Kurva Ch. 01


I was vacationing with some friends this past Memorial Day weekend. We were on the Adriatic and the weather was just fantastic. I was walking around, looking for a cafe, when I spotted her. She was sitting have a cappuccino ad looking very good. Jet-black hair long in the back and legs she was trying to hide from the other cafe customers. I grabbed a seat when she noticed I was looking at her and returned my smile. She invited me to her table and where I learned she is Hungarian, was with her (older) German girlfriend, and staying with some friends at a better hotel than mine, overlooking the sea. Would I like to have afternoon tea with her at her hotel? Hmmm…

And so, we got a cab and headed to her hotel. We were sitting by the pool having first tea and then a drink, surrounded by people sunning. This being Europe the majority of the women sunbathe topless; as soon was she, with a smile. When in Rome… so I was soon topless as well. She was smiling to others there, people I thought she had met during her stay, friends, etc. The sun soon drove us in, but not until we gathered more than a few stares.

Into her room, where finally turned and kissed me. The flavors of the drink and the tea mixed perfectly with her and I wondered how well she might taste elsewhere. She asked if I would like to take a shower with her, to wash off the sun. Yes, I would. She was perfect, a very nice tan from a thong, and a perfect Brazilian wax treatment. From the look of the luggage and her clothes I could tell this is a woman used to the finer things. Of course, I was interested in her, but also quite curious about her “story”. In the shower, her breasts felt lovely, her hips divine, and her legs were an absolute joy to lather, Anadolu Yakası Öğrenci Escort rinse, and repeat. She is no princess as she enjoyed giving as well as receiving.

Finally, we fall into her bed. I asked her a bit more about herself, we were in no rush, I had no real plans, and she seemed to enjoy taking her time. She told me her girlfriend had befriended her a couple years back, that she did not work, and that she was with her girlfriend in a sort of arrangement. Her openness with this was quite alluring to me. She had me on my back with her fingers between my legs as she elicited the cursory details of my existence (single, bisexual, no attachments, and that I enjoy meeting new friends). She asked if I might like to meet her friends just before she started pinching and sucking on my nipples. I told her I would feel good doing whatever she wanted so long as we were by each other.

The phone rang, interrupting things for the 12 seconds she took to answer it and say something in a language I do not understand to the caller. I thought nothing of it, as I should have, and instead decided to take things into my own hands and rolled her over to her back. Not 3 minutes later, I hear the door open, and I move to do, well, something. She held and shushed me and told me everything would be just fine, this was just a friend of hers. From the phone call, I asked. All she did was smile, that little bitch.

In came this man I thought looked vaguely familiar, I recognized him as one of the more obvious leering guys from the pool. He did look good, though. My friend turned my head to her, said he was a friend of hers and her girlfriend, and would I mind him “just to watch Anadolu Yakası Çıtır Escort a little?” I just returned her smile and went back to her breasts. By the time I got to between her legs, of course her friend had gotten more comfortable and was sitting on the bed behind me. She and he were speaking in a foreign tongue as I used mine on her, then while she petted my hair I felt his hands on my legs moving up to my ass. Since I did nothing other than continue with what I was doing, and so did he. I lifted myself up to hands and knees with my legs apart as his fingers soon found the same rhythm with me I was keeping with her. Interesting… that his fingers were so talented, would the rest of him be so?

I soon found out as he moved up to her mouth and I could watched her sucking him while I licked her. All I was thinking was how wonderful she did taste, how much I also wanted to taste him, and how next I would feel his cock in side of me. As he moved from her mouth to my pussy, I pulled up from hers and took him in my mouth. He said something to her calling me a “kurva” and then moved behind me. I asked her what “kurva” meant as he pressed his cock against me, which she answered by telling me she would tell me later. No matter as soon he was fucking me and she guided my mouth back to her pussy.

Oh, I was right. He did know what he was doing. It was all I could do to keep up with his rhythm and keep her interested in my tongue as well. He held my hips wide, spreading my ass; I am sure he loved seeing his cock slide in and out of me. She was soon cooing and then moaning as my tongue delivered to her the sensation I had wanted to give her since I met her. He was gracious Anadolu Yakası Elit Escort enough to keep things steady while I brought her to orgasm, which was sooooo good. After cleaning her just a bit she pulled my head to her tummy laying my head flat. He pulled my hands behind me while hers went to the tops of my shoulders keeping me in place. And now he was really, vigorously, thoroughly fucking me. Of the things I could hear, aside from my moans, was this “kurva” word again. Obviously putting a context definition on this word was not my top priority as his fucking finally got me to come. I laid there somewhat lifeless as he started stroking me nice and even and I could feel his head and shaft give that tell-tale swelling. That I was so tight from just having had an orgasm might have something to do with my extra-sensitivity, I guess. And then he did come, nice and long, stroking as he went. Spent as he was he rested a few moments letting me feel is body on the back of mine before he pulled out and brought his cock to me. Tasting him (and me) again as I cleaned him, giving him a very good shudder, he then said something else to her, which she acknowledged with a nod of her head, dressed, and left. It then occurred to me I never quite got his name.

She was nothing but smiles and kisses the rest of our time together. She and I moved into a very nice 69, blessedly leaving me to lie on my back as she licked and sucked my freshly fucked pussy and as I sucked on her clit and caressed her ass. Kissing her after this, she held so many tastes on her tongue anyone but a forensic chemist would be hard-pressed to name them all. Our time winding down we were enjoying touching, exploring each other, when she asked of my plans that evening. Why, I asked? What are your plans? Well, her, her girlfriend, and their friends are all renting a cruiser so they can see the lights of the city from the sea. This, of course, happening after dinner and just for drinks…

Yeah, right.

The remainder of my Adriatic Adventure to be posted when I have the time.

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