, corsets, stockings and all manner of sexy underwear.

I was spoilt for choice but I eventually settled on choosing a gorgeous matching pure white silk and lace combination set. There was a beautiful bra with frilly lace trimmed cups which would lift up and show off Julia’s breasts – leaving just a hint of nipple showing through. The knickers were pure white, with lace trim that matched the bra, and had a lace panel at the front which was slightly see-through and would perfectly show off her “special place” as we called it. A lovely matching white lacy garter belt with white ribbons on the clips, frilly lace trim along the belt and a tiny satin bow in the middle completed the set. Next I picked a very sexy sheer white see-though negligee trimmed with beautiful white lace which would just cover her cute bottom. I then chose some very sheer lace topped white seamed stockings which would really show off Julia’s long beautiful legs. The lady gift wrapped these for me and off I went to meet Julia. She said that she had been very successful with her shopping trip and on that note we went off for a coffee. In the coffee shop all I could think of was imagining her wearing the items that I had bought for her and I wished that Christmas would come very soon indeed.

On Christmas morning Julia woke me up with a quick kiss on the lips and then jumped up and pulled me out of bed so that we could go into the lounge and open our presents. She skipped into the lounge wearing only the satin slip that she wore in bed and a matching pair of satin panties that snugly covered her pert little butt. She watched me eagerly as I unwrapped my presents. The first package contained some cool looking designer shirts, next there was a box containing a handsome watch, and finally I unwrapped a box containing an expensive looking Canon digital camera – of the type that I had admired on one of our previous trips to the mall. Naturally I was very pleased with my presents from her and gave her a huge kiss and a cuddle to say thank you.

I then watched intently as she began to un-wrap her gifts. Julia loved her perfume and quickly dabbed some on her wrists and around her neck, then flung her arms around me so that I could take in the lovely scent. Next she opened the tissue lined box containing her beautiful lingerie. She took out each item one by one, held them up in front of her and, with a wickedly cheeky but very sexy smile on her face, guaranteed me that I would definitely enjoy seeing it being worn later on. Naturally this made me feel quite aroused. However this was nothing compared to her reaction when she opened the next box. She absolutely squealed with delight when she istanbul escort saw the pearl necklace and ear-rings. She put the ear-rings on herself but insisted that I fasten the string of pearls around her neck. When I did so she pulled me close to her and kissed me with a passion that I had not known since our wedding day. She then danced around the room in her sexy slip, panties and pearls as happy as a girl could be.

I spent the next few hours messing around with my new camera and taking lots of pictures of Julia in various poses – all of them showing off her new pearls.

I cooked Christmas lunch whilst she did the dessert. During this time she kept giving me sexy looks and reminding me that my real dessert was yet to come. We had a lovely meal and then snuggled up together on the sofa in the lounge where we dozed off in each others arms.

When we awoke Julia gazed deep into my eyes said that I was her perfect husband which flattered me immensely. That evening, after a wonderfully relaxed day, we had a nice warm soapy bath together and then returned to the lounge just wearing our bath robes. Julia told me that she had a little surprise for me and, being a hot blooded kind of guy, I had a pretty good idea of what she had in mind. She told me to stay in the lounge and wait for her to call me into the bedroom.

I sat in the lounge with a glass of fine red wine and thought about how much I loved my wife and how much I looked forward to seeing her wearing her Christmas presents – especially because I knew how good she would look wearing her pearls and her beautiful white lacy underwear.

“Darling,” she called, after what seemed an eternity of waiting, “I want you to come through.”

I went through to the bedroom and paused at the door, full of anticipation. When I went in I was stunned at what I saw. Julia was wearing a beautiful bra with frilly lace trimmed cups which showed off her gorgeous breasts, she had on lace trimmed knickers through which I could just get a glimpse of her moist mound, her legs were encased in sheer lace topped stockings held up with a lacy garter belt with tiny satin bows, and ribbons on the clips. On top of all of this she was wearing a very sexy sheer see-through negligee trimmed with lace.

However the big surprise was that they were all in a very sexy black colour and not the virginal white that I was expecting. On her feet she had black patent leather high heeled shoes that made her legs seem endless, she had done a great job with her make-up, her nails were varnished a bright red colour and her lips were covered in a luscious bright red lipstick to match.

I could not take my eyes off her she looked so beautiful yet so incredibly horny. She then walked over to me and took off my bath robe. She wrapped her arms around me and held her body close to mine. I could smell fresh perfume on her and the cool touch of the pearls around her neck. I told her what an incredibly sexy woman she was and she gently bent down, took my erect penis into her hands and gently blew on the end. She then teased my foreskin back with her mouth and started to give me the best blowjob I though I could ever imagine, keeping eye contact with me all of the time. I felt as though I was in heaven. I told her that this couldn’t get any better but then she pulled her head back and said

“Oh yes it can darling!”

