Kittentale Ch. 02


Hello guys, Simon here. If you are new to this series (as I imagine you probably are, since chapter one was released almost exactly one year ago), I strongly advise starting from chapter one. Otherwise, please enjoy. A string of “-” symbolizes a shift in perspective, and a string of “*” symbolizes a time skip.


As an additional security measure, the outside perimeter gate of Club Exotica was stationed almost a quarter of a mile from the main building, which meant that the two young men had a few minutes of walking ahead of them before they truly arrived. Doug, perhaps seeing it as a convenient means of passing the time, struck up a conversation with his companion.

“So, what do you think it’s going to be like inside?”

“Me? How should I know? You’re the one who visited their website and set this whole thing up.”

“True. But the web page only had a couple of heavily edited event photos and glimpses into a couple of the rooms. Besides, I want to know what your guess is.”

“My guess? Er, I’m not sure that I would know that myself.”

“Uh, o-kay, so what do you HOPE is in there?”

Michael’s gaze darted around the complex in search of a means to get he questions off of him. Seeing nothing, he resigned his sight towards the floor. “I. . .I don’t really think I know the answer to that either.”

“Oh, come on.” Doug rolled his eyes. “You’re no fun. You really expect me to believe that you have no idea whatsoever as to what you’re wanting to get out of all of this?”

“Sorry.”, Michael replied quietly, a hint of concern in his voice, “It’s just that I’ve dreamed about doing something like this for a long time, but now that I’m finally here, I’m worried that it might not be what I envisioned. What if I end up not liking it?”

Doug put a hand on Michael’s shoulder. “Hey, don’t worry bro. I bet you’re going to love it.”

Michael looked up at Doug. “You really think so?”

Doug smiled. “Nope, I know so.”

Michael managed a weak smile back. “Well. . .well then I know so too!” His stature returned to normal and he walked with a little extra spring in his step as the two approached the inner gates.

Suddenly, the gates opened, and two large men in suits stepped out and moved to intercept the duo. Michael instinctively took a step back while Doug took an assertive step forward as they were brought to a halt by the living wall blocking their path.

One of the men spoke. “You are trespassing on private property. State your intent.”

Doug, having thoroughly read over the instruction information enclosed in the email that he received from the club, knew how to respond. “I apologize. Is this not he house of Club Exotica?”

The man raised an eyebrow. “That depends. Who’s asking?”

Doug gestured towards himself. . . “My name is Eric Dougland Magnus IV” . . . then towards Michael. “And this is my friend Michael Faeramon. We contacted your reservation staff three days ago in regards to an open tour of the facility. We should be on the list for today.”

“Is that so?” the other man reached into his suit and pulled out a small tablet. “Let’s see. . . Michael. . . Douglas . . .”, he glanced up at them, then back at the tablet, then back at them. “Yep, they’re here all right.”

“Sweet. Alright Michael, let’s – “

“Not so fast.” The first man held his hand up. “First, empty your pockets, both of you.”

Michael and Doug looked at Each other for a moment before discarding the contents of their pockets onto the floor, which consisted of their wallets, phones, and Doug’s pocket knife.

“Alright, take a step back.”

Michael and Doug obeyed, and the two men stepped forward and placed their hands on them, causing Michael to shy away and Doug to tense up.

“Easy boys”, the second man quipped. “We’re not going to hurt you. Standard procedure – gotta check for weapons. Now relax and lift your arms.”

Michael sighed and lifted his arms. The frisking did not not take particularly long, but the men were very thorough. Michael’s face turned noticeably pink as the man moved lower down his body, spending what seemed like an unusually large amount of time near Michael’s groin and inner thighs (though it was likely just his imagination).

He turned to Doug, who seemed to be handling the situation much better than he was – in fact, when they looked at each other, Michael could swear that he saw a smirk in his friend’s face.

Eventually, the guards seemed satisfied xslot and stepped back. The first picked up Doug’s pocket knife and turned to him. “Sorry, but I’m afraid that we’ll have to hold onto this until you leave.”

Doug nodded. “I understand.”

The second man picked up their phones and handed them over. “Alright you two…” the guard spoke with a very stern tone in his voice “I’m giving these back to you, but I’m warning you right now – if anyone catches you snapping any unauthorized pictures, you will NOT be leaving here with them. Understand?”

Both nodded furiously. The guards then handed them their wallets.

“Alright then. Head straight ahead and you’ll be at the main lobby. You’ll be able to get your passes there. Stay out of trouble and enjoy your stay at Club Exotica.”

One of the guards walked over to the gate and pressed a small button. The gates opened once more, and the two finally stepped through. As they headed towards the main building Michael looked over to his companion and couldn’t help but notice that the latter still had that smirk on his face from earlier.

Michael sighed. “Alright Doug, what is it?”

“You were blushing”

“I was not.”

“You totally weeer-re.”

“You were seeing things.”

“A true statement. To be more specific, I was seeing a shy, effeminate 20 year old blush like a little schoolgirl while the big strong man in the suit patted him down.”

Michael grimaced. “Sh-shut up.”

Doug laughed. “Fine, but only because we’re here.” By “here”, of course, he was referring to the double doors of of the main building, the last obstacle between them and the lobby of Club Exotica. They casually pulled the recessed double doors open and stepped in.

– – – – – – – – – –

Michael found himself floored by the sight in front of him. The building had appeared large even from the outside, but from within it somehow managed to look even larger and more grand. While the main walkway was made of typical rubbery flooring, the rest of the interior was anything but ordinary. The remainder of the floor was covered in plush carpeting, as were the walls that it was connected to. The doors appeared to be made of an expensive oak that would last for decades, and were fitted with gold plated knobs, and the baseboards were lined in velvet, altogether giving the place a very exquisite feel to it.

What really took Michael by surprise, however, was the staggering amount of security present. There was a large man in a suit almost every 20 feet. Looking up, Michael could see scores of cameras, strategically placed between each of the guards. To say that the place was well guarded was a bit of an understatement. No matter where he went or could have gone, someone would be watching him, which was a simultaneously comforting and discomforting prospect for him.

The entrance was roped off at each side of the doors, so the only direction for the two of them to head in was straight ahead to the reception desk. They approached the desk, manned by a single middle aged woman. She looked away from her computer screen and towards them.

“Hello there, what can I do for you today?

– – – – – – – – – – –

As Doug followed his friend through the double doors, he found himself similarly enamored at the sights in front of him, though his attention was primarily on other aspects, namely the kinksters. There were only a few of them in the portion of the lobby that he could see for the entrance, but it was immediately apparent to him how Club Exotica got its name. He couldn’t wait to explore this place.

The two walked up to the front of the receptionist’s desk. As usual, Doug was the one to speak up. “Greetings, we’re -“

She didn’t let him finish. “Michael Xavier Faeramon and Eric Dougland Magnus IV.” She smiled. “Welcome to Club Exotica.”

Wait, how did you-”

“The guards at the gate notified me of your arrival. Standard procedure. You’ll get used to it. “

Doug let out a soft whistle. “Wow. You guys have this place locked down tight.”

She nodded. “The privacy and security of our clientele is top priority. Now then…”, she typed on her keyboard for a few seconds, “…it says here that you are first timers to this place. Do you know kind of membership you would like?”

Doug blinked for a couple of seconds before letting out a soft chuckle. “You know, of all the things I looked up before we came here, you’d think that that would be one one xslot Giriş of them. No, I’m afraid we have no idea. What are your options?”

“Well, given that you’re completely new to all of this, the only two that I could recommend to you are the trial membership and the visitor’s pass. The trial membership is a one month trial version of Club Exotica’s basic membership package, which allows you access to all non-premium sections on the club. It costs $125.00 and is valid for 30 days after the initial purchase, and is fully refundable for the week and partially refundable thereafter. The visitor’s pass, on the other hand, costs $30.00, but is only valid for 24 hours and is not refundable at all. As a non-member you will be able to tour most of the non-premium sections the site, but you cannot participate in classes or scenes.”

Doug nodded. “Alright then. My friend here is interested in a trial membership, and I would like a visitor’s pass.”

“Alright, that totals to $155.”

Doug reached into his pockets. Out of the corner of his eye, he could see Michael preparing to do the same. He gave him a stern look.

Michael froze, wallet in hand. “What?”

“I got this, remember? Now put your wallet away.”

“Oh, right”, Michael replied sheepishly as he put his wallet away. “Thanks.”

Doug retrieved his own wallet and paid. The receptionist handed a couple of pieces of paper to Doug and a small packet to Michael. “You two can sit over there on the bench while you work on these papers. If you have any questions feel free to come over and ask.”

– – – – – – – – – –

* * * * * * * *

Michael gave a small sigh of relief as he signed his name on the last page of the packet. It had taken nearly an hour to get through the whole thing, and had made him consider many aspects of himself that he had not put much prior thought into. The first several pages were medical forms and liability waivers, along with a run-down of common BDSM terminology, none of which was terribly long.

The second half of the packet, however, was much more complicated. It was a plethora of kink related questions, followed by an open ended section for describing commonly held fantasies. Many of them were kinks that Michael had never even heard of before. There were also several words and phrases that Michael ended up having to look up in his phone, and even then he found himself unable to answer almost a quarter of the kink related questions (the receptionist told him not to worry about it – that was normal for beginners). At the end of it all, Michael was happy that he wasn’t a switch and therefore only had to fill out the “sub” section of the kink questions.

With the paperwork finally done, Michael walked back over to the receptionist one final time and placed the packet on her desk.

She looked at him and chuckled. “My, you look almost exhausted.”

“Yeah, that packet was really something. Are you sure the blank answers won’t be a problem?”

She nodded. “You find answers to them as you discover more of yourself here.”

“So, what now?”

“There’s one more thing to take care of before your membership is complete. All new members must first the BDSM intro and safety class before being allowed to participate in any scenes. Don’t worry, I promise it’s a very simple and straightforward class. It’s also a great way to meet new people.”

“Okay, so when and where is it?”

“It’s hosted twice daily. . .”, she turned to look at the clock on her desktop. “Oh, would you look at that? The next class is in 15 minutes. I could sign you up for it now, if you’d like. The class is usually about 30 minutes long.”

Michael beamed. “Yes, please. I would like that.”

“Alright then.” the receptionist typed away at her keyboard. “And. . . you. . . are. . .in. The class is located near the end of the hallway on your right, in room 314. Don’t dwadle. If you’re more than five minutes late they might not let you in.”

Michael nodded. He turned to Doug. “Well, shall we?”

Doug shook his head. “Nah, you go on without me.”

“What, why?”

“Well, for one, I’m not a member like you, so they probably wouldn’t let me in.”

“He is correct.”, the receptionist chimed in.

“Besides”, Doug continued, “I’m still curious to learn as much about this as possible, and if we split up we’ll cover more ground in less time.”

“Yeah, I guess you’re right.”, Michael conceded. “I just wasn’t expecting to have xslot Güncel Giriş to go this alone.”

Relax, you’ll be just fine. With that, Doug stood up and stretched “Welp, I think I’ll be headed off now. You have fun in class.” He gave a final wave before heading down the left hallway.

With nothing left to do and little time to waste, Michael headed off in the rightward direction. The hallway proved to be quite long, and along the way

Michael was not without sights to see. He had read in the packet that he had been given that Club Exotica took a very open approach to sexual expression within its borders. While sexual play was permitted only within designated play rooms (of which there were plenty), everything else, from full nudity to non-sexual roleplay, was fair game throughout the facility, even in the hallways and outside. It was quickly apparent to Michael that Club Exotica’s members took full advantage of that freedom! There were a few other people like him in every day clothing, but there were plenty more wearing very exotic and revealing leather and latex outfits, and plenty others had decided to go without clothing altogether. The different kinds of attire were not the only noteworthy thing, however. There were several couples and small groups acting out nonsexual scenes, sometimes with an audience, sometimes not, and while the prohibition on sexual play in the hallways was apparently abided by, some of the aforementioned play rooms were fitted with glass doors so that spectators could observe the session inside. These special rooms, known as voyeur rooms, were well lit, and as Michael walked past them he lay witness to things he never imagined that he would be able to see. Michael, for his part, was enthralled at the care free erotic atmosphere of the entire building. He had no idea that this would all be quite so exciting, and the more of it he saw, the more he wanted to be a part of it.

Of course, he still had to go that class first. Let’s see. . . room 34 , near the end of the hall. . .


Michael felt something brush up against his pant leg. He looked down to see a young woman on her hands and knees, looking back up at him with a simple, almost vapid smile. She was naked save her panties, some facepaint, and strangest of all, a collar and leash. She let out a soft whimper as she pawed at his leg.

“Oh. . . er, hello.” Michael gave an awkward wave, unsure of what was happening or what he was supposed to do.


Michael looked up to see a middle aged man in plain clothes quickly walking up towards them. He took hold of the woman’s leash and looked down at her sternly. “Missy, no! That is a bad girl!” ‘Missy’ was relatively unfazed by the scolding, pretending to look hurt for about a second before nuzzling into the man’s thigh.

The strange gentleman rolled his eyes before then turning his attention to Michael. “Terribly sorry for bothering you. Honestly, I let my hand off her leash for one moment and she goes wandering off. I hope she didn’t cause you too much trouble.”

“No no, everything is fine, but. . . sorry, I’m kind of new to all of this. What exactly is going on?”

The man smiled. “This particular kink is known as pet play.”

Michael cocked his eye brow. “Pet play?”

The man nodded as he gently petted Missy’s head. “Pet play is about one person acting like an animal while the other takes on the role of their caretaker. The animal in question can be anything, but cats and dogs are the most common. It’s a fun kink that can can be great for beginners, as the power dynamic tends to be quite lax compared to other kinks.” He reached down to scratch Missy under her chin, who responded with a small ‘yip’ as she licked his hand. “Missy here is my puppy that I adopted a couple of weeks back. She’s a sweet girl, but not very obedient yet, as you might have noticed.”

Michael felt a smile slowly forming on his face. “That. . . sounds adorable.”

“It can be. It can also be harsher but that’s better left for the more experienced. In any case, I wholly recommend trying it at least once.”

“I might just have to do that. Right now, though, I’m actually kind of late for this beginner’s class. . .”

“Ah, yes. In that case I won’t hold you up any longer. Come along now, Missy!”. The man gave a gentle tug on the woman’s leash and she plodded along on all fours along side the side the man as the two of them walked away.

Pet play. . .huh. Michael stood there another moment or so, compartmentalizing everything that just happened within his head before heading off again down the hallway, soon finding the door he was looking for (and just in time too). He took a deep breath. Alright, here goes.

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