Katrina Ch. 05


We continue to follow Katrina on her sexual journey. Things are changing in her life, drawing her closer to Amita and Sarvesh, she is learning about sexual things she had never known before. Learning what her body is capable of giving her too.

This story was written to set the scene for further adventures. I had to move some things around, move Katrina from a servant girl to an assistant to Amita. I had to find an excuse to get her on the trip to New Zealand which is the primary purpose of this story. At the end, she reveals her desire to take a huge step in furthering her sexual activities.

Go read the story to see what she is planning to do.



Hello from Katrina again.

Please be excusing the poor of my writing. I am working on this but sometimes I become involved with making the words that those sneaky mistakes creep in. Be patient with me as I am working to conquer this one.

Now to begin this, the next section of my story, as I continued to learn new things about myself and my sexuality.

I discovered my thoughts and feelings were changing. My view of what was happening during the special weekends was changing, but more importantly, my life was changing too. This would led to me making a major decision about my self sexually.

But once again, we are getting ahead of myself. Let’s stop and pick up things where they had been left in my last story, me attending and enjoying the special weekends.

* * * * * * * * * *

At that time, I had begun writing of my own adventures and even had a story within The Letters Book. I was now able to read the books and each new letter as it was written but we decided not to make a copy for me because I had no place I could keep it safe in my room where I shared with another staff member.

This worked well but I could only find the time to read the letters when the other staffs were away on their weekends off. They still gave me the master bedroom for those special weekends and when they were off having their evenings together, I had my privacy to myself. They were leaving the little cabinet unlocked for me.

I began reading The Letters Books, right from the very beginning. And soon I was coming to some very erotic and very sexy stories too. It was making me feeling sexy myself to be reading them. There were times when I would become quite horny and wet, even required to leave a towel under me as I lay on the bed. But, of course, at this point, still being in my innocence, it didn’t occur to me I could do more myself regarding my horniness.

One even, I got out of the spa, having enjoyed the soft bubbles against my nude body. I was feeling a bit excited by it and also that there was another sexy story waiting for me to read. Not bothering with the clothes, I just dried myself off and lay on the bed. I took one of The Letters Books and began reading. It was Volume Two I think. Towards the end of this volume I came to Letter — 37 & Letter – 38, I came to the story where Joseph and Lizamoa who were staying in New Zealand with Mike and Shanti did a partner swapping night.

There are four parts of this story when each one gets to tell of their story of that night. In the first letter, Shanti and Mike tells their stories, which of course were different stories. And you come to the other letter where Joseph and Lizamoa get to tell their parts of the stories Mike and Shanti had already told. It is interesting how each had seen things a bit differently about the same events.

I came to the second part of the first letter. I had just finished reading about how Shanti and Joseph had made the love-games together. This was very sexy for me and now I came to read about how Mike was with Lizamoa.

They were together in the shower and Lizamoa had even remained in her sari. I began to imagine what it would feel like with a man’s strong hands all over my body, rubbing me, touching me and then removing my soaking clothing. While I continued reading, I was reading about how he was touching her nipples. One of my own hands was accidentally touching my own nipple. Suddenly, it felt so good. I noticed it was so hard too.

I was touching there and enjoying the feelings. My fingers were bushing over the roughness of my nipple and the dark ring around it. Such a contrast to the soft flesh of my breast. I noticed that this touching was feeling better and better as I continued and I didn’t want to stop doing it. I was excited to be doing this but also I was excited to be doing the reading in the book too. As I was reading the story, I was thinking it was me in the story and not Lizamoa. I was thinking it was the white man Mike, making the love games to me.

But, I wanted more and I was continued to read how they went into the bedroom. I was becoming more and more excited. They were doing some sexy things I had never even thought about doing. She was actually taking Mike into her mouth, Bostancı Escort his cock part and then later she was letting him put his tongue into her pussy. Before I did not think about doing that. I was very naive. Did people really do things like that to each other? But then I was thinking how it would be feeling.

