Kevin’s Sow Pt. 04: Training


My mind was still racing as I walked slowly across the street. I looked at my watch. It was only 1:15 pm. So much had happened in one day.

First, I had found out that my best friend and fellow suburban mom and housewife, Karen Higgins, was secretly serving as a sex slave to a man named Kevin Wilson.

Her master, who happened to be a plumber, had showed up to do some work at my house just this morning. Before leaving, he had casually informed me that he had owned Karen for over a year.

Then he had manipulated me in to sneaking over to her house to watch her submit to him. I arrived to find my friend of 15 years naked, collared, plugged and blindfolded in her own living room. Before I quite knew what was happening, she was between my legs, eating my pussy.

Unbeknownst to me, Karen and her master had set me up and videotaped the entire encounter. They were now using these images to blackmail me in to submission.

Kevin liked to refer to his slaves as sows, which are female pigs. He had decided it would be fun to have my best friend train me , so he had given me to Karen.

I was to become Karen’s sow.

She had just called me on the phone to explain my position. At her instruction, I was walking over to her house to begin my training. I was acutely conscious of the cool air on my bare pussy under my skirt. My new mistress had told me that sows were not permitted to wear panties.

I walked up the familiar walkway and on to the landing. Furtively, I looked up and down the street to see if anyone was about, but the neighborhood was deserted. I wasn’t sure what the protocol was. She had told me come over. Should I just walk in the door or was I supposed to ring the bell? I hesitated for a few more seconds, then took a deep breath and rang the doorbell.

It seemed very loud in the stillness.

In a moment, I heard footsteps, then saw the familiar face of my friend through the door-side window. When she opened the door, she was smiling.

“Hi, Amy. Come in, honey.”

She gave me a warm hug, then I followed her in to the foyer.

She was dressed casually in a conservative knee-length, green skirt with a modest cream colored top . She wore stylish, brown flats on her feet. She had obviously showered since I left. The last time I saw her, she had been a sweaty mess covered in my cum.

“I was just making some salad for lunch. Will you join me?”

“Uh, yes, sure Karen,” I said as I followed her toward the kitchen.

She stopped in her tracks and turned to face me with both hands on her hips. Her face held a slightly exasperated expression.

“Amy, really? Please call me ma’am or mistress when we’re alone, dear. Remember, you’re a slave now.”

I paused for a moment, looking her in the eyes. Then I looked away.

“Yes, mistress, I’m sorry,” I said lamely.

“It’s okay, Amy. I know this is all new to you.”

When we entered the kitchen I saw she had been making a large chef’s salad on the counter. She turned her back on me to continue her preparations. She spoke to me over her shoulder.

“Why don’t you get out of those clothes, dear. A sow is not permitted to wear clothing in the presence of its owner. Fold them neatly and place them on the chair, please.”

Her tone was casual but authoritative.

I hesitated for only a moment. I knew I had no choice. I disrobed as quietly as possible, then folded my clothes and placed them on one of the kitchen chairs. Soon I was standing naked in my friend’s kitchen.

The fact that Karen did not even bother turning around somehow made the process even more humiliating. She continued to work on her salad as if I weren’t in the room.

Finally, she clapped her hands together, picked up the bowl in front of her and twirled to face me.

“Voila,” she beamed.

She placed the large bowl of salad on the kitchen table. It looked pretty good. My friend then bounced around the kitchen opening drawers and cabinets and generally making a racket as she finished setting the table. I couldn’t help but notice that she only set a place for one.

Only then did she turn her attention to the naked lady standing in the middle of her kitchen.

She walked up and examined me appraisingly, with her arms folded in front of her.

I stood awkwardly with my left hand covering my pubic hair and my right arm across my breasts. My face was burning with embarrassment.

“Hmm,” she said thoughtfully as she cupped her chin with her left hand. “Not bad, Amy. Not bad at all, dear.”

She circled me slowly, then stopped in front of me and grabbed me under the chin with her right hand. She looked me directly in the eyes as she spoke.

“Inspection,” she said curtly, then let go of my chin.

I knew what she was talking about. I had seen her standing in the inspection position earlier that day for her master. It seemed like a thousand years ago.

I stood up straight with my legs wide apart, then laced my hands behind my head. I thrust my pelvis forward and stuck xslot out my chest. I felt vulnerable and exposed. I guess that was the point.

