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He was laying on the bed when she came back from hiking. He had done his share of manual labor for the day and his back was clearly screaming at him. She went out back to take off her shoes to empty out the loose sand that had gotten in them during her hike. She then stripped off her socks and beat them together before wiping her ankles and feet then banging the socks together once more to remove as many of the larger particles before tossing them into the laundry basket on her way back inside.

He was right where she had left him, on the bed. First she stood by his head and rubbed his neck and shoulders for a minute or two, then she helped him wiggle out of his t-shirt and discarded it on his pillows. She walked around the bed and retrieved a healthy amount of coconut oil from the stash on her side of the bed and held one hand cupped with the other over the top, like you would transport a ladybug. She then climbed up on the bed and straddled his buttocks. Holding her hands down low over his back, she shifted the mass of still mostly hardened oil to her other palm, letting any drips from the liquid fall controlled onto various parts of his back. She placed the still hardened heart of the oil near the middle of his back, and used both hands to rub the oil thoroughly and evenly all over his back before applying any significant pressure. Tenderly she probed his back gently with her fingertips feeling out where the knots were took her little time as she evaluated each section of his back and shoulders individually starting at the shoulders and working to the base of his back before working to loosen the tightness. Only after assessing the whole back, did she go back to the shoulders to work at a much slower pace, so she could focus more on the feel of each of the muscles. When she felt a tight muscle loosen, she would move on, in this way she worked his whole back, she spent over an hour working out his kinks.

When all his muscles were loose güvenilir bahis she dismounted and instructed him to roll over.

He complied.

She unbuttoned and unzipped his jeans, crawled off the bed and went to stand at his feet, gripping the waistband of his jeans, she helped him wriggle halfway out of them, then switched her grip to the bottom of the pant legs wadding up the hem of each leg of the jeans and pulling slowly with steady pressure until he was freed from the jeans fully. She quickly stripped her hiking shorts and panties off.

Fishing out more coconut oil, and mounting his pelvic region once again, this time further down toward his legs so she could apply the oil to his ever hardening manhood. She also applied the oil to his scrotum and watched the flesh there wrinkle from the stimulus. She then rubbed oil on her own stimulated divide, just the slightest amount was needed. She scooted down toward his knees and placed one of her knees above the gap between his knees and slid it down into the gap to part his legs just enough for her to fit her lower leg between them with a little room to move forward or backwards as she needed. Satisfied she had enough room to maneuver she bent to place his erect manhood into her mouth, and her hands flat on his groin area with his package surrounded when she slid her thumbs into place one underneath his scrotum the other sliding up the swollen ridge that ran the length of his erection, barely touching the skin of his but sack but a firmer grip on his shaft as she slowly took turns caressing the undersides of the various parts of his package, back and forth with the one thumb and up and down with the other thumb. Her mouth greedily engulfed as much of him as she could, then pulled back up to the tip of his shaft for a bit giving her mouth enough room for her tongue to slide out to stroke the underside of his manhood. He groaned. Her tongue continued to play with the bottom of his shaft as her mouth türkçe bahis moved up and down slowly with just slight suction.

He groaned again.

She rubbed the underside of his shaft’s head with her tongue

Being careful to not overstimulate the portion of his shaft’s head that would get too sensitive now. She continued stroking the underside of his shaft with one hand and gently cradled his balls in the other.

When he groaned the third time, she released her hold on him to remount him using the thumb and forefinger of her left hand to hold his shaft up for penetration which she accomplished without delay.

He was deeply rooted within her and she slowly and gently ground her pelvis into his to stimulate her clitoris. She rode him arching her back and widening her stance to increase stimulation as well as penetration. Slowly she increased the pace in which she rode him as she closed in on her climax.

Just having time to place her hand palm down on the mattress to stabilize herself and announce the fact she was about to come. He buried his cock deeply into her and she orgasmed at first arching her back further, then finally after a long twenty seconds of post orgasmic convulsions, collapsing down onto his chest, where she shifted her weight all to one side and slid her left leg to lay alongside his right leg.

“Stop, don’t move,” he urged her.

He then rolled toward the side where her leg was aligned with his, she instinctively held around him with her bent leg, then they were inverted and he was still inside her, and she would soon be ready for him again.

He took care not to move his manhood until she was ready for him yet again. He pressed himself into her slowly, kissing her lips, nuzzling her neck. Softly he nibbled her earlobe and her whole body thrummed.

She sighed.

She placed her hand on top of her pleasure complex. Her fingers aligned with her labia and her palm ready to apply pressure güvenilir bahis siteleri to her clitoris if applied indirectly or by necessity.

He felt her central control was primed and ready for his merger and he was more than ready.

He entered her and she half-sighed-half-moaned, arching her back to ensure maximum success in their venture. She was still sensitive from her orgasm minutes before, so he was being extremely gentle.

She pushed him off her. Making him roll to his back again, she hurriedly bent to place his hard maleness into her mouth. She didn’t know if all women felt like this but she happened to get extremely hot and bothered while sucking on a man’s cock. She enjoyed it; maybe it was for that reason, men never lasted long with their manhood in her mouth surrounded by both her helping hands. This was the case in this instance as well.

He reached down to still her hands first then pushed her gently away from him enough to look her in the eyes when he said, “if you don’t stop now, I’m going to come in a few seconds.”

Her reply started with the grin on her face. She then amplified it by kneeling upright with her knees stanced wide apart, then she grabbed his hand in hers and placed it near her core where she could feel the humid heat radiating from deep within her.

She then winked at him and said, “Whichever you prefer, I am honestly good either way, I had my turn, this one is yours.”

It took him a few more seconds than she thought it should take for him to make the decision, so she bent down over his manhood and slid it back into her mouth making the decision she knew he wanted but was afraid to voice out loud.

She played nice and kept the pace of stimulation very slow in its accumulation; she let him savor this with her. She truly enjoyed the stimulation and reaction part of oral sex. It helped her learn her partner. If he liked the stimulation gentle or a bit more engaging. She already knew what made him hot and got his rocks off, but she wanted to know what stimulated him to a peak without leaping over. Letting him get to the brink and falling back down several times before taking him to completion.

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