Kay and Brad Ch. 01


Chapter 01: New Neighbors

Brad Lawrence was a 19 year old star high school baseball star who in his junior and senior years led his team to the state championship for the first two times in their history, and after returning home from that first time he found, waiting in his room, Kelly Anderson, student council president and supposed prude, lounging nude on his bed with spread legs and a realization that he was going to be enjoying his time as a sports star was going to be very good for him. However, as his senior year and season ended, and his commitment and scholarship to state for college loomed, the girls started to get boring and he found himself no longer fully enjoying sex like he did at the beginning, and wanted to find just the right one.

And one hot June morning, that one was going to bring a large change to his life.

It started as a typical early morning with Brad jogging around his neighborhood before going to work out and practice. As he approached the old Robinson place, which had been sold a month before and a moving van appeared the previous week, he hadn’t seen anyone besides moving men and was hoping to meet the neighbors and welcome them to town like his mother expected him to do. And this morning, as he approached the house the automatic sprinklers came on like clockwork and as he stepped onto the lawn he saw the door opened and a sight appeared that made him stop dead in his tracks and took his breath away: she looked to be his age, a few inches shorter, angelic face framed by curly red hair, and an athletic body that was totally, unabashedly naked, with a voluptuous pair of breasts that bounced and jiggled with every step and were topped with pink nipples, and legs that met at a landing strip of red hair (Brad loved when the “carpet matched the drapes,” especially on redheads that were very few in this small town). She walked into the yard and stopped, planted her feet shoulder width apart, as she allowed her body to become soaked by the sprinklers while running her hands up and down her body, then opened her eyes as she looked straight at Brad.

He was rooted to where he was standing, with his hard cock visibly straining against his athletic shorts, and was expecting her to run back into her house, never to be seen again, but instead she sauntered up to him in a very sexual way, grabbed his hard cock and smiled, then said, “My name is Kay, and I’m eighteen and horny. My parents are going out Friday night at 7:00, and the door will be unlocked. Don’t be late, stud.” And with that she turned around and began walking slowly to the house, stopping in the middle of the sprinklers, spreading her feet, and bending over to give him a good look at her puckered hole now being sprayed directly by a sprinkler he wished were his cock, after which she continued back into her house as she gave him a good look at her swaying ass before disappearing into her house.

Brad continued standing there, still able to feel her hand on his cock and her body up close to his wishing he could jack off right there, while inside Kay watched him until he finally moved away, then ran upstairs to her bedroom and frigged her pussy to a massive orgasm. And they both could feel their enjoyment of sex building and returning Friday night at 7:00.

It couldn’t arrive fast enough for Brad, as he walked up to her lit porch, and opened the door to find her in a short gray schoolgirl skirt that barely covered her ass, with her tight shirt tied above her midriff showing now bra, and white stockings completing it. She wasted no time as she grabbed his shirt and pulled izmir escort bayan him and against her as he crushed her body against the wall as their lips met in a heated kiss while her breasts cushioned him and he reached under her skirt to find she wasn’t wearing panties as he met her bare ass. His right hand then moved around the front and palmed her bare pussy, finding it wet and slipping one then two fingers inside and began finger fucking her as she squealed and then broke their kiss and said, “That’s it, baby, make me cum real hard. I’m almost there!” And a few moments later she screamed out her first orgasm of the night, then pulled up his hand and licked it clean of her juices. From there she led him to the living room, where she pushed him down on the couch and went to her knees, opening his jeans and bringing out his 8″ cock that she immediately engulfed between her lips and stroked, licked, and sucked as he moaned in pleasure.

“You’re such a good little redheaded cock sucker, aren’t you? I bet you’ve already flaunted that tight little teen pussy all over town, haven’t you?” She moaned a positive yes as he continued: “Well that’s going to end, since I’m gonna fuck you so hard tonight that you won’t want anyone else. Is that what you want, baby?”

She nodded yes.