She reached out and cupped my left breast with her right hand, smiling coolly.

“Very nice,” she purred. “I’m going to enjoy using you, dear.”

Her touch was electric.

She circled behind me and I felt her gently massage my ass cheeks with both hands.

“Nice and firm, Amy. You have been working out, haven’t you?”

“Yes, mistress.”

She circled back to my front and lowered her right hand to my crotch. I felt her very lightly run her fingers through my narrow patch of pubic hair.

“This will have to go, of course, ” she said brusquely, bending down to inspect my neatly trimmed bush. “I’ll give you the name of the salon I used for my own laser hair removal. Better yet, I’ll call and make the appointment for you myself. If you tell them you are one of Kevin’s sows you get a discount. You’ll have to eat the technician’s pussy of course, but it’s worth it.”

I shuddered.

Karen stood up straight and brought her face close to mine, feigning an expression of appalled shock.

“Oh, that’s right, Amy, I forgot. You’re straight, right?”

She continued to look me in the eyes as she ran her index finger lightly along the length of my slit.

I shivered.

“You didn’t seem too straight this morning when you came in my mouth,” she said softly.

She cupped my sex in her palm.

“Or how about when you came with my thumb up your ass and my mouth on your clit. That was a good one, wasn’t it dear.”

She withdrew her hand and lightly flicked my clit.

I moaned.

“Yeah. You’re straight alright,” she laughed and smacked my ass smartly.

She twirled away and took a seat at the table, gracefully crossing her legs. She scooped a large portion of salad from the bowl on to her plate and began to eat at a leisurely pace.

After a few bites, she said “Oh, where are my manners?”

She stood up and walked out of the room. In a moment, she was back holding a large towel, which she folded into a square.

She placed the towel on the stone tile floor next to her chair.


I walked over and knelt down next to my friend.

Karen looked down at me.

“Wider, dear. A sow always has to keep her cunt open and available.”

I widened my stance as much as the towel would allow.


“Are you hungry, slut?”

“Yes, mistress. I haven’t eaten since breakfast.”


he took another bite of salad, then reached down and cupped my vagina, gently massaging the folds of my sex. Without warning, she plunged a finger inside.

“Oh, dear. You’re positively soaked, Amy.”

My face burned. I looked at the floor. I was mortified by my obvious arousal.

“You must have come five times this morning and you’re already looking for more?” she asked incredulously. “God, you really are a slut, aren’t you?”

She moved her finger in and out slowly. The sound of wet suction could be clearly heard in the room.

“Does my sow like to have her little pussy played with?”

I was close to coming on her hand. I said nothing.

She withdrew her finger and slapped my cunt hard with the flat of her hand.

“Such a sloppy little twat you have, dear.”

She brought her hand to my mouth. I knew the drill. I opened and began to suck my juices from her finger.

She watched me intently, then smiled brightly, as if a thought had just occurred to her.

“That’s it,” she said, looking in to my eyes as I continued to suck her finger.

“I was wondering what to name you and now I know.”

Her eyes were twinkling mischievously.

“I’ll name you twat. You have such a lovely, sloppy little twat, my dear. Why not embrace it?”

I said nothing.

“I love it. It’s delicious. Master will be so pleased. You and I will be a matching pair when we serve him: two sows on the same block named cunt and twat.”

“Do you like your new name, twat?” she asked as she withdrew her finger from my mouth and casually wiped it on my hair.

I paused for only a beat.

“Yes, mistress,” I said softly looking at the floor.

“Let me hear you say, it dear. What’s your name?”

“My name is twat, ma’am”

My pussy pulsed when I said it. What was wrong with me?

“That’s my girl, but forgive me. You said you were hungry, didn’t you?”

She stood up and unzipped her skirt, stepping out of it neatly.

“You’re going to be spending a lot of time between my legs, twat, so you might as well start to get used to the taste of my pussy.”

She was not wearing underwear.

After folding her skirt and placing it on the back of a chair, she sat down facing me and opened her legs wide.

My face was about two feet away from her shaved cunt. She was glistening.

Without a word, she grabbed a piece of lettuce from her plate, then reached down drew it slowly and deeply xslot Giriş across her slit.


She fed me.

