Kimmy’s Kitty


Author’s note: This story is part of a six chapter book: TILT Book II – Prospecting. Chapter titles listed below, will go back and add hyperlinks after each chapter is published. Check my Author page for Book I.

As with the last book my stories tend to heat up quickly and have lots of explicit, graphic lesbian sex with the raunchy details throughout. That’s what I like to read and what I like to write; these stories are sparked from my personal fantasies and day dreams, and then the characters come to life and guide me…

It’s not for everyone. Is it for you? 😉

Please leave me your comments on the stories if you like them, and I encourage you to reach out to me via the Contact tab on my Author page with your thoughts, ideas and feelings. 😙

xoxo Maribelle

As always, all characters engaging in any sexual activity are above 18.


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TILT Book II – Prospecting

Chapter 1: A Furtive Fragrance

Chapter 2: Marci Melts

Chapter 3: Kimmy’s Kitty

Chapter 4: Good Foods

Chapter 5: Brittany’s Bimbos

Chapter 6: Welcome to the Show



Book II – Prospecting

Chapter 3 – Kimmy’s Kitty


Kimmy parked her soft-top Jeep Wrangler on the side of the strip mall. It was hot pink, just Iike half of everything she owned.

She stretched her long legs to the pavement, and bent back inside to grab her purse and an iced coffee.

She had a timeless beauty – long locks of wavy blonde hair, stunning emerald-green eyes, and full pink lips and dimples when she smiled – which was often.

And she smiled now, as she closed the Jeep door with a bump from her shapely bottom, which rounded out her short black skirt. She took a small sip from the iced coffee, leaving lipstick on the straw.

“Marci won’t mind,” she thought, as she hummed to herself in approval of the taste.

She smiled as she looked at the hot pink decal on her back windshield – a cute kitten surrounded by wavy stylish writing – “Kimmy’s Kitty,” with a tiny writing below it: “Intimate Apparel”.

What a brilliant name, she couldn’t help but think every time she saw it.

She adjusted her purse and made her way toward the shop. In her early forties, Kimmy was in the best shape of her life. Around 5’5 and 105lbs, she was slim except for her ample breasts and ass, her slim waist between – 34-24-34.

She knew her measurements well, since she ordered her clothes to fit. She had to, in her line of work – who wants to buy lingerie from some old skank in a baggie t-shirt? she thought with a quiet grin.

Today, she wore a hot pink blazer with sleeves to her shoulders, open over a loose white top, tucked into a skirt with black and white vertical stripes. And of course, her signature hot pink heels.

As she strutted down the sidewalk to her shop, a couple of muscular college-aged guys walked out from the health food store, two doors down from hers.

“Hi boys,” she said, teasingly as they came past her. She put on her best flirty smile.

“Hello ma’am, have a good day,” one muttered, as they continued past her without a thought.

She paused. Her smile faded and her steps slowed to a stop, as she turned to look at the two walk away.

Ouch – they barely even glanced at me, she thought.

Kimmy was a beauty by any standard, and she still turned plenty of heads. But there was no denying that she was getting older, and was slowly moving into an age where younger men didn’t see her as a sex object.

She looked at her reflection, and bolstered herself.

No – I’m as sexy as ever, she thought, and with a nod, her perfect smile and dimples returned, as she marched on to her shop, chest out and head high.

She was going to bring Maricela her favorite drink – a white chocolate mocha frap with a shot of espresso and extra whip – and give her the rest of the day off with pay. Wednesdays were slow anyway and Marci had been putting in more than her scheduled 40 hours. Kimmy hoped she could give her more time off soon – she had been interviewing for another girl to help run the shop. Marci needed to focus on her nursing classes.

Kimmy smiled as she reached for the shop door, ready to cheerfully announce her surprise, but the door shook with a flat clank as she pulled.

Kimmy pulled her phone out – 5:48PM – the shop didn’t close until 8:00.

That’s weird, she thought as she looked at the Closed sign through the glass. She began digging through her purse for her shop key.


Ali pushed her fingers into Marci’s pussy, past the pink mass and the hot juice that soaked her crotch and thighs.

She took the ball-stacked heel and pushed it into her own pussy, mersin escort easily and smoothly, let out a long moan and sigh. She moved it in then out, again and again slowly, as she continued to rub Marci’s clit.