She stopped sucking, stood up and let me have a good look at her up close. It was then that I noticed that the lingerie she was wearing was identical to the Christmas presents I had bought her. I asked why she wasn’t wearing the white lingerie I had bought and she replied that I would find out very soon. I said I didn’t understand so she turned me around. Her virginal white lingerie was laid out on our bed in exactly the same way that I had laid out some of her surprise lingerie for her in the past. Naturally when I had entered the room my eyes had focused on Julia and not what was lying on the bed.

Julia spoke in a very seductive manner.

“Darling you treat me so much like a lady I want to show you what it is like – I want you to experience the soft sensual sensations that a girl gets when she wears beautiful lingerie close to her body. Let me begin…”

With that she led me to the bed, picked up the suspender belt, and held it up in front of my eyes.

“Would you like to try it on?” she whispered.

Me! Wearing sexy female lingerie, the idea seemed very strange but also incredibly horny and I knew it would be fun to try it.

“Yes” I replied almost inaudibly.

I did not know what to expect next but the very thought of being dressed up in some of my favourite lingerie by my beautiful wife was sending shivers of anticipation down my spine.

Julia escort bayan put her arms around me and positioned the lacy belt around my waist. She fastened the clips at the back and gently adjusted the belt so that the tiny little white bow lined up in the middle with my now very hard penis.

“Now darling I want you to put these on,” she said as she picked up the pair of white seamed stockings.

She sat me down on the edge of the bed and began to slowly roll one of the lace-topped stockings over my toes and up my outstretched leg. The feeling of the silk as it moved upon my skin was fantastic. When the stocking was fully up she clipped the lace trim to the suspender and then started on the other leg. When she had finished I looked down to see my legs covered in stockings and looking almost as feminine as my wife’s, and being held up by a gorgeous suspender belt fastened around my flat tummy.

She then told me to stand up. She picked up the lovely pair of pure white silky panties and held them to my cheek, they smelled faintly of her perfume. She told me to lift up my left foot and then my right so that she could put them on me. She then slowly pulled them up over my stocking clad legs. My huge throbbing member and my smooth butt were soon encased in lovely cool silk and the sensation was amazing.

Julia then told me to put my arms out straight in front of me. She held the sexy lace bra up by the arm straps and told me to put my arms into them. She then moved the bra up my arms and positioned the cups so that they covered my pecs. She moved around behind me and fastened the bra at the back adjusting it so that it firmly fitted my chest, then adjusted the arm straps so that the cups were pulled in against my body. From her dresser she took out a couple of small silicone breast shaped inserts. Julia slipped these into the bra so that they filled out the cups and it now appeared that I had very realistic looking breasts.

Finally she picked up the beautiful sheer see-through negligee and held it up in front of me, pretending to measure it up against me to see if it would fit.

“I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a gorgeous sexy negligee – would you like to try it on and show me how it fits you?”

I just meekly nodded agreement because by now I was really lost for words. Julia slipped it on me and then told me to stand in front of the full-length mirror so that I could see myself.

“You really look quite girlie now don’t you darling?”

“Yes”, I replied. I was beginning to really enjoy this sensual experience.

“Ok now let’s see how these fit.”

She had pulled out a pair of white stiletto shoes. I recognised these as a pair that she had worn for me in the past when she had been the one wearing the white stockings and suspender belt.

I slipped the first shoe on and was surprised at how well it fitted. Once I had put the second one on Julia commanded me to slowly walk up and down in front of her so that she good get a real good look at me dressed up in her lovely white frilly lingerie.

The high heels didn’t feel too uncomfortable since they had been fairly well used and walking in them had the effect of showing off my slim and athletic legs in a way that I’d never imagined. The feeling of walking around in my wife’s high heels really turned me on as I could feel the stockings tugging and rubbing on my legs as I moved.

“Michael,” Julia said, “I didn’t realise it until now but you have got absolutely gorgeous legs – some girls would die for a pair of pins like yours. We’ll definitely be seeing you in stockings and high heels again…”

Then she added, “… and that cute little ass of yours looks very sexy encased in lace panties – if you do as you are told Darling I may have to buy some more … just for you.”

I looked over my shoulder into the full-length mirror and got a view that I’ll remember to my dying day. There I was standing wearing the lingerie and high-heeled shoes that I normally only dreamed of seeing on my wife – and there she was standing next to me dressed in similar very sexy gear and smiling with a very wicked look on her face.

