Kimberly’s Revenge


Smiling, Kimberly couldn’t wait to see Sandra. She’d gone to see her parents for a couple of days, and now she was hurrying back to her love as soon as she could. Ever since that first night, Sandra and herself hadn’t been separated and they now had an apartment of their own where they happily lived together.

Entering the apartment the young woman locked the door behind her, smiling because she knew that the love of her life was sleeping peacefully unawares in their bedroom.

Once in their room, Kimberly was stunned at the erotic picture Sandra made—sleeping on top of the sheets, the moon bathing her glorious body with its magical beams. Sandra’s long hair had been let out and was cascading like dark silk on the pillows. And the nightgown? Well, it had ridden up her body, giving Kimberly a good view of shapely legs and a scandalously naked bottom. The woman hadn’t worn any underwear!

That little minx must have known I’d be coming back tonight. How she always knows is beyond me.

She walked towards the bed as silently as she could, leaning over the sleeping woman. My boor baby looks so tired. I’m just going to give her a kiss…I’m only going to give her a kiss…gods she smells wonderful.

What had begun as ‘only a kiss’ had sparked into the famialar unquenchable desire Kimberly only experience when with escort bayan Sandra, and she slowly lowered herself onto the bed, crawling over to Sandra and mounted her, running her fingers through those beautiful locks. It felt like silk to her fingers, soft, shiny, beautiful. All of those words described Sandra.

Tangling her fingers in that hair, Kimberly pulled back Sandra’s head and plundered those soft lips. She was stunned slightly when the lips reacted to hers, and she’d pulled away, realizing that Sandra was still sleeping. The smile of a predator appeared on her face as she began licking down the raven-haired woman’s neck, hands cupping and slightly squeezing the large breasts beneath hers. Under the cool silk, Sandra’s nipples were rock hard, so aroused that Kimberly knew that her soft pinching most hurt slightly.

Even though it was downright sexy, the gown was only being a hindrance to her. The schoolgirl growled very much like a possessive male would, before freeing a breast from the restraint, and looking at it hungrily. Licking her lips, Kimberly’s eyes bore into the breast. She wanted to taste Sandra’s skin. It had been too long since she’d been able to taste her and Kimberly couldn’t keep herself under control anymore.

Lowering her mouth to one of the nipples, she gave it a slight flick bursa vip escort of her tongue, before running her wet tongue around the nipple in slow, teasing circles. She loved the taste of Sandra’s skin. It was musky, erotic, tantalizing and addictive.

“Kimberly?” A groggy yet utterly sexy voice asked.

“Yes my love?” Kimberly whispered in Sandra’s ear once she’d managed to tear her mouth off of Sandra’s perfect breast.

“I missed you.” Yawning slightly, Sandra rubbed at her eyes. “A girl can get used to being awaken like this.”

“I missed you too. But for now…shhh…” Lowering herself down Sandra’s body, Kimberly ran a finger teasingly on Sandra’s slit and was shocked with awe to find moisture…a lot of moisture. A smirk appeared on Kimberly’s face; during the day Sandra was the accomplished warrior in court, yet during the night she succumbed and submitted herself to Kimberly’s authority Putting her thumbs around the slit, Kimberly leaned down and blew on the clit, smirk growing when Sandra moaned and squirmed slightly.

“Kim—.” Sandra whispered.

“Shhh.” Kimberly then lowered her mouth to the wet slit and sucked hard.

“—berly!” Sandra cried softly, her hands digging into the bed desperately.

Swallowing her lover’s moisture, Kimberly bursa elit escort licked the slit slowly and then began to suck on the sensitive bud before thrusting a finger inside of Sandra without warning.

“Kimberly….Kimberly!” Sandra cried softly over and over, withering on the bed, moans and groans of passion heating her body.

Adding another finger, and another, Kimberly stopping sucking the clit for a second, and the thrusting of her fingers, feeling in awe as Sandra’s insides stretched greedily around them. The feeling was unreal. A smirk appeared on her face when she heard Sandra’s growl of frustration, and felt Sandra thrust urgently against her fingers. “Getting a little anxious, aren’t we?”

“Oh just shut up and fuck me.” Sandra ordered rather breathlessly, and Kimberly found it terribly arousing.

“As you wish.” Thrusting the three fingers painfully hard, she watched as Sandra struggled to keep from waking the people sleeping in the other huts with her cries. Returning to her hard sucking and teasing, Kimberly rammed her fingers up into Sandra over and over again, feeling as the black haired woman met every thrust with one of her one.

Soon Sandra’s insides clenched tightly around Kimberly’s fingers, as Sandra made a strangled sound in her throat, and she came into Kimberly’s hand.

Licking up the cum on Sandra’s jewel and thighs, Kimberly swallowed it and licked her fingers clean; a smirk appeared on her lovely face. “I kept tasting you in my mouth during my visit with my parents. It drove me crazy.” Before she could continue, Sandra pulled her into a passionate kiss.

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