As she fucked herself with Marci’s high-heel, she moved her face close and planted a hundred kisses on Marci’s thighs and ass, getting more aggressive as she rubbed and licked her, working Marci to the brink of orgasm, as the pink mass continued vibrating and stuffing her.

“Umph! Oh! Oh, fuck yes!” Marci cried out as she felt the pink mass pull out of her tight ass, replaced at once with Ali’s hungry tongue.

Ali continued, rubbing Marci’s clit and tonguing her ass, and the mass pushed itself in and out of her cunt with noisy squishing and it’s incessant buzzing. Marci squealed and cried out as she began to come. Ali let her, and continued working her clit and her ass in a rapid rhythm, while stuffing the pink high-heel in herself.

“Oooooh! Oh shit! Fuck please! Please yes oh god I’m – I’m…” Marci cried out.

“Come, bitch!” Ali commanded and she smacked her ass hard and smashed her clit.

Marci wailed and moaned, and Ali humped the shoe as she moved it in and out with one hand and worked Marci with the other.

“Ooooh,” Marci continued, cheek laid against the sofa top as she pushed her ass out further. She looked back at Ali in want, her face a mess of tangled hair, smeared make-up and twisted, wet thongs.

Ali pulled the heel out of her pussy slowly and licked it as she stared into Marci’s uncovered eye.

Marci watched Ali move closer, then felt the heel press against her slick asshole. She relaxed and let it slide in as Ali continued to rub her pussy, still spasming in orgasm.

“Umph, oh…” Marci whined as Ali pushed the heel in deeper, to the second ball, then the third.

Ali picked up the pace on her clit, as the mass buzzed inside her, and Marci could feel orgasm building again.

“Oh – oh shit, I…”

Ali pushed in the fourth ball of the heel.

“Ah! Oh… Oh yes! Yes!” Marci cried out as she pushed against Ali’s fingers.

Ali pushed in the final ball, and left the pink high-heel sticking out of Marci’s ass and rubbed her clit harder until she came again, hard and strong. Marci clawed at the couch as the thrust herself back on Ali’s fingers wildly.

BB-bbr! BB-bbr! BB-bbr!

“Oooh! Oooooooh shit!!!” Marci sobbed and breathed frantically, overwhelmed by pleasure. Ali buried her face into Marci and slurped and sucked her come and juice, both hands on her ass as she squeezed.

Marci shook it up and down, consumed with passion, and she moaned out and came, her words shaking with her body.

“Yes, please, lick, me, oh, fuck, please, yes, yes, yes!”

BB-bbr! BB-bbr! BB-bbr!

Ali continued eating out Marci’s pussy around the vibrating mass until her movements slowed and her legs stopped shaking as much. She moved her hands around from Marci’s ass up to her tits and squeezed and rubbed them, and pulled her up off the sofa slightly as she began to kiss her from behind.

They made out noisily for a moment, then Ali slid around and laid down on the couch.

“Eat my pussy and make me come,” Ali commanded, softly.

Marci excitedly climbed on top of her and buried her head between her legs, her own ass up over Ali’s head with the high-heel sticking out.

Ali moaned out in pleasure, “hmm, yes Marci, that’s so good…”

She put her hands on Marci’s ass and began kissing and licking her wet mess. She slurped and sucked, and Marci moaned as she reciprocated.

Suddenly a burning blue neon plasma began glowing from Ali’s eyes. The pink mass that had been ravishing Marci slowly pulled itself out and crawled onto Ali’s face before slithering over her body, down her arm and coiling around her wrist, where it stayed becoming a glowing pink bracelet.

Ali pushed her blue fire tongue deep into Marci, and Marci cried in shock, half pleasure, half pain.

Ali’s voice became deep and stern, as if some other being spoke through her.

“Maricela Mendoza,” the voice commanded out of Ali’s throat, “do you surrender yourself to me, to do what I will with you, mind, body and soul?”

Marci cried out and began humping Ali’s tongue uncontrollably, and Ali raked her nails down her ass and ran them down to her black stockings.

“Oh, I, ummm, ooh please…”

Ali’s tongue seemed to grow and the blue plasma glow began to swirl out from her mouth and from Marci’s pussy.

The voice commanded again, “Say the words, Maricela Mendoza! Say ‘I surrender myself you you, mind body and soul!’ Say it!”

Marci cried out as the monster tongue filled her hot, tight cunt, the rubber balls of her high heel deep in her ass.

“I do! Yes please! I give myself to you, mind, body and soul!”

