Kyle’s first time, part six: Austin’s We


Kyle’s first time, part six: Austin’s WeAfter losing my anal virginity to the stud Evan and the sexy little twink Skylar who d**gged me the night before, I went back to bed after taking some pain killers only to have the most intense, sexual dream of my life…. Three hours later my alarm went off; I shut it off, called in sick to work, and went back to bed. I ached all over from the brutal fucking I took the night before from Evan and Skylar. The pain killers I had left over from my broken finger a year ago would certainly help to dull the pain, and give me some totally fucked up dreams in the process. After popping two of them in my mouth and drinking a glass of water, off to bed I went to drift off back into dreamland.Sure enough – I soon found myself working at a skateboard shop. I had just graduated from high school, and this was my first real job. The boss, Mr. Keller, was a thirty-something dude with short black hair, deep brown eyes and a killer smile. He stood about six-foot two, weighing about one eighty. He had a lean frame, and what looked like a big dick tucked away inside his tight jeans. First thing he asked me was if I wanted to run the store for him while he was away for the month. I would be in charge of five other workers of my choosing while he was away. To make sure I was going to be responsible, he said, he wanted to show me something in the back room. I followed, and when we entered the back room, he closed the door, put his hands on my shoulders, and told me to sit down on the chair. I did so, and as he moved close to me, he told me that if I was going to be trusted, I first had to suck him. I pretended to be surprised and even made a move to leave the room, but his strong hands forced me back down on the chair. “I know you want this,” he said rubbing his package. “I’ve seen how you look at me, just lusting after my cock. Well now is your chance.” With that, he unbuttoned and unzipped his jeans. He quickly pulled out his stiffening cock from above the waistband of his bikini shorts. Moving towards me, the purplish mushroom head was now inches from my face. I reached up to wrap my right hand around the shaft, drawing it close to my lips. As I licked my lips, I opened my mouth wide and he slowly pushed his cock inside my mouth. I gazed up at him quickly to see his eyes closed and head moving back as he moved further and further into my mouth. Incredibly, I took all seven, thick inches inside and down my throat without gagging. Now he began to fuck my mouth, his thick, hairy nuts bouncing of my chin. Within minutes, I felt him grow harder, and all of sudden he was tensing up and he deposited his load down my throat. Pulling his now softening cock almost out of my mouth, I could taste the remaining sperm that drooled out of his cock on to my tongue. His cum tasted like honey, and as more oozed out, I licked every remaining drop off. I desperately wanted him to take his clothes off, so I could see him naked, but he put his fingers to his lips and said something about not just yet. Then before he left the room he told me to güvenilir bahis go to the room to the right and choose the five other guys to work with me. I left the back room and went to the door on the right, which led to a huge pool room. Indeed, in the huge sunlit room was a large Olympic sized pool, lined with nearly thirty guys. None of them were swimming, but rather were either sitting on the side of the pool with their legs dangling in the water, or sitting in chaise lounges by the pool side. All of them were wearing speedo swimming suits, showing off their packages quite well. The first guy I choose had bleached blonde hair, cut short. Piercing blue eyes that matched the nice blue speedo he was wearing. “Hi Austin, I’m Tanner. Thanks for choosing me! You won’t be sorry.” Next came Alex, wearing a red speedo, also short blonde hair, hazel eyes, and a killer smile. “Hey Austin, we’re going to have fun together.” Judging by the bulge in his speedo, maybe he was right. “Yo Austin, I’m Trevor. But you can call me T.J.” Another nice looking bulge in his black speedo. Next was Cameron, blue speedo, and finally Jacob, wearing a green speedo. Of the five, Jacob reminded me of Skylar: thin, short, and not much in the package department, but sure had a nice ass that would be great for fucking if it came to that. As the group assembled, they invited me over to talk to them. Alex spoke first. “We need to get to know you, so you should be dressed like us. “Yeah!” the rest of the group chimed in. “Take off your clothes Austin,” they all said together. Surprisingly, I too was wearing speedos, and when I got my clothes off, Alex and T.J., the stronger looking of the group, picked me up under my arms and took me over to what looked like some sort of a swing. It was a swing, alright. Before I knew it, my speedos were taken off by Cameron and Jacob, and they had me tied into this swing – a swing built for sex. I thought to myself this is going to be fucking awesome – five guys at once massaging me, sucking me and so on. Little did I know it was the other way around. First it was Jacob. He pulled down his green speedo to reveal a small, uncut dick, no pubic hair, and a small, hairless sack that had nuts that could barely be seen. But as he placed it in my mouth, it started to get hard and fit as nice as a sucker. Before long, he shot a small load into my mouth that tasted sweet like sugar, so of course I swallowed. Next came Cameron. His dick was longer, but not much thicker than Jacob’s. A dark bush of pubes matched his dark brown hair on his head and nuts. His nuts were some of the biggest I’d seen, and as I started sucking him, he came almost instantly with a load that seemed to not stop shooting out of his cock. It too tasted so sweet. Trevor and Tanner had almost identical, average thick seven inchers, both uncut, shaved pubes and sacks. I took turns sucking them, one on each side of me. Blowing two hot studs at once really got me hard, and all five guys commented that I just might have the biggest dick, although they all looked at Alex, who just türkçe bahis smiled and kept rubbing his dick that was still inside his speedo. Finally what