Lacey’s 1st time.


Lacey’s 1st time.This is my 1st (and probably last) attempt at writing a story.It was the day before Lacey’s 18th Birthday. She was planning something special to celebrate only she couldn’t tell the family. She phoned her cousin Steve who was 28 and casually asked if he was coming to her party. Wouldn’t miss it for the world k**do he said. k**do she thought did he think of her still as a little k**? She hoped not otherwise her plan might fail.The day of the party arrived and everyone came and enjoyed themselves. Clear up time came and as she hoped Steve offered to stay and help clear up. Lacey was thinking. Thinking of how stupid she was because she had not thought of a way to execute her plan. Suddenly the phone rang and Lacey’s mum answered the phone. Lacey heard her mum say stuff like, well no it’s a bit awkward it’s my daughters birthday. Followed by OK well if it’s an emergency. She put the phone down and said I’m sorry love I’ve been called in to work, leave this and I’ll tidy it later. Steve said It’s OK I don’t have to be anywhere I can stay and help. Thanks Steve said Lacey’s mum, hopefully one day you will find someone that will appreciate all the help you give. One day Lacey you might find yourself a nice man like Steve. LIKE Steve, Lacey thought, ha if only she knew, but this was her chance to let Steve know.After Lacey’s mum left it didn’t take long for the 2 of them to finish tidying. Steve said he best be going unless there was anything else she needed help with. Lacey decided it was now or never. Steve your good with your hands aren’t you? I think my wardrobe door is coming off. Ill check it out he said and then fetch my tools out of my car. Steve followed Lacey to her room, and walked over to her wardrobe. There is nothing wrong with the doors he said turning around to see Lacey locking her bedroom door. What the hell are you doing Steve said. Lacey responded look Steve there is something I need to tell you. I want you, I have wanted you since I was 13, you must have kaynarca escort known? Steve replied Well yes then I did, but I thought it was a c***dhood crush that you would grow out off.Lacey removed the skimpy summer dress she was wearing and was stood in her bra and skimpy panties. Well does this look like a c***dhood crush Steve. Look Lacey you are a c***d and I am a grown man. Lacey removed her bra and panties and said I am 18 that means I am no longer a c***d. I have been legal for 2 years, but I haven’t ever had sex. She approached Steve and he tried to beckon her away. You say no Steve but that growing bulge in your shorts is saying yes. No he protest we are cousins Lacey we can’t, what will happen when your mum finds out? She won’t be back for hours and I am not gonna tell. She pulled down Steve’s shorts to reveal his throbbing member. She took hold of it in her hands and gently started to play with it. Steve started making groaning noises. Mmm you like this don’t you Steve. Yeah I do he added very readily for someone who was supposedly against this. She licked the end of his cock and put the tip in her mouth. Oh that’s good said Steve as she slowly put more and more of his big thick cock in her mouth. Suddenly she stopped. Why did you stop? Steve said. I’ve been honest with you Steve and now it’s your turn to be honest with me. What do you mean? My 16th birthday Steve, I had a pool party at your house. Yes I know, I offered to let you use it, but I didn’t come down I stayed in my room. I know I saw you from the pool when I was alone after the party, when Miranda was seeing the rest of the family out, and when you thought no one was looking. Steve started to go red. That’s right Steve I saw you watching me in Bikini. So you saw me looking Big deal. Steve I saw you playing with your dick. Do you honestly think my bikini top coming off and my bottoms falling down was an accident? I quickly came up with a plan to di it Steve the moment I saw you looking, just like I orhanlı escort planned this, and I saw you grabbing those tissues just after my body was exposed. OK I admit it, I was turned on by you in that bikini and thought I had got lucky and somehow it had given way with the all water. I’ve wanted you since that day, but I knew we couldn’t because we are family. I don’t care Steve, I want you and you want me, and now it’s time to get what we want.Lacey laid down on the bed. Steve decided he could resist the urges he had since that infamous day no more and joined her and started to finger her already wet pussy. I want to 69 Lacey said. Steve readily agreed despite being surprised she knew about that position and soon he was licking her virgin pink pussy and she was sucking him hard.After a few minutes Lacey said now fuck me. Steve said nothing and set about following the order. Steve positioned Lacey over his cock and Lacey gently positioned the tip in her wet but Virgin pussy. She said the lowered herself to take his full length inside her. She felt something tear and a sensation of pain but she didn’t care she was enjoying this to much and the pain soon disappeared. When the pain stopped she picked up some speed and started moaning and groaning. Oh yeah that’s it she said, now I want to taste you. Lacey once again put Steve’s full length in her mouth and started sucking hard. Oh yes yes yes, please baby suck harder Steve said. It was Lacey’s turn to obey and she started sucking more and more on Steve’s cock. A few minutes later he said I’m gonna cum, and he withdrew from Lacey’s mouth. No she demanded I said I wanted to taste you and I want you to fill my mouth with your hot sticky seed. Steve quickly put his cock back in her mouth and she returned to sucking hard on it. A few seconds later Steve tensed and shot his load in to her mouth. Lacey moaned as she felt Steve’s load filling her mouth and sliding down the back of her throat. She took his cock out and took some of tepeören escort the drips that were still coming out of it and rubbed them on her erect nipples and then rubbed some in to her clit. Oh yes she said mmm oh please Steve finger me I need to cum. Steve readily agreed and gently slid a couple of fingers in. Seconds later he felt Lacey cum and gently withdrew his fingers.They lay there together for a few minutes and then Lacey started playing with her pussy again. Steve looked at her and said I can’t go again not this soon. Lacey smiled and said I’ll help you. She started gently caressing his balls and then started licking his soft member. Slowly but surely it started to get hard once more. Steve seemed amazed that he could be hard and feeling horny again so soon after fucking. Lacey said I have been watching porn to get some tips. There I have got you ready you can fuck me hard this time. Lacey got on all fours and Steve slid his cock deep inside her. She screamed I SAID HARD, FUCK ME HARD. Steve picked up the pace and went harder and faster, this got Lacey ready to cum for a 2nd time. Please Steve I am ready please fill my pussy with your juice. But what if… Steve started. Lacey stopped him, I am on the pill, just do as I ask.Steve once again obeyed her wish and shot his load deep inside her. After they cleaned up and got dressed they left Lacey’s room. Just as they went into the kitchen to get a drink. Lacey’s mum walked in. Oh still here Steve she said. Yeah said Lacey he was just keeping me company for a bit, he didn’t want me to be alone on my birthday. So thoughtful of you her mum said. I hope you said thank you and will repay the favour. Oh I said thank you she said and yeah I am going to round to his at the weekend to repay him for everything he has done.Lacey did go to his house that weekend. They finally had a chance to discuss what had happened and both agreed that it was fantastic. They ended up in bed again and continued to have many more fantastic love making sessions. Eventually they both got married but neither found love making as fun and exciting as with each other. So they made a pact and continued to meet in secret and continued to give each other the satisfaction and screaming orgasms they desired.

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