Kim the Cheerleader and Me the Jock


It was friday night, it was the last game of the season, and the dismal loss was still fresh in everyone’s minds. Mine especially, me being the one who received a 220 pound safety in the knee which was very much fractured at this point. I stayed way past the end of the game getting my leg looked at by the trainer, and my friend kim offered to give me a ride home and I was waiting for her to get out of the locker room.

Kim was hot. She was a cheerleader who took tremendous care of her body with an ample ass and tits just big enough to fill my hands (im a tight end so thats a lot of hand to fill). She was a natural blonde with a perfect fit build (as she did track as well) and had one of the cutest faces ive ever seen in all honesty. But she had one feature about her that always turned me on. It wasnt the way she had a cute little beauty mark above her left lip, or how she was the perfect height at about 5’4; it was her size three (in kids) feet. Every time we hung out and we were alone, I made a point of playing with her feet and messaging them and, just recently, sucking them and every once in a while she would give me a pair of her socks to hack off into. Kim was the first person I ever told about my foot fetish back in 7th grade and she embraced it eversince.

Now just as of last week, me and her had become friends with benefits of a sort and we had been testing the water up until today. We were over at a friend’s house and had never really felt sexual tension before. It was thanksgiving and Bostancı Escort the lot of us were in my friend pheonixs basement, getting high and watching cult clasics, when most of the crew decided to go outside and make a beer run. Now me and kim were the only sober ones there because we were more of the designated driver type, so drugs and alcohol played no part in what happened next, but as soon as that basement door closed, kim and I made eye contact for a brief second before attacking each other’s faces. We went at it for a good two minutes before we started undressing each other. Kim got my shirt off and that was about it but I- being somewhat of an expert in the sack- undressed her to her panties and made my way from her lips to her pussy with my tongue and lips until I attacked her pussy and she came hard on my tongue after a short four minutes. She was about to return the favor when Phoenix came down and ruined the moment because he “forgot his wallet”.

Anyway, ever since then, things have been different between me and kim in the best way possible- we couldn’t keep our hands off of each other! – and the tension kept building and she was dying to return the favor. Little did I know that she was about to do just that.


I walked into the girls locker room as I was growing impatient with kim and it was cold outside.

“incoming!” I said as I sat on the bench behind where she was changing.

“Oh good. Here!” She hurled the socks she just Ümraniye Escort changed out of over the row of lockers, “have a go at em’, but I want them back this time.” she said with a mischievous tone.

“Well the only way that’s happening is if you help me out here,” I said with a smirk.

She peered around the corner, “Well, I do owe you a nut don’t I?” A smile curled onto her lips.

“I believe you do.”

“Well then,” she made her way to where I was sitting and bent down in between my legs, “why dont we settle that right now?”

My legs were shaking at this point. This was a side of kim I had never really seen before, and her raw sexuality was intimidating.

“Okay, make it up to me. But it better be worth the wait,” I said with a teasing tone.

“Oh baby let me show you how badly I’ve wanted your dick,” she pulled down my sweatpants just to about mid-thigh, being careful with my knee, and snaked my dick out through my boxers. I was already hard of course, and as soon as she saw it, kim spat right on my dick and lubed it up to her liking. She grabbed my member from the base and spread her spit around til I was fully soaked and slowly started taking in my dick inch by inch. It was adorable in a weird way, watching her tiny little mouth struggle to take in my cock, but the more I thought about this innocent little girl who’s probably never given head before try to suck my dick, only turned me on more. She started to find her rythym, and it felt good but Kartal Escort it was definitely her first time sucking cock, so I told her it felt amazing and that I was getting close.

After I had had about enough of Kim’s slightly more than mediocre head, I decided to try my luck at something I had been wanting since the day I met kim.

“Oh baby that feels amazing, I think im gonna cum soon,” I grunted, “but do you think we could try something else real fast?”

“Sure baby, whatever gives me the biggest load,” she cooed.

“Do you think you could maybe,” I hesitated, “give me a foot job?”

“A foot job?” She asked, “I cant say ive ever done that before. But, if it gets us even…” she teased.

“Oh baby, it you can make me cum with those pretty little feet, I’ll owe you a thousand times”

She just giggled and lightly kicked my dick with her foot. She positioned my cock in between her toes of both feet.

“So how the fuck do I do this?” She asked.

“Here,” I said, “let me show you.” I grabbed her ankles and slowly started to pump her feet up and down my length and pretty soon she got the hang of it and started experimenting with positions. Eventually she found one that would later become my favorite, which her one foot had her toenails up against the topside of my cock and the pads of her toes of the other foot against the underside.

Soon enough I was about ready to cum, and I let her know.

“Oh fuck yea baby shoot your fucking load all over my tiny little feet!”

And sure enough in four short more strokes I sent stream after stream after stream of my cum onto her cute little feet and nearly painted them white.

“Well,” said a mysterious voice, “looks like you owe her a thousand times…”


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