seemed like forever, both Trevor and Tanner shot huge loads all over my chest. Then they started licking their cum up off my chest, kissing me and sharing their cum with me in a deep sensual kiss.Now Alex stepped up next to me. He basically pushed his package in my face, and told me to kiss the bulge that was waiting for me inside his speedos. Of course I did, and I could feel his stiffening manhood growing off to the left side of his trunks. I could feel the warmth of his cock through the trunks against my lips, and the more felt it, the more turned on I became. My cock, which had been flaccid to this point, began to grow, which the other guys noticed. “Ooh, Austin likes your wad, Alex!” Trevor exclaimed. Finally I could not wait any longer to taste Alex’ dick, so I begged him to let me suck it. He put his fingers in the waist band of his speedos and slowly pulled them down to reveal the biggest, thickest dick I had ever seen. The thing must have been ten or eleven inches long, and as thick around as one of those summer sausage logs. The thick, throbbing and leaking mushroom head was now staring me right in the eyes. I began to lick the head, tasting his precum, which also tasted like the sweetest tasting honey I’ve ever had. Try as I might, however, I could not get the head inside my mouth. At first Alex was good with me licking, but then as he got harder and harder, he grabbed the back of my head and began forcing his mammoth size tool into my mouth. Meanwhile, Trevor and Tanner lifted my legs up higher in the sling, so my ass was, for lack of better words, easier to access. I was so into trying to please Alex that I didn’t realize that Trevor and Tanner were taking turns licking my hole. I thought they were going to start blowing me, but instead after my hole was wet and slippery with their spit, the motioned for Jacob to come over and to start fucking me. My hole was so lubricated from Trevor and Tanner fingering me and rimming me that I barely felt Jacob slide his little dick inside me. Once inside, he started fucking me, the sling moving back and forth to meet his thrusts. Before long, I heard him groan as he deposited his load inside me. Now it was Cameron’s turn. Using Jacob’s cum for lube, he slipped his dick inside my hole and began to fuck me as well. Still, it didn’t feel too bad, and as Alex continued to punish my mouth with his cock, Cameron continued to ride my ass. I could feel my ankles and feet touching his ears and shoulders as he finally climaxed inside me – his throbbing cock twitching inside me, causing my prostate to awaken. By the time Trevor and Tanner took turns fucking me, I was sucking Alex’s cock in as far as the back of my throat. My jaws were starting to ache, but I knew I had to keep going. Instead of cumming inside me, both Trevor and Tanner once again came on my chest when they climaxed, and once again took turns licking their huge load off my chest and güvenilir bahis siteleri abs. It was now Alex’s turn to fuck me. With the four other guys stroking themselves around me, Alex raised the sling up a little higher and started slapping his huge meat on my thighs, and on top of my limp dick and sack. With cum still in my ass from Jacob and Cameron, Alex didn’t need any lube. Whereas the other guys felt okay, Alex was a different story. As soon as he started forcing his huge mushroom head into my hole, I immediately gasped in pain. He continued to force it in, stretching my tight sphincter to its limits. The pain become more intense, and as he finally broke through, it felt like he was ripping my ass apart. The others were coaxing him on, saying “Come on Alex, do it! Fuck him! You can do it!” I clenched me teeth and wished I had something to bite on, but he did not stop. “Oh yeah Austin, you’re such a tight ass little whining bitch, you’re going to make a great boss. Come on, take that cock, you know you want it!” The pain was so intense I thought I was going to be ripped apart. Deeper and deeper he plunged, until finally I felt his huge hairy sack against my ass.All the way in, he now began to fuck me. He didn’t just go easy, but instead rode me harder than I thought possible. As I felt my hole get stretched to the hilt like it was going to be ripped apart, I thought I heard Alex mumble something like “Come on Skylar, you little bitch, take it!” It was that moment that I began to think like the bottom boy that Skylar was, and started actually riding Alex instead of him riding me. Seeing this, Jacob encouraged me, “Yeah, that’s it Austin, ride that dick. Come on bottom bitch, ride it! As I looked down as Alex’s cock going in and out of me and ravaging my ass, I could see my own cock now rock hard, bouncing back and forth keeping rhythm with my movement. Seeing him riding me, his chiseled abs and chest and muscular arms wrapped around me legs, I felt my whole body into this stud fucking me. I could feel the tide rising, and the more I rode Alex, the closer I got to exploding. Sensing this, Trevor and Tanner started taking turns stroking me. Several seconds later, I felt the biggest orgasm of my life coming on, and a huge load started shooting all over my chest. This caused Jacob and Cameron to shoot their loads on my chest, as did Trevor and Tanner. I could feel Alex’s cock grow harder and bigger to the point where I thought it wasn’t going to come out of me. Then the spasms began, and as he started to shoot part of his massive load in me, he pulled out and finished pumping what seemed like gallons of cum onto my already cum covered chest. There I was – tied up in a sling, now covered with the cum of these five guys and my own. Just like a porn movie, I could see myself from the camera’s perspective. As cool as it looked, seeing the studs with their tight bodies, beautiful cocks that just deposited their loads on me, the reality of what just happened to me set in, and the brutal ass fucking from Alex started to be very real. My whole body once again starting to ache like crazy, especially my ass. From deep in my sleep in this very sexual, sensual, wet dream, I once again regained consciousness as I was awoken by the sound of someone ringing the buzzer to my apartment.

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