Katrina and Rose


Katrina and Rose had worked together for almost three years. Katrina had a wicked sense of humour that often left Rose in tears of laughter. Her antics were at times outrageous and more than a little risqué.

One afternoon, the company installed a new piece of software on their PCs. It was called The Company Office Communicator. Much like MSN, it allowed people in the company to chat via their PCs allowing instant access to all staff. The company heralded it as a huge success as it ensured that people in many different locations could get together on line and share ideas and solve problems. But to Katrina, it was a source of much amusement.

The company loved its acronyms and Katrina had got a special one for this application. She called it ‘COC’ (as opposed to its official name see-oh-see) and on the afternoon of installation, her comical imagination was on fire. She made numerous jokes about her COC (cock) such as ‘It’s nice to have a cock.’ And ‘Let’s meet on my cock so that we can talk about whatever comes up.’ And ‘I’ve just maximised the application. Now, my cock’s really big!’

The one-liners kept coming thick and fast and Rose was in tears laughing. Near the end of the afternoon, Katrina’s COC stopped working. ‘Ooh, my cock’s gone down!’ She told Rose. “I’d better raise a call with the Helpdesk.”

Using the on-line Helpdesk form, Katrina informed IT of her problem. This is what she wrote:


I got COC this afternoon and, although it was really good to start with, after a while it stopped working. It’s now a useless COC and I don’t know how to get it going again. I tried re-booting my PC but my COC flatly refuses to come up. I’ve never had a COC before so I don’t know what I need to do to get it up again. Please help me sort out this problem with my COC as I need it in good working order to fulfil my duties.”

She showed Rose what she had written and that’s when it all got too much for Rose and, holding her hand to her mouth in horror, confessed she had just wet herself. Katrina laughed and looked under the desk. Sure enough, she could see pee dripping off Rose’s chair and onto a wet patch on the floor. She giggled as she grabbed some tissues from her handbag and got under the table to wipe up the pee. She knew this would embarrass Rose and she quietly giggled under her uşak escort breath at the thought.

When she had finished, she told Rose she had better take her panties off as she wouldn’t want to drip as she walked around the office! Rose looked around and confirming that no-one was watching, put her hand up her skirt and carefully removed them. “Now what am I going to do with them?” She asked through persistent laughter.

“Here,” she said, passing Rose a small plastic bag that she had for no apparent reason kept in her handbag for the last two months. “Put them in here and then you can take them home with you.”

Rose slipped her panties into the bag and was just about to put them in her handbag when the phone rang. It was the boss. He needed to see her immediately. Without thinking, she put the bag on her desk and went off in search of her usually very elusive boss.

Katrina saw the bag on the table and picked it up and put it in her own handbag. She knew she could have put them in Rose’s bag but something stopped her; a curiosity that she couldn’t quite explain.

Seeing that it was now just gone 5, Katrina packed up for the day. She told herself that if Rose came back before she left, she would return the bag to her. Secretly, she kept her fingers crossed that she would be long gone by the time Rose got back.

She left the office minutes before Rose returned. Whilst talking to the boss, Rose suddenly realised that she had left her wet panties on the desk. She was very distracted for the rest of the meeting as she worried about this. When she returned to find Katrina had left for the day, she was relieved to see her panties were no longer where she had left them. She looked around for them and after a few minutes, gave up assuming Katrina would have put them somewhere safe.

When Katrina got home, she went to the bathroom and took Rose’s panties out of the bag. She looked at them for a while, noting the ivory satin and lace and absently ran her fingers over the smooth, wet material. She didn’t mind that her fingers were now moist with Rose’s pee; in fact, she liked it. She’d always had a thing about wee and she fantasised about Rose wetting her knickers. She would have loved to have seen it, would have loved to have had her hand inside Rose’s panties, van escort feeling her warm pee trickling between her fingers.

These thoughts filled her mind as she washed Rose’s panties in the sink. She left them hanging above the sink to drip dry and then went to her bedroom to spend some time with her rabbit as she continued to dream about intimate moments with Rose.

Katrina was first into work in the morning. She checked her emails and there was one from the boss telling her off for the way she had worded her Helpdesk report. She dismissed it with a slight snigger.

“Morning,” Rose said as she walked into the room. Moving close to Katrina, she whispered “What happened to my knickers?”

“I took them home and washed them.” Katrina replied. “I was going to bring them with me this morning but they hadn’t quite dried. Anyway, I thought they were very sexy. Can I keep them?”

Rose couldn’t decide if she was serious or not. Testing the water, she said “You can but I’ll need a pair of yours in return.”

Katrina looked at her. “Ok,” she said, “will these do you?” And took of the sheer blue thong she had on beneath her skirt.

Rose, a little embarrassed but also feeling a frisson of excitement at this suddenly kinky exchange said, “Yes, I’ll have them.” A lascivious smile formed on her face as she leaned over the desk to take them but Katrina moved her hand away. “You’ll have to agree to my terms first.” She told her.

“Oh? What terms?”

“You have to put them on now. Take yours off and put these on instead.”

Now Rose felt extremely embarrassed but despite this, stood up, slipped out of her panties and put them in her handbag. Grinning, she stretched her hand out, gesturing Katrina to give her the thong. Katrina obliged.

When Rose had slipped the thong on, she sat down and started a chat session with Katrina on COC.


Wow, that was fun!


Mmm 🙂


I love your thong! It fits nicely, thank you


Good. Does it feel sexy?


OMG yes!


I have to make a confession




That whole thing yesterday about you wetting yourself – it really turned me on.

Katrina looked up, her heart erzincan escort pounding in case Rose was disgusted. Rose looked back at her, smiling.


I feel so horny right now


What would you like to do about it?


I’d like you to help me stop feeling horny




With your fingers


Do you think I should risk climbing under the desk and doing it here?


I’d love that but you’d better not




My house is 10 minutes away. We could go there at lunchtime


Ok. Early lunch at 12 then?


Def x


One more favour?




Will you drink a lot of water between now and lunchtime


Why would you want me to do that 😉


So I can watch this time! 🙂


Sorry, I have to go now. I’m feeling very, very thirsty…





At 12 o’clock sharp, the girls left the office and quickly made their way to Rose’s house. Nervous first moments of intimacy turned to confident experimentation. They stood in the bath, naked apart from their panties. Each stood with one hand inside the other’s underwear feeling the delicious warm spring. Katrina knelt before Rose and pressed her mouth between her legs, sucking pee through the thin material of her thong. When both girls had finished peeing, they went into bedroom. Now naked, they made passionate love to each other, grinding their pussies together in one deliciously intense shared orgasm.

The girls promised to keep this a secret between them. Subsequently, they often shared sexy moments at work frequently involving exchanging panties. Sometimes, Rose would let just a little drop of wee go. Just enough to make the crotch of her panties wet before the swap. She loved the look on Katrina’s face when the cool, wet material touched her pussy.

COC was very quickly renamed – partly due to Katrina’s constant jokes. The young IT developer who wrote the system hacked into Katrina’s communicator and spent many hours enjoying her and Rose’s sexy exchanges. One day he decided it was payback time and let the girls know that he knew all about their sexy antics. He told them that he would need to be involved on some occasions in return for his silence on the matter. The girls complied and despite the awkwardness and resentment at the start, the three of them had some very interesting adventures. But that’s another story…

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