After a few bites, she asked, “How do you like my special dressing, twat.”

“It’s good ma’am,” I answered honestly.

She repeated the process several times with the various morsels of vegetables contained in her salad. I also got some ham and cheese.

It really was delicious.

She played with my tits and pinched my nipples as she fed me. She slapped my face lightly, demonstrating her ownership of me. She made a big show of verbally humiliating me. I was called a whore and a cunt and a slut. She laughed in my face and called me a dumb cow for falling in to their trap.

I continued to eat out of her hand like a trained animal. Laughing, she made me lick her fingers to get “extra sauce.”

I could feel my cunt pulsating more strongly with each insult and crude remark. The darker, the better.

She told me how she and the plumber were going to use me. I was going to be their cleaner, their designated cum eater. She was going to share me with other men and women. She looked forward to training me to eat pussy. She patted me on the head like a dog and called me her little lesbian pet.

I was leaking on her floor.

Karen seemed to sense my need. She stopped feeding me and slowly put down her plate. Then she looked down and saw the little wet spot on the towel between my knees. She looked at me with a knowing smile.

“Oh my,” she said. “Someone’s being naughty isn’t she?”

She turned to face me. Then very deliberately she reached out with her right foot and began to massage my cunt with the toe of her shoe. Those damn sensible brown leather flats. After a moment, I began to grind against her.

I was trembling with need.

“Are you going to be my little lesbian whore?”

“Yes, mistress,” I answered softly.

“Is that what you want, twat?”

“Yes, mistress,” I gasped.

“Say it, twat.”

“I want to be your lesbian whore,” I grunted.

I suddenly realized I was telling the truth.

I really did want to be her whore. I wanted it all now. The charade was over. I felt a burst of liberation. The switch had been flipped. The light had been turned on. I wanted to submit. I needed to be owned.

My pussy was throbbing. This was only my first taste, but already I could feel the power and momentum of my subjugation building. There was an abyss yawning open before me and I couldn’t wait to dive in. The more Karen debased and abused me, the more my pussy gushed. I couldn’t deny who I was any more. I needed more. Much more.

I was openly humping her foot now, breathing heavily through my mouth. Karen sat back and enjoyed the show. I reached out with both hands and grabbed her leg, pulling her harder against me. I was seconds away from coming against another woman’s shoe in the middle of the afternoon.

On a school day, no less.

At last, she laughed and pulled her foot away.

“Damn, you’re a horny little slut aren’t you? I’m glad you’re enjoying yourself, dear, but a sow never gets to come before her owner.”

I remained kneeling before her, my cunt dripping. I was panting. I had been so close.

She leaned forward and cupped my chin in her right hand, looking me straight in the eyes.

“Ready to drink straight from the well, twat?”

This was it. I knew as soon as I got the call from Karen earlier that I would be called upon to eat her pussy before the sun went down. And here it was.

She leaned back in her chair and spread her legs. I stared at her shaved cunt for a long moment.

Then I looked up in to the eyes of my old friend.

I was awed by the intensity of my desire for her. I needed to be used by this woman. I needed to lick her cunt and eat her ass and drink her cum. I needed to bathe myself in her juices. I wanted to suck her toes and lick the sweat off her body. I wanted her to whip my cunt. I wanted to please her and obey her and serve her. I needed to abase myself before for her.

The epiphany was upon me. It wasn’t the sex I craved, it was the surrender.

I needed this. I always had. I knew that now.

I was ready.

When I spoke, my voice was husky with need.

“Please, ma’am,” was all I could say.

I leaned forward and nuzzled her sex with my face. Her smell was intoxicating.

“Please, what?” she asked coyly.

“Please let me eat your pussy, ma’am,” I groaned against her.

She paused. Then she reached down and grabbed me by the hair, tilting my head so I was looking directly in to her eyes.


I begged. I groveled. I whimpered with need. I told her I would be an obedient sow for her and master. I promised her I would work hard to become a good lesbian cunt licker for her. I told her I would eat her ass for hours. I promised to suck master’s cum out of her pussy and ass. I told her she could use me whenever she wanted. I could sneak over any time, day xslot Güncel Giriş or night.

At last, she released her grip on my hair.

She looked me in the eyes, smiling now. “My, my, you are firecracker, aren’t you twat. I think you’ve said enough. You may begin.”

