Kate’s Exhibitionist Life Ch. 01


Hi my name is Kate and I am 29 years old. I am married to Steve who is ten years older than me. I have been told that I am attractive and I know that I have a good figure as I exercise quite a lot to keep in shape.

I guess that I have always felt that if you have got it then why not flaunt it and I do wish that the laws on public nudity could be relaxed though it doesn’t make a lot of difference to me as I do flaunt myself quite a bit. It all started seriously when Steve persuaded me to stop wearing knickers and wear short skirts, I never did wear a bra. This was when we were living together before we were married. We had a small terraced house in a large town in England and he suggested that I whenever possible I should be naked in the house and also that I shave all of my pubic hair off. I was quite willing to do this and enjoyed the smooth and very naked feeling after I had done it so much that I vowed that I would never let my pubes grow again. What is more to have no pubic hair and no panties under a short skirt feeling the breeze on your pussy is a real turn on.

Steve likes taking photos of me either naked or dressed in revealing clothing and he is quite a Beylikdüzü escort good photographer. Most of his photos were very revealing showing me with my legs spread and my shaven cunt exposed. Some were sent to Girlie Magazines and we had a few published. Some we exchanged with various members of a correspondence club that we had joined. After we had had a session of photos at home we would enjoy a Martini or three. Steve told me to get some ice for the drinks from the freezer which was in the kitchen. Our kitchen was in the front of the house as there was no garden the window looked straight out onto the pavement. we rarely pulled the curtains and he insisted that on these occasions we certainly did not. So there I would be stark naked except for a pair of white high heels or perhaps stockings and suspenders walking about in the kitchen with the strip lights blazing anyone who walked past the house could see clearly in and see me in all my naked glory, I loved it and always wanted someone to look in. I told Steve this and he said that we could take things further and have fun.

There is a restaurant that we used quite often and when we went there I always wore Beylikdüzü escort a dress that was translucent in fact almost transparent . When viewed against the light you could see right through it. It was quite clear that under the dress I was naked and the buttons down the front would gradually become undone during the course of the evening so that when we reached the dessert the dress would be open to below my braless tits and if I leaned forward my nipples would be showing. I also gradually undid the buttons from the bottom of the dress to a level just above my shaven pussy. I always made a point of going to the ladies so that I would be able to flash my almost naked body to the waiters and other diners at the restaurant.

One couple, members of the correspondence club that we wrote to regularly told us of an escapade that they had done and so we decided to try to copy it. I dressed in an old skirt and top one summer evening and we drove out into the countryside. When we got a few miles out we stopped the car and I got out. I stripped off the skirt and top leaving me standing naked at the roadside, I put the clothing into a rubbish bin and got back into the back Escort Beylikdüzü of our estate car with the back seat down I was spread-eagled in the car. Steve loosely tied my wrists and ankle to ensure that I was completely exposed and unable to cover myself then he drove back into the town centre. I admit that by this time it was getting dusk but we had to stop at numerous traffic lights and road junctions and there were people milling about all the time heading to the pubs or discos.

I was naked and spread out in a public place with people only feet away from me. If anyone had looked into the car they would have seen me naked, my legs spread wide open showing my shaven and excited and very swollen cunt to the world. Steve drove me right through the town centre and then home. By this time it really was dark but instead of parking outside of our house the bastard parked on the opposite side of the road and about 50 yards away. He untied me slowly and let me out of the car, remember I had thrown my only clothes into a bin some while ago so I had no choice but to get out and walk across the road naked to out front door. He then took a long time while he searched for the keys to let us in. By that time my juices were running down my legs from my streaming naked cunt. We had just closed the door when I jumped him and we fucked there in the hallway.

Look out for the next installment cumming soon on a screen near you.

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