“Good. Now stand up and strip for me like the little tart you were in the sprinklers.”

Kay stood up, looking as his cock in animal hunger and wanting to feel it between her legs, and walked over to the stereo and turned on a jazz CD she had prepared. She then walked back in front of him to find he had stripped and was stroking his cock, and she began moving her body in time to the music, slowly untying the know at the bottom of her shirt, then unbuttoning it and let it hang loose, showing the insides of her breasts. She then turned her back to him and slowly let the shirt fall to the ground as she then unzipped her skirt and let it fall to the ground, bending over and giving him another hot view of her backside. She spread her feet wider than her shoulders and looked back at him over the swell of her round ass that she spread so he could have an open view of her cute little asshole, along with her breasts hanging down between her legs while she slid a hand down her stomach and over her pussy to play with it before standing up.

She placed one arm across her breasts and the other between her legs covering her pussy, turned around, and walked towards him, straddling his lap and uncovering her breasts a few inches from his waiting mouth, which sped forward and latched onto a hard nipple, causing her to moan as he then switched to the other one, and continued the switch off for a few minutes. His hands, meanwhile, were exploring her ass and pussy, and as she spasmed with a mini orgasm he suddenly picked her up and placed her on her back on the couch, then went to his knees, and spread her legs. At this up close view, he admired the landing strip, how her lips gaped open with excitement, and the hard clit that peeked out from under its hood, begging to be sucked.

He made a few teasing licks, and then dove in as her legs locked onto his neck to keep him in place (as if he were going anywhere), then began eating and tonguing her box through her first orgasm, and as her second approached he inserted two fingers and began sucking on her clit, which put her through a double orgasm, and when he next moved downward and licked her winking rear passage while curling his fingers to find her g-spot, she finally passed out from the pleasure. She awoke a few minutes later curled up in escort izmir his arms and smiled as he began talking to her.

“Welcome back to the land of the living. I must say that I never thought such a hot little sexual firecracker would ever come to such a small town as this, especially one who achieves multiple orgasms and even passes out from them.”

“Well, I must say in return that if you think a little fainting is going to stop this redheaded cocksucker from fucking that big cock of yours, you’re sadly mistaken. That is if he’s still up and ready?”

“Oh, he’s more than ready for you.” And with that he shifted his body down a little bit and out sprang his hard cock next to her pussy. She then reached down and grabbed onto him, placed his cock at the entrance to her pussy, and yelled in pleasure as he thrust his hips upward and sunk fully into her pussy and began fucking her hard through another orgasm. She then stopped him and rolled herself off the couch and as he sat up, she straddled his body like before and lined herself up and sank down fully onto his rod as they both moaned in pleasure while their lips met in a deep kiss while she slowly raised and lowered herself with him burying himself fully inside her. She continued going slowly until he couldn’t take her teasing anymore and turned them so that she was on her back and began to pound her pussy relentlessly, bringing screams from the sweating nymphomaniac under him as he fucked her raw until he finally reached his end and flooded her insides with his thick cum, triggering her own orgasm as their sweating bodies shook together in pleasure.

Brad was exhausted by now and figured that Kay would give him a little break to recharge himself, but he was wrong. “Hey, stud, I hope you’re still willing and able, because I have one more surprise in store for you.” His head shot up, as well as his cock, with his exhaustion nowhere to be found as she led him to the kitchen and pushed him down into a chair and she walked over to a cupboard while his eyes followed every swish and roll of her delectable ass. He imagined and hoped for the time when he could finally ask her if he could fuck her delectable ass, and when she got to him she dropped a bottle into his lap, and when he looked down found that it was olive oil. She then bent over the kitchen table and opened her cheeks, looking over her shoulder and saying, “Come on stud, I hope you’re in the mood to fuck my nice tight ass, because I’ve been dreaming of you reaming me raw since the first moment I laid eyes and hand on that wonderful package of yours.”

Brad couldn’t believe it: this hot little sex kitten whom he first saw fully nude on her lawn and was fucking in only thirty-six hours was now bent over and presenting her wonderful ass to be plowed by his achingly hard cock. None of the girls in town had ever presented the opportunity to him, and now he was so unprepared that after hastily uncapping the bottle he jumped up so fast that the slick liquid spilled out and covered not only his chest and cock, but her ass and backside as well, including running down her legs. She squealed in delight as he then began rubbing it all over her body, then oiled up two of his fingers and inserted them into Kay’s tight rear passage, finger fucking her ass until he figured she could easily take him now, then rubbed the oil on his body and cock and placed the bottle on the table and moved up to place his cock between her cheeks while he bent over and nibbled on her ear.

“Kay, baby, I’ve been more than ready to fuck your ass ever since you bent over and showed it izmir escort to me yesterday. So get ready, because I’m about to fuck your ass like a jackhammer”

Brad moved forward and lined his cock up with her entrance, and with a slow thrust of his hips forced the head through her tight ring and stopped to give her time to adjust, but found quickly that she didn’t need it as she grabbed the edge of the table and shoved herself backward to fully impale herself so that his hips were meeting her ass.

“Fuck my ass with your big cock now, stud. I need to feel everything inside me.”

And with that, Brad began to pummel Kay’s oiled ass with his large cock as he grabbed on to her hips and then continued to increase speed, all while watch her ass ripple and jiggle, then finally gave in and raised his hands and brought them down to set off a resounding crack of her ass and Kay’s screams of pleasure at the rough treatment. Kay reciprocated and grabbed the edge of the table, using the leverage to pound herself back on his cock as she rode through one, then two orgasms before she felt him start to near his own orgasm and flood her passage with his cum. But instead of speeding up in order to reach it sooner, he actually slowed down and at one point even started to pull out completely before slowly inserting himself again, thrusting a few times, and then repeating until she finally couldn’t take it anymore.”

“Will you stop fucking teasing me and shove it in!” she yelled and then screamed when, in one thrust, he buried all of it into Kay back and just a few moments later and began his pounding again as she continued to scream at the top of her lungs until he finally released himself inside her. He then laid himself down on her spasm racked body and wrapped his arms around her body and holding her to him leaned back to sit them both in the chair, where his hands had a firm grasp of her beautiful breasts with hers over them, as they kissed deeply.

After resting together, Brad looked to find the clock showing that it was nearing 11:00, and that they had started fucking just after eight.

“I need to get home soon, even though I don’t want to,” he told her as his hand moved down to cover her pussy and began playing with her still wet slit.

“Are you sure you need to? I’m all sweaty and oily and need a shower, along with having been a very naughty and dirty girl who needs to be punished by somebody. And if you go, I’ll have to do it all myself, and I don’t see any fun in that, do you?”

Brad grinned and whispered “I suppose not. But if I stay much longer I’m sure my parents will start wondering where I am and that the ensuing search will lead here and to our escapades tonight. But for right now, let’s go enjoy that shower you offered.”

A half hour later, they had just come downstairs as a flash of lights and screeching sound made Kay yell at him.

“Shit, it’s my parents! Hurry up and grab your clothes and then go out the back door. They can’t know you’re here, or else I’m dead.” She threw the couch back together and grabbed her own clothes, then pushed him out the sliding door and almost closed the door when he asked her “Wait, can I see you again?”

She smiled and said, “Stud, after the way you fucked me, there’s no way I’m letting you go. But I’m afraid that my parents wouldn’t like it if they found out about us before meeting you. So come over tomorrow night for dinner, and make a good impression so I can treat you to something really special. Now go.” She then closed the door on him as he watched her cute little ass disappear up the stairs as he ran from her yard while her parents entered the kitchen, and walking home Brad knew that he had found the perfect little sex kitten that brought his libido back to life and would keep him from getting bored in this small town.

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