I dove in to the soft wetness of my mistress.

I pressed my face against her slick folds and inhaled her essence. Then I reached up and put my hands on her hips and pulled her toward me. I gave her a good, long lick from the bottom of her slit to the top. I slurped up her dew greedily. I flicked her clit with my tongue, then sucked it like a little cock. After a while, I got in to a rhythm. I fingered her pussy and continued to work her clit with my mouth.

My mistress bucked against me, pushing herself against the bridge of my noise and grinding herself on my lips. She grabbed my head firmly and rode me as her passion grew.

“Oh God,” she moaned. “Close.”

My pussy tingled when I heard my mistress groan. I was pleasing her. I was immensely proud of myself.

“Here it comes, twat.” she grunted softly. “Drink me.”

I could feel her cunt contract around my fingers as she came. I clasped my mouth to her pussy and gulped down her cum in deep, desperate swallows. I laughed when I was splashed in the eyes. I lapped up the drippings from her thighs and ass crack.

Then I went back in.

I spent minutes tongue fucking her pussy, while softly playing with her clit with my fingers. I spread her ass cheeks with both hands and worshipped her asshole for half an hour. I fucked her pussy with two fingers of one hand, while flicking her clit with the other.

I felt her asshole clench around my tongue as she came.

More cum. More nectar. I drank deeply.

At last she pushed me away. She sat back in her chair breathing heavily. She was naked below the waist, but she still wore her top and shoes.

“Such a good girl, twat,” she said with a satisfied smile. “You did very well, dear.”

I looked up at my mistress and beamed. I was conscious of how disheveled I must look with my face covered in her juices and my hair in disarray. I didn’t care. My mistress was happy.

“Thank you for letting me service you, ma’am.”

“You’re quite welcome, twat.”

She held out her right foot.

“Now, you may continue what you started, dear. I want to see my sow come for her mistress.”

I duck-walked forward on my knees until my cunt came to rest on the top of her shoe.

I began humping her foot.

I started slowly, then gradually picked up the pace. In a minute, I was grinding and grunting for all I was worth. Karen grabbed me by the hair and made me look her in the eyes as I rutted against her.

“Make sure you ask for permission, twat,” she said sternly.

That did it. That final act of submission was enough to send me over the edge.

I felt the dark wave of my orgasm rising within me. My legs began to tremble. I held my breath and dropped all my weight on to my cunt again and again as I bucked against her shoe.

“Please, mistress, may I come?” I asked desperately.

“Yes, twat. Come for your mistress.”

I exploded. I actually saw stars. I kept grinding against her involuntarily as my body was wracked by uncontrollable spasms of the purest pleasure. It seemed to take forever for the wave to crest, then finally to break.

Then it was over.

I lifted myself slowly off of her shoe and knelt at the feet of my mistress. I was dazed and exhausted. I was also incredibly happy and fulfilled.

This is who I am. This is where I belong.

After a moment, Karen spoke.

“That was wonderful, twat. You have pleased me very much today.”

“Thank you, ma’am,” I said softly and hugged her left leg.

She paused for a few seconds, then gently pushed me away and held out her right foot in front of my face.

He shoe was a wet mess. It was positively coated with my juices. She wouldn’t be wearing that particular piece of foot-ware to the garden club for a while, I thought.

She wiggled the toe of her shoe under my chin.


I grabbed her foot in both hands and brought her shoe to my mouth. I opened wide and brought the toe in to my mouth as far as I could. I sucked at the excess moisture, then spit out the tip and began licking the wet leather uppers, slurping as I went.

My cum was everywhere. Her shoe was saturated in it. This was going to take a while, I thought.

She spoke casually as I licked.

“Oh, twat, I forgot to tell you. I deleted those pictures.”

I paused and looked up at her.

“I never would have used them any way. I think you know that.”

I continued to stare at her.

“So, basically, you’re free to go if that is your wish. I have nothing to hold you here.”

I thought about all that had happened to me over the past few hours. I pictured what my life would be like as a slave, the things I would be made to do. But most of all I thought about how I felt when I knew I had pleased my mistress.

She wiggled her foot in front of my face again.

“I don’t believe you’re done, twat,” she said lightly.

It wasn’t a difficult decision. I knew who I was now. I didn’t even hesitate.

I licked.

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