Kyros-giolla Institute Ch. 11


Bryndis didn’t give her a long time to consider what had just happened, just five minutes. Five minutes of silence on his part, five minutes of weeping on her part. He knew that he could allow her, as he had done before, to cry herself out, possibly go to sleep afterwards, to comfort her and hold her; however, that was not the point of her training today. She had been told that this day would be a challenge, that she would feel pain and discomfort all day. He knew that she did not realize what this entailed, but he had meant what he had said. That did not mean, however, that she wouldn’t have any release at all. For the next stage of her pain training, however, he wanted to move her out of the room where she slept and out of the room where she had just safeworded.

He looked at her and sighed. Sobbing, with her hands over her face, her large breasts red and crisscrossed with dark purplish stripes, her legs resting open, revealing her distended clit, which was bruised almost to blue… she looked so sexy. And frail – not a word he would have normally associated with Annis. He wanted to know what her face looked like when she came feeling like this. He wanted to know what she sounded like and whether or not her nipples would pucker and strain out when they had been beaten and bruised. He felt himself getting thick beneath his jeans. ‘Calm down,’ he told himself. ‘Not yet. You can’t take her yet.’ His new mantra, it seemed. He could, however, fulfill some of his desires.

Annis, meanwhile, was struggling. She felt like she couldn’t breathe fast enough or cry hard enough to rid herself of the burn. Her mouth was actually okay – the clothespins hadn’t left any lasting pain anywhere really. But her pussy… and her chest… ‘I don’t want to look at them,’ she thought. The pain seemed to be coursing all through her body, through the bench, through the floor. The silence from Bryndis seemed to shout at her, shout his disappointment, his uncertainty. She acknowledged the voice inside her that whispered ‘Failure? You are a failure. He’ll probably send you away…’ She couldn’t stop crying at the thought of leaving him, especially after this. ‘He said to trust him,’ she told the voice, ‘but God, it hurts!’ Suddenly, she realized that she understood what he meant when he said that she said she trusted him but didn’t act like she did. She had not trusted him – she still didn’t trust him – not to leave her. She was waiting for him to get scared or to deem her unfit for his service. Tears kept flooding down her face, but now it was not only from pain, but also because she saw her hypocrisy.

She heard him say her name. It sounded like it was coming from a long way away, out of some dark space. ‘Annis,’ Bryndis said, ‘if you are listening to me, move your hands from your face. You can keep your eyes closed.’ Still crying, she moved her hands from her face, but kept her eyes tight shut. She was gasping for breath now, but she was listening for him. ‘Annis, I want you to cradle each breast in your hands and I want you to continue doing so until I say otherwise.’ Slowly, she moved her hands to her breasts, scared to touch them, but knowing that this was exactly the sort of thing she would have hesitated to do before. She was going to try to act like she trusted him. ‘Don’t squeeze them or pull,’ he said, seeing her slow movements. ‘I just xslot want you to give yourself the extra support.’ When both of her cupped palms were overflowing with her breasts, he stroked her cheek, wiping away her tears.

‘Annis, I want you to sit up and follow me into the front room. I want you to lie down on the white rug, keeping your breasts as supported with your hands as possible. Butterfly your legs open,’ as he said this, his hand slid over the top of her thigh and he bent over her to whisper in her ear, ‘When you have, I want you to meditate, not on what has happened, but on the vibrator between your legs. The egg vibrator buried deep in your tight pussy.’

Her eyes flew open. She had, in fact, practically forgotten about the buzzing little egg between her legs. Suddenly, it took priority in her mind and the pain and the voice of failure receded to a thumping dullness underneath the vibrations. She saw him get up and, in several quick, long steps, leave the room.

She tried to get up, swinging her feet off the bench (bed? altar?), but as soon as she started to rise, she felt dizziness try and overcome her. Falling back, she decided just to take it slow, first sitting and then standing. Even sitting was harder than she had anticipated. Reminding herself that Bryndis has encouraged her to cradle her breasts ‘as much as possible’ rather than ‘at all times’, she reached behind her with one hand, feeling the pain of the weight of her breast beat at her, and pushed herself into a sitting position. The dizziness returned, but, after a few minutes, receded. As her vision returned to normal and she replaced her hand under her breast, she felt her curiosity grow and wanted to check herself over for any permanent damage. However, though she knew Bryndis was patient, she didn’t want to keep him waiting too long; she took three deep breaths and, holding on to the table with one hand, stood up. She had expected more dizziness; what she didn’t expect was the incredible, almost impossible, pain from her pussy and especially her clit. Standing had meant pressure from her thighs squeezing her pussy lips, pressure making the pain so intense that she squatted down on the floor as dry sobs wracked her body. ‘Oh my God,’ Annis thought. ‘I’d fantasized about pain before, but I never thought about the lasting impressions on my body. I don’t know if I can move at all…’ Before that thought had time to sink in, however, she thought about Bryndis waiting for her, his faith in her and his command for her to follow him. ‘I can do this. If I try and I really can’t, I’ll use my warning word and he’ll come and help me.’ Slowly, she stood, this time ensuring that her legs were sufficiently apart so that they didn’t touch her clit. This meant that, waddling and supporting her breasts again, she followed Bryndis into the front part of the cavern with its deep rugs and wide vistas. She looked for him quickly, but didn’t see him.

Once she had knelt and then lain back on the centre white rug, she began to think about the vibrations coming from the egg vibrator in her pussy. Slowing her breath and focusing her energy on her pussy both stimulated the pain and made it less important. She couldn’t ignore the literally bone-deep ache and the sharp jolts of pain coming from her clit after the beating from the rebenque, but she was also xslot Giriş aware of the fact that her inner thighs were glistening and that she was shivering from more than the pain and the cool breeze. She moaned and, as though she were trying to release, raised her back up off the floor.