My hand was now onto my pussy too. Mike’s story continued to tell how now he was making the love to her and putting himself into her while I was running my fingers up and down and into the lips of my pussy slot. For a moment I was surprised at how wet I was becoming but I was past stopping by then, it was just feeling too good for me.

I had stopped reading now, just thinking of the story. I was working my fingers faster and faster and it was my feelings taking over, my body guiding me to what would feel so good. Suddenly it happened. The feelings began to explode inside me and I was unable to control it. I let out a cry and then my whole body shook with the orgasm which hit me. It left me lying there exhausted with my body sweating. Wow! What was that? Where did that come from?

I was with the breathing heavy and gasping for the air but I was so thrilled. Now I knew what an orgasm was being like. Now I knew what the excitement of sex was all about. It was a big discovery as I didn’t even know my body was capable of such a thing as that.

I got up and wiped myself off and then carefully checked that I hadn’t left a mess on the bed. I turned out the light and slipped under the sheets. I was thinking about what had just happened. I knew enough about sex to know what had just happened was an orgasm. I also knew it was possible for a person to make themselves cum too but I had never tried this thing. That was what had just happened on to me, I had just made myself cum. I was very happy with that.

From then on, I looked forward to those special nights when I could read The Letters Book and make myself cum to the stories. For some reason, it never occurred to me that I didn’t have to wait until those special weekends. I could have done it anytime when I was alone but I was happy to save it for those special times. It made doing it much more special, as well. Of course, my favourite stories were ones in which Mike appeared. Particularly the ones when Mike and Lizamoa were together. Please don’t be offended everyone because I like your other stories as well. It is just that I like these ones the best.

I was happy with this for a long time. Over the following special weekends, I eventually got to read every story within all of the Letters Books. Then I began to read them all again.

* * * * * * * * * *

My friendship with Amita and Sarvesh had continued to develop. During the weekends, I had begun to play chess. No, not just moving pieces for someone but actually playing for myself. Hansini was teaching me a bit. At first, I was not good but I was improving. Soon, they were saying, I was getting good.

One day, during normal times, only Sarvesh and Amita were home for the evening. We had served their dinner and were sitting in the kitchen having our dinner too. Suddenly Sarvesh walked in. As I once said in my other story, he is never seen in the kitchen and the kitchen staff were surprised. They jumped up in the surprise when he came in.

“Everything is Ok,” he said. “Please sit. Continue with your dinner.”

We sat at the table again where our dinner still lay in front of us. He came to me.

“Have you plans for after dinner, Katrina?”

“No, Master,” I replied.

“I would like an opponent for chess. Are you interested?”

All the other staffs were looking at me. They were thinking why would he be asking this girl about playing chess. Probably wondering how I even knew to play this game and also how Sarvesh knew I did.

“Finally I nodded yes, “Yes, I can play but I must finish here first.”

The cook told me I could go now. They would finish off my work. Sarvesh also said I could change from my uniform and meet him in the dining room. When he was gone they were looking at me and asking how he comes to know I played this game. I just told them one day Amita found out and she must have told him.

When I came back, Sarvesh was in the dining room. Amita was there too and they had taken the large chess set from the lounge. I had never seen it ever used before. The pieces were made of wood carved as Indian animals and people.

We started playing while Amita was watching. It was a very tough game and it was very even. I was happy with my playing. I think I gave him a very strong fight. We were talking and laughing as we played.

The House Manager and the cook came in and were standing watching. Amita invited them to sit if they wanted. Soon there was some other staff too, as word had got around what was happening. I think they were all surprised at this. In India, it is still very unusual for a wealthy owner like Sarvesh to join with the staff like this. They were also surprised that Sarvesh Ümraniye Escort had chosen playing a game with me, one of the lower members of the staff.