As she said the words, the room exploded in bright blue neon lightning as some phantom mersin escort bayan wind blew papers and cups across the break room, and whipped at both their hair. Marci closed her eyes as she erupted in an other-worldly orgasm on Ali’s blue monster tongue.

“Ahh! Ahh, oh my GOD!” she screamed in uncontrollable shock and pleasure, and her pussy began spraying out ejaculate on Ali’s face. She’d never come harder in her life, not even close. She wept and screamed and laughed through her moans of passion as she pushed down onto Ali’s face without restraint.

Ali continued to lick and tongue Marci as the spray coated her face and chest. The blue plasma spread, now swirling out from her nipples and between her legs. Marci’s cunt was on fire with it.

Marci opened her eyes as she continued to come and squirt on Ali, and she shot her hand down instinctively to stimulate her own clit, releasing the sexual energy that had been pent up in her for so many years, undiscovered until now. The blue neon plasma flowed from her eyes, like electric fire, and poured from her mouth too. Her tongue was blue. Her tits swelled as the plasma continued swirling out of her nipples, which stuck out like spikes.

“Ooooooh myyyyyyy gooooooood!” she cried out, and then buried her panty-covered face back down into the blue fire between Ali’s legs, moving her whole body as she tongue-fucked her, the pink high-heel bobbing up and down with her body as she clenched her asshole around it.


Kimmy found the shop key (with a hot pink Kitty key chain) and unlocked the shop door.


As she stepped through the door, she found the shop was just as she expected, minus Marci at the counter. All the lights were on, the local pop station playing overhead.

“Marci?” she called out.

She walked toward the counter in the center of the shop. She noticed a white hand bag and a strange antique bottle at the register.

As she reached the counter, she noticed it was wet and smeared – like someone had wiped it over with a soaking wet rag. There was a puddle beneath the counter as well.

“What is it?” she asked herself as she slid her fingers across the glass and put to her nose to sniff. The fluid still dripped slowly off the glass side onto the floor.

A hint of vanilla-orange, she thought. Maybe Marci spilled a drink?

Then she noticed the pink fluid in the glass bottle, which seemed to swirl and move on its own. It was glowing.

“Maricela?” she called out again, louder, eyes fixed on the bottle. She sat the iced coffee and her purse down on the counter and slowly picked up the bottle, inspecting it.

“Perfume,” she said softly as she noted the hand pump.

She sat the bottle back down, and held her wrist out. She squeezed out a spray and held her wrist to her nose.

Hmmm, she thought as she considered the smell.

She gave it two more squirts, rubbed her wrists together and then smelled again.

“Hmm!” she hummed in approval. She really liked it – it was like an orange dreamsicle with cinnamon.

She pondered the wet mess on the counter a moment longer. Suddenly, the lights dimmed and flickered briefly and for a split second Kimmy swore she heard… sex? Over the store speakers?

She looked up at the ceiling. Could she just have imagined it? A woman – or women – moaning in passion. She knew she heard it. But sooner than she could make sense of it, the usual pop music resumed.

She walked to the changing rooms, and looked under each of the five doors for legs.


Maybe she’s in the bathroom, Kimmy wondered. Maricela had been a dependable worker for over two years, never late, never called in. Kimmy knew she wouldn’t abandon the store, not without good reason.

She looked at herself in one of the full-length mirrors on the wall, and she thought of the college boys that ignored her.

No. You are hot! Look at you! she told herself. She pulled her shirt down slightly, tight against her 34Ds. She fluffed her long blonde curls, and straightened her blazer and skirt. She checked her breasts, and then her ass. She gave herself and approving nod, and danced a little with the bass line on the radio.

Faintly, she thought she heard a scream.



Ali squeezed Marci’s ass in both hands. Marci cried out as she came, her body shuddering on Ali’s monstrous tongue. Marci took it all in, every inch of the hot blue muscle, glowing and ribbed with thick veins. Though her eyes were closed tight, Ali could see the burning blue neon that emitted from her mouth and now Marci’s cunt – they were both totally consumed by the dark Sapphic sex magic now.

The sapphire neon swirled and glowed and pulsed as Marci slowed her thrusts. Ali moved the pink heel in and out of her ass in rhythm, as Marci moaned in delight. Ali welcomed the come escort mersin and juice from Marci’s sweet, hot pussy as it leaked out into her mouth and ran down her face.