Bryndis was in the shadows, watching her. He had taken off his clothes as soon as he was out of her view and, through fissures in the stone, had watched her struggle to her feet, glad that she was careful but not hesitant. ‘Something’s changed in her,’ he thought. He was surprised and glad the she hadn’t looked herself over and kept him waiting. Watching her try and walk across the room, looking at her marked body, watching her kneel and then lay down while supporting her breasts had him hard. When he saw her start to writhe with arousal, he realized his patience was at an end. He grabbed lube and another vibrator, the same model that, when she was at home, affected her so strongly she used to use it with her ‘pussy pad’ (a phrase that made him smirk), and began to move into the light.

‘Annis,’ he called, striding out to her. Immediately she stilled her body, though Bryndis noted, smiling, that her pussy was still quivering and was gleaming with her need. ‘Annis, do you want to come?’ He knew she was still struggling with this and so was taken aback when she answered almost immediately,

‘Yes, Master, I want to come.’ She was still, her face composed. Still, her voice strained out to him, carrying the pain she was still in. Bryndis didn’t know yet what exactly had shifted, but this eagerness was something he had hoped for. Her strained voice sent a pulse up his cock as he positioned himself around her and settled the vibrator very gently between her inner right thigh and her distended, dark purple, bruised clit. ‘Annis, you can come as often as you want to for the next stage in your training.’ He saw some of the tension leave her body and a deep moan escaped her lips. He smiled, drawing his fingers lightly across her nipples.

‘The question is, Annis, can you come when you are in pain?’ She opened her eyes and began to pant. He saw her fear and felt the surge of tension in her body; it made him want to slam into her, to relieve her, to come. It was his turn to shudder. ‘Not pain like before,’ he growled out. ‘Nothing you haven’t already handled. It’s just that I want you to come this time.’

Annis nodded, but was still a little scared. Lying back as she was, she couldn’t see his cock poised thick between her legs, but she saw he wasn’t clothed anymore. Suddenly, she felt his hands between her legs, but not on her pussy, on her ass. One finger sliding, in and out, in and out, around her tight hole, spreading lube across and inside her. Her eyes opened wide when she realized what he was going to do, but before she could make a sound he had rolled her legs up, forcing her hips out and was groin-deep inside of her ass. He muffled a roar as he thrust into her, as she rose up around him, clenching down around his cock. She cried out, but he immediately turned on the second vibrator, pressing it hard onto her clit. She screamed again, a little hoarsely, and tried to rise up. He reached out, pressing her back down by the simple expedient of placing his palm over her breast and using it to keep him upright. She was xslot Güncel Giriş in pain, and he knew it, thrashing around beneath him. But she was also hot with arousal, stuffed with his cock in her ass and an egg vibrator in her pussy, and enduring the pain and pleasure of having breast and clit stimulated – one with pressure from his hand, the other from a powerful vibrator, likely to force her to come in moments.

These thrusts were not gentle – he was plunging into her with all of his pent-up frustration. She hadn’t worn her butt-plug for long enough that her tightness was notable, seeming to squeeze him tighter as he slammed into her. Keeping the one hand on her breast and the other pushing the vibrator against her thick clit, he leant and bit her nipple. Hearing her deep scream with pain, watching her shudder, but feeling her rise up underneath him, pushing herself deeper into his mouth, he felt his cock throb and swell. He knew he wasn’t going to last long, especially since he felt the egg vibrator in her pussy with every thrust. He growled loudly, grinding into her.

‘Come!’ he commanded her, wanting them to finish together and quickly.

‘I… c-can’t!’ The panic in her face was obvious, but her breathing was up and her eyes were dilated. She was close, even if she didn’t know it.

‘You will!’ Bryndis replied, pushing the second vibrator in quick, sharp circles around her clit.

Annis’ orgasm washed over her like water, hot and quick. Tears were falling down her face as she arched her back, reaching up almost involuntarily to sink her nails into his chest. Her mouth opened as if to scream again, but all that emerged was a horse sigh as her throat tightened and face contorted as the waves of pleasure and exquisite pain coursed through her.

As she finished, she opened her eyes to see his face contorted and feel him spray into her. Watching her come, feeling her seem to sink into him and the fluttering of her pussy had pushed him over the edge. He breathed out hard, and dug his fingers into her breast, rocking the vibrator down her clit. She screamed, and felt her body ejaculate, something that rarely happened. Bryndis collapsed on top of her, once again causing her to feel heat and grinding pain from the earlier beating. After a few moments, he moved his hands to either side of her body and pushed himself up. She didn’t move as he pulled out of her, but kept her eyes closed as he began to move, stroking her leg as he turned off the vibrators and reached inside her to remove the Egg.

He noticed the ejaculate, of course. ‘How many times did you come, Annis?’

‘I think just once. I’m sorry sir, it only happens sometimes,’ she answered quickly. She flushed in embarrassment just thinking about it. ‘Geez,’ she thought, ‘can’t I keep myself under control? Even when this man has pushed me beyond endurance?’ Was it really beyond endurance though? This train of thought was cut off as Bryndis responded.

‘Don’t be sorry,’ he said, reaching out to her cunt to smear the liquid across his fingers, rubbing them together. ‘We’ll talk more about this later, but I think it’s a good thing.’ Still naked, he rolled over and kissed her. She cried out as he pressed against her bruising skin (‘just get used to it,’ she thought momentarily), but, as he continued and as his tongue searched and beckoned, she was soon wrapping her arms around him, opening her mouth up to his.

He pulled back just a bit. ‘I’m so proud of you, Annis. You make me so happy.’ He kissed her neck. ‘Hungry for breakfast?’

And suddenly, unexpectedly, she laughed.

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