At the end of the first game, Sarvesh beat me but I was still happy with my playing. Then in a second game, I played the House Manager. That was very close before I won. I enjoyed the atmosphere of this evening. Both Sarvesh and Amita seemed relaxed and were talking with the staff.

Finally, for that evening, the House Manager played Sarvesh which Sarvesh was able to win. So you could say he was the winner for the evening. But I now knew that with a bit more of practice I would probably be able to beat him too. A goal to make me improve you could say.

So after that, these game evenings became a regular event. It gave me practice and my ability was quickly improving. Sometimes the House Manager joined us, sometimes just Sarvesh and I were together. Sometimes we played inside but sometimes we played on the big set beside the pool. Soon the other staff got used to this and it wasn’t a big event. Many would join us to watch, particularly when we played with the big set. We would use people to help move the pieces for us. By then I was regularly beating Sarvesh but often he would still beat me too.

One special weekend I offered to play Hansini on the big outdoor set. She was surprised I did that because I had not shown her my new chess skills. I noticed she was confident and at first careless. I saw my advantage and attacked her. During the battle, I almost achieved checkmate before she managed to defend her King and drive me away. Of course, I had put so much resources into my attack, I had nothing much left to defend myself. She quickly trapped my King and won the game. But it gave her a surprise and she was asking where these new chess skills came from.

I just laughed and said, “I have been practicing.”

“Was it you, Sarvesh? Have you been training her?”

“Maybe just a little help here and there,” he replied with a grin.

“A lot of help by the looks,” Hansini corrected him. “She is quite good. She could become more dangerous than you men are.”

That made me very happy when Hansini said that. I smiled and was pleased with myself.

* * * * * * * * * *

Now, things were changing in the house. Amita became pregnant. It caused some excitement within the house. Some of the staff members were always interested in what was going on with Sarvesh and Amita. They were also interested in the special weekends too. But of course, they never found out too much.

I was surprised to see Amita as she became larger with the baby, she still was happy to be nude and go swimming but of course, she was soon not taking part in some of the more energetic games such as tennis.

Then came the time when her baby was born. She had a little boy they named Steven, with Vishva as his Indian name. Since so many of you are from New Zealand, for this story I will use his Western name.

I had wondered why they named him Steven. Maybe it could be after a Steve they know from New Zealand. Maybe it was after a night when Amita had made love to a man called Steve. Maybe it was after a time when Steve and Amita were together at a hill station in the mountains.

One day I asked Amita that and she didn’t answer except to smile and say, “That is an interesting theory, Katrina.”

But my question is: – Is my theory correct? She has never confirmed to me.

When she showed him to all of us, we all thought he was a beautiful baby. Some of the staffs were trying to say he looked like Amita or he looked like Sarvesh but to me, he was just a beautiful baby. He was a happy baby, always smiling and loved the attention he got from staff and visitors to the big house.

* * * * * * * * * *

One day, soon after the baby had been born, I was called into the House Office. I wasn’t worried now because of course, I know them both now but I was a bit curious as to why they asked me. When I arrived, both Sarvesh and Amita were there and so was the House Manager. I was a bit surprised to see him there too.

The Manager began speaking, “Katrina, you have always been a good worker for us. Sarvesh and Amita both speak very highly of you and I am always very happy with your work.”

I was thinking to myself — this sounded like another conversation I once had in this room.

But the Manager was continuing; “They have asked me to offer you a new position within the house.”

Now I was a bit surprised. I was wondering what position they had in mind. I did not know of any staffs who had left their employment so I wondered whatever this new position with in the house could be.

Then he continued, “Amita wants someone to help her with the new baby. This task will mean you leave all your present duties and only help with the baby. Would you be interested in doing this?”

“Yes!” I managed to say still a bit surprised.

Then Amita began speaking. “Katrina what we want Ataşehir Escort is someone to help me look after the many little jobs for Steven. That is preparing food and clothing for the baby, helping me care for the baby, bathing him and of course, the not so nice parts too like changing him some times.”