Ali opened her eyes as she slurped and kissed the fiery blue neon burning in and around Marci’s pussy. Slowly, her tongue returned to it’s normal shape.

She eased the heel out of Marci’s ass, and kissed her gently, sweetly.

“Hmm, that was amazing, wasn’t it, Marci?” she asked, as she gently pushed her way from between Marci’s legs. She stood up, and helped Marci to her feet too, who was still overcome with passion and emotion and the physical impact of the most powerful orgasm of her life. She panted softly, trembling and moving her hands over body as the powerful aftershocks moved through her still.

Ali pulled both their panties off Marci’s head, and pushed the hair out of her face, behind her ears. She smiled as she watched Marci’s eyes, aflame with the burning blue neon plasma, just as her own.

Marci noticed too.

“Oh, erm, umm – how? I mean – whaaat?”

Marci was looking down at her tits which were two full cup sizes bigger than an hour before, the blue neon swirling out of her glowing nipples, fully erect.

Ali smiled reassuringly.

Marci continued to stammer as she moved her hands over her changed body, around to her ass, which had grown in proportion to her tits. The blue glow fire gently danced between her legs.

“I don’t, oh my – how…” she stuttered as she took it all in.

She moved her hands through her black hair, which had grown ten inches and now shimmered and bounced in long, wavy locks.

Ali looked her over. She was a dark and voluptuous goddess. Her Latina skin seemed pale against the neon blue passion which burned from her eyes, mouth, chest, and…

“…perfect pussy,” Ali whispered.

“You’re one of us now, Marci. You’re a sex witch,” she announced. “You will be my slave until I release you. Oh, but don’t worry – I will treat you so, so nice…” Ali laughed, as she grabbed her arms and lifted her to stand face-to-face.

“I… I… ” Marci stammered some more, which melted into moans as Ali cupped and caressed her tits.

“You belong to me,” Ali whispered, reassuringly as she wrapped her arms around Marci and kissed her, their blue fiery tongues eagerly twisting around one another.

Marci slid her fingers into Ali, and Ali welcomed them, as she pushed hers into Marci, matching her rhythm.

The shadows and the blue light danced on the walls.

Ali opened her eyes, and saw the dozens of Sisters who were there with them in the metaphysical plane, their bodies intertwined in ecstasy as they licked and fingered and fucked one another – dark blue shadows with neon fire burning from their lust, celebrating their new Sister, intoxicated with overpowering lesbian lust, the same as Marci and Ali.



Kimmy walked down the hall toward the break room cautiously. She could see a bright blue light glowing under the door.

Odd, she thought as she approached it.

She called out again, “Maricela, hon? Are you in there?”

She brushed her hair behind her ear and pressed it to the door to listen.

“Mmmm, mmhmm, oh…”

Kimmy furrowed her brow. Was she struggling with someone? Or…

Her concern gave way to a smile, and then a look of annoyed anger as she processed what must be happening.

She’s in there fucking her boyfriend on my dime! she thought, growing more angry as she recalled she had shown up to give her the day off early with pay.

Ugh… Ok, Ok… Kids will be kids, just straighten her out, she decided. She gave a little nod and pushed her shoulder into the door, swinging it open wildly.

“Well, well, well,” she wanted to say, but she only got out a “Wel…”

Kimmy’s breath went out of her as she burst into the room. Blue neon light washed over her like a hot, heavy wave. The smell of orange dreamsicle and cinnamon and sweaty sex filled her nostrils and burned in her lungs. Her eyes watered and her heart pounded. She felt like she might faint.

She looked to the couch in the corner, and her mouth fell open as she tried to process what she was seeing.

Two women stood, embracing one another and kissing passionately, moaning… a blonde woman faced her arms wrapped around the other, who had long, flowing black hair midway down her back.

Kimmy couldn’t see either one clearly, but noticed the perfectly large, round ass on the black-haired woman who’s back was to her.

The blue glow seemed to come from between them.

Kimmy’s anger faded, and suddenly she felt nervous and confused – and a little frightened.

Then her heart jumped as she watched the blonde open her eyes and look directly at her, as she continued to kiss the black haired beauty.

Chills shot through her body – the blonde’s eyes seemed to be on fire! A low, blue flame danced from them.

A moment passed as they stared at one another – she realized the women were fingering one another. Kimmy swallowed, and tried to build the courage to speak. This is totally… totally…

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