“What do you think … Kate?” she said.

“Kate?” I said, this was a little confusing.

“Yes darling,” Julia replied, “Kate! We can’t go on calling you Mike when you are dressed up in such beautiful feminine lingerie can we? That’s it! You are now my very own ‘Kate in Lingerie!’ Do you like your special name?”

“Yes” I replied and though to myself that I was rather beginning to enjoy my new alter ego,”Yes! I think I do like wearing your sexy lingerie!”

“It’s not mine darling… its yours! And I must say Kate you look absolutely gorgeous in it!”

“One more little Ataşehir escort detail,” she added.

At this she picked up her favourite red lipstick. She then made me pout my lips as she proceeded to apply several layers of the glossy stick, not stopping until she was satisfied that my mouth was perfectly girlified. Then she went over to her dresser and took out a short bobbed blonde wig. She carefully put this on me and brushed the hair until she was happy that I looked like a very sexy real girl.

Then told me to stay where I was whilst she popped out of our bedroom. I took this opportunity to slowly turn myself around, gazing all the time at my reflection in the full-length mirror, and thinking how elegant and feminine I actually looked. The taste of lipstick on my own lips was exciting. Wearing the stilettos stretched my calfs and really did make my legs look rather sexy. I could feel the stockings move ever so slightly against my skin as I slowly sashayed up and down in front of the mirror. The feeling of the stockings straining against the suspender belt was sensational and my penis was in a state of permanent hardness as it tried to poke out of the waistband of my panties.

My cute little breasts looked quite realistic beneath my lacy white bra and my bobbed hair gently brushed my cheeks and tickled the back of my neck. I looked in the mirror and saw that my new breasts held out my negligee causing the rear part of the negligee to hug my butt. The frilly lace trim stopped just in line with my stocking tops and I thought to myself that I did look rather sexy.

Suddenly I saw a large dazzling white flash in the mirror. I spun around to see Julia holding my new camera in her hand.

“So!… Kate quite likes looking at herself in the mirror eh? Don’t look so surprised Darling – I’ve got the evidence right here!” she laughed as she started to take more photographs of me standing in front of the mirror.

I was then ordered to pose for her almost as if I was a model for a professional lingerie catalogue. She made me take up all sorts of provocative positions, and snapped away taking lots of full frontals, shots of my frilly pantie encased ass, and loads of close-ups of my stocking clad legs and the huge bulge between my thighs that was straining to escape it’s silk clad prison.

Julia finished the photo shoot with me lying on the end of the bed, propping myself up with my elbows. My legs were wide open so that she could get one more close up picture of my now enormous cock which was straining to get out of the lace waist band of my panties.

“Now where were we…?” she whispered, as she knelt down at the foot of the bed. She pulled my legs together and started at my feet, gently kissing the stilettos. She pulled one shoe off and sucked my toes through the stockings. The sensation was very arousing and I could feel my cock getting harder and harder. She gently put the shoe back on and then massaged my ankles and calves as she slowly worked her way up my stocking clad legs, kissing and stroking them as she went, so that I got a fabulous sensation as the stockings moved against my skin. She kept making eye contact with me and smiling her sexy smile until she finally reached the tops of my stockings.

She playfully twanged the little suspender straps in exactly the same way that I often did to her before I went down to kiss and lick her ‘special place’. She then pulled up my negligee to expose my panties.

“Time to visit your ‘special place’ Kate” she whispered.

She lifted one of the lacy leg bands of my panties and reached inside and began to move her hand up and down my cock. This rubbing sensation was fantastic. She then slowly slipped my cock out from under the leg band and gently pulled back the tight foreskin with her bright red nails. She then began to blow on the wet glans until it was as stiff and large as I’d ever seen it, and then took it slowly into her mouth, and began to suck it with her bright red lipstick covered lips, keeping eye contact with me all of the time as her head bobbed up and down my shaft. She thus continued the blowjob that she had started at what now seemed like an eternity before.

The sight of my hard dick jutting out of a pair of very sexy white lace panties, my legs covered by silky white stockings held up by a matching suspender belt, wearing my wife’s high heeled stiletto shoes was amazing. So was seeing my very own breasts underneath a beautiful white lace bra, and the top of my even sexier, lingerie clad wife’s head underneath the frilly trim of MY sheer see-through negligee, as she gave me the best blow job of my life, was now just too much for me to bear and, which a shout of “I love you Julia!”, I shot my load deep into her mouth.

Julia looked up at me, with my come oozing from her red lips, winked at me and simply said “Merry Christmas…. Kate!”


Find out what happens to Kate during the rest of the night, and what happens when Julia arranges a visit to our best friends’ house.

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