I was happy with this new job. “Of course Missies, I am happy to help you,” I said.

“Unfortunately Katrina,” said the Manager, “you will not be able to get the staff weekends off because Amita will still need you during those weekends.”

“Oh,” I replied trying to look a bit disappointed. I realised what they were doing now, they were arranging for me to openly stay in the house when the other staffs were leaving in the van.

“But don’t worry about that Katrina,” said the manager. “I will make sure you get some time off as well.”

I now tried to look more relieved. But I know what Sarvesh was doing. They were making an excuse for me to be there for the special weekends. It also made up for the weekends when I visited my family. Now the manager was cutting my wages for those days and Sarvesh was making up the difference. It was clever how they had got the manager telling me when he didn’t know the real reasons behind all this. This way also meant we didn’t have to play all these games anymore of me going off in the van then sneaking back to the house.

“Now Katrina,” began the Manager again. “Since your new duties will involve working very closely with The Misses and the baby, you will be moving up to live in the big house. You know there have been work-men working on two rooms near the master bedroom. The first one is going to be the nursery and the other room is for you. As soon as they are finished we will move your things up there.”

I nodded again. I looked up at Sarvesh who was standing slightly behind the Manager. He smiled and gave me a wink. Suddenly I realised that this was more than just for the baby. They were making things easier for me to spend more time with them as well.

Later that day, the Manager called all the staff together for a meeting. When Sarvesh and Amita arrived, the Manager announced my promotion and the new job within the house. He also said my duties would involve using various parts of the house such as the kitchen, washing room and any staffs were to help me if I asked. Then he turned to the drivers and said that sometimes Katrina would be requiring the cars and so they were to drive me into town whenever I needed.

This last bit was a surprise because I was wondering why I should need to go into town but I didn’t have long to think about it before many of the staffs came up to me and were congratulating me for my promotion.

Then the manager asked them all to be quiet again. “Katrina, we want you to start your new duties first thing tomorrow morning. Is that alright?”

I just nodded yes.

“Now we have arranged for a girl to replace Katrina and she will be arriving tomorrow. She will not be doing the same duties as Katrina has done because I am making some changes concerning duties within the house. Some of you will have different duties but I have already spoken with those of you concerned.”

* * * * * * * * * *

So the very next morning I began my new duties working closely with Amita looking after the baby. Once she showed me what I had to do I enjoyed doing too. It was fun looking after Steven, taking care of his needs, looking after him.

About two weeks later I moved my things into the new room. It was a lot bigger than my old room and I didn’t have to share with anyone. It had a great view looking down over the river too and there was even a small balcony, where I could sit outside and enjoy the view.

There was a door between my room and the nursery where the baby Steven would live once he got a bit older but for the time being, he slept in the master bedroom in his own little cot. They had also put in a door between the master bedroom and the nursery so now someone could move between the three rooms and none of the other staffs could be knowing.

This new freedom meant that whenever they weren’t using their bedroom I could go to the cabinet for The Letters Books. They had shown me where the key was hidden. It also meant I could use the spa as long as I was careful not to let anyone know.

* * * * * * * * * *

When Sarvesh was away on trips which often he was, Amita called me sometimes to join her in the spa. We were there one evening when she mentioned that another letter had just arrived from New Zealand.

“I have just put our copy into the binder,” she told me.

“I will like to read it sometime,” I said.

“Yes,” she said. “This is a very nice letter. Very different to our usual letters.”

“What is it about?” I asked.

“It’s about going into the jungle, bush they call it. Going into the bush late at night to listen for calls from the native bird they have there, called a kiwi.”

“I have heard about that bird. Isn’t that their national bird?”

“Yes,” she smiled. “I do believe it is.”

“It seems like a strange bird,” I said. “It cannot fly and only comes out at night.”

“Yes,” she said. “It is a strange bird. Why don’t we get out now and go inside and then I can read it to you.”

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