Kelly Kapowski at the Driscolls’ House

Kelly Kapowski at the Driscolls’ HouseKelly was babysitting for the Driscolls and she had made the mistake of reading some pages of erotic literature in a book she had pulled down from one of their high shelves. Within 5 minutes of reading, she felt weird down there. She returned the book to its place and locked herself in the bathroom for 8 or 9 minutes.She was such an innocent girl that rubbing one out in the Driscoll’s bathroom felt like an act of supreme perversion to her. She came 3 times in the first two minutes then took off her panties and used them to clean herself. She rinsed them in the sink under warm water and used them on herself like a wash amasya escort bayan cloth. She got sidetracked by the fact that she was still horny and she masturbated laying face down on the cool tile floor. She pulled her shirt up to feel the cold tile against her tits. She tentatively started pressing her vagina against the tile. She felt as though her clitoris was popping out like a little penis as she firmly slid her vagina back and forth against the tile. She imagined Mr. Driscoll opening the door to the bathroom and she shuddered and came on the floor. After the spasms died down, she lay still for a while, forgetting everything except for escort amasya how beautiful she felt. Getting up from the floor, she felt the wetness forming strands that streched and she glanced at the floor and her pussy. The panties got employed as a wash cloth again, and she used toilet paper to clean the floor. She flushed the paper down the toilet and rinsed the cum covered panties in the sink. After wringing then out, they were still too wet to wear. She went and put them in the dryer, but the Driscolls came home early and Mrs. Driscoll took Kelly home without her underwear. Mr. Driscoll heard the buzzer go off, and when he entered the laundry amasya escort room, he thought about Kelly’s sexiness and he imagined her panties getting wet that night while she was babysitting. When he opened the dryer door and saw what was inside, he smiled happily. The thought of Kelly and his wife in the car together, Kelly in that tiny pink skirt without any panties on, was deeply moving and erotic to him. He imagined his wife and Kelly having sex in the car, breathed on her scent on the panties. In the car, Kelly confessed, in a roundabout way that she needed to put her panties in the dryer and had been too embarassed to go get them in front of Mr. Driscoll. Mrs. Driscoll joked that her husband was a perv and would have offered to have helped her put them back on. Kelly babysat for them a few more times before college, and she was tempted to masturbate but forced herself to wait till she home.

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