Knightly Affections VII

Knightly Affections VIIDaniel wove through the crowded hall, acknowledging guests and courtiers, exchanging pleasantries and well wishes all the while focusing on Sir John who was engaged in conversation with the Duke and Duchess of Clarington. As Daniel sidled up to John, the Duke, a rather flagrant and boisterous boot-licker, launched into a flattery strewn tribute to the prince which amused John to no end. He knew of Daniel’s distaste for insincerity and false praise. But being the honoree made one prone to such treatment and he accepted the accolades with grace and tolerance. After thanking the Duke, he bid him a pleasant evening and invited John to walk with him. They strolled through the hall taking in the music and filtered conversations, the smells of the feast being prepared…the guests in all their finery. In that moment, in Daniel’s mind, they were as a couple enjoying a jubilant evening, treating their subjects to a celebration of their union.When they’d made their way to the far end of the hall, Daniel invited John to join him on an adjacent balcony ostensibly to get some fresh air. As they stepped out into the cool night Daniel reached into his pocket and pulled out John’s ring. John looked startled.“Sire…my ring. Where did you come upon it?”“You left it behind…during your ‘visit’.”“My ‘visit’, Sire?”By John’s tone and puzzled look Daniel could see he was not teasing…his confusion was real and a bit unsettling. If Daniel had been dreaming then where had the ring come from?“When do you last remember having had it, John?”“I removed it when grooming Oroboros this afternoon. It caught on his mane and I recall laying it on the tack room bench. I must have left it behind…my deepest apologies, Your Highness.”Not wanting to make more of the situation than iskenderun escort was it’s due and on such a special night, Daniel summarily dismissed the incident. He would not tarnish this evening orchestrated by John. The night was young and there were many hours of revelry and festivities to come, not to mention the celebration which would occur later reserved only for them.“My Dear Knight, may I place this ring where it rightfully belongs?”“I would be as honored on this night, as the first, Your Highness”And with that, Daniel slipped the ring onto John’s right hand…it fit snuggly.“I charge thee, John of Wrightshire, wilt thou uphold the virtues of truth, valor and humility…to defend Providence against all threats and enemies…to be bound by the laws of this realm and to swear allegiance to the crown, so help you God?”“I will, Sire.”In this private moment, the symbolism was not lost on either of them as they were transfixed in each the others gaze. Shortly thereafter, the noise of the party and music restored them both to awareness and they returned to the hall just as the meal was being set. It was a splendid and memorable event…the food plentiful and delicious with the wine and spirits flowing freely. As the celebration wound down and a handful of guests lingered, Prince Daniel excused himself for the evening. He was customarily a moderate drinker but the strange events of the day and his lighthearted nature had left him in a somewhat indulgent mood. As he stumbled up the stairs to his chambers, he recounted the day’s events especially the incident that had preceded the feast. Much as he tried to set it aside, the peculiarity of it preoccupied his mind. But what was done, was done…”move forward”, he thought. He reached the top step and at escort iskenderun the end of the hall he could see his chamber door ajar with just a hint of light flickering through the crack. With tentative steps he approached the door, and peering in he could see a figure illuminated on his bed by the candlelight. It was Sir John, nude and smiling, reclined against the silk bed pillows, his hands behind his head and legs spread to display his manly gifts. Daniel walked closer, compelled to do so by the sight before him. Reaching the bed, he sat on the edge and placed his hand on John’s thigh. Their eyes locked and Daniel stroked the feathered hair between John’s legs…down the inside of his calf to his ankle and back up, getting higher with each pass. When finally he grazed John’s swollen testicles, Daniel stopped and with pleading eyes, whispered, “may I?” John, remaining silent, simply nodded his head. Daniel leaned forward and sniffed the soft, tufted hair of John’s crotch. It emitted the scent of a freshly, cleaned man. The prince took note that John had prepared for this moment and had thoughtfully considered Daniel’s penchant for good hygiene as he unfurled his tongue and softly licked the head of John’s penis. The knight gasped in pleasure…his cock reaching out to the night air, exposing its wet head with a droplet of essence catching the moonlight. Daniel took the still lengthening piece in hand, considered its beauty and began to vigorously suck, lick and torque his prize, until it fully filled his throat. With unrelenting passion, he serviced his beloved knight as their moans both crescendoed and relented. Daniel was unaware and lost in his efforts as John delivered the first gush of seed into the Prince’s gaping mouth. Its suddenness iskenderun escort bayan surprised and delighted Daniel and he devoured it with gratitude and relish. As his lover softened, Daniel, despite his mild inebriation, abandoned all restraint and was now fully committed to planting his seed with John’s. He rolled the knight onto his back and yanked down his own trousers exposing a fully engorged cock. John’s throbbing entry pulsed with anticipation as Daniel rubbed his mushroom head over it. With tenderness and care he glided into John until his shaft was fully encased. He paused as John let out a guttural sigh. In response, Daniel leaned over and kissed him ardently. With rhythmic precision he began to push and retreat, pumping and thrusting his manhood into John. With equal ardor, John ripped off the Prince’s tunic and clamped his manhole onto Daniel’s cock, trembling and writhing as he did so. The two had never before made love like this. It was mad, lustful…Primal. They began to buck their hips in unison, slamming together like storm driven waves on a beach. Daniel could feel his orgasm speeding to him as his heart thumped and his breath raced. Soaked in sweat, he could no longer hold it at bay and he pulled from John’s quivering hole, spewing streams of cum onto his lover’s genitals and trunk as he groaned and panted. Daniel watched his milky threads pool on John’s stomach and navel, dribbling down his sides. John, feeling this, let his own orgasm overtake him…grabbing his cock and feverishly releasing a torrent of thick, pale ejaculate on top of his already coated torso. Daniel bent forward and again kissed John deeply, their bodies touching and their legs around one another…bonding as their sweat laced, seed mingled and jelled. They were both spent. Daniel lay on Sir John, caressing and kissing him and inhaling the scent of their lovemaking…bathed in its entirety…basking in the moist bedding. Then slowly, as if unmindful of time, sensation and fraught with exhaustion, he drifted to sleep in his lover